Shotgun Lovesongs

Shotgun Lovesongs

Nickolas Butler / Sep 17, 2019

Shotgun Lovesongs Impressively original The New York Times Welcome to Little Wing It s a place like hundreds of others nothing special really But for four friends all born and raised in this small Wisconsin town it i

  • Title: Shotgun Lovesongs
  • Author: Nickolas Butler
  • ISBN: 9781250039828
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Impressively original The New York Times Welcome to Little Wing It s a place like hundreds of others, nothing special, really But for four friends all born and raised in this small Wisconsin town it is home And now they are men, coming into their own, or struggling to do so One of them never left, still working the family farm that has been tilled for generati Impressively original The New York Times Welcome to Little Wing It s a place like hundreds of others, nothing special, really But for four friends all born and raised in this small Wisconsin town it is home And now they are men, coming into their own, or struggling to do so One of them never left, still working the family farm that has been tilled for generations But others felt the need to move on, with varying degrees of success One trades commodities, another took to the rodeo circuit, and one of them even hit it big as a rock star And then there s Beth, a woman who has meant something special in each of their lives Now all four are brought together for a wedding Little Wing seems even smaller than before While lifelong bonds are still strong, there are stresses between the friends, between husbands and wives There will be heartbreak, but there will also be hope, healing, even heroism as these memorable people learn the true meaning of adult friendship and love Seldom has the American heartland been so richly and accurately portrayed Though the town may have changed, the one thing that hasn t is the beauty of the Wisconsin farmland, the lure of which, in Nickolas Butler s hands, emerges as a vibrant character in the story Shotgun Lovesongs is that rare work of fiction that evokes a specific time and place yet movingly describes the universal human condition It is, in short, a truly remarkable book a novel that once read will never be forgotten.

    Shotgun Lovesongs A Novel Hardcover Shotgun Lovesongs A Novel Nickolas Butler on FREE shipping on qualifying offers NATIONAL BESTSELLER Impressively original The New York Times Sparkles in every way A love letter to the open lonely American heartland A must read People The kind of book that restores your faith in humanity. Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler Shotgun Lovesongs has , ratings and , reviews Gail said As a reader, I m drawn to books written in Butler s style plain spoken language, char Shotgun Lovesongs A Novel Paperback Shotgun Lovesongs is about a hometown in Wisconsin and the close band of friends who will always feel its magnetic pull The most lyrical parts of this big hearted book are about how all the characters, including the star, are almost physically drawn to the town and one another. Nickolas Butler Internationally best selling and prize winning author of Shotgun Lovesongs, Beneath the Bonfire, The Hearts of Men, and Little Faith. Everybody Rise Bookreporter EVERYBODY RISE is a keenly observed novel in which a young woman plunges headlong into a glittering world of wealth and social prestige Evelyn Beegan, an irresistibly flawed heroine, relentlessly elbows her way up the social ladder. The Boat Runner by Devin Murphy Devin Murphy s fantastic debut novel The Boat Runner is a lot of things thrilling, tragic, well paced but maybe most of all, timely.With prose reminiscent of Per Petterson, The Boat Runner is a book that asks its reader, When does a person stand up When does a normal person take action And how does a person resist against overwhelming power One to Watch Author Spotlight Bookreporter Stephanie Clifford, author of Everybody Rise EVERYBODY RISE is a keenly observed novel in which a young woman plunges headlong into a glittering world of wealth and social prestige. MusicMonster Stunden hungrig nach Musik Jetzt MusicMonster Tage kostenlos und ohne Risiko testen MPs legal selbst herstellen durch Mitschnitt von Audiostreams aus Videos. Bestsellers Prize Winners MMQLIT SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL BEST BOOK OF HORN BOOK FANFARE LIST We Need Diverse Books Walter Dean Myers Award Honor Book Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book

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        Nickolas Butler is the author of the novel Shotgun Lovesongs and a collection of short stories entitled, Beneath the Bonfire.Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, he was educated at the University of Wisconsin Madison and the University of Iowa Writer s Workshop His work has appeared in Ploughshares, The Christian Science Monitor, The Kenyon Review Online, Narrative, The Progressive, and many other publications.Along the way he has worked as a meatpacker, a Burger King maintenance man, a liquor store clerk, a coffee roaster, an office manager, an author escort, an inn keeper twice , and several other odd vocations.He presently lives on 16 acres of land in rural Wisconsin adjacent to a buffalo farm He is married with two children.


