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Moriarty Internationally bestselling author Anthony Horowitz s nail biting new novel plunges us back into the dark and complex world of Detective Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty dubbed the Napoleo

  • Title: Moriarty
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780062377180
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Internationally bestselling author Anthony Horowitz s nail biting new novel plunges us back into the dark and complex world of Detective Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty dubbed the Napoleon of crime in the aftermath of their fateful struggle at the Reichenbach Falls.Days after Holmes and Moriarty disappear into the waterfall s churning depths, Frederick ChaseInternationally bestselling author Anthony Horowitz s nail biting new novel plunges us back into the dark and complex world of Detective Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty dubbed the Napoleon of crime in the aftermath of their fateful struggle at the Reichenbach Falls.Days after Holmes and Moriarty disappear into the waterfall s churning depths, Frederick Chase, a senior investigator at New York s infamous Pinkerton Detective Agency, arrives in Switzerland Chase brings with him a dire warning Moriarty s death has left a convenient vacancy in London s criminal underworld There is no shortage of candidates to take his place including one particularly fiendish criminal mastermind.Chase is assisted by Inspector Athelney Jones, a Scotland Yard detective and devoted student of Holmes s methods of deduction, whom Conan Doyle introduced in The Sign of Four The two men join forces and fight their way through the sinuous streets of Victorian London from the elegant squares of Mayfair to the shadowy wharfs and alleyways of the Docks in pursuit of this sinister figure, a man much feared but seldom seen, who is determined to stake his claim as Moriarty s successor.Riveting and deeply atmospheric, Moriarty is the first Sherlock Holmes novel sanctioned by the author s estate since Horowitz s House of Silk This tale of murder and menace breathes life into Holmes s fascinating world, again proving that once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however im probable, must be the truth.

    Jim Moriarty Baker Street Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Moriarty s image appearing on TV screens all over the UK Two years after Sherlock s death , it was concluded by police that the actor Richard Brook was in fact an alias created by Moriarty and that Sherlock was innocent of fabricating Moriarty. City of Moriarty Home the City of Moriarty and the Moriarty Edgewood Schools have partnered to bring together Sixty six Years on Moriarty Best of Moriarty, NM Tourism TripAdvisor Moriarty Tourism TripAdvisor has , reviews of Moriarty Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Moriarty resource. Moriarty name The name Moriarty is an Anglicized version of the Irish name Muircheartaigh which originated in County Kerry in Ireland Muircheartaigh can be translated to mean navigator or sea worthy , as the Irish word muir means sea cognate to the Latin word mare for sea and ceardach means skilled Several people have the Irish name Moriarty, mostly as a surname. Liane Moriarty Liane Moriarty is the Australian author of seven internationally best selling novels Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist s Love Story and the number New York Times bestsellers The Husband s Secret, Big Little Lies and Truly Madly Guilty. Moriarty Sherlock Holmes, by Anthony Horowitz Internationally bestselling author Anthony Horowitz s nail biting new novel plunges us back into the dark and complex world of Detective Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty dubbed the Napoleon of crime in the aftermath of their fateful struggle at the Reichenbach Falls. Moriarty s Irish Pub and Restaurant Moriarty s is an irish pub that has a rich, unique history With over beers on tap and even in bottle, you ll find something for everyone Winner of Best in Philly for our wings several years in a row, and currently on Thrillist Best Wings in the US Come in and say hello

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        Anthony Horowitz, OBE is ranked alongside Enid Blyton and Mark A Cooper as The most original and best spy kids authors of the century New York Times Anthony has been writing since the age of eight, and professionally since the age of twenty In addition to the highly successful Alex Rider books, he is also the writer and creator of award winning detective series Foyle s War, and recently event drama Collision, among his other television works he has written episodes for Poirot, Murder in Mind, Midsomer Murders and Murder Most Horrid Anthony became patron to East Anglia Children s Hospices in 2009 On 19 January 2011, the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle announced that Horowitz was to be the writer of a new Sherlock Holmes novel, the first such effort to receive an official endorsement from them and to be entitled the House of Silkcmillan author anthon


