In Favour of Fools

In Favour of Fools

J. Battle / Sep 24, 2019

In Favour of Fools A PI SCI FI Comedy Thriller introducing Philip Humphrey Chandler as the socially inept hero who likes beer coffee and breasts but not necessarily in that order Phil is private investigator he s got a

  • Title: In Favour of Fools
  • Author: J. Battle
  • ISBN: 9781490455495
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • A PI SCI FI Comedy Thriller introducing Philip Humphrey Chandler as the socially inept hero who likes beer, coffee and breasts but not necessarily in that order Phil is private investigator he s got a computer and a comfy chair, and he knows how to use them He doesn t get all sweaty chasing the bad guys not when his fingers can do the work as he sips his coffee and lA PI SCI FI Comedy Thriller introducing Philip Humphrey Chandler as the socially inept hero who likes beer, coffee and breasts but not necessarily in that order Phil is private investigator he s got a computer and a comfy chair, and he knows how to use them He doesn t get all sweaty chasing the bad guys not when his fingers can do the work as he sips his coffee and looks forward to a nice cool pint He doesn t wrestle them to the ground, with a quick quip and a steely gaze not when he can sit in his comfy chair and dream about the girl behind the bar the one with the breasts Then he meets the ex wife of a missing crime lord, and everything changes Suddenly he s squirting to distant planets, finding dead bodies, dancing with aliens, saving a world from the clutches of the cutest of aliens and, for one brief moment, he becomes the richest man in the universe In a tale of treachery, danger, poor customer service and bad jokes, Phil is forced to put aside his relaxed let someone else do the work attitude, and take up arms against the might of an alien empire well, it s a crow bar actually, and the alien is a little girl a very tough little girl and somehow find a way to save the day, and Earth s most valuable commodity, and maybe even his dignity But where does this story really start Of course, for Phil, it s when he first meets the ex wife of the missing crime lord I guess it s typical of him to think it all started with him For Ben, it would be the misplaced bullet for Millie, it was, of course, the Joke, and for Sam well your guess is as good as mine In reality, it started much earlier nine years earlier, with the robbery A laugh a minute comedy science fiction thriller filled with alien worlds, strangely named AI s, really bad jokes and a Narrative Facilitator who would really rather be doing something else.

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      • J. Battle

        My name is John Battle and I ve been telling stories of one sort or another for nearly fifty years I started out telling serial stories to my younger brothers and sisters at night Then I d write short stories for one of my older sisters to mark I have to admit that I ve spent most of my adult life not actually writing life has a talent for getting in the way But, since a pep talk from my son in August 2012, I m now an every day writer When you are not writing, it is easy to forget how much fun it is Most of my books are Sci Fi with a touch of Humour thrown in, but my Fool books are Humour with a touch of Sci Fi thrown in.


    1. I received this book as part of a giveaway. And I am so happy I did!I don't want to gush but I loved this story. The tale has nuances of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dr. Who, Monty Python, and perhaps just a touch of Roger Rabbit, but in an original way. The characters, including the reluctant narrator, have a sarcastic dry wit. Technically, this fits into the Sci-Fi genre, but there's something here for every reader. There's PI noir and a twisty mystery laden with intrigue, crime boss [...]

    2. Interesting combination of humor, sci-fi, and mystery. Sharp commentary and a world-weary protagonist, combined with a bit of fourth-wall breaking made this book an enjoyable read, though hard to categorize.

    3. I received this book as part of a goodread’s giveaway, in exchange I offer an honest review. I am very thankful for the chance to read and review this book. Unfortunately, even though I tried as hard as I could, this book didn’t hold my interest for very long. It bored me. I tried to give it a chance but I just couldn’t finish it. I wanted to finish it, I kept trying, but I couldn’t get more than 100 pages in.This book is supposed to be a comedy, and it has some funny bits in it, but the [...]

    4. This is a hard book to review because it's so full of an assortment of events and actions. Phil is a PI that has a device in his head that transmits his thoughts and actions to a "narrative facilitator" who is writing a book based on his adventures. Squirtports allow people to instantaneously transport just about anywhere on 21 planets.Phil is working on a case involving a husband who has disappeared, but he is also looking for a person who has been made to look like that husband. Millie, an ali [...]

    5. I received this book as part of a First-Reads giveaway for review. I found it to be a very interesting book, but not exactly what I expected. I think the main character is unique in that he really doesn't seem to want to do what he does, but at the same time, he does want to. He also seems to be very good at it. What I particularly liked about the character was the interaction he had with several other characters, especially his sister.This type of science fiction really isn't one I find that f [...]

    6. Phil is a PI and he likes to sit at his desk, drink coffee (even if his sister won't make it for him) talk to his paranoid friend hiding in the bathroom, and generally enjoy the day. What he doesn't like is when someone knocks on his door. It just brings trouble. Aliens and squirt booths and thugs fill his day from the moment the dame walked in. (Well, perhaps dame is not quite the right term, but when your name is Phil Chandler and you're a PI you have to fit into the expectations.)With asides [...]

    7. Yay for an original story! In Favor of Fools is funny well-told story about a PI. The humor and sarcasm really make the book and you just have to keep turning the page because every situation and scene is over the top in a good way. Because it's a mixed genre book, it's not formulaic yet some of the familiar conventions are there.Overall this is a good, fast-paced read that will keep you smiling and wishing it was a movie. The story is that good. It's a laugh a minute and a good thriller all rol [...]

    8. This is definitely the best classic PI mystery novels. It's exciting, creepy, and even funny at times. If you don't like this book, then classic PI mystery aren't for you. Love it!The plot gets more interesting when the reader catch up with the flashback. There is more to tell, but my job is to write what I think about the book. This book should be read by people of all ages, even adults. It is truly a great science fiction novel. If you are looking for something that is not huge and something t [...]

    9. Writing humorous science fiction is a daunting task. It’s hard for many writers to strike the right balance between the humor and the science fiction. Battle does a good job and hits the sweet spot for me. His tales are funny without being silly. Lots of fun aliens with different outlooks on like and an often unwilling sleuth for a hero. Fun reads. Book 2 (What Kind of Fool?) is pretty much a setup for the finale, but still worthwhile.

    10. Very interesting book. Several sub-plots made it a bit hard to follow though. Some strange, but also interesting ideas presented in it. Humor made the story line even stranger at times, but I like that in a science fiction book because often times they present facts that are too hard to believe that they could ever really happen. The author kept you wanting to read more.

    11. Very British humorThis was imaginative and really attempted to mix humor with action and scifi, but because of the mix, fell short across the board. More concentration on the basics of one or two genres would have been more effective

    12. The Douglas Adams influence is very obvious, but apart from that the work stands on its own quite well and is light and fun enough to enjoy. I didn't find it laugh out loud, but in spots it did manage to capture that illusive skain of British humour.

    13. Just a squirtThis story reminded me a great deal of the Hitchhiker series. For all the bad that happens to the main character he remains surprisingly upbeat, taking everything as it comes with resignation.

    14. A fun rideDifficulty figuring out who is the narrator, ( except of course for the narrator) during this book. Loved it anyway.

    15. DNF at 28%.I really wanted to enjoy this book. I really did. But I could not follow what on earth was going on. DNF.

    16. I managed to read about 10% of the book and I didn´t like it. I didn´t think it was funny at all!

    17. One great read!Funny, outrageous, imaginative, smart and charming And that's just the main character. The rest just keeps building the entertainment. Awesome!

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