The Dark Country

The Dark Country

Dennis Etchison / Oct 23, 2019

The Dark Country In the same creepy vein as Philip K Dick and Thomas Harris Etchinson s award winning fiction is justly known for its creepy ambiance

  • Title: The Dark Country
  • Author: Dennis Etchison
  • ISBN: 9781930235045
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the same creepy vein as Philip K Dick and Thomas Harris, Etchinson s award winning fiction is justly known for its creepy ambiance.

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      • Dennis Etchison

        aka Jack Martin.Dennis Etchison s short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies since 1961, and in his collections The Dark Country, Red Dreams, The Blood Kiss and The Death Artist He is also an editor Cutting Edge, MetaHorror, Masters of Darkness, The Museum of Horrors , novelist Darkside, California Gothic, Double Edge , screenwriter and the winner of five British Fantasy and World Fantasy Awards Publishers Weekly has called his writing the state of the art in modern horror.


    1. After reading a handful of The Dark Country stories, I began to think of the paintings of Edward Hopper. At first my reaction was a puzzle. I wonderer why. After all, Etchison writes vividly of Southern California in the late 70’s and early ‘80’s, of LA airports, highways and rest stops, of laundromats and convenience stores. Hopper, on the other hand, paints the East Coast in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s, depicting New York railway compartments, gas stations and chop suey joints, movie pal [...]

    2. Dennis Etchison had three excellent collections released in the 1980s, but this, his first, is the most consistently unnerving from beginning to end. His unique brand of horror is quiet, yet can shift to disturbingly visceral and violent all of a sudden. This isn't Charles L. Grant we're talking about here. Etchison knows how to suggest, but he is also not afraid to go for the throat.Deserted highways and rest stops in the middle of nowhere, 7-11's and diners in the middle of the night -- these [...]

    3. Etchison should be better known. He wrote some of the most harrowing horror tales of the 70s and 80s and I hear he is still going strong. He is sort of the god-father to splatter-punk and even if his story are sometimes psychologically introverted, he excels at the brutal ending. There is rarely any supernatural themes in his fiction but he is one of the best at psychological horror. His stories can be as straight forward as a sledgehammer yet still maintain the subtlety of a traitor's kiss.The [...]

    4. "The Dark Country" was Dennis Etchison's first collection of short stories, and originally appeared back in 1982. This reader picked up an out-of-print copy recently, after seeing that it had been included in Jones and Newman's excellent overview volume, "Horror: 100 Best Books." Well, I don't know if I would place it on MY personal top 100 list, but this book certainly is a unique collection of shuddery, gruesome little tales. Readers looking for horror stories depicting monsters, ghosts, demon [...]

    5. This collection was a weird experience, I either loved or hated the stories, with little in-between. These stories can be simultaneously brilliantly and frustratingly disorientating. In a few cases Etchison has very round-about ways of telling what I thought were rather run-of-the-mill stories when you get down to it. In the final equation though, there's more good than bad here.There's some very good stories here. "It Only Comes Out At Night" and "Daughter Of The Golden West" are both full-fled [...]

    6. At last, we have an e-book edition of one of the major American horror collections, and the stories are as troubling and as powerful as they were when I bought my copy from Scream/Press in 1982.Long before then, Dennis Etchison had been writing and making a name for himself. In the 1960s and '70s, his work had appeared in everything from the MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION and WHISPERS to NEW WRITINGS IN SF, and he was a regular in THE YEAR'S BEST HORROR STORIES from DAW. We all knew t [...]

    7. Favorites (great titles, too):"It Only Comes Out at Night""We Have All Been Here Before""You Can Go Now""The Dark Country"and especially "It Will Be Here Soon"which is kinda like if Raymond Carver wrote a ghost story.

    8. Etchison’s writing has intrigued me whenever I’ve the odd Etchison story from various anthologies I’ve stumbled upon. Considered psychological, quiet, subtle, and introverted, Etchison writes his own unique brand of horror. His debut short story collection features sixteen stories.“It Only Comes Out at Night”A husband and wife travel at night to a roadside rest stop in the middle of a desert. I loved the creepy atmosphere, and the buildup to the chilling climax. 4/5“Sitting in the Co [...]

    9. Simply put, collected here are some of the very best horror short stories ever written. Etchison is a master, and sadly underappreciated. His imagination is amazing, his style beautiful. If you want to study the craft of writing excellent horror short stories, this one should definitely be on your reading list.

