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Republic After the notorious outlaws Amaranthe and Sicarius helped overthrow the corrupt faction controlling the empire and brought in a great war hero to lead the nation to prosperity they finally earned the

  • Title: Republic
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
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  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After the notorious outlaws Amaranthe and Sicarius helped overthrow the corrupt faction controlling the empire and brought in a great war hero to lead the nation to prosperity, they finally earned their pardons and some time off A tropical vacation cruising around in a private submarine Perfect But their trip is interrupted by a summons from the new president they reAfter the notorious outlaws Amaranthe and Sicarius helped overthrow the corrupt faction controlling the empire and brought in a great war hero to lead the nation to prosperity, they finally earned their pardons and some time off A tropical vacation cruising around in a private submarine Perfect But their trip is interrupted by a summons from the new president they re needed back at home Trouble unlike anything they ve ever dealt with threatens to destroy the capital city and throw the fledgling republic into chaos.The follow up to The Emperor s Edge series, Republic takes place a few months after the events of Forged in Blood I II It is a complete 210,000 word novel.

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    1. Flicking through the reviews of Republic, I now feel quite mean by giving it only three stars. 9% of people who rated this book agree with me so I'm definitely in the minority here. Oh boy!Let me first explain. Three stars is not a bad rating. It means that I liked and enjoyed the novel. The reason I did not rate this higher was because it did not wow me the way I was hoping it to. Yes, the conversations were enjoyable and witty. The characters were well-written and I enjoyed reading about their [...]

    2. Honestly, I have such an unhealthy obsession with Amaranthe, Sicarius, and the rest of the gang. Lindsay Buroker has created this wonderful world filled with amazing characters, and each book just gets better and better.Starting off not too long after the upheaval of events in the previous book, the gang is trying to figure out how they fit into this new Republic, all while trying to thwart the latest nefarious threat. Deviating from the style of the other books, this story is told in 6 POVs: Am [...]

    3. How many times do we wish there was still more when a series endswe sit with a book hangover, hoping for a glimpse of the characters we've come to love. Well that is exactly what Lindsay Buroker did with Republic and I have say, I was thrilled! Buroker proves this fabulous continuation to what happens after Forged in Blood I & II. I was amazed with the character growth and the changes that are taking place. We are not only given a continuation of the story but also further plot possibilities [...]

    4. Reading Republic is like meeting up with dear old friends after a while; you don't realize how much you've missed them until you see them again. I've always liked reaching the end of a series rather than having them continue interminably, but the The Emperor's Edge series is the one exception where I'm so glad that the author surprised us all with a continuation/transition book set after the end of the series proper in Forged in Blood II. It was an absolute joy to follow Amaranthe, Sicarius and [...]

    5. Given that the series had been neatly tied up in book 7 I was a little concerned that this one might not live up to expectations (which let's face were pretty high) but it did. It was as amusing and entertaining as ever. I did miss Books but I liked the introduction of Dak. There were 6 viewpoints in this book and while I actually enjoyed each one I found it was too many. I think a maximum of four would work best.Six viewpoints meant we were flipping around too much. As soon as something interes [...]

    6. Oh boy! Back into the Emperor's Edge world with Amaranthe and Sicarius. I love these guys. I truly do.I didn't think I could get enough of them, but the length of this book did start to drag a little, especially with all the hoo-haa about the plant. It seemed a bit excessive. I loved the story and most of the little plot twists and turns, especially some of the more personal hurdles the characters had to overcome in this one. It was a bit of a nice change from all the blowing up and madness that [...]

    7. I love these characters so much it was genuinely heartbreaking to come to the end of the previous book. Reading Republic was satisfying, amusing, and so much fun I kept wishing for it not to end. It's wonderful to get to see more of Amaranthe and Sicarius together as a couple, and Buroker finds interesting new challenges grown from the reasonable aftermath of the previous story arc without it feeling unlikely, or for any characters' personalities and reactions to feel remotely forced or out-of-c [...]

    8. Actual rating: 4 ½ Wow. Wow. Wow. A sequel to what was supposed to be the last instalment in the Emperor’s Edge series!! I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Lindsay Buroker had written Republic; when I thought that Forged in Blood II would be the very last time we read about Amaranthe and her dysfunctional gang of outlaws!Needless to say, I had very high expectations for Republic. The Emperor’s Edge has become one of my favourite series ever and I love Buroker’s writing, especia [...]

    9. First, a little disclosure, Lindsay is one of my favorite authors because she is a very nice person and a person who is easy to get to know in social media. Now, Republic was the book I didn't expect. After *mini spoiler alert* one of the major characters passed away in another book, I was concerned what just what would happen now that everything was as it should be. Or was it?We see the return of all of the characters in the world that we know. Everyone who is everyone is in Turgonia, and the s [...]

    10. "Something" happens, at last!! Can't say what, but readers of the series will know what I mean. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series - I admit to a crush on the strong, silent blond and his attempts to become "human"! The previous books of this series have quite rightly earned 5 stars without reservation, but this last of the series (so far?) left me a little disappointed. I had hoped Maldynado would mature into a man to rival even Sicarious. Amaranthe has been drawn as a bit more of a desperat [...]

