Outros Mundos

Outros Mundos

Barbara Michaels / Oct 22, 2019

Outros Mundos Numa escura h mida noite de nevoeiro um pequeno grupo de intelectuais re ne se num clube masculino exclusivo Chegam envoltos nos seus abafos dispendiosos com o pretensiosismo de quem sabe mais que

  • Title: Outros Mundos
  • Author: Barbara Michaels
  • ISBN: 9727311067
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Numa escura, h mida, noite de nevoeiro, um pequeno grupo de intelectuais re ne se num clube masculino exclusivo Chegam envoltos nos seus abafos dispendiosos, com o pretensiosismo de quem sabe mais que a maioria.Deste grupo, que se junta periodicamente para discutir acontecimentos paranormais, fazem parte o famoso ilusionista Houdini e o afamado Sir Arthur Conan Doyle criNuma escura, h mida, noite de nevoeiro, um pequeno grupo de intelectuais re ne se num clube masculino exclusivo Chegam envoltos nos seus abafos dispendiosos, com o pretensiosismo de quem sabe mais que a maioria.Deste grupo, que se junta periodicamente para discutir acontecimentos paranormais, fazem parte o famoso ilusionista Houdini e o afamado Sir Arthur Conan Doyle criador do celeb rrimo Sherlock Holmes Outros Mundos relata uma dessas reuni es Num ser o frente lareira, com uma bebida aconchegante no colo, os intelectuais analisam dois epis dios distintos A Bruxa de Bell e O Caso Phelps O primeiro a hist ria de um poltergeist que assombra uma fam lia do sudeste americano o segundo envolve uma fam lia cat lica a bra os com um esp rito violento Depois dos relatos, os membros do clube todos eles interessados e ou estudiosos do sobrenatural discutem e determinam se as assombra es s o verdadeiras ou falsas.

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      • Barbara Michaels

        Barbara Michaels was a pen name of Barbara Mertz She also wrote as Elizabeth Peters, as well as under her own name She was born in Canton, Illinois and has written over fifty books including some in Egyptology Dr Mertz also holds a Ph.D from the University of Chicago in Egyptology.


    1. I picked up the book because of the cover (looked like gothic suspense) and flipped open the jacket to read that the characters included Nandor Fodor, Frank Podmore, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, et al. That sparked my interest because it’s very rare to pick up any fiction book that has psychical researchers as characters. However, it was a disappointment. The premise is of two ghost stories, told within the framework of skeptics and believers lounging in a gentlemen’s club. I’m n [...]

    2. The men are famous and the time is the past. In a London Club, Houdini, Conan Doyle, and other psychic investigators and debunkers gather to tell ghost stories. Their purpose is to tell the tale, and then each will pick it apart to try to find an explanation for the phenomenon in question.A really fun read on a rainy Saturday while curled up before the fire.

    3. I just can't keep slogging through this one. I love Barbara Michaels' books in general, and I tend to prefer them to the ones written as Elizabeth Peters. However, this book just felt like a jumbled up mess. The idea of a dinner party of famous minds debating some fantastical event sounds intriguing in theory, but just did not work here. I'll have to content myself with rereads of some of her oldies but goodies like The Crying Child, Ammie, Come Home, or Be Buried in the Rain.

    4. The premise was promising, but the work doesn't hang together a bit well. The first night, when the group discusses the Bell Witch, follows the plan--a series of events are dictated and then the group propose theories about what might really have happened. The writing in this section is disappointing. The second night deviates--we are treated to a well-written story about the Phelps family in Stratford, but the group is given almost no opportunity to discuss it. It is almost as if this work were [...]

    5. It was just two ghost stories, followed by an imaginary discussion of the story by A. Conan Doyl, Harry Houdini, etc. I didn't hear a change of voice as the story teller supossedly changed. The discourse was not what I had expected. It was OK for driving in the desert, I didn't have a replacement. But, I'm glad that I didn't buy the book.

    6. Not the typical Barbara Michaels book. Entails a group of friends sitting around discussing and debunking a few old ghost stories that many would recognize like the Bell Witch. It is entertaining and well written, but fails to really engross the reader and bring you into the author's created world. It's just two well told spooky tales.

