The Inner Side of the Wind, or The Novel of Hero and Leander

The Inner Side of the Wind, or The Novel of Hero and Leander

Milorad Pavić Christina Pribićević-Zorić / Oct 22, 2019

The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander Milorad Pavic the brilliantly innovative author whose first novel the phenomenal Dictionary of the Khazars inspired readers to look at literature in a new and unique way and whose second Landscap

  • Title: The Inner Side of the Wind, or The Novel of Hero and Leander
  • Author: Milorad Pavić Christina Pribićević-Zorić
  • ISBN: 9780679420859
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Milorad Pavic, the brilliantly innovative author whose first novel, the phenomenal Dictionary of the Khazars, inspired readers to look at literature in a new and unique way, and whose second, Landscape Painted with Tea, virtually created a new set of directions by which to interpret fiction, now gives us The Inner Side of the Wind, a magically entertaining love story thatMilorad Pavic, the brilliantly innovative author whose first novel, the phenomenal Dictionary of the Khazars, inspired readers to look at literature in a new and unique way, and whose second, Landscape Painted with Tea, virtually created a new set of directions by which to interpret fiction, now gives us The Inner Side of the Wind, a magically entertaining love story that spans two centuries In his most personal and intimate work to date, Pavic parallels the myth of Hero and Leander, telling of two lovers in Belgrade, one from the turn of the eighteenth century and the other from early in the twentieth, who reach out to each other from across the gulf of time So that the reader is afforded the opportunity to read the novel from either lover s point of view, it is approachable from either the front cover Hero s story or the back Leander s In this way, the lovers paths converge both figuratively and physically, ultimately joining at the center of the book, no matter whose story one has chosen to explore first In the playfully inventive manner in which it suggests new ways for language to shape human thought, The Inner Side of the Wind is everything we have come to expect from this remarkable writer pure Pavic

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      119 Milorad Pavić Christina Pribićević-Zorić
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      • Milorad Pavić Christina Pribićević-Zorić

        Milorad Pavi was a Serbian poet, prose writer, translator, and literary historian.Pavi wrote five novels which were translated into English Dictionary of the Khazars A Lexicon Novel, Landscape Painted With Tea, Inner Side of the Wind, Last Love in Constantinople and Unique Item as well as many short stories not in English translation.


    1. „Slušaj druže Paviću, sve je to lepo i divno i bajno, magično gotovo, prosto ti se cele rečenice urežu u sećanje, i vrcavi detalji i svesve, ali gde je ovde koherentnost? Gde se dene celovitost? Ima li ovo ikakvu poentu?“I mora li je uopšte imati?3+

    2. Very unusual short novel even compared to other Pavic works. The book is two sided and has no beginning or end, but can be read from either side.A 97 page novella tells the story of Leander, a semi-literate master builder Serbian monk living in the 18th century at the confluence of conflict between two foreign powers in all senses of the word - the Muslim Ottomans and the Catholic Austrians over the body of Orthodox Serbia On the other side, a 77 page novella tells the story of Hero a Serbian st [...]

    3. Like a lot of similar novels (which, I think, a lot of people would be eager to call "magical realist"), this reads as an exercise in invention and strangeness at the sentence/paragraph level, where a sequence of very strange things are strung together without ever being developed. I really liked the premise, but the absence of decent storytelling and emotional gravity haunts every page. I used to really enjoy this kind of stuff but mostly it just felt tiresome.

    4. A complete surprise: magical, philosophical, deep, beautiful.For instance, do you know the difference between the heart and the soul? When we cast our inner eye on our heart, we see it as it is at that very moment. When we look into our soul, we see it as it was many thousands of years ago, not as it is now, because that’s how long it takes for our gaze to reach the soul and observe it; in other words, that’s how much time it takes for the light of the soul to reach our inner eye and shine u [...]

    5. This was probably the third or fourth time I read this, and the first in 10 to 15 years. The text delighted me as much as I remembered, with passages like these:"He returned to the city in the rainy season of the year, constantly treading on snails, which cracked under his feet as though made of glass""The other most frequently entered item in Hero's book of dreams was a tiny little boy. The boy's father ate nothing but meat, and his mother ate nothing but lentils. Because of the father, the boy [...]

    6. I read a non-English version of this book and I was at first reluctant. Sounded to me like a love story. Love story from two perspectives, written completely separate? Well, that's unusual, and I've wanted to read a book in such a style for a while, but still. Love story? Well, I'll say now that "love" is not exactly the relationships between the two characters. The two characters never marry, never court, never kiss, never meet, in fact. I suppose the events could be better interpreted as an ac [...]

