The Final Spell

The Final Spell

Ted Naifeh Warren Wucinich Robin Herrera / Jun 19, 2019

The Final Spell On the run from the Coven with her former teacher Calpurnia Courtney Crumrin is quickly learning just how sinister the witches and warlocks of Hillsborough can be but she never thought she d see the

  • Title: The Final Spell
  • Author: Ted Naifeh Warren Wucinich Robin Herrera
  • ISBN: 9781620100189
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the run from the Coven with her former teacher Calpurnia, Courtney Crumrin is quickly learning just how sinister the witches and warlocks of Hillsborough can be but she never thought she d see the day when Uncle Aloysius turned on her as well It s a lot harder to fight a battle when the only family you care about is against you, and Courtney s only salvation may lieOn the run from the Coven with her former teacher Calpurnia, Courtney Crumrin is quickly learning just how sinister the witches and warlocks of Hillsborough can be but she never thought she d see the day when Uncle Aloysius turned on her as well It s a lot harder to fight a battle when the only family you care about is against you, and Courtney s only salvation may lie in the Twilight Kingdom and away from the mortal world But Aloysius won t give up his niece so easily, even if he has to fight the night creatures to do it

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      358 Ted Naifeh Warren Wucinich Robin Herrera
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      • Ted Naifeh Warren Wucinich Robin Herrera

        Ted Naifeh is an American comic book writer and artist who gained notoriety for his illustrations in the goth romance comic Gloomcookie Naifeh has since become most known as the creator of the Eisner Award nominated series Courtney Crumrin, published by Oni Press.


    1. Sada kada se sagleda cela prica u ovih 6 knjiga nema sta da se zalim. Odlicno. Kovoli magije i vestice a fan je i gotike neka obavezno overi ovaj serijal.

    2. 3.5Perhaps not my favorite of the series, but it was a pretty decent finale and the ending was fitting. My only real complaint was that it felt rushed and I wanted more.Really glad that (view spoiler)[Uncle A came through in the end, even as we learn some more of his dark and storied past. (hide spoiler)]I also really liked the power found in Courtney's angsty poetry. Seems really fitting, and makes me think of my own forays into the field. ^_^I'll definitely miss these characters and this serie [...]

    3. A somewhat melancholy, but fitting end to the seriesting quotes:"Don't wait until you're on the run, or my age, before you realize you need friends." (p. 63)"Usually, Courtney would rather rub sand in her eyes than go shopping with her mother." (p. 111)"Inside my heart, there's a tangled forest full of secrets best left alone." (p. 122)

    4. An excellent ending to this wonderful series. Readers are in for a surprise with where Naifeh takes the story and gives us a splendidly satisfying ending. The art is as wonderful as can be expected and having now completed the series it makes me want to go back, read those earlier volumes and go through the entire series all together. A great treat to end this splendid series!

    5. Well, I didn't want this series to end, but since it did, I must say it was a very satisfying ending to a great graphic novel series. I love it and plan to re-read it, so this will probably be a set I buy.

    6. In the last book, Courtney is forced on the run to escape the clutches of the magical council and most surprisingly, her uncle. In this book, we follow Courtney's last journey in this topsy-turvy world.I freakin' love, love, LOVE chase scenes. I'm not talking about like car chases, but when the main characters is doing their best to outrun the person chasing them, but they're on their tail every step of the way, forcing the runner to constantly dodge and weave and hide. So we have Courtney, who [...]

    7. Say It Ain't So, TedThis is the sixth and final volume in the Courtney Crumrin story, and it has been a fine ride. Volume 1, which introduced us to Courtney, Great-Uncle Aloysius and Hillsborough, remains my favorite volume, but I am happy to report that at least for me this sixth volume constituted a coherent, surprising and fitting end to the Crumrin saga SPOILERS. The blurbs on the book jacket do a fair job of touching on the plot high points. I would just add that many loose ends are tied up [...]

    8. Okay. Now that I'm practically done with the whole series. I'd say, overall, this book deserves the 5 stars that I just rated it with. One, the whole series displayed brilliance in storytelling with a plot that was rather twisted and dark to begin with. Ted Naifeh managed to introduce me to characters who were getting more interesting the more you read about them. The character development is impressive. And the artwork, well it's completely exceptional. Props and credits to Naifeh on both divis [...]

    9. I was pretty disappointed in the series finale to be honest. Courtney Crumrin's world was so fantastic, magical, dreadful and yet wonderful and I always appreciated that Ted Naifeh had really taken time for world- and character-building. But this book felt rushed, as if the author wanted to be done with Courtney and uncle A. I never expected a stereotypical happy ending, but I thought this ending was completely undeservingI'm sorry, I just don't buy it. Meh. We all knew that Aloysius wasn't all [...]

