Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

Sally Wentworth / Sep 17, 2019

Shattered Dreams His love was only an illusionOn her wedding day Kate felt how miraculous was to truly love and beloved As Hugo s wife she knew the rest of her life would be blessedThen Kate overheard her husband s

  • Title: Shattered Dreams
  • Author: Sally Wentworth
  • ISBN: 9781555048723
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • His love was only an illusionOn her wedding day, Kate felt how miraculous was to truly love and beloved As Hugo s wife, she knew the rest of her life would be blessedThen Kate overheard her husband s grim plan for their future together a plan of revenge against Kate Desperately hurt and afraid of the stranger who was her husband, she ran away to Majorca, to heal her broHis love was only an illusionOn her wedding day, Kate felt how miraculous was to truly love and beloved As Hugo s wife, she knew the rest of her life would be blessedThen Kate overheard her husband s grim plan for their future together a plan of revenge against Kate Desperately hurt and afraid of the stranger who was her husband, she ran away to Majorca, to heal her broken heart in safety and solitudeBut she underestimated the power of Hugo s will and the compulsion that drove him to reclaim her for better, or for worse

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        Doreen was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK She married Donald Alfred Hornsblow, with whom she has a son Keith, in 1968, the family lived in Braughing, England.Doreen began her publishing career at a Fleet Street newspaper in London, where she thrived in the hectic atmosphere She started writing after attending an evening class and sold her first novel to Mills Boon in 1977, she published her novels under the pseudonym Sally Wentworth Her novels were principally set in Great Britain or in exotic places like Canary Islands or Greece Her first works are stand alone novels, but in 1990s, she decided to create her first series In 1991, she wrote a book in two parts about the Barclay twins and their great love, and in 1995, she wrote the Ties of Passion Trilogy about the Brodey family, that have money, looks, style, everything except love.Doreen was an accounts clerk at Associated Newspapers Ltd in London, England, and accounts clerk at Consumers Association in Hertford, England In 1985, she was the founding chair of the Hertford Association of National Trust Members, and named its life president She also collected knife rests and she was member of The Knife Rest Collectors Club.Doreen Hornsblow died from cancer in 2001, at 64 years of age.


    1. "Now you know I can force you to do anything I want. So you'll sit there and you'll answer any question I put to you, do you understand?"the whole time i was reading this, i was thinking "if this doesn't end with him in a body bag and her discovering she has a behavior-altering brain tumor," i'm going to be sick.but that's not how it ended. no, it is notview to come as soon as i finish shouting WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? could be a whileill shouting. but here's a quote for you to enjoy for now:Hugo had [...]

    2. The hero – the DUBIOUSLY honorable Hugo – was so vile, that to say he’s a pig would be an insult to pigdom. Usually we get to see an alpha army bloke who’s jealous / possessive but his Achilles heel is the heroine. I spent my precious time reading this crap alternately wanting to deliver a swift kick in his b@ll$, or chop off his b@ll$ & cram ‘em down his throat. He’s an utter asscrack, a coward who only employs all his combat skills to bully, abuse & torture his defenseless [...]

    3. Update: Well, it appears the buddy read has fallen apart, no big loss (sorry, Sarah), but I have to confess to paging through (in a Kindle-y kind of way) this old-timey 1979 Harlequin romance very late one night when my normal defenses against crappy romances were down.This--THIS--is why I give some romances two stars that other reviewers hit with one star. This is the one-star book to end all one-star books. This book defines awfulness. It's the most screwed up imaginable mix of virginity-prizi [...]

    4. OMG! If your sensitive to any kind of physical abuse in stories, don't touch this one with a ten foot pole. I actually liked the story but not as a romance (SNORT!), but for the effing train wreck it was. You have to read this one with a "WHAT?!? You've got to be kidding me!" mentality. I read a lot of dark stories and can be a little desensitize but this one pushed the limit. As I said, this should in no way be labeled a romance. Seriously! I have never read of a worst anti-hero outside of the [...]

    5. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

      Buddy-read with Sarah, Tadiana & Nenia (set for approximately the end of May)"Are we insane?", you may ask.

    6. I read this book a long time ago,but had forgotten just how repulsive it was. The "hero" finds out on his wedding day that a private detective has a photo of his new bride embracing another man at her door the morning of the wedding. Like a rational man, does he go and ask her who it was? Why no! Instead he throws a tantrum and vows to "make her pay"t thinking that she's RIGHT NEXT DOOR AND CAN HEAR HIM! Duh. She runs away (of course) but he finds her (of course) almost immediately. Trying to ma [...]

    7. Shattered Dreams? How about Nightmare on Elm Street in Majorca? This is how bad this book was: even 25 years after reading it, I still have absolutely no desire to rent a villa in Majorca with my husband. That would be just too creepy. But I am curious to know what was going on in SW’s head when she wrote this book. If she ever sits down for an “Interview with the Author” segment on TV, I want viewers to ask her frame of mind while writing this book. Was she in the middle of divorce? a ner [...]

    8. ►► Upcoming EPIC buddy read with Karly, Tadiana and Nenia. Because we're fearless like that.►► Karly, Nenia and I are innocent bystanders here, this is all Tadiana's fault.

    9. This book gets three stars for its amusement value. I laughed through most of it because it was so bizarre and over the top. Our hero could have come right out of a WWII interogation unit. He had no redeeming qualities whatsoever and any heroine who would forgive him belongs in the psych ward. What a fun read .