    1. As a reader, I'm drawn to books written in Butler's style: plain-spoken language, characters who aren't overly complicated (yet still complex enough to be believable), and a setting so true it becomes an integral element to the plot. In the hands of a writer like Butler, an author who's clearly put the time and effort into making the story one with great flow, these elements have aligned in such a way to elevate "Shotgun Lovesongs" to the five-stars, favorites shelf—-at least, for me anyway.On [...]

    2. This is apparently a novel about the musician who is known as Bon Iver. I've heard a few songs by Bon Iver before, but I know very little about him (yeah I know he has a real name, and maybe Bon Iver is the name of the whole project). I'm not a fan. I'm probably not the intended audience for this book. If I were a fan, or even mildly interested in Bon Iver I'd probably find the book interesting despite it's flaws. Where to start this review?The novel takes place in a small Wisconsin town, the ho [...]

    3. Shotgun Lovesongs By Nickolas ButlerAn Eau Claire author (where I’m from) has hit the BIG time. We’re talking huge here people. Author Nickolas Butler was fought over by high-brow publishing houses and walked away with an amazing contract. Movie rights are sold as well. Why? Because his debut novel hits home—hits you where you live. Breaks your heart. You want to read it now, don’t you? You will. The premise is simple and timeless and very Big Chill-like, (ask your mom) what is ref [...]

    4. Back in the day, I was a huge fan of the TV show thirtysomething. Back when I was still in my teens and thirty-something seemed impossibly distant and terribly romantic. Babies and briefcases. I loved all the navel-gazing angst, the soap-operatic lives, Hope Steadman's hair. I wanted to be Hope: a writer, a mother, wife to a hunky, kind of dorky husband. Amazingly, now that I'm fortysomething, I got most of what I wished for, except the babies. And I definitely don't have that hair. I derived th [...]

    5. Some books do a great job evoking a sense of place and a general mood, which draw you even further into them. Nickolas Butler's Shotgun Lovesongs is one such book. It's beautifully written—poetic, even—and tremendously compelling, and I read it between two short flights.Little Wing, Wisconsin is a small rural town. Henry, Lee, Ronny, and Kip were best friends who grew up together. While Henry stayed in Little Wing to take over his father's dairy farm, Ronny found some success on the rodeo ci [...]

    6. The book is set in a country town of Wisconsin called Little Wing. It’s a story of 5 close friends who were born and raised in this small country town who’s friendship is slowly drifting in different direction as they reach their mid 30’s. Trying to keep the close bond intact, as well as getting through obstacle that life throws at you, has proven to be challenging.Prior to reading this book, I had found out that the lead singer of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, was the inspiration for one of th [...]

    7. Secrets in small towns spread like tumbleweed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That is to say a secret lasts about as long as a change in wind direction, or a flying ball sailing across a major highway in the middle of rush hour traffic. SHOTGUN LOVESONGS brings up many of the negative points about small town life, and therefore it won’t be at the top of my Christmas list anytime this century. The third person multiple perspective nature of this tale peppered with the occasional flashback left me w [...]

    8. Set in rural Wisconsin, Shotgun Lovesongs tells the story of four men, and one woman, renegotiating the meaning of friendship, love and home.Five characters share the narrative in alternating chapters. Hank - who inherited his father's farm, Beth - Hank's wife, Lee - an international music artist, Kip - a successful broker and Ronny -an injured rodeo star. These people speak and we think that we know them, who they are and what they dream of, but each are capable of surprising us as the story un [...]

    9. "It's a [book] like hundreds of others, nothing special, really." I got halfway through this audiobook, thinking about abandoning it several times along the way, but feeling like I should finish it since I won it in a GR first reads giveaway. Then it occurred to me that I'm going to die someday and that I should move on to a good book. I'm giving my review based on what I've noticed of the first half of the audiobook.So, this is the story of a bunch of guys in their 30s who grew up together in r [...]

