Accidental Fate

Accidental Fate

M.A. Stacie / Sep 22, 2019

Accidental Fate When Leo Sommers opens the door to his record store the last thing he expects to find is a screaming baby a baby that he fathered Flung into parenthood he struggles to care for the one week old Unti

  • Title: Accidental Fate
  • Author: M.A. Stacie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Leo Sommers opens the door to his record store, the last thing he expects to find is a screaming baby a baby that he fathered Flung into parenthood, he struggles to care for the one week old Until he literary crashes into his savior Erin Miles gets out of her car to trade insurance details with the man who has rear ended her car and receives than she expectedWhen Leo Sommers opens the door to his record store, the last thing he expects to find is a screaming baby a baby that he fathered Flung into parenthood, he struggles to care for the one week old Until he literary crashes into his savior Erin Miles gets out of her car to trade insurance details with the man who has rear ended her car and receives than she expected Instantly, she s drawn to the tattooed, exhausted man holding the squalling bundle She sees how much Leo loves his son and offers help Erin s patient and gentle caring for Leo and Joe soon develops into something far than either of them had expected Caught up in a whirlwind romance, they are on the cusp of exploring their new relationship, when reality hits them in the face Can Leo admit his growing feelings for Erin, and make them a family

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        M A Stacie is never without a book or her eReader A voracious reader, with a love of sexy, yet angst ridden novels, she loves getting lost in new worlds Her need to write did not grip her until after her second son was born, when her previous rambles became fully fledged stories.She describes herself as one huge contradiction, and though not the most conventional of hobbies, she counts getting new tattoos as one of hers Along with running, knitting, and listening to loud music However, she is yet to work out how to do them all at the same time.M A Stacie lives in the UK with her husband and three sons.


    1. **Edited review** Please note that the opinion in this review is MY OWN. There is a good chance it will differ from yours. We all have different expectations when reading a book and those expectations influence how we feel after reading. This is a short story/novella. The cover is beautifully done. The artwork on the subject's arm is very interesting. I would have liked to see an explanation for the character's choice of tattoo because it is quite unusual. At novella length (it took me less than [...]

    2. I really wanted to like this book. Having read some of Stacie's previous work I was enthusiastic to spend more time with characters she'd created. Unfortunately, I just felt this didn't deliver. I wanted to know more about who Erin and Leo were. I felt the story pacing was a bit rushed and the erotica within the book was quite extensive. That is to say it was well written, I just would have preferred a little less detail around the sex and more character development. It's my understanding this w [...]

    3. Short but straight to the point story that I loved. Leo is just so swoon worthy. A tatted up single dad who admits that raising a child single handedly is one of the most hardest things to do, is going to win me over right from the very first page. Erin is a hero in my eyes. She crashed (literally) into Leo's life and taught him that its ok to be stressed, but also how to calm down and see things for how they are. She taught him how to be a dad. Yes Leo loves his son with his whole heart, but he [...]

    4. Just about everything in this short story made my heart melt! First, the cover is simply irresistible! The book summary was intriguing enough for me to want to learn how this tattooed man deals with being thrust into fatherhood when a one-night stand, who he didn't know was pregnant all these months, leaves his baby on his doorstep.I absolutely loved all the parts that included baby Joe, especially when Leo was holding and comforting him! Leo, bless his heart, wants to do his best for his son. Y [...]

    5. A real feel good story (ultimately) from my favorite author. Ms Stacie has a knack of making her characters real yet never cliched. Their trials and successes reflect issues many of us may have experienced if only secondhand, but it is so nice to see them win through to their happiness. It gives you hope.

    6. This was a very exciting read! Leo is so sweet with his son, and sooooooo hot with his tattoo's I fell in love with him right away!!With a couple of hours to spare while the kids are in school this is a perfect way to warm up a cold day :)

    7. This book was really just meh. It was so short and I didn't really like the characters. I was also confused on how when Joes Mom comes back, why is Leo so insistent that she leaving him to raise Joe "alone"? I felt that he was completely disregarding Erin, who had done a lot for him and joe. Other than that the book was ok I guess. Kind boring really.

