Alaskan Sweethearts

Alaskan Sweethearts

Janet Tronstad / Jan 20, 2020

Alaskan Sweethearts NORTH TO DRY CREEK The road to Alaska is paved with loveHunter Jacobson wants no part of his grandfather s matchmaking The lone cowboy is certain that s what the old man is doing when he trades part o

  • Title: Alaskan Sweethearts
  • Author: Janet Tronstad
  • ISBN: 9780373879144
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • NORTH TO DRY CREEK The road to Alaska is paved with loveHunter Jacobson wants no part of his grandfather s matchmaking The lone cowboy is certain that s what the old man is doing when he trades part of their Montana ranch for Scarlett Murphy s claim to an old Alaska gold mine Or is he running one of his legendary scams on the sweet single mom A trip to Dry Creek, AlaskNORTH TO DRY CREEK The road to Alaska is paved with loveHunter Jacobson wants no part of his grandfather s matchmaking The lone cowboy is certain that s what the old man is doing when he trades part of their Montana ranch for Scarlett Murphy s claim to an old Alaska gold mine Or is he running one of his legendary scams on the sweet single mom A trip to Dry Creek, Alaska, reveals the truth and brings Hunter and Scarlett face to face with a past family feud and a vulnerable present But surprisingly it s the future that intrigues Hunter most if he can get Scarlett to make him her groom.

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      193 Janet Tronstad
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        Janet grew up in the wide open spaces of rural Montana and now lives in the urban spaces of Pasadena, California She s used both of these locations in her books Her Dry Creek, Montana series numbers over twenty novels now and her Pasadena books, The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches, number four.


    1. Alaskan Sweethearts by Janet TronstadNorth to Dry Creek Series Book OneHunter Jacobson has to stop his grandfather once again. He thought the man was done with his illegal schemes, but it seems he was wrong. Or was he? The older man may be trying to right old wrongs, but Hunter wasn’t going to let his guard down so easily.Scarlett Murphy needed a new start badly. When receiving a letter that the man who had done her grandfather wrong so long ago was giving them a home and property, she allowed [...]

    2. I've read every Dry Creek book but I have to admit that this one is among my favorites! I really enjoyed the characters and the storyline! I loved the weaving of the two Dry Creeks and of course, I always enjoy returning to Dry Creek, Montana anytime just to visit familiar characters like Mrs. Hargrove and places like the café! In this book, we meet Hunter Jacobson. His grandfather, Colin, has been known to run some legendary scams in his time and Hunter is tired of it! Hunter and be be his bro [...]

    3. Alaskan Sweethearts by Janet TronstadOne place is called Dry Creek Alaska where an old gold mine holds many memories for one Colin Jacobson. He and a friend fell in love with the same woman and it began a road of many mistakes for Colin,when he left knowing he could not give his love as much as his friend could.An accident left three brothers without parents and Colin became their gaurdian raising them the best he knew how. Dry Creek Montana was home for the boys and their grandfather and as the [...]

    4. Sweet romances, drug dealers, family relationships, misunderstandings, a mysterious threat, and a sweet child are all present in Janet Tronstad's latest book, Alaskan Sweethearts. This is the first book in a delightful new series tying together Dry Creek, Montana and Dry Creek, Alaska. The Jacobson and Murphy families have a past history, and it is not a good one. Trust has been destroyed, and will be tough to restore. The main characters, Hunter and Scarlett, are ones the reader will care about [...]

    5. Hi!This was a nice book to read. It was easy to follow and followed two romances instead of one which was nice.I enjoyed that the book was centered around Alaska as well.I enjoy the author's books because they make you feel better after you read them. :)

    6. Would you like it if your grandpa was trying to find you a bride, but basically everything he did he would mess up at? Hunter Jacobson doesn't want his grandfather to do any matchmaking for him. The cowboy is certain that the old man is doing this when he trades some of their Montana ranch for a claim from Scarlett Murphy that is to an old Alaska gold mine. Or is he running one of his usual scams on this sweet single mom? This is a summary of the book Alaskan Sweethearts. This book is interestin [...]

    7. Hunter Jacobson is the eldest of three boys who were raised by their con-artist grandfather after their parents died. While the younger brothers left the family ranch, Hunter always felt responsible to stay close to his grandfather and make amends to those who he has conned over the years. Hunter thinks his grandfather has given up his wily ways until the beautiful Scarlett Murphy and her young son Joey arrive from Alaska to take over the old Jacobson homestead. Hunter is convinced his grandfath [...]

    8. 4 STARSI have only read one other book by Janet Tronstad. I wish I could go back and read the whole series of Dry Creek books.I have enjoyed the two that I have read. I like Hunter he tries so hard to be honest and keep his grandfather on the straight path. He is a rancher. It is a clean read. Does talk a lot about faith, trust and prayer as just part of the story.Hunter is the oldest of the family. His parents died in a car crash when he was young and his grandfather raised them. Hunter tries t [...]

    9. Every so often I like to go back to my “reading roots” and grab a Harlequin Romance! (This is where my love for reading as an adult really kicked in! I’ve always loved to read, but this was where I began devouring books. They were my total gateway drug!) And when I saw Alaskan Sweethearts on Netgalley? I took it as a sign – I love Alaska, and was really wishing I could go back, so I HAD to read this. (I was only momentarily disappointed when I realized the bulk of the book took place in [...]