    7. I appreciate that Michaels was trying something different with this novel (which is basically a gathering of Harry Houdini, Arthur Conan Doyle, and some other people telling stories), but it just didn't work. The book as whole didn't feel cohesive.

    8. Re-read on abridged audio. I liked this two-short-ghost-story tale more than the first time I read it, but it's still lacking. The Bell Witch and the Phelps case are interesting, the idea of famous detectives, skeptics, and psychical believers still has merit, but the book just doesn't work at all, with no real point to the discussion of the cases and no real resolution. The portrayal of the Phelps case through a first-person piece of fiction takes up too much time and is jarring compared to the [...]

    9. I like most of Barbara Michaels work. She writes beautifully, although her earlier works, like this one, tend to the gothic and melodramatic. This is more like two short stories put together, but they detail two famous cases of poltergeist activity, in the setting of a group of eminent Victorians analyzing the cases to try to come up with an explanation. Interesting, but not gripping.

    10. One foggy evening, the members of the illustrious Society For Psychical Research meet in the smoking room of an exclusive London men's club. Amid the glowing cigars, decanters of brandy, and the charming air of camaraderie, sit men who are the acknowledged geniuses within their various specialties. They are considered some of the most famous crime specialists in the world, and are gathered together with mystery on their minds. On the agenda for tonight's program are two tantalizing, unsolved cas [...]

    11. Someone on Barnes and Noble called this a "horror cozy," which is a description I kind of love, especially in the context of Other Worlds. This book is a pair of novellas describing two rather famous American poltergeist cases, the (inaccurately named) Bell Witch and the Stratford haunting. The novellas are connected by a frame story, psychic researchers gathered in a London club to discuss these cases. These are some fairly famous people, by the way; Houdini (gratifyingly skeptical), Conan Doyl [...]

    12. A group of well-known personages, including Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, Andrew Lang, and others discuss two supernatural events in American history, and put forth theories as to the causes of the events. The first story they consider is the Bell Witch, with the events taking place in Robertson County, Tennessee, in the early 1800s. The events included poltergeist activity and supposed conversations with some kind of spirit. John Bell, the head of the family suffers from some terrible illn [...]

    13. If someone could please combine this edition and the Portuguese one, I'd appreciate it a lot (PT edition here: Outros Mundos)Adding the review here too because the edition I read is separated from this one.You know when a book has an intriguing premise that makes you really interested in it? This was that book. And you know that book that fails miserably to live up to its expectations? This was that book.Other Worlds has an interesting premise: a few well known men (Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doy [...]

    14. I was sort of excited to read this book after having read the synopsis: Famous people from the past (Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to name the most prominent) get together to argue alleged hauntings? Sign me up! So the tale is in two parts. First is the Bell Witch, which is narrated by Harry Houdini and is concise and a "just the facts, ma'am" style of story. It ends, and I use that word loosely, with our group of gentlemen agreeing to disagree about whether the events outlined were the out [...]

    15. The late Barbara Michaels (AKA Elizabeth Peters) was a talented writer. I really wanted to like Other Worlds-I am a sucker for any book that features Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle interacting and it is an historic fact that the two men not only knew each other but had a real friendship. Michaels does not do a bad job of handling these two and other real world figures. Other Worlds has as a framing device a meeting between Doyle, Houdini, and other investigators of psychic phenomena. A [...]

    16. As a huge fan of Barbara Michaels and a collector of her books, there are still some novels I haven't read. This was one of her more recently published novels under the name "Barbara Michaels ". (Most are aware of her pseudonym "Elizabeth Peters) The premise was interesting, the synopsis promising a good old fashioned ghost story, which I'm always a sucker for.There is an imaginary "club " that meets to discuss and theorize about famous cases of paranormal phenomena. The members of this club are [...]

    17. As far I can tell, Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and others gather together in the mists of time to analyze two incidents, both of which occur in the mid 1800s. In the first story, the Bell family find themselves tormented by a spirit (or spirits) that eventually carries on conversations with them. For no apparent reason the spirit treats Mrs. Bell tenderly but drives Mr. Bell to his death. In the second story, a widow with children marries Mr. Phelps, a minister who dabbles in the occu [...]