    11. This book definitely suffered from the all too common syndrome nowadays of "too much of a good thing." Just like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Hobbit movies parts 1-3, Star Wars the Phantom Menace, etc. this book is suffering from the milking of something that was once good and is now tired.I loved loved loved the first Emperor's Edge books, but this one was just lackluster. I found myself skimming through big chunks of it at a time. It just wasn't as good as the others [...]

    12. I'm not sure how many stars this book deserves but I sooooo enjoyed myself. Since I had decided long ago that I would rate books according to the enjoyment they brought me, well, 5 stars it is.I thought the 6 different POVs would be distrubing and would slow the general action somehow. It did not. I would have prefered to be inside Rias's head instead of Mahliki's though. Next time maybe ?Yes. I hear there's a next book. A Basilard one (woot woot)I'll always be happy to read anything about Amara [...]

    13. And I'm still on the Lindsay Buroker roll I can't seem to get enough of Amaranthe and Sicarius. Not yet anyway, and luckily I have one more book to read!The seventh book kind of gave us a finale and I cannot actually decide whether this book was necessary or not BUT I can tell you that I enjoyed the story very much and even stayed up till 2.30 AM in order to find out how Amaranthe and Sicarius finally manage to get out of their tricky situation (again).If interested, you can find the rest of my [...]

    14. The awkwardness of adjusting to a new regime (and finding a job!) was realistic, but not super fun to read. I loved all the Amaranthe and Sicarius bits, especially the opening chapter, but all the other POV's dragged. I also really missed the team dynamics of the first 7 books. Everyone just seemed really isolated in this story.

    15. A lot going on, so the length is justified. This is not only Lindsay Buroker's longest book, but also the one with the most PoVs, yet it never dragged or got confusing for me, though I wouldn't recommend it as a starting point. The engineered plants invading the capitol are an interesting opponent no-one is accustomed to battling, plus there are human machinations involving a revived magic-using cult, assassination attempts, and sabotage, keeping us in suspense as to whom to trust. Then there ar [...]

    16. Four stars! Would have given it 5+ though I am afraid that I'm not being very objective. At this point, any story that will feature this lovely bunch of characters would probably tickle my fancy. Totally obsessed and engrossed I read on and on and on, on the bus to and from work, at home till late at night. Not even any tv or Netflixing happened this week. It was good.Book 7 disappointed me, especially since I was under the impression it was to be the last installment. I like the situation we ar [...]

    17. The fight against the Forge is over, Turgonia has a president, and things are not nearly as settled as you would hope. There are forces conspiring against the new government, and there is a new, unforeseen problem brought about by blowing up the Behemoth space ship. Most of the main Emperor's Edge and Forgotten Ages characters are in this book, and it introduces Dak from the Chains of Honor series (maybe I would have liked those books better if I'd read about Dak already). My only issue is that [...]

    18. The plant plot was some serious WTF? It also felt unresolved, there were a few unanswered questions dealing with it, but not serious enough to weaken the story. It was interesting to get inside the heads of more characters, like Sespian and Sicarius, as well as Maldynado. The villian wasn't a surprise, the surprise was how long it took everyone to figure it out.Overall the action was smooth, the pacing dragged a little in the middle and the plot was solid, though terribly WTF?

    19. I'm giving this 4 stars, not because I didn't love it but because I enjoyed the books before so tremendously that in comparison, Republic couldn't compete. Yes, it's the gang, most of it, but this is the aftermath of the big battle and thus different. Still, it's a lovely addition to the previous installments and I'm on to the next one right now.

    20. I truly, honestly love the Emperor's Edge books. The characters are wonderfully diverse and there are so many intimidatingly smart women, and this one did not fail to keep me engaged and entertained just like all the ones before it.

    21. Loved this series. Loved this book only a little less due to a slightly reduced emotional response. But, I would still 100% recommend the Emperor's Edge series to people with a similar reading preference to me.

    22. Another great thing to readThe lady does know how to make sure you want to keep reading,great story telling,,can't wait to get started on next book

    23. Geeat readThe most enjoyable set of books i have read. Have more more to read from this great author .Ramon

    24. If there's a word that characterises Lindsay Buroker's books, and especially her Emperor's Edge books, it's "reliable". You know pretty much what you're going to get: always something going on, multiple viewpoint characters, each of whom has self-doubt about something different and worries about what other people think of them and what other people mean by what they say and do, a fairly complex plotline in which the Empire (or, now, the Republic) is in peril, a bit of magic, some technology, fig [...]

    25. I received a few copy of this book for a honest review - one I'm more than happy to provide!I just finished reading Republic and I simply enjoyed every page of it. Republic takes place after the events in Emperor’s Edge series (EE 1 available FREE on ). While you can certainly pick this book up and enjoy it – I believe you would enjoy it far more if you have read all the works up to this point (You could read the Swords and Salt books after this one, in fact that would likely be best time li [...]

    26. 4.5 stars out of 5. I love this series. It's like Lindsay Buroker can do no wrong when writing about the Emperor's Edge gang. I will love them always. Beyond the feeling of "Squeeeeee! The gang is back together" happy fun times, this really was a satisfying, full of twists and turns, action-packed read. Nothing less than what I've come to expect from Buroker. The thing that never ceases to amaze me about the EE series is how she handles SO MANY CHARACTERS. This book is written in so many POVs th [...]

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