Claimed by the Alphas: Part Two

Claimed by the Alphas: Part Two

Viola Rivard / Jan 18, 2020

Claimed by the Alphas Part Two After a heated confrontation between the two alphas Mila realizes that teaching them to share her is a pretty lofty goal As she begins to have major doubts about her place in their world it s up to

  • Title: Claimed by the Alphas: Part Two
  • Author: Viola Rivard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a heated confrontation between the two alphas, Mila realizes that teaching them to share her is a pretty lofty goal As she begins to have major doubts about her place in their world, it s up to Asch to show her why she is just the woman his pack needs.Caim never wanted to like Mila, but now that he s had her, he wants her all to himself But after a hard lesson, heAfter a heated confrontation between the two alphas, Mila realizes that teaching them to share her is a pretty lofty goal As she begins to have major doubts about her place in their world, it s up to Asch to show her why she is just the woman his pack needs.Caim never wanted to like Mila, but now that he s had her, he wants her all to himself But after a hard lesson, he has to face the fact that he may not be able to give the human everything she needs on his own.Can the pair of dominant alphas really share Mila And if so, is she ready to take them both on

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    1. I see Viola Rivard is easing the reader into the 3 way slowly pun intended lol!

    2. My main review is under part 1. Nothing much has happened in Pt. 2 except Mila has been rutted by both Alphas and they've agreed to share her if that's possible.*3 stars don't mean this was poorly written, it's just that as a 60 page novella it's incomplete and I can't rate it as I would a full novel.

    3. My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!The cover is awesome and I loved it!! Everything works well together and grabs my shifter lovin’ attention :)This part was much shorter, but it was awesome. It had the perfect amount of conflict, fighting, and then making up :) Of course you must love steamy scenes to enjoy these serials which I do :) I would probably be upset that it was over so soon except I have the entire serial, so I get to continue after I finish this review and take care [...]

    4. I absolutely love this story. I picked the first in the series as a freebie on , well I am an Kindle Freebie Whore. As soon as I finished reading, I had to buy and read the rest of the series immediately. I'm just gutted I've still got to wait for the last 2 novellas to be released.This story covers two of my favourite genres, shifters and bbw, and was a really interesting take on both genres. The imagery was wonderful and the characters were very well developed.This would have been a 5 star ra [...]

    5. Better than the first book.Now that the ground work for the characters and the setting has been laid out, we begin to see each of them evolve. I liked the way how it changes POV from scene to scene giving insight to how Asch and Caim think as well as Mila. I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't read it, but the ending to this is even raunchier than the last.

    6. Book ReviewGreat storyI only wish I did not have to purchase 3 separate digitals to get the full story. However I am on to find the 3rd installment in this saga. The reading just pushes you to do that, which means it is a good read.

    7. Spicy, steamy, complex and satisfying. This second book in the Claimed by the Alphas series, is all that and more. The tension and heat keeps ratcheting skyward, the characters are evolving and revealing their personalities, and I found myself tearing through this book just to get to the next one.

    8. Claimed by the alphasstill learning her new life, the alphas agreed to share. now to figure this all out. hopefully they can work out everything

    9. Just as consuming as part one! could not put it down, I will be buying the rest and getting into them as well.

    10. **Important – this is a serial, not a series. Therefore you must read the books in order to fully comprehend what is taking place. They are not designed for stand-alone reading.**So here we are, part two of this serial and things are definitely hotting up. Mila’s desire to work out a compromise and mate with both Alpha’s to prevent them trying to kill each other over her seems like it might just work. Gentle Asche and fiery Caim are two sides of the same coin and are coming to terms with w [...]

    11. Sexy hunkalicous alpha wolf shifters. This reads like a serial story and was extremely short. I can understand the first book being short as it was free, but now that we are paying for them, they should be longer. And yet I did buy it even knowing it was going to be short because I darned well wanted to find out what was going to happen next.This is an intriguing world that Viola has created here. Lots of exciting, original world building going on and I want to read more about it and the creatur [...]

    12. Mila, Asch and Caim?Having discovered the Lazarus pack actually has two alphas which is why the pack's so strong Mila then discovers they'll fight for the death to mate her if necessary she decides there must be an easier way and wonders if it's possible for both of them to mate with her, while this idea is a good one it comes with a certain amount of problems after all this is two very powerful alphas we're dealing with.This is another enjoyable instalment but I'm glad I waited until they were [...]

    13. This was a quick short story. This second part continues the tale of Mila and her two alphas, Asch and Caim. We get to see how Mila is adapting to her new life and also a little bit of the alphas' backgrounds. Both alphas are having a hard time learning how to share Mila. The sex scene was ok it just felt like something is missing maybe because it was short and even though I am reading the box set I decided to read and do individual reviews for all the stories. I am looking forward to continuing [...]

    14. Mila , Caim and Asch are back and there is more to these three Caim fights his feelings for Mila where as Asch has desired the need to have a mate and desires Mila and wants to share her with his best friend Caim but Caim is not so sure he could share but as Alphas as well as Caim and Asch are the alphas of the pack it is up to them to take a mate the only question is can the two Alphas share her Mila

    15. I enjoyed the second part of the series. Mila has decided she wants to be with both Asche and Caim if they are able to work it out and not kill each other. She has feelings for both men and she doesn’t want to take their friendship away from each other, nor does she want one of them to die. Viola is doing a great job in keeping my attention and leaving cliff hangers for the next book in the serial to answer.

    16. 3.5 StarsI enjoyed this instalment of Claimed by the Alphas! Beginning where part 1 ended. Mila has claimed and been claimed by both her Alphas, oh boy has She! It was a quick read and still leaves me wanting moreHow can Mila find her place between these Alphas and more importantly her place in the pack? Looking forward to reading what happens between Asch, Caim and Mila when the Mating thrall hits!

    17. I don't understand why this story is cut up into several books, none of them even 100 pages long. I've read the second part in about half an hour! This is ridiculous. I enjoy the