    10. Etchison is one of our finest short story writers. This is a very strong collection of his work. Etchison often was able to open his stories with dynamite lines that dragged you intensely into the story.The title, The Dark Country," comes from Etchison's respect for Bradbury, but Etchison's horror stories are much more brutal and graphic.

    11. Most of these stories were published in the late seventies, very early eighties, when there was still a burgeoning fiction market in "men's magazines." (Instead of listing the actual magazine titles in which the stories first appeared, the book cites the names of the publishing houses ("Dungent Publishing Corporation," etc which published Gallery Magazine, Gent--porn, basically.) I'm lucky enough to own a first edition, which features J.K. Potter's genuinely creepy photo art; these are photograp [...]

    12. Take a walk on the dark side…An unbelievably pithy and traumatic collection of dark, stark tales, The Dark Country travels on byways the reader might not otherwise ever want to explore – into the deepest recesses of the most obscure corners of the human psyche and experience. This being the second Etchison book in which I have indulged, I thought I knew somewhat what to expect, but he caught me shockingly off-guard again and again. This man’s work is a revelation; every word, every sentenc [...]

    13. Those stories are creepy in atmosphere and extremely well drafted in every other way as well. However, they often seem to be one point short of a plot. So, you'll be bopping along, creeped out as hell, and then all of a sudden the story just ends, and you don't know for sure why. I had to do too much speculation to finish the story. That's really the author's job.

    14. The DARK COUNTRY is a great collection of stories that range from the eerily subtle to the memorably disturbing without little-to-no intense gore or excessive violence. The most haunting story for me was the first one, "It Only Comes Out at Night", because I think it sets the tone for the rest of the collection. If you prefer creepy tales of unease, this is collection is a perfect choice.

    15. These stories are just so close, just so tantalizingly close to being truly horrifying but in each one, there's something missing, something that makes it not-scary. I haven't finished all of them yet & I'm not sure I will. His writing style is kind of irritating & the payoff is just not worth it.

    16. A fairly inconsistent set of stories as far as I'm concernedme were pretty good but it got a little repetitive in the middle and so so at the end. Not the best collection of short horror I've read.

    17. The first story was extremely disturbing and good but most of the others didn't grab me. Plus a bizarre number of them dealt with the "evils" of organ donation and since I don't think giving a body to science is disrespectful, the repetition of this particular fear failed to chill me to my bones. Any of which my loved ones can give away after I die because I won't give a fuck because of the whole being dead thing.

    18. I found Dennis Etchison's style to be one that shines when used sparingly but is frustrating when applied to every story.

    19. This is the second anthology that I've read by this author, and unfortunately I found both of them to be rather boring, with not a single memorable story.

    20. Forgettable, oddly and unfortunately. As in I just finished it and don't even remember most of the story lines. Not really deserving of the classic reputation it seems to have, apparently from a mention by Stephen King in Danse Macabre (I came to it through Will Errickson at TooMuchHorrorFiction). A number of the stories are quite good and worth reading, but the big problem with this collection is that too many of the stories are experimental to the point of incoherency. He drops you into the mi [...]

    21. I read this anthology when it was first published, and enjoyed most of the stories; however, some of them started off rather slow in their narrative pacing and (as is rarely my case), the few that did, I altogether skipped reading. One story I especially liked was "It Only Comes Out At Night," about an unseen monster (?) that hangs around a particular California desert rest-areary creepy and scary. Another story, "The Dead Line," will change your mind about donating your body to scienceyou just [...]

    22. Stephen King recommended book and author per "Forenote to the Paperback Edition" of King's Berkley 1983 paperback edition of Danse Macabre.I didn't find any of the stories particularly horrifying, but they were interesting and well-written.

    23. Unusual And Well-Crafted HorrorEtchison's earliest short stories are collected here. Some will creep you out in ways you never before thought you'd be creeped out. Others are surprisingly subtle and quiet.

    24. The Dark Country by Dennis Etchison is a collection of his short stories.As much as I enjoyed some, others were strangely deep, and a bit confusing. But Etchison is a master horror/scifi writer, and most told the tale in an interesting way.

    25. Strikes me as an unofficial textbook of excellence in genre short-story writing. "The Dead Line" is particularly startling, once you get past that first sentence.

    26. This guy is really, really creepy. It's difficult to say I "liked" his stories. They were well written, but they creeped me out too much.

    27. wow what a book. a collection of short stories and every one of them is a good one. All sorts of spooky and surreal tales which deliver on the chills.

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