    7. I, too, am writing a creative variation on the Hero and Leander myth, which is a direct cause to my purchasing this book. I had purchased Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars male version when it first hit the shelves back around 1987 because it was the most beautiful book production I had seen in years. I read a quarter of it, and one day it was gone from my house. (Possibly someone visiting thought the same about its production.) 'Khazars' was an interesting read, but not an enjoyable one.I more [...]

    8. An extraordinary novel by a remarkable writer, The Inner Side of the Wind tells two stories, one from a male perspective and one from a female perspective, both separated by two centuries of time. These stories are printed dos-à-dos, so after you have read one you must flip the book to read the other. The two stories meet in the middle, in space, time and imagination.The two stories combine into an evolved retelling of the tale of Hero and Leander but they are much more than a magical romance, [...]

    9. I finally felt like I was ready to meet this story again. It's just as antique, fanciful, and vague as I remember it, but I feel that, being older and maybe just a tad wiser to the world, I was better able to see the beauty in the ways that the lives of Hero and Leander were able to connect on that inner side of the wind.An old favorite. And now, I think, a new one as well.

    10. Probably would have liked it a lot more if most of Leander's part wasn't copied from another story by the same author. Nevertheless, got me interested, thought about the two stories for days - still thinking about them. I find myself sitting at home, just staring at something and picking at this part or that one. Great author, definitely turning into one of my favorites.

    11. Oylaması güç bir roman. Yer yer sevdim fakat geneli itibariyle güzel cümlelerin yer aldığı bir dağınıklık olduğu fikrini benimsedim. Denildiği gibi, büyülü gerçekçi bir roman. İki yönlü okunabilmesi, kitabın bir önünün ve arkasının olmayışı, her iki kapağın da ön yüz olarak kullanılması hoşuma gitti, Pavic'i tanımadığım halde, bu oyunsal yaklaşımı nedeniyle kitabı merak edip okudum. Hero'nun bölümü Leandros'a göre daha çok ilgimi çekti. Kitapta [...]

    12. Из архивите - рецензия за в. "Гласове".Еднорог"Вътрешната страна на вятъра", Милорад Павич, прев. Жела Георгиева, "Колибри", 2007 г."Дори децата и селските жени знаят, че еднорогът е добра поличба. Но това същество не спада към домашните животни, невинаги е лесно да го откриеш, не п [...]

    13. Първо ви предлагам да се запознаете с Херо - студентка по химия и главна героиня в книгата. Главният герой пък е Леандър - потомствен зидар. Романът от своя страна предлага една любовна история, която е наистина нестандартна. Да започнем оттам, че нашите Херо и Леандър за раз [...]

    14. posmatram se u ogledalu koje cuti tishinom koju prepoznajemochitah malopre da je jedno oko na nashem licu mushko dok je drugo zhensko.posmatram svoje ochi &razotkrivam istinitost zapisaje levo oko je zhensko. desno mushkobro, sada kada sam im utvrdila rodove ne znam shta cu sa tim saznanjemda, sigurna sam jednog dana ce mi sigurno biti od koristi znam samo da li cu tog dana stajati pred ogledalom kao sadaoslushkujuci svoju zazidanu tishinuili cu se prepoznavati u tudja dva oka iste dubine&a [...]

    15. This is a wise little book. It's not one of those which effortlessly immerses you; you have to Read it, with a capital 'R'. It's worth it though, and it's an inspiration to find what else Pavic's pulled off. I'll be buying more! You should buy this. You'll probably need to go second-hand, though.

    16. Not nearly as compelling as the Dictionary of the Khazars, but the bizarreness was still quite enjoyable. But, for a short book, it did take me an incredibly long time to read. It just didn't quite suck me in.

    17. павич е забележителен най-малкото с това, че в един абзац разказва това, което другите писатели обикновено разгръщат на 4 странициумно е написана книгата, но на мен лично не ми допадна някак

    18. It was hard to tell sometimes if this was amazing or just really ridiculous but either way I am consumed with the desire to read everything else he has ever written.

    19. ერთ-ერთი საუკეთესო წიგნია, რაც წამიკითხავს! Super!

    20. Хараач цонхны цаана мод ургаж байна. Гэж Леандр хариулаад, Тэрээр ургахын тулд тайван цаг ирэхийг хүлээхгүй л байгаа биз дээ.

    21. Страхотен, магичен разказвач.Всяко изречение освен буквалния си смисъл ти дава и множество други пътища за полет на мисълта и смислите.

    22. Книги Павича - просто сказка. В них есть своеобразие, стиль, атмосфера и своя философия.

    23. It's off-the-wall nature annoyed me more than I thought it would. I think it is one of those books that really needs to be read in the original language.

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