    8. I love seeing the most unlikely man with a baby, who doesn't? You know, the kind of man who looks tough and rugged on the outsidewho looks like he would rather do just about anything other than deal with a baby. That man is your hero in ACCIDENTAL FATE and you can't help but love the person he is and the father he becomes.Up until the day Leo Sommers walked in to find a screaming baby on his doorstep, he was living the life of a single and carefree bachelor. Leo had no attachments and made no ap [...]

    9. The UST in the beginning of this book is enough to bring down a horse. There's no sex happening to these characters until we're more than halfway through the story! After reading some other reviews, you'd think they were at it like rabbits as of page two or something. Not really.Given the length of the story, it's easy to get caught up in the characters and miss out on some key elements. First of, this story spans at least a month in time before you reach the epilogue. They hook up a few times, [...]

    10. This was a great short story. Sweet and easy to read. I will admit though to wanting more. I wanted to know more about Leo and Erin. I would have liked to have seen more character development in this story. How did Leo end up as the father of a baby? What was his life like before baby Joe appeared? What was the meaning behind the intriguing tattoo on his arm? What about Erin? What was her back story?I was also a little confused about Carlie & why Leo was trying to convince her to be part of [...]

    11. *Fans self* wow there’s some heat in here!!! I do have a penchant for a tattooed bod’ and M.A never fails to deliver there!! Leo is every girls dream man, sexy, inked, firm body, messy hair, loves music and he has a heart! His vulnerability and struggle with his new found son only adds to his appeal.The chemistry between the pair is hard to ignore and it’s not long before we see the full power of that attraction……….e sex is hot and steamy leaving little to the imagination. My only gr [...]

    12. No estaba de humor para leer un libro largo o muy profundo, queria una historia corta y sin muchas complicaciones cuando vi este libro en un blog y decidi descargarlo.No esperaba demasiado de la historia al tener tan pocas paginas ( menos de 60 )pero aun asi me parecio demasiado simple, soso y rapido.De un momento a otro, los protagonistas se " aman " y solo hacia una semana que se conocian, ademas me parecio que su relacion fue demasiado forzada e irreal.No entiendo la finalidad de escribir est [...]

    13. This was actually well-written, and I do feel a little guilty about giving it one star, but, I didn't like it. (My personal preference - you may well love it!) What really concerned me was the fact that Leo had not even realised his 'girlfriend' was pregnant - a one-night stand the immediate question is: HOW does he know the baby is his?? That is the first thing I would ask! And then the 'mother' turns up, and I have no idea why. She just appeared, said she didn't want the baby and then left. So [...]

    14. Who picked this book after falling for the cover? My first book by M.A. Stacie, but definitely not my last. This was a quick fast read, with Erin and Leo as lead characters. I loved how Leo though did not have a clue about parenthood, took his responsibility for his child seriously and wanted to be the best for his child His chance meeting with Erin and their hot chemistry was a sight to watch! If you want to read a quick story about a reformed bad body and some steam to keep you hooked, with a [...]

    15. I received this as an E-ARC , Accidental Fate is out on Nov 1st When you read this short story you'd better have a glass of water and a cooling towel to hand as its hot with a capital H xWho can resist a tattooed man, a baby and a ebony haired woman? Not me thats for sure!How many of us have put our baby in the car seat for a quick ride to soothe them to sleep?.well thats how this story beginsThrow in a deranged ex , a gum chewing assistant and hot ,wild sex and you have a fab story.Go download [...]

    16. Cute little story!!! Leo just found out he had a month-old son, Joe, when he opened his front door. You're going to fall in love with Leo and Joe.I wanted more of these characters: more time with Erin and Leo, more time to see what the future holds for them. Will there be some "sequel" for Accidental Fate, Mrs. Stacie?

    17. Fue corto, pero muy lindo. Me gusto la valentía de Leo y adore como Erin ayudo a superar todo este confuso momento, cuando te deja a tu hijo en la puerta de tu casa sin saber que es tuyo, no es mi favorito pero es un libro muy rápido de leer y te sube el animo.

    18. I thought this was a cute book. My only complaint would be the length. I thought it could have been longer to develop the characters and story alittle more. Overall a good read:)

    19. This was a really sweet story. It is a novella and moves pretty quickly but, the characters are fun and the relationship between them feels genuine. A fun way to pass an afternoon.