    10. Hugo, the hero, believes Kate (the "h") married him because she wanted his money, his social connections, his prestige, his sophistication etc So when Kate runs away on the wedding day, he runs after her and naturally needs to punish her for her wrongdoings when he finds her. So he locks her up in a house and tries to drown her. Nothing like near death experiences to win an argument and let your "h" know how wrong she was to mess with you! Although, and this is horrid of me to say, I found mysel [...]

    11. Very violent for a M&B. do not read it if that disturbs you. H uses mental torture on the heroine, keeps her prisoner, treats her mean in general, hurts her physically while preventing her escape attempts, fake drowns her in the swimming pool etc The only thing missing is him putting burning nails under her fingernails to get her to admit to her sins. I loved the book anyway as I like the author's writing style and there was a lot of suspense in the book. No sex scenes, by the way, which I f [...]

    12. Model Kate's having a lovely time at her wedding to the Honourable Hugo. He's almost a millionaire, according to nosy onlookers (snort)! Unfortunately, her world is about to come crashing down. She's in the bathroom fixing her makeup, when she hears Hugo in conversation with his best man. Hugo has just received a report from the detective agency he had investigating Kate. Her flat belongs to another man, and there are pictures of her kissing the other man, in her robe, on the doorstep, just days [...]

    13. This book is terrible, but, sadly, I've read worse Sally Wentworth always wrote very well, her prose attentive and skillful, but this book was bizarre. Hugo holds his wife Kate captive, thinking she lied about being a virgin and has now cheated on him. She's a virgin, of course, but he accuses her of being the sluttiest slut who ever did slut. Honestly, I think Hugo was turned on by the ideabut disgusted at himself for being turned on, so he takes his aggression out on the heroine/victim.While w [...]

    14. After glomming a whole bunch of old style romances (cruel, arrogant males with daddy issues, forced seductions, none of them very PC)I found this one. Let's just say it's cured me of the need for more for a good while. There's nothing, I repeat nothing, likable about our hero, Hugo. And when he's barricaded our heroine in a Spanish villa (like, actually screwing the shutters closed), ties her down and begins to mentally torture her (lamp shining in her face, spy movie-style)I began to beg our sw [...]

    15. The worst HP I have ever read. EVER. Possibly the worst "romance" I have ever read except that I don't think it is really a "romance" at all.Hero is a psychopathic maniac and that is not always a bad thing in a Harlequin but not this time.just horrible. Even if you're curious, remember there will be several hours of your life you will never get backgo read aomething else.

    16. This lunatic actually (mentally and physically) tortures his wife: she gets choked, grabbed, imprisoned, drowned & otherwise terrorized.Also no grovel (no amount of grovel would have been enough anyway)-- in the end she takes the blame for his criminal behaviorCK!

    17. I felt really ill reading this, but I just had to keep going to see where the story'd end up. Isn't it bad enough men were sexist, chauvinist, misogynist fuckshits "back then"? And even today? Why should women writers be (inadvertently or no) condoning this abominable behaviour? This was written in the 80s for god's sake. This so called "hero" verbally abuses his wife, has her monitored, stalked, physically assaults her (even forcibly dunking her in water) and torturing her with tactics like exh [...]

    18. This story was awful. The H basically threatened and terrorized the h for the entire book. There was no romance, love, or sex. This book sucked.

    19. This book made my blood boiling. I have like, 5 people, warning me not to read it but since I'm a masochist and glutton for punishment, I read the book anyway. Ignoring my friends. I got burned. Shattered Dreams is a book about stupid, weak and definite-doormat heroine and psycho, crazy and, extra crazy Hero that baffled me from the core. Why? Because I always love this kind of story you know, Hero misunderstand about the heroine's situation, get mad or push her away but then when he knows the t [...]

    20. * SPOILERS*This book made me so angry. No wonder women get abused everyday! This book has the heroine choked, grabbed, almost drowned and held against her will by her 'husband' and yet she makes up with him in the end because it was 'partly her fault' he was jealous and thought her brother was actually her lover'of course he had to teach her a lesson'Thank goodness times have changed and we can see these male characters for what they are: Domestic abusers~From :By Sotired The male in this book l [...]

    21. wow the hero was really scary, a psychopat one too. i dont know why the heroine could accept him again. i bet there'd be lots of scenes like that if the heroine smiled to other men.oh hey it made into my romantic-suspense shelf! surprise! yeah it is that scary, like you're chased by a serial-psychopat-killer.

    22. I have just skim re-read this and all I have to say is that this HORROR book masquerading as romance should be read by all teenage girls and discussed together with a responsible adult figure. Maybe it is a "good romance book" to read as a WARNING what the young girls and women should watch out for. It is even more scary the fact that I read somewhere that this book is autobiographical.

    23. Another I should book that I should have paid attention to the 1 star reviewers. This H is probably heading the waterboarding unit at Gitmo, If not, he should and could.

    24. This is an intense book that is not for everyone because the relationship is very abusive, crazy abusive even. I however do believe in their HEA. The H and h meet and he courts her, she kinda likes him and thinks herself in love, he just wants to get some but shes not putting out. Eventually he breaks and pops the big question and they get married. She overhears how the hero will pump and dump so she runs away. He finds her end then this book turns real dark real fast. The abuse waz real, not ju [...]

    25. Well that was something!!! I can't say I liked it at all but I thought some parts were well written. That's why I gave it two stars. It's not awesome to abuse someone and I don't like reading about it but still I was angry and moved. Would not read again but hey if you like the rough stuff, be my guess and read it.

    26. What the hell did I just read??? But u know what I just could not stop laughing either the guy is a nutcase and the female lead is just stupid to the extreme but I gotta say this book def kept me entertained but probably not for the reasons the author would expect!!

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