    10. UNA NOVELA PRECIOSA. Magnifica e inolvidable. ¿Quién ha dicho que lo sencillo, realista, fresco no puede ser perfecto? Porque si me pongo a pensar y analizar: Canciones de amor a quemarropa no tiene una trama complicada ni ostentosa. Todo lo contrario: trata sobre la vida y cotidianidad de sus personajes. Secretos, costumbres y características de una ciudad y sus habitantes. Pero es tan tan especial, que lloro. ¿Y saben por qué? Porque me enseñó y recordó la importancia de la naturaleza, [...]

    11. I thought this novel was just lovely. Once in a while, a book hits you at just the right moment and in just the right way. This novel was like a sunday morning cup of coffee for me. I just thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is told from five points of view, four men who have grown up together, and a woman who grew up with them. The story is about their relationships, and features a few successive weddings and the challenges these marriages and friendships face, as their intertwined lives move forw [...]

    12. I am a sucker for novels set in small towns. In this story, we drop in on Little Wing, Wisconsin. Loved the image of the old men sitting in front of the mill passing the time of day and smelling of cheap cologne and halitosis. The old VFW hall constructed of old painted cinder blocks was right on, as was the ancient mahogany bar inside and the requisite oversized jar of pickled eggs. Really liked the comparison of the barren perfection of Kip & Felicia's house to Henry & Beth's home, a p [...]

    13. Sometimes you begin reading a book and it immediately feels comfortable, like slipping into an old sweater on a cool day. That’s what I felt reading Nickolas Butler. Even though I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and not small-town Wisconsin, I knew the Midwestern feel of this novel down to my bones. I knew the speech patterns, the sense of both belongingness and isolation. I knew these people."These men, these men who have known one another their entire lives. These men who were all born in the [...]

    14. Ugh. There was potential here but the author didn't follow through. This read like a first draft. Chapters alternate first-person narration between five different characters, but all the characters sound the same. Butler would have been better off going with third-person narration.The author really wanted to set up Wisconsin as a character in itself, and he sometimes succeeded, but so many times he just referenced Carhartts, or John Deere, or Leinenkugels, like, "Hey, you know they're really leg [...]

    15. Loved this deceptively simple novel and was surprised by it, since "homespun" is not often something I treasure. But this plainspoken story about four guys and the town they grew up in and the secrets they keep has stayed with me. I grew up in a smallish place, too and while it was completely different from Little Wing, Wisconsin, the alliances and secrets formed there travel with me.

    16. I won this book from a giveaway. I understand that Butler is a first time author. This was a lovely book. In the grand scheme of things, it's a simple story in which not much beyond the ordinary happens. It's a story about how close childhood friendships weather over time -- with all the baggage of the past and the disparate life choices that tug away at the friendships. However, what makes this book lovely is in the telling of the story. The several first person narratives convey very real emo [...]

    17. 4.5"Quando non ho nessun posto dove andare, torno qui. Quando non ho niente, torno qui. Torno qui e dal niente tiro fuori qualcosa. Posso vivere ai limiti della sussistenza; non c'è niente da comprare, nessuno da impressionare. Da queste parti tutto ciò che importa alla gente è la tua etica sul lavoro e la tua gentilezza e la tua competenza. Torno qui e ritrovo la mia voce come qualcosa che mi è scivolato dalle tasche, come un souvenir sepolto a lungo. E ogni volta che ritorno sono circondat [...]

    18. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/ARC received from NetGalley. Thank you NetGalley!!!!!The story of four childhood friends (and one wife), their marriages and divorces, successes and failures, as they attempt to navigate their way through their early 30s.Until the day I started reading Shotgun Lovesongs, I had no idea the story was inspired by the author’s friendship with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame. In all honesty, the book got bumped ahead of some others on the TBR once I discovere [...]

    19. SHOTGUN LOVE SONGSNicholas BakerThis is a debut novel so I will definitely be watching for more great reads from this author. This is excellent novel about four men and their women who have been friends since childhood. Mr. Baker captures the quiet beauty and sense of time and place in the small town of Little Wing, Wisconsin. Each character has a voice and each is rich and complicated in their diverse ways. Each of the four friends takes very different paths. Hank remains in Little Wing working [...]

    20. 4'5 estrellas !!Estaba buscando un cambio de registro o de género, y cómo me alegra haberme topado con esta obra. Si buscáis un libro con una trama compleja, con altibajos, con mucho sexo, pasión desbordante o acción a raudales.uí NO lo vais a encontrar. Canciones de amor a quemarropa nos cuenta la historia de un grupo de amigos que se conocen desde pequeños, la amistad es el eje central de la trama. Narrado con pausa, con mucho gusto, con detalle y con mimo como un libro de autor, de eso [...]