    10. I chose to read this book and review it because my nephew who is in the Army is stationed in Alaska with his family and they are enjoying all the beauties of Alaskan living. I love watching shows about Alaska and the beautiful scenery. The story begins in Montana and ends up in Alaska as the family decides to go back to Dry Creek, Alaska to the mine. Hunter may not be so interested in his grandfather's matchmaking but he does seem highly interested in the lovely young single mom, Scarlett, and h [...]

    11. This book starts out slow, but the pace picks up, love the characters, and the story line (from Montana to Alaska).The hero Hunter, is a lone cowboy with two brothers that were raised by his grandfather after the death of their parents. Now Colin (the Grandfather) wants to play match maker for Hunter. Colin spend his early years in Alaska working a gold mine. With the money he made, he purchased 80 areas in Montana, leaving the woman he loved behind to another. With all the schemes Colin does, [...]

    12. Scarlett Murphy and her son, Joey, have flown over 2,000 miles from Dry Creek, Alaska to Dry Creek, Montana. Colin Jacobsen, father of Hunter Jacobsen, had sent a contract for the Murphy's to sign in acceptance of an old house and some land in exchange for the old mine in Alaska that he and Scarlett's grandfather mined many moons ago.Scarlett is determined to get this place as she and her mother are barely getting by. No one knows this though. Hunter is afraid that his grandfather is up to one o [...]

    13. This is a really good book and I really enjoy it!Hunter Jacobson's grandfather, Colin, had always been a scammer. He always wanted to "Get rich quick." He raised Hunter & his two brothers but the schemes made it hard on the boys; Hunter's brothers left home leaving him to deal with their grandpa. Colin's last scheme cost him the love of his life, Maggie. To make up for it, he offers Maggie's granddaughter, Scarlett, part of their Montana Ranch.Hunter thought all women were the same until he [...]

    14. We get a good contrast between Montana and Alaska in this interesting book. A young mother and a truculent rancher come together to sort out a feud over a mine. There is an elderly reprobate in the mix, trusted by neither of them, as well as a young boy who is the lady's son. While I liked that the book went to Alaska I could not see any mother bringing her child there when she knew the child was in serious danger from a gang in that town. Also, the lady tells us that she has a major dilemma, an [...]

    15. I liked how this book started with the man’s point of view. A lot of times you start right out with the main female character in some kind of distress. This book has the story start with the main male character driving to a meeting he needs to get to right away. I liked how the story progressed and how the two characters came to know and like each other despite their initial distrust of one another. I thought the story moved quickly and was interesting. I gave this book 5/5 stars. I would reco [...]

    16. A lost love was carried deep in two hearts for many years. With misunderstandings and a little deception, Margaret thought the worst about her lost love, Colin Jacobson. But now he was old and worried about his grandson, Hunter, becoming lonely too. He had a plan. He had lived in Alaska at one time, even another Dry Creek!? And he had heard that his old flame had a lovely granddaughter. The wheels were turning and he also remembered that in the old days, gold was thought to be on some property h [...]

    17. This was ok. I didn't love it, but I didn't not like it. The relationship between Hunter and Scarlett felt pretty forced, especially considering they knew each other a total of three, maybe four days by the end of the book. I can see them being mutually attracted to each other and gaining respect for each other in that sort of time frame, but it felt pretty improbable for them to have already developed the sort of deep and abiding feelings that make for a good relationship, especially with Scarl [...]

    18. What man has broken, God can heal. Scarlett has suffered from betrayal from her ex husband and fed stories of deceipt from childhood regarding an old family friend. She has seen and felt the pain of breaking someone's trust. She no longer wishes to give her heart or her trust to anyone. Hunter is a more trusting soul. However, growing up with a sweet, old con man, he understands that trust is an elusive thing. The stigma from his grandfather's cons follows him around coloring the world's percept [...]

    19. Hunter and Scarlett's Grandparents have a past. Hunter's grandfather is a con-artist, so when he wants to give Scarlett and her family some land to make up for past sins, no one believes him it is for real.I enjoyed this book and look forward to more in this branch of the Dry Creek series, I would recommend this book for anyone who wants a light enjoyable quick read.

    20. I am always a fan of Janet Tronstad, and always a fan of Dry Creek. I love the merging from Alaska to Montana. It was a cute change up, and characters that once again made their way into my heart! Love the theme of trust in this book. Something I can always apply in my own life.I cannot wait for more in this series!

    21. Hunter Jacobson keeps trying to make reparations for his grandfathers schemes, but this one Scarlett Murphy has come to town to lay claim to part of their land due to a gold mining conflict between the grandparents years ago. Can Scarlett and Hunter trust each other? Will Scarlett's son Joey be hurt in the process?

    22. I got this book free from Janet Tronstad herself. I love reading about Alaska and the Elkton Ranch. Janet's books never disappoint. The Characters seems so real with real life problems. Ican'tr wait to read more in the series.

    23. Felt kind of jumpy and disjointed at times; things moved at weird rates to me. I enjoyed it and would be interested in reading the other books in the series, but I don't think they'll be must-reads for me.

    24. As usual Janet has out done herself with another Dry Creek outing.I can hardly wait for the rest of the story to unfold with Hunter's brothers and Scarlett's sisters and the gold mine.These books are truly a blessing !!!

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