    18. I grabbed this book off the library shelf mainly because it looked like a quick, and creepy read. Then about 100 pages in I had deja vu. There are two tales told by Houdini, and Sir Authur Conan Doyle, (placed in a fictitious paranormal society) and these gentlemen discuss the cases. The first one is about the Bell's of Red River, Tennessee (no known relation to me, phew). This family was haunted for over 2 years by a malicious spirit, that numerous people heard but never saw. Including, at the [...]

    19. I have been delving into Barbara Michaels lately as she (Barbara Mertz) just died this fall and I had been an avid follower of her Amelia Peabody stories (written as Elizabeth Peters. This is the 2nd Barbara Michaels book I have read. She sets a really interesting scene - the gathering of great minds around a fire in a gentleman's club to try to solve past unsolved mysteries - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, Dr. Nandor Fodor (psychoanalyst) and others. They pose several cases, both involv [...]

    20. The stories are not without interest, but OTHER WORLDS will likely disappoint many Barbara Michaels fans. It lacks her trademarks of likable, sympathetic characters, plus both the romance and the personal, almost intimate, feeling of suspense. The interest in these stories lies solely in the puzzles they present; the human element is almost entirely absent. These stories reminded me of the outline of a Barbara Michaels novel, the part where the characters, after research, begin to piece together [...]

    21. Disappointing. Some dudes (mostly), some famous, some not, get together in a smoky old-school clubs and recount two classic American haunting stories to each other. One I'd heard of (the Bell Witch), one not (Phelps Mansion in Connecticut). Afterwards, they offer various theories as to what might explain the events. I guess I was expecting it more to be like when Christie does it - only those are mysteries, as opposed to ghost stories, so there is a definitive answer that Poirot can suss out. He [...]

    22. This book is a review of two famous "poltergeist" cases from the 19th century. A fantasy symposium of well-known writers from the past, who wrote about seemingly paranormal occurrences, discuss the cases after they are presented (at great length) by those who witnessed the strange happenings. It's not bad for a primer on different historical approaches to investigating ghostly raps, objects apparently moving on their own, and disembodied voices. I found the second case very tedious, although it' [...]

    23. Turns out I read this book 3 years ago & completely forgot & also missed it was in my "Read" section. I need to do some research on who all the characters are because it appears they are real people (I know for sure 2 of them are). Maybe if I knew who all of them were beforehand it would have been more interesting. I don't know that I enjoyed it as much this time because the stories seemed so familiar, yet I couldn't remember how they ended so I had to keep reading and then wasn't all th [...]

    24. This book was a bit difficult to get through, in part because it is so different from all the other Barbara Michaels books I've read so far. I did learn that it was a project that she began early in her career and then revisited much later, which explains why it's so drastically different in execution.The part that I adored about part two of this book is that Jaqueline Kirby, one of the author's Elizabeth Peters characters, makes an appearance. I was pleased that I was able to identify her even [...]

    25. This was definitely different than Michaels/Peters's other books, but I enjoyed it. I thought the ghost stories were presented in an interesting way, and in some ways it was nice to not have romance mixing with the haunting as it usually does in the Barbara Michaels book. I did like the first story a lot more than the second, partially because Phelps just seemed so creepy and awful that it was hard for me to get emotionally invested in his haunting since I was so invested in not liking him!

    26. Interesting "club" murder mystery plot where famous historical figure ( Conan doyle, Houdini ) meet to discuss a mystery or tale of the supernatural and then alive their scouting to it. Michaels does a great job of representing those figures and their viewpoint believably. Plus she puts herself in as a character which I find delightful! There is no path and dry solution to the cases but enjoyable non the less.

    27. I'm not sure how I feel about this book. The concept of a club to explore paranormal cases was good. However, the two cases were too similar and weren't that interesting to me.I think if you enjoy ghost stories or paranormal history, you might like this book. I think many fans of Barbara Michaels will not find what they are looking for.

    28. Read it & was bored speechless. In the light of Dr. Michael's death, I chose a book outside the "Amelias"d boy was I sorry. A tedious dissection on American "ghost stories", or paranormal folklore, which should be skipped by all, with the exception of those with entirely too much time on their hands.

    29. I love ghost stories, they facinate me. this was 2 very good different haunting episodes that was being discussed by dr's of science and illusionist including the very famous houdine( spelling?). Trying to find logical solutions to the paranormal activities. it was well written and kept my attention good.

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