    21. An ode to friendship in a small, Midwestern town.Being from a small town, I can attest to what it feels like to have the same friends your whole life. I graduated high school with the same kids I started Kindergarten, most of my friends married high school sweethearts, and a fair number of them still live in my hometown. There is an ebb and flow to the friendships, times when you see a person every day and then suddenly you realize it's been a year since you saw them. But, going home still feels [...]

    22. This is a "Big Chill" set up- 4 male friends from a small WI town called Little Wing, rather than the larger group as in the movie- but much the same nuance. Some stay, some went- they return for weddings or events, as they have taken different courses and directions. And it is easy read and told in alternating chapters of each male (4 in the group of childhood and h.s. friends) and Henry's wife. It ends before any of them have hit any true consideration or encroachment of middle age. As if thei [...]

    23. "With his debut novel, SHOTGUN LOVESONGS, Nickolas Butler has crafted one of the most heartfelt, compassionate portrayals of Midwestern life in recent memory. The narrative jumps chapter-to-chapter from the viewpoint of the each of the main characters, showcasing Butler's uncanny knack for getting inside the minds—and hearts—of his rural-bred ensemble. Most impressive is the incredible empathic connection the author has with the people that populate his fictional town of Little Wing, Wiscons [...]

    24. Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time, this book transported me away to the world of Little Wing, Wisconsin with wonderful characters and a great story. I felt as though I were right back home in the Midwest while reading this book, and it made me miss it terribly. I highly recommend this book - yet another great example of work from an Iowa Writer's Workshop author.

    25. I'm from Wisconsin. That's always what I say, despite having lived in another state for more than ten years. Something about that place has a hold on me that I don't ever expect to fully go away, even if I never live there again. That's just the way that it is.So when it comes to books set in the small towns that I know and feel in my heart, I'm extremely picky. I need those stories to feel like mine, for those people to be treated with respect and care, even in the most absurd of situations. I [...]

    26. FandangoSi mormora, nemmeno troppo sommessamente, che la figura di Lee, uno dei protagonisti, sia ispirata a quella di Bon Iver, amico e compagno del liceo dell'autore. ( nickolasbutler )Le atmosfere malinconiche, le sensazioni di solitudine lancinante, i silenzi attutiti dalla neve, l'esplosione improvvisa di colori, i sorrisi che aprono il cuore e le risate che riecheggiano come colpi di fucile, sono le stesse, come le stesse sembrano essere la storia di «Shotgun Lovesongs», l'album registra [...]

    27. I won an advanced copy from First Reads, even though I had no recollection of signing up for it. I secretly believe that they looked at my profile and handpicked me personally to read this because of my love of small-town & farm stories. And Shotgun Lovesongs is no exception, even though the title just makes me cringe. Little Wing, WI, and its inhabitants won my heart, and made me reminisce about growing up in a little Midwestern town, only Little Wing has better scenery. Shotgun Lovesongs [...]

    28. I haven't read prose this artless in a long time! (I can't help the exclamation point: that first sentence has to be recited in a faux chipper voice that seems to promise a rave review but reveals the exact opposite. It just feels right, perhaps because a lot of people really DID rave review this book.) I found this effort so sophomoric that I kept flipping to the author photo on the back flap to make sure that the writer wasn't, well, a high school sophomore.The book broke down on every level: [...]

    29. This book follows a group of friends (Lee, Kip, Beth, Ronny, Henry) and who grew up together in the same small rural farming town in Wisconsin. Their lives come together and break apart in fascinating ways, but underneath it all, their friendships endure. Each chapter is told from the perspective of one of the characters, and to be honest, my only quibble with the whole book is that the author opted to use the first initial of each character instead of the name to headline the chapter. I've give [...]

    30. There's an integrity woven into this because the author is so skilled, he removes his own presence and just lets the story be told. I was impressed with the rural Midwest feel, what it's like to be from a small town centered around a Farmer's Co Op and a VFW Bar & Pool Hall. Told from the point of view of five different residents and good friends, there is enough good story to keep entertained. One character is loosely based on Justin Vernon (the band is Bon Iver), so here's your soundtrack. [...]

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