The Penitent

The Penitent

Isaac Bashevis Singer / Sep 24, 2019

The Penitent Said by Singer to be his favourite among all his books The Penitent is the story of Joseph Shapiro s search for salvation After escaping the Nazi terror Shapiro went to America where he became a ri

  • Title: The Penitent
  • Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • ISBN: 9780449206126
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Said by Singer to be his favourite among all his books, The Penitent is the story of Joseph Shapiro s search for salvation After escaping the Nazi terror, Shapiro went to America, where he became a rich businessman and a philandering husband His search for salvation and his return to the Jewish faith is an indictment of our wicked times and a celebration of the power ofSaid by Singer to be his favourite among all his books, The Penitent is the story of Joseph Shapiro s search for salvation After escaping the Nazi terror, Shapiro went to America, where he became a rich businessman and a philandering husband His search for salvation and his return to the Jewish faith is an indictment of our wicked times and a celebration of the power of religious belief.

    Penance Penance is repentance of sins as well as an alternate name for the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession It also plays a part in confession among Anglicans and Methodists, in which it is a rite, as well as among other Protestants The word penance derives from Old French and Latin paenitentia, both of which derive from the same root Penitent Magdalene Caravaggio Penitent Magdalene also called Repentant Madalene is a th century oil on canvas painting by Italian Baroque painter Caravaggio.The painting portrays a repentant Mary Magdalene, bowed over in penitent sorrow as she leaves behind her dissolute life, its trappings abandoned beside her At the time of its completion, ca , the painting was unconventional for its contemporary realism The Penitent A Novel Isaac I have read The Penitent several times over through the years and find it a rich and symbolic story Singer is one of my favorite authors because he combines a love of life and nature with the longing to move beyond this world in order to embrace God Himself. The Clergy Penitent Privilege An Overview Groelle By F Robert Radel, II Andrew A Labbe The clergy penitent privilege is one of the oldest and most well recognized privileges in the United States. The penitent Pietro Di Donato Books Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand picked children s books every , , or months at % off List Price. Object Lesson Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass LESSON Good deeds are never sufficient for salvation Our faith in Jesus saves SUMMARY One can spend their whole life doing good deeds to get into heaven, but no matter how much they tell the truth, how much money they give to charity, or how many people they help, in Penitent Punch A Wine Lovers Twist on a Long Island Iced Tea This Penitent Punch which is a twist on a Long Island Iced Tea Classic cocktail ingredients with wine instead of a splash of cola Get on your knees Penitent British Babe Absolves Sins with Sex Pornhub Watch Penitent British Babe Absolves Sins With Sex on Pornhub, the best hardcore porn site Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Pornstar sex videos full of the hottest pornstars If you re craving british XXX movies you ll find them here. Penitentes Ski Penitentes es un centro de esqu en la provincia de Mendoza, Argentina a km del lmite entre Argentina y Chile y a km de la ciudad de Mendoza sobre la Ruta Nacional Argentina.Inaugurado en , el complejo invernal Penitentes posee en la actualidad ms de hectreas de superficie esquiable Una excelente nieve polvo, seca y compacta la mayor parte de la temporada, se A coffee shop celebrated gentrification and is now Five myths about gentrification It was one coffee shop among many, and the latest expansion for a large Colorado chain It was bright red and shiny metal, with a sign that proclaimed Coffee.

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        Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish American author of Jewish descent, noted for his short stories He was one of the leading figures in the Yiddish literary movement, and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978 His memoir, A Day Of Pleasure Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw , won the U.S National Book Award in Children s Literature in 1970, while his collection A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories won the U.S National Book Award in Fiction in 1974.


    1. There are errant rockets firing incongruent messages in my brain right now. I hated it! It was brilliant! What a diatribe! What did you expect from a book called "the Penitent" ? This was SO 1969 sexual revolution! It was believable! It was not, it was every man's fantasy! Oh, dear, me.But thank goodness there's a quote on the back cover that validates my conflicted mind. This from author Susan Hill, 'A deeply disturbing book, which will make you think, question, argue, disagree by turns, but wi [...]