    1. Sherlock Holmes is dead! What an excellent selling point for a book; it made me want to read it. I think half of me was disgusted and the other half, deeply intrigued. First point to note, I have been a little cryptic in my review because if I said too much, I would spoil the marvellous ending which, of course, makes this book into something quite superb. Sherlock Holmes and his archenemy, Moriarty, are both dead: they have fallen over a cliff after a struggle. Moriarty’s body is found with a [...]

    2. I don't want to say too much. I don't expect what has happened at the end. I thought Jones and Chase are very good partnership as detectives. I am not sure which partnership I prefer Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson or Athelney Jones and Frederick Chase. I think I like both of them.I love this book Alhamdulillah.I really like 'The House of Silk' and 'Moriarty' a lot Alhamdulillah but I thought 'Moriarty' twist scene was a lot better than 'The House of Silk'.I would recommend anyone and these p [...]

    3. I'll start by saying that I thought the first book in this series, The House of Silk, was so wonderful that I was really excited about Moriarty. I'm a keen Holmes fan and in addition to reading all the originals, I've read a number of Holmes novels which have been written by other people. Ok. This novel was absolutely awful; it was predictable, choppy, it didn't flow, there was a long explanation about what happened at the Reichenbach Falls that served very little purpose, the characters lacked [...]

    4. I won my first giveaway! So excited to get this book in the mail :)Update:Thank you to the publisher for this free ARC. I think this is more of a 3.5, but I'm rounding it up to a 4 because the second half of the book really got things going. An American criminal mastermind crosses the sea to entangle himself within England's web of crime, and all hell breaks loose. Two investigators, one American and one English, come together to find him and shut him down. Holmes and Watson weren't in this ins [...]

    5. Several days after Sherlock Holmes and criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty go over the Reichenbach Falls, a dead body - identified as Moriarty - is fished out of the water. Two detectives descend on the scene: Frederick Chase, a Pinkerton Agent from New York and Athelny Jones from Scotland Yard. At the urging of Chase, Moriarty's body is searched for a letter from Clarence Devereux - an American criminal mastermind believed to be in England to join forces with Moriarty. A letter written in se [...]

    6. I had heard a lot about ‘The House of Silk’, the first book in this series. Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on it. When I received the review copy of Moriarty from the publishers, I was really excited to get into it. The Story picks up from the Reichenbach Falls, where Sherlock Holmes and his arch-nemesis meet their end. Pinkerton agent Frederick Chase and Inspector Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard join up to solve the case of the new mastermind who takes up the criminal vacuum left b [...]

    7. I listened to this on audio and enjoyed it very much.I would never have thought that a story about Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty could be told without featuring either one of them, but here it is. The narration on this is terrific and I thought the story great fun, even if I did miss Holmes and Watson.

    8. Excellent Story, Well Told, with a Totally Surprising Ending. ButIllustration: Professor Moriarty, by Sidney Paget. Strand Magazine, 1893. Public Domain.3.5 starsThis book, is, of course, a new Sherlock Holmes story written by famous British writer Anthony Horowitz with the blessings of the Arthur Conan Doyle estate.Horowitz is an extraordinary story teller. He knows how to build suspense, create an atmosphere of dread, etc.He also knows how to craft a story that could have been written by Arthu [...]

    9. Moriarty is much more difficult than The House of Silk to write about. Moriarty is an excellent book (I think?), but I'm not sure that is an excellent Sherlock Holmes book, and not merely because Holmes isn't in it. This is almost entirely down to expectations. This is the follow-up to The House of Silk and has the official backing of the Doyle Estate. As such, there are expectations of tone that this book doesn't quite meet. It is difficult to knock that though, because if it was an exact match [...]

