Angel: After the Fall, Volume 1

Angel: After the Fall, Volume 1

Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Franco Urru / Oct 22, 2019

Angel After the Fall Volume In Angel s final television season his world ended but his story didn t Picking up where Season Five of the fan favorite TV show left off this first collection looks at who lived after that climacti

  • Title: Angel: After the Fall, Volume 1
  • Author: Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Franco Urru
  • ISBN: 9781600101816
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Angel s final television season, his world ended but his story didn t Picking up where Season Five of the fan favorite TV show left off, this first collection looks at who lived after that climactic battle, who died, and what happened to all of Los Angeles in its wake.

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    1. 4.5⭐️I need to rewatch Angel now, i didn't realize how much i missed Angel until I read this. The illustrations were unique and the story follows directly after the final episode it was wonderfully done and cant wait to continue the series!

    2. Though I didn't love the art (often the drawings of main characters don't look enough like their real-life counterparts), this was a stronger 'next season via comic book' than the start of Buffy Season 8. Like in Buffy Season 8, the setting has taken some big turns, but it felt more in keeping with the feel of Angel than the 'now we're superheroes with tons of expensive technology' turn of Buffy Season 8. The first several chapters seem low on the trademark Whedon wit, but the plot is solid. Cha [...]

    3. Pretty darn good. Very dark, of course. LOTS of surprises. I did have to review the last season of the TV show in to remember just how they all ended up in that alley. Some very nice things are included with this hardback volume: there is a nifty gallery by various artists at the back and a cool section with author's notes. A funny item is on the very last page where the author and artist have their bios, Joss Whendon is listed as "The Watcher."

    4. 3.5 stars. Very intriguing start. There were a lot of twists and characters I didn't expect to show up (new and old). I'm looking forward to solving all these new mysteries. And there's a DRAGON. That's always a plus.Obviously Spike and Illyria hanging out was my favourite part.And that cliffhanger. MY HEART. (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    5. Picking up right where the TV series left off, season six starts by getting us up to date with all the regular characters, now that all hell has literally broken loose. The tone and characterization are right on. Dragons aside, this could have very easily happened if Angel hadn't been cancelled. It got me interested in the characters again and invested in their fates.

    6. Much like the Season 8 of Buffy, Angel: After the Fall shows what happened after the last episode of the series. Unlike Buffy, Angel was canceled before it’s time, and the last episode “Not Fade Away” ended on quite a cliffhanger. Following up the series with comics is not only a great gift to fans, but it’s a logical way to continue the series. The first volume of After the Fall reads very similarly to the first Buffy arc, The Long Road Home, in the fact that the differences to the tele [...]

    7. It's no secret that the final season of "Angel" was rushed because of the network's decision to drop the show. So I was anxious to see where the story was going to go if Whedon had the time. I'm not convinced this is it.Picking up a few months after the climactic battle against the hordes of hell that Wolfram and Hart unleashed in the series finale, Angel continues his struggles from within the belly of the beast but L.A. itself has gone to Hell - literally. Demons control the city, humanity has [...]

    8. Meh!! I was so excited to see what happened after the final scene of Angel S05 and was not satisfied by this continuation at all. The art was way too computerized, lacked detail, and I found it kinda hard to tell who was who. I also took issue with the portrayal of women; big breasted, barely clothed, and very much in typical 'comic book' fashion which has not been the case in Whedon comics up to this point (and is part of the reason why I appreciate the comic continuations; they appeal to me in [...]

    9. 4 Angel-StarsAfter Angel & Co. fought the battle at the end of season 5 Los Angeles is sucked into hell. It became a playground for all kinds of demons.We see old friends, lots of demons and follow Angel on his fight in this new world. As always I'd like to praise the drawings. Although they aren't like the ones Jo Chen did for the Buffy-comics.All in all I love this series and will read on!

    10. 3.5 stars After season 5 the show was cancelled, but the story was left on a cliffhanger. Some key characters were dead or close to death, others had walked away and wanted to be left alone. The full might of Wolfram and Hart were bearing down to end the heroes we had followed for 5 seasons and we were left wondering what would have happened. This comic is season 6 and every question we want answered, is. Of course this being Angel, nothing is how you expect it to be. The settings are differeng, [...]

    11. This is the canonical follow-up to the Angel series, but kicks in a few months after the major events of the series finale. I wouldn't have been so disappointed with this if it were more clear as to what was going on with the different characters, rather than the slap-dash and somewhat confusing way their situations were put together for the reader. If things had been more cohesive, I think the in media res approach would have worked, but instead it was just awkward and confusing. Pair that with [...]

    12. After that series finale, my mind was plagued with what the hell happens next? thoughts. It ate at my conscious, wondering what the fate of Angel, Spike, Illyria, and Gunn would be. And I had the opportunity to find out.Of course, Angel: After the Fall didn't start where I'd expected it to. No, so much time has passed, so much has already happened, and L.A. was in Hell.There were so many twists and turns, and so many things to find out, more than just the fates of the characters, more than just [...]

    13. This book is part of my 2016 reading challenge After finishing watching the TV-series, I felt empty and wanted more of Angel and his crew. There were so many loose ends, so many losses, and so many questions. The last season was intense in so many ways. There were so many things that happened and sometimes it was hard to keep up because you hadn’t had enough time to get over the last thing that happened. So when I find out that there were comics that explain what happened after the big fight I [...]

    14. After "Not Fade Away" I was expecting my heart to explode in feels when reading this. It is so nice to come back to the Buffyverse with Angel and company. I've always been more of a fan of Angel than the original Buffy series, so yay for me. I sincerely don't know why it took me so long to read these comics.The first volume is quite good. I think they did a very good job capturing the personalities of the different characters. I could hear Angel and Spike and even Lorne. My main problem is Wesle [...]

