პეტსონი და ფინდუსი - ნადირობა მელაზე

პეტსონი და ფინდუსი - ნადირობა მელაზე

Sven Nordqvist Davit Gabunia გურამ ღონღაძე / Sep 23, 2019

  • Title: პეტსონი და ფინდუსი - ნადირობა მელაზე
  • Author: Sven Nordqvist Davit Gabunia გურამ ღონღაძე
  • ISBN: 9789941158650
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
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      228 Sven Nordqvist Davit Gabunia გურამ ღონღაძე
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      • Sven Nordqvist Davit Gabunia გურამ ღონღაძე

        Sven Nordqvist born 30 April 1946 is a Swedish writer and illustrator of children s books He is best known for his series Pettson and Findus, about an old farmer, Pettson, and his talented cat, Findus.Nordqvist was born in Helsingborg and grew up in Halmstad, Sweden He originally wanted to be an illustrator but was rejected by several art schools Instead he studied architecture at Lund Institute of Technology, and worked for a time there as a lecturer in architecture At the same time he continued to look for work as an illustrator working on advertisements, posters and picture books In 1983 he won first prize in a children s book competition and since then has worked exclusively as an author and illustrator of children s books.He is married and has two grown sons.During his career, he has been given awards in both Sweden and Germany His Pettson and Findus books are especially popular in Germany, where the characters are known as Pettersson and Findus In Danish they are called Peddersen and Findus In Finnish they are called Pesonen and Viiru And in English, Festus and Mercury, though English translations of the books exist with the original names kept.In 2007 he won the literary award Augustpriset in the children s books category, for his book Var r min syster Where is my sister In 1992 he won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis


    1. Sven Nordqvist is a Swedish writer and illustrator and I heard about his book 'Findus and the Fox' through Alison who recommended it to me. I believe it has been translated from Swedish to English. I was so excited to receive this book in the post, having exhausted other options, and read it straight away. The illustrations are so detailed and impressive even down to a little mouse in a saucer. The tale is told of Pettson the farmer and his cat Findus and their adventure trying to put off a fox [...]

    2. Wonderfully layered story, especially for the age group. The art is detailed and invites exploration, while the plot is a complete subversion of the usual "chickens outwit the fox" and/or "fox outwits the farmer" stories. Its peaceful and funny and lovely. I just hope the fox does okay for himself after!

    3. a farmer and his cat try and outfox a fox; but in the end is it them that are out foxed? Illustrations are great in this book.

    4. All the time I was reading it, I was wondering how Sven is going to finish it up Well, I should say it was amazing and really creative. :)

    5. W okolicy pojawił się (jak głoszą plotki) groźny lis. Pettson konstruuje pomysłową kurę z balona z pieprzem w środku oraz cały zestaw straszaków podwórkowych. Tylko czy lis naprawdę jest taki groźny, za jakiego go mają?

    6. Ok Helge Skoog is a masterfull narrator and Findus and The Fox as illustrations are masterpieces. But as a audiobook the mix isn't that good. Pains me to give it only 2 stars.

    7. SWEDISH review on top / ENGLISH review further down_____________________Barndom!!Inte bara är detta en av de bästa böckerna med Pettson & Findus - Det är också en av de första jag läste, eller ja, som mina föräldrar läste för mig. De otroliga teckningarna i min egen bok har fortfarande avtryck i sig på alla de ställen som jag petat och pekat på saker, förbryllat frågat "vad är det?", eller för mig själv funderat ut vad den där mucklan precis hade gjort innan den blev rita [...]

    8. Found this at my library's little 'Friends of the Library' bookshop the other day while I was in there browsing. I was like, oh, cool, it's in German! Because I studied German all through high school and still like to kind of, not so much dedicated practice, but kind of still play around practice. I can understand basic things, but nothing complicated. So anyway, I was like, cool, it's a kids book, in German, neato, let's get it. Took it home thinking, well it's a kids book! I should be able to [...]

    9. I haven't read the other Pettson & Findus adventures, but after reading this, I want to!The cat's behavior, expressions, and comments are entertaining.Full color illustrations are busy but fun to examine for details. I especially like the violin on the workshop wall, and the items that look like letters.

    10. Delightful! The funny little details in the illustrations, the funny little relationship between Pettson and Findus I absolutely adored this book and can't wait to read more by this author. This was the best children's book I've seen in a long time. I can't wait to share it with my son once he's a little older.

    11. Barndomsnostalgi till 100%! Pettson-böckerna har alltid varit mysiga och stämningsfulla, rekommenderar dem till alla.

    12. Min yngsta älskar Pettson. Hon har snart alla böcker och ja, jag gillar nog att läsa dem också. :)Mu youngest loves Pettson. We almost owns all the books and yes, I like reading them to. :)

    13. I have a new favorite author, this book is awesome. I can't wait until Thomas is old enough to enjoy/have the attention span to appreciate these books.

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