    2. Ostensibly, the revelation of one man's life, delivered in confessional style, charting Joseph Shapiro's rejection of all the successes, sins and comforts of the modern life for a spiritual purity that can only be found for him by reconnecting with his roots, and becoming a devoted student of the Talmud. A Polish-born survivor of Hitler and Stalin, he'd settled in the U.S struck it rich in business, kept a wife and a mistress, indulged his every whim. But when it all falls apart he is overwhelme [...]

    3. I really like Isaac Singer, which is what made this book so disappointing. His character here, Joseph Shapiro, is self-righteous, judgmental and preachy and lacks the humor and humanity that Singer usually displays.The book is basically one long pontification. Here's one bitter passage, of many, many:"Even in those days someone was being killed in New York every other day and the police never found the perpetrator. If he was found, the lawyers promptly bailed him out and the court later freed hi [...]

    4. Never has there been a book that has expressed my sentiments so perfectly. At times I could not tell whether I was reading the thoughts of someone else or my own. I loved this book from beginning to end. It's perfect in every aspect. I am shocked that there are reviews less than five stars.

    5. Changing current happiness for a new kind of happiness on a new physical space? A nationalistic dogma sounds in the book, surpassed in quality by others of the author's books.

    6. I once went through a phase where I completely disengaged from technology. I had no internet. Sold my TV and vcr. Got rid of all radios. Even pulled the fuse on my car radio. I'd just felt like I was wasting my life via technology and wanted to live a real life. And that is of course an extreme position to take, but even today I find myself being drawn to such asceticism. As it turned out, I was longing for just such asceticism when I heard about Isaac Bashevis Singer's The Penitent. I had alway [...]

    7. Perhaps a better translation for the title of this book should have been “Confessions of a Baal Teshuva.” Or better still perhaps this book should never have been translated from the Yiddish at all. This is not IBS’s best work. It is not even close. The novel concerns a young-ish post-war-Jewish-American-immigrant, Joseph Shapiro. His life is a curious circus of hedonism and vice. He cheats on his wife, visits prostitutes and deals in real estate - all which strangle him with a deep sense [...]

    8. I very much enjoyed I. B. Singer's story Gimpel the Fool in high school and have intended to return to Singer ever since. I am glad that I did. Singer is a great storyteller with a distinct voice. The Penitent does flirt with sacrificing good storytelling for a critique of modern society. However, the social commentary is close to the heart of the book's main character, Joseph Shapiro, who is the narrator. Ultimately, the book is about the pilgrimage of the now "penitent" (baal teshuva, i.e. ret [...]

    9. Jews come in all flavors and backgrounds. For Joseph Shapiro, survivor, and then seeker of meaning, crisis becomes a complete embrace of a religious worldview and lifestyle. For me, this story is an interesting view from inside the Jewish tribe itself, of Jewish intra-tribal conflict and diversity, not only among diaspora American Jews but particularly within Israel, where those differences can be fierce. The useless Jews who pray vs the corrupted Jews who fail to pray, and everyone in between. [...]

    10. How can you live a life devoted to God? Do you have to disdain all the trappings of the modern world? Do you have to follow the rules of your chosen religion to the letter? Is faith something inborn or can it be developed?Joseph Shapiro is searching for the answers to these questions. Fed up with the hedonism and duplicity of his life in New York, he leaves his wife and mistress and hops a plane to Tel Aviv. Will he discover penitence in the Holy Land?This is an excellent examination of what it [...]

    11. I had never read anything by this author before. After only three pages I was hooked. This is the story of one man's plight as a displaced person following World War II; but it is also his confession and his tale of transformation. It is a small book that asks big questions, with the narrator's concerns about human nature at the center of them.

    12. A cynical, bitter, sour novel frm Singer. I would recommend the collected stories as a more complete and more typical representation of the author's humor and story telling.

    13. I like Singer and I like a good dramatic monologue. My edition at least had an author's note at the end where he made it clear that the speaker was not espousing his beliefs, at least in total. I'm not sure there is anything striking in this work enough to really say it's great, but it does cover a lot of territory regarding how we should live, particularly, but not exclusively, for Jews. It does capture the complexity that exists among the residents of Israel, a group one might be forgiven for [...]