    15. I, like another reviewer here, was VERY eager to see what happened. I loved the show and recently watched my entire Angel: The Complete Series DVD boxed set so it renewed my interest in what happened after the last shot.And while it was interesting, it was just a for me. There was a little bit of the typical Joss humor in there, but not enough. Some characters seemed odd or slightly wrong. And I wasn't a big fan of the style of art. (It shouldn't be hard to determine who someone is su [...]

    16. The Good: A continuation of Angel was desperately needed and I'm glad IDW was there to give fans that. A beloved series ending on a huge cliffhanger needs closure of some sort.The Bad: I read Buffy, Season 8, before starting Angel: After the Fall and that ended up being a huge strike against this Angel series. Dark Horse did such an unbelievable job continuing Buffy that I expected the same type of continuity and follow though here. Unfortunately, when the TV series ended on such an open possibi [...]

    17. This wasn't what I expected. I'm not sure what I thought I'd get, but it wasn't this. Granted, I'm not a big comic book reader, most of my comics when I was a kid were Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and other Disney comics - so I'm a little out of my depth here.Once I got into the rhythm of things, it wasn't hard to follow the story or the plot. Though the characters most of the time looked nothing like the actors from the TV show, and for some I had to dig deep into my memory to put an "actual" face [...]

    18. Angel: After The Fall by Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch and Franco Urru (2009) – This is a very interesting, well-written, and beautifully-illustrated graphic novel that picks up after the cataclysmic battle in the last season of the Angel TV series. Most of the TV-show’s unique and magical characters populate the graphic-novel version, including Angel (of course), Wesley, Spike, and others. Although the emotional sorrow and pain of the main characters are revealed, there is no lack of desperate s [...]

    19. A rousing 5th season of Angel leaves far more of the characters alive - or, well at least still around, then what the tv finale would have ever guessed. Slight problem, though. Angel is a bit, well, mortal. Wolfman and Hart decided to give him what he wanted most just when it was least needed - LA now being hell and all. And Gunn, wellHe changed a bit too. And Wesley is a bit dead. But that doesn't mean he isn't still a player. And Angel and Wesley's change in status doesn't mean that they are n [...]

    20. The amazing follow up to Angel's TV series is in hell. Angel is alone, or almost. He's still trying to make it right.The story, by Lynch and Whedon is superb, if not a bit rushed compared to the shows here and there because of the comic book medium (I personally hate the often present last page of an issue revelation to form a cliff hanger).What happened with all the familiar characters and some less present in the series is what makes this comics shine.The artwork is also pretty good, with char [...]

    21. And so I continue to dabble in the world of graphic novelsAs a huge Buffy and Angel fan, I've wanted to see how the story continued for years. But, I just couldn't wrap my head around switching from TV to comics - until now. I bit the bullet, picked up this volume, and now I'm hooked! Although I find some of the graphics to be simplified and lacking detail, the overall visuals and colours are stimulating. Some plot elements are are taking some getting used to, but Joss Whedon's involvement means [...]

    22. I really love the vibe this comic has, that Lynch, with Joss' help, really gets the voice of the show and the characters. Pretty much everything here feels like what would have happened in a season 6 (except dragon riding) if they could have gotten all the actors back. I'm not in love with the art, but it works as far as representing the characters, even if the panel progressions are odd and the big fight scenes a bit dark and infusing. My favorite part is that, at least so far, I don't think an [...]

    23. I love the TV show Angel and was pretty upset that it was cancelled. It ended on a major cliffhanger. I'm happy it has continued in the graphic novel form though.This first volume picks up where the TV series left off. Hell is now on earth and Angel has to find a way to stop it. There are a few surprises with some of the characters, like Wesley and Gunn. I was pretty surprised to see what had happened to them.I liked this graphic novel and plan on reading the rest. It made me miss the TV show an [...]

    24. This book was very good and left you at a serious cliffhanger various characters from the tv show (spike, Gunn. Illyria and Fred) make an appearance along with many buffy the vampire slayer references so basically wolfram and heart took over LA and Gunn was changed into a vampire spike and Illyria have to fight and help humans and Angel became human and Wesley is a ghost Illyria keeps reverting from Fred form and Illyria and Spike is the love interest of a giant spider I have not read volume 2 b [...]

    25. rating: 3.5/5I liked it, I really did. But it seemed like it could have been so much more. I love the original concept of Angel, the Vampire Detective. I was a bit sad when the show took a detour to lawyer-land. And even though based on the last episode I excitedly awaited the coming apocalypse this just wasn't as climactic as I expected it to be. That last episode of the series had me screaming "Nooo!!" at the TV leaving my roommates worried a neighbor would call 911 thinking someone was killin [...]

    26. It feels like this volume fast forwards us through all of Season Six to the couple of episodes at the very end. The time it spends showing us where everyone has ended up is quite fun, as we get one reveal after the other. The actual plot beyond that is pretty decompressed (perhaps overly so), and the cliff-hanger ending is a bit disappointing, but I look forward to the rest.

    27. A fun continuation of the television series. So far, I'm enjoying how the characters are surviving hell on Earth and relieved that the trademark Angel humor and willingness to push the boundaries remains. Definitely looking forward to devouring the rest of the series.

    28. Angel is back and he rides a dragon! A DRAGON! How more awesome that can be !? I don't know why I waited for so long to read this graphic novel because It's direct follow-up of one of my all-time-favorite TV shows and turn out to be really great!After the Fall starts with introduction of one very different post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where all hell broke loose and now demons rule the streets enslaving the mankind. Of course, Angel remains true to himself and continues to fight evil and save pe [...]

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