The Wars of Gods and Men

The Wars of Gods and Men

Zecharia Sitchin / Jan 23, 2020

The Wars of Gods and Men Eons ago the Earth was a battlefield Mighty armies clashed led by giant warriors meticulously skilled in the art of combat These wars would shape man s destiny and live on for centuries in legend s

  • Title: The Wars of Gods and Men
  • Author: Zecharia Sitchin
  • ISBN: 9780380895854
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eons ago, the Earth was a battlefield Mighty armies clashed, led by giant warriors meticulously skilled in the art of combat These wars would shape man s destiny and live on for centuries in legend, song and religious lore brutal and terrible conflicts that began lifetimes earlier on another planet.In the astonishing third volume of Zecharia Sitchin s The Earth ChroniEons ago, the Earth was a battlefield Mighty armies clashed, led by giant warriors meticulously skilled in the art of combat These wars would shape man s destiny and live on for centuries in legend, song and religious lore brutal and terrible conflicts that began lifetimes earlier on another planet.In the astonishing third volume of Zecharia Sitchin s The Earth Chronicles, the internationally renowned scholar parts the mists of myth and time to return to the violent beginnings of humanity employing ancient text, religious documents and archaeological findings to reconstruct epic events that support the existence of extraterrestrial god who once set nation against nation, army against army, and man against man.

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        Sitchin was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and was raised in Palestine He acquired some knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Torah, and the history and archeology of the Near East Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history A journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York City His books have been widely translated, converted to braille for the blind, and featured on radio and television.


    1. Sitchin’s The War of Gods and Men, the third book in the revolutionary Earth Chronicle series is an intense and heart-pounding read. Sitchin supplies astonishing evidence that the “Gods” those from heaven to earth they came from the twelfth planet Nibiru engaged in an array of relentless vicious conflicts for dominance on our beloved planet earth, conscripting Homo sapiens in their wars. As in the first two books, Sitchin’s ability to decipher ancient records, texts, cuneiform tablets, a [...]

    2. Book 3 didn't do it for me like #1 of The Earth Chronicles. It was too dry and laborious to get through, filled with more the theories and facts Zitchin lays out in Book 1. Maybe because it's like a dense encyclopaedia of the distant past battles & wars was difficult to find a thread to care about without getting bogged down or bored by all the details.I haven't read Book 2 yet, but I'm hoping it's more enjoyable like Book 1. I like Z. Sitchin and find his theories interesting. I've read som [...]

    3. It seems that Earth has always been a battlefield, from today all the way back to the beginning of history humans have been fighting one another, or maybe we learned from others in prehistory? In the third book of his series The Earth Chronicles, Zecharia Sitchin examines ancient texts from cuneiform tables of Sumeria to Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Bible itself to reveal long memory and devastating results of The Wars of Gods and Men.Sitchin begins the book going over the wars of the ancient wor [...]

    4. Zachariah Sitchins books are detailed with actual translations of Ancient Cuniform (clay tablet) writings. They are Sumerian Writings , the language which brought about Aramaic, which in turn brought about Hebrew and Arabic. He is an Archeologist, and ancient script interpreter/translator. He delves into ancient texts, and clay tablet writtings, religious scriptures, artifacts, and drawings & visits museums, and sights of actual historical significance mentioned in various world scriptures, [...]

    5. Sitchin continues his "Earth Chronicles" with the third installment, "The Wars of Gods and Men." A provocative narration, retelling the long considered myths of ancient battles as factual events of our Earth's history. Sifting through ancient Sumerian clay tablets and other sources of antiquity, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the author tells of a time when not men but gods ruled the planet and fate of humanity. Once again, basing his claims on texts chiseled and written by scribes of days past, [...]

    6. This was the third, and last, of The Earth Chronicles books by Zecharia Sitchin that I read on the recommendation of a friend. This same friend had been kind enough to give me a real history of Sumerian culture as well, so I felt sort of obligated. The more I read about ancient Sumeria, the less even barely plausible did Sitchin appear.Where is he coming from anyway? It's too elaborate to be joke, isn't it?