    20. Review originally posted on Feb 9, 2012 on Hands and Home Blog: handsandhome/2012/02/acAccidental Fate is a steamy and quick read about the most unlikely bad-boy turned father. Leo was a carefree 26 year old who balked at the word commitment until an infant was left on his doorstep with a note calling him daddy. Leo struggled with raising his son until an unlikely encounter brought a woman into his life who would not only help him learn to be a father, but believe he was worth loving as well. Ac [...]

    21. Review found on passionforpages/20My complaint with this story? It was too damn short! I didn’t realize it was a novella (I know, I know) until I got it. But still I loved it!Leo is young, single (tattooed!) and suddenly finds himself with a baby that was dropped off on his doorstep with a note and a hundred bucks to welcome him into fatherhood. Erin is the woman he rear ends in a parking lot, who quietens baby Joe and later follows him home and, well, never leaves. Okay, she leaves, but she [...]

    22. I was torn between a 3-star and a 4-star rating; 3-star won out, for two reasons.(view spoiler)[ Being a participant in a fast-moving and mind-blowing relationship (the relationship being a survivor of the tests of time) myself, I felt the story was believable for the most part.The only thing that truly irked me was how the bad boy dad,Leo, wasn't as masculine as I'd expected. I don't know if the constant wailing of the baby, Joe, and lack of sleep were a factor, but in the later parts of the st [...]

    23. le doy 1.5 por que lo terminéando leí el resumen, la sinopsis, pensé que esa era una historia para mi, que seria romantica y divertida Pero no encontré historia ya que se desenvuelve de una forma absurda En mi humilde opinion este relato no tuvo sentido, los personajes no estan bien desarrollados y el protagonista no es un hombre al que yo le daría una segunda mirada por mas atractivo que sea. El personaje masculino, el protagonista para mi fué como imagino que es tratar conmigo cuando ten [...]

    24. This was cute. I wished it would have been longer. I always check the lengh of books before I buy them so I knew what to expect, but still after reading it I really wished it was longer.I read this book about a year ago and I can still remember it very clearly thats the good part of short stories :)I loved it. Sometimes I repeat reading it. Leo is hot. Leo is even hotter when he is with Baby Joe. The mother left the Baby infront of Leos door and just left. Leo is completly overwhelmed by the who [...]

    25. I'm seriously swooning right now!!! I think it's the MOST heart-warming book i have ever read! <3My words are really failing now so i can express what i'm feeling right this moment! And even i had the suitable words, where should i begin? From Leo, from Erin or from the adorable baby Joe of this story? :) But i have already said above, i'm speechless! So, the only way to understand my thoughts -although right now i'm only feelings!-, you HAVE TO read this book!NOTE: what loses in pages, makes [...]

    26. Not your average alpha maleAlthough it was a short story, it had potential that it didn't quite meet. Basically, (**SPOILER ALERT**) man who has a baby that was left on his door step by a woman who he had a one night stand. He and the baby has a car accident and meets woman. They have sex (within the week almost), they have sex, and they have sex. The one night stand returns demanding to see her son. They argue an she exit stage left and the non-alpha and heroine have sex again. Then again.I fel [...]

    27. Ok, 4 stars because I love Leo! Omg he was just too cute! I loved the whole "I want to be a good Dad, but I'm struggling" aspect of the story. You really feel the love Leo has for baby Joe only a few pages in and I won't lie, I totally "ahhhh'd" my way through the parts with the two of them. Now, it didn't get 5 stars like I would have liked to give it simply because of the rushed feeling that emerged when Erin was introduced (she was introduced only a couple of pages in). Their relationship was [...]

    28. Really too short for much character development but it was cute. It would have made a really good longer novel. I do wish Leo had just kicked Carlie to the curb straightaway and not even bothered to try to convince her to stay. Love the cover!Safety Gang: (view spoiler)[Leo got Carlie pregnant in a drunken ONS stupid moment so I gather no condoms. She drops the baby off with a note one day so that's the first time he heard about her getting pregnant. She does pop back up just long enough to tell [...]

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