    10. 'Courtney Crumrin: The Final Spell' by Ted Naifeh is the final volume in a series I've enjoyed. While I ultimately liked it, it wasn't my favorite volume in the series.This volume picks up directly after the end of Volume 5. If you are unfamiliar with gloomy witch Courtney, this is no place to start. Courtney and her former teacher Calpurnia are on the run by car. They are running from the witches and warlocks in Hillsborough, who are giving chase by flying after them. Courtney and Calpurnia hav [...]

    11. I am so sad to see this series come to an end. Courtney is a strong girl who has been through so much in these volumes, she is sarcastic and macabre and I love that about her character. In Volume 6, we follow Courtney while she flees to save herself from the council, her uncle’s slow departure, and her powers as a witch growing.This was a wonderful ending to the series, most of the touched on ties were cleared up and the ending was both surprising and very well done. I don’t want to go into [...]

    12. This volume ends the main story of Courtney Crumrin by basically burning everything down to the ground. Story plots from the entire series are pulled back in, and given extra meaning and value, as Courtney and Aloysius tangle with each other and the magic counsel, with massive world-impacting results. There is a fair bit of pathos and character-based events that pay off well, and I appreciate that Courtney is never really painted as the heroine; more she is a force of destruction pointed in a pa [...]

    13. The coven is after Courtney and Miss Crisp (Calpurnia) but with a few tricks up their sleeve they seem to get a little distance from them. However it is short lived when they seem to pop up at every turn the duo makes. To make matters get worse Courtney and Calpurnia have to separate from each other and Courtney is forced to take matters into her own hands.This was a great final volume of the series and really does a good job tying up all of the story plots and side stories. The series was given [...]

    14. This is the final volume in the series. Courtney, with the help of her former teacher Calpurnia is on the run from the Coven. Things look bad, especially when she thinks even her uncle Aloysius has turned on her as well. The ending has such a great twist and the art is incredible, very goth. The writing is good, the story is engaging and captivating. This was a good ending for a series and for some reason I feel like there may be a new series for Courtney in the future.Rating 5 out of 5Read@Book [...]

    15. Like the previous volume this one is new, and deals with wrapping up the series. It's a pretty fittingly epic conclusion, but it can't quite deliver on the power of the earlier volumes, and at times the events feel a bit rushed. Still, there's some great moments here, and it's a fitting end to one of the best comic series I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

    16. Still very much spot-on quality with this one, but more drastic changes in Courtney's environment than perhaps the whole of the previous story are contained in this one volume. Also, the color richness added a lot to the story, as it was almost a character in some sections. If you're not reading Courtney Crumrin, you're mistaken.Thanks to Al for bringing this series to my attention originally.

    17. What more can I say about this amazing series. This isn't just for you adults there are a lot of wonderful lessons to be taken away for anyone. The artwork is incredible and the characters develop and grow and progress with the story to make it more and fulfilling. I can't say enough wonderful things about this book, the author or the story.

    18. 3.5/5 starsSad to see the end of the series. I wasn't super impressed with the finale, but at least it feels complete. I really adore this series, and the artwork is beautiful. I'll definitely be reading them again and recommending to others.

    19. I read this final run of Courtney Crumrin comics as individual issues and reviewed the previous volume as if it collected the whole run.Review here.

    20. This volume didn't wow me. I'm hoping the next volume will give me more. If this was the end of the story, I'm okay with it, but still slightly disappointed. Courtney ended up less independent than when it started, and that makes me sad.

    21. It's sad to see this storyline end. These were utterly fantastic. I think the ending was rushed but still well done. Maybe it just seems so rushed because I could of read about Courtney forever. I would love to see some teen and adult chronicles about her life.

    22. The last tale of Courtney Crumrin, bittersweet but well told, with Naifeh doing his normal splendid job on art and story. Enough dangling threads get de-dangled to make re-reading the first five volumes a necessary (but pleasant) task. Highly recommended.

    23. I liked the progression of the books, story and plot. Its ended up not being as boring as I thought it would be when I first picked up this series. The art is unique and I like the look of it. The other might characters need a little more personality and details, but it was good in all.

    24. Reading this makes me want to go back and read the whole series again. I just love Courtney Crumrin. While I am sad to see the series end, I love that there is now a complete story.If you love stories that are fun and on the dark side, Courtney Crumrin is the story for you.

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