    14. I've heard it said that in order for a comedy to be effective it must be smarter than its audience. With that in mind, I posit that sometimes a story needs be written by a hand smarter and more full of grace than the subject being discussed.And this brings us to Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel "The Penitent". Though long familiar with Singer (and having greatly enjoyed his short story "Gimpel the Fool" way back in my community college dayswow, that long already? Time passes and she hurts) this is [...]

    15. A monologue in the disguise of a conversation between a Jewish writer and a man bitterly searching for his personal truth. It is written with consummate skill, but doesn't speak to me. It's one long downer.

    16. “The Penitent,” by Isaac Bashevis Singer (Farar, Straus, Giroux; 1983, published in installments in the Forward, 1973). In Israel in 1969, Singer meets “a little man with a long gabardine and a felt hat…a young man who had greyed early.” This man, Joseph Shapiro, tells his story. A Holocaust survivor, he had made it to America and had made it. He had become a successful businessman, was now married to his third wife and had a mistress with a teenage daughter. But he had become disguste [...]

    17. Wonderful translation of IBS by his nephew. The prose flows well making it a quick read. It's a somewhat vague but interesting rumination on faith and culture in the light of modern thought and doubt. The main character, Shapiro eagerly recounts his new adherence to a very old faith and the insights that compel him in that direction. It's a bit like IBS's response to Qoheleth, which, despite the author's wisdom and various other advantages even some horrific instances that utterly challenge his [...]

    18. I gave this a better rating than I should have because of the writing. Singer is an exceptional talent, and his way of presenting the life of Joseph Shapiro, a man with a wife, a mistress, and a whole lot of angst was compelling. Shapiro turns away from depravity and toward a religious life -- a really religious life.The glimpse into Talmud Judaism is a fascinating read, and is uplifting in many ways. However, I felt the character was awfully preachy and judgmental for someone who was giving up [...]

    19. I rate this book a 3.9 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being best. Even Singer’s second bests are worthy reads. In this short, character study of a novel, we view the post-holocaust journey of a man in New York trying to navigate the treacherous waters of the new found American freedom. His life-souring experiences lead to a new, more religious life in Israel. More generally it describes the psychological process of being ‘born again’ in America. Even more generally it examines the rise of rel [...]

    20. A confessional account of one man's return to Israel, the land of his ancestors, and to the faith his generation abandoned for the temptations of the world. An indictment of sin large and small, from the monstrosity of the Holocaust to marital infidelity and the slaughter and consumption of animals, Singer's novel finds their common origin in idolatry and sacrifice, which is also the origin of faith. An uncompromising examination of the inexorable link between morality and religion, The Penitent [...]

    21. An excellent book! I love every part of it and it speaks to my spirit and way of looking at life! After reading this book I want to live closer to the God of Israel. A person who through betrayal, self and consequential, started looking at modern man and society came to some conclusions and a certain lifestyle; the main character of the book chose a certain destiny which by no means are based on chance, it is by God’s Providence, he dealt with issues in a honest way - to God, to self and to th [...]

    22. Coincidence is chance. The Enlightened claim that the world is chance, but a Jew who has faith knows that everything is destined. Coincidence is not a kosher word. . . Isaac Bashevis Singer

    23. This was an interesting, captivating read. Singer makes it clear that he is not to be identified with all that his protagonist says and does, but sees the issues brought up to be fundamental and worthy of attention--fidelity to spouse, to Jewish tradition, to God, being genuinely religious in a secular world, the relation of being faithful to and having faith in God and providence.

    24. Mostly a pro-Orthodox, anti-modern rant. Singer's prose is always excellent, so the book flows, but the ideology was hard to tolerate. It's the ideology of the protagonist, not the author, but it still rankles. All modern women are whores, all modern books are of the devil, and so on. No thank you, Sir.

    25. Loved it. A fascinating read~ written like a well-thought out and meaningful conversation. So much to consider and think about. Makes you take a good look a life; your life, society. Recommend!

    26. As I noted at the time, "not much of a plot to this short book (which was the author's own favorite), but lots of interesting philosophizing on faith versus worldliness."

    27. Not one of the best of Singer's books but it was the first that I read - it started my love affair with his workI've read little else over the last few years!

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