    10. I love Doyle. I adore Holmes and Watson. The television shows, old and new like them. The 7% Solution --book and movie-- loved!! This book. Nope.I can understand why others might like it. If I were stuck on a plane for 3 hours I'd be happy enough reading it. But otherwise, I'd like me time back, please.There were a number of disappointments, but in general if the words weren't supposed to be from Victorian times, they would have been okay. The crisp language of Doyle though, is not reproduced. A [...]

    11. Incoming! Incoming! Book with a passport.Swimming across the pond from São Paulo to the Cusp, then onto Wandaful. Thankee dear thing. I look forward to it.

    12. If you’re a Sherlock junky like me, then go get this book. Moriarty is one of the best Sherlock Holmes pastiche I’ve ever read, which is surprising because neither the great detective or his scribbling protege make an actual appearance. And that’s all I can say because anything else would risk spoiling. I hope Horowitz continues to write these Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle Estate sanctioned stories. He brings a new twist to them, exploring and expanding upon the canon. And he has a re [...]

    13. Between butchering Sherlock Holmes and turning the well-hacked corpse of James Bond to puree, Anthony Horowitz cast his beady eye on Professor Moriarty. A creation of Arthur Conan Doyle, Moriarty barely features in canon but has taken on a life of his own in adaptations, pastiches, parodies, and tributes of all stripes. The Napoleon of Crime, his name is almost as well-known as that of the great detective. So Horowitz presents us with a story in the Conanical universe featuring Inspectors Atheln [...]

    14. “But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood.”Professor Moriarty is a criminal mastermind and nemesis of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. Moriarty brings to life occurrences following the disappearance of the duo after they vanished into the mist of Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland. Picking up the narrative of this story is Pinkerton agent Frederick Chase who has traveled to Europe intent on following the trail of an American cr [...]

    15. Faux Sherlock Holmes has been a thing practically since the creation of Sherlock Holmes. The originals were almost immediately ridiculously popular, so of course there were imitations. So many of them that ITV once ran a whole series adapting contemporaneous imitations of Sherlock Holmes. For the record, and if you’re interested in this particular shadowed literary corner, William Hope Hodgson’s 'Carnacki' stories are well worth checking out.Having given us his Sherlock Holmes in the actuall [...]

    16. This is the second book of the Sherlock Holmes series .After the deadly meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, a brutal murder which the victim - Jonathan Pilgrim, had been shoot in the head and his hands had been tied prior of the killing, Inspector Lestrade starts to believe that this execution may be related to a recent unrest in the streets of London.By following the clues of a mysterious letter, two detectives - Pinkerton detective agent Frederick [...]

    17. Benign. Even, ultimately, ineffectual. At its best: just okay. There's a twist, but explaining why I felt "meh" (and slightly annoyed) about it even in vague terms would give too much away. I haven't read any of the OG Sherlock stories (yet), so I can only assume that the distinctly old fashioned, gentlemanly, stuffy approach to crime writing is as much of an officially endorsed Sherlock pastiche as the review blurbs claim. Style aside, I felt the book never achieved the additional claims of bei [...]

    18. Finally, Kevin has a negative review.Firstly, I had a strong distaste for the narrator in this book as well as it's style and delivery. This was such a huge disappointment and I cannot believe it is by the same author that wrote The House of Silk where he captured everything that creates Sherlock Holmes so well. This was just a big flop to the point where I started skimming and hoping for it to pick up like it did at the end, however, I felt the amount of effort needed to get to this point excee [...]

    19. 16 APR 2015 - a gift from Bettie arrived today in a box with lovely silver stars. Thank you, Dear Friend. And Thank You to Dear Friend, Laura, too. 21 SEP 2015 - I have been seeking out real books to read - my old eyes are tired from too much screen time. Plus, it feels so nice to hold a book. 24 SEP 2015 - a terrific read. Thank you, Bettie and Laura.