    7. As with all of Sitchin's books, this one did not disappoint. He takes you back to the time when the 'gods' where in the sky for all on planet earth to see. And how man emulated them by engaging in their own wars on behalf of the 'gods' they were loyal to. A very fascinating alternative historical account.

    8. Though this begins with dry academia, it regains some of the thrill you felt when reading The 12th Planet. Well done, good read.

    9. Neppure lo stesso Sitchin crede davvero a quello che scrive, ne sono convinto. O almeno, lo spero per lui.Va bene che sei uno "studioso alternativo", ma non puoi tradure pro domo tua testi di 5000 anni fa distorcendone le parole e il significato solo per supportare una personale teoria balzana, né puoi gettare lì delle tue conclusioni e/o supposizioni come fossero delle verità assolute ed oggettive senza supportare i tuoi discorsi con dati reali (e no, la foto di un graffito sumero sconclusio [...]

    10. Working my way through the Earth Chronicles and I think the books are getting worse. I'm not down on the ancient-alien thing; it's an interesting theory. I liked The 12th Planet and, although any actual point in Stairway to Heaven was pretty hazy to me, I did at least enjoy the mythology aspect. But this book was repetitive, dry, tangential, and to be honest, I think there's a lot (like, a LOT) of confirmation bias here. The writing style leaves a lot to be desired. I bought the next book (Lost [...]

    11. WowNow I know why there's a great desert like area in Africa. I've always wondered why as a child. Great read. On to the next in this series!

    12. I started this book planning to be sceptical but very sure that I'd be blown away And truth is I wasn't. For me perhaps the most interesting thing about this book was the overview of Asian mythology and the very interesting parallels with current world religions. The fact that the symbol of the nibiru was the cross, the sacrifice of bulls in ancient Sumeria, the deluge myth were all very interesting.Also eye-opening were the parallels drawn between different world mythologies.The stories Mr sitc [...]

    13. ★ - Most books with this rating I never finish and so don't make this list. This one I probably started speed-reading to get it over with.★★ - Average. Wasn't terrible, but not a lot to recommend it. Probably skimmed parts of it.★★★ - Decent. A few good ideas, well-written passages, interesting characters, or the like.★★★★ - Good. This one had parts that inspired me, impressed me, made me laugh out loud, made me think - it got positive reactions and most of the rest of it was [...]

    14. Ended up liking this book more than I thought I was going to. Though there is a bit of rehash from the previous volumes it isn't enough to completely bore you. This volume he moves his theory into the ancient world and how the annunaki influenced the ancient middle east. The thing that gets me is he stops short of actually naming who he thought Yahweh was, though if I was to take a stab I would say Enlil. Maybe he announces it in a future book I guess I will just have to wait and see. This book [...]

    15. I love Zecharia's passion for his research and sharing it all with us. His book is packed full of meticulously gathered information. He is one of the most respected and foremost experts in his field. I do warn the reader if your not a big fan of the his you may not finish the book. It took me a while to finish and only read it between other books. For me it was a thirst for knowledge so if that's what your looking for then you found your book. But it will not fill your desire for entertainment.

    16. This is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. It introduces the "gods" of the Earth, how they made humans and what transpired until about 1950BC. This is the third in a series called the Earth Chronicles;he uses archeological evidence and translations plus the Bible as sources. Well worth reading.

    17. This was my introduction to the Sitchin chronicles. He shares some interesting theories which are often quoted by the Ancient Aliens programs, but if you read beyond that part, the familial intrigue and soap operas displayed by the Sumarian gods makes for a lot of fun.

    18. He is repeating himself and so busy trying to prove the Old and New Testament in each ancient text he's read. He also do not give the details which text he's translated. I do not trust his translations. I felt like I was reading a science fiction book. Cannot take him seriously.

    19. Even if you don't believe that we are descendants of a cross breed between an alien race and earth born primates, allowing yourself to see history the way Zecharia Sitchin does causes the ground to shift a bit beneath you.

    20. Sitchin had probably a stroke and after that used a lot of revealed or maybe channeled information. Anyway, his interpretation never holds regarding the outer space origin of the Anunnaki, the rockets or the gold mining purpose.Otherwise, he is a great fiction wrighter.

    21. It was a good read yet the author cannot write the story in an entertaining manner. i got bored in the middle of reading it.

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