    20. Oh this was good! I haven't read the 1st book, 'House of Silk' but that didn't stop me from liking this book. A good ol' crime fiction with a Sherlock Holmes twist. *and of course I love Sherlock* so this instantly became a great read!

    21. Now, I'm going to start out by saying that while I read the previous book, 'The House of Silk', rather a while ago, I distinctly remember enjoying it. Not the case with this one, at all. To be quite honest, at times I rather felt like throwing this novel at a wall. One of my main problems with 'Moriarty' is it's lack of sophistication - it feels more like a young adult novel than "a relentlessly thrilling tale" of crime and crime-solving for adult fans of Sherlock Holmes. I understand that with [...]

    22. Holmes is dead and darkness fallsThe phrase above is written on the book’s cover. The book is named ‘Moriarty’. All the clues are there. Literally and figuratively right in front of my eyes. And yet, what did I do? Throughout the whole book, I waited for Sherlock to appear. I know, stupid, right?‘Moriarty’ is the second novel in the Sherlock Holmes series, written by Anthony Horowitz, the first being ‘The House of Silk’. As mentioned in my review of the latter, before reading the b [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher as part of a blog tour. Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.This review is part of the TLC Book Tours tour for Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz.I’m not really one for blog tours nowadays – or rather, I’m very picky about which books I go for. However, having read Anthony Horowitz’ first Sherlock Holmes reboot, House of Silk, I knew I would be more than happy to join the tour for its sequel, Moriarty.As with House of Silk, Horowitz imm [...]

    24. With the continuing popularity of the Sherlock Holmes character and 19th century mystery genre, this book was part of a list of current fiction works using Holmes and his associates. While this book takes place after Holmes' death, the story focuses on his long-time foe.This was my first foray in the more modern interpretations. I found it very enjoyable, albeit more gruesome in detail than I would have expected. As one reviewer commented, author Anthony Horowitz has killed more people in his wo [...]

    25. While I agree with people that this book was kinda predictable especially if you are a big Holmes fan but I still found this book really good. It is a page turner and while other reviews said it was jumpy I didn't really see that. I enjoyed it even though I was hoping for something more like House of Silk. Overall it was a fun read. Kept me very entertained on my breaks at work! 4/5 stars

    26. This review and others can be found on BW Book Reviews.DNF at 63%1.5/5I'm starting this review off with a question that I had throughout all that I read. How did this get published? Seriously. How? This is classified as a Holmes pastiche. There was no Holmes. There was no Watson. There was even no Moriarty. There were just original characters and some minor characters from the Holmes stories.Granted, I'll give the publisher this: Horowitz is well-known and he's a good writer. Just like I enjoyed [...]

    27. آنتونی هوروویتس شخصیت جنایتکار موریارتی را از قصه های شرلوک هولمز دوباره صدا زده و باز به قلب جنایات باز می گردد.پیش از این تمام جهان شاهد این بود که موریارتی در جست و جوی رسیدن به شرلوک هولمز و نابودی وی بود. یک روز نزدیک بود شرلوک هولمز در تصادفی کشته شود، همان روز یک توده ی آج [...]

    28. The scene is Meiringen, May 1891. Need another hint? Try Reichenbach Falls. A body has been retrieved from the bottom of the falls and identified as Moriarty. Two men have arrived to examine it. They exchange introductions: Frederick Chase, senior investigator with Pinkertons, the American detective agency, and Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard.Readers are meant to recognize Jones as the befuddled investigator in THE SIGN OF THE FOUR. Brimming with misplaced confidence and zeal, he arrested an ent [...]

    29. I have a deep and abiding fear of "carry-on" books, where one writer attempts to "carry-on" the characters of another. I have not, therefore, read Horowitz' prior work in the Holmes universe.I was also very pleased to find that this work does not center on Holmes, instead building on individuals known to the world of 221 B Baker Street. That explains why the endorsement, which I will say is well-earned, of the Doyle Estate. Horowitz is playing their world, but playing nicely.Now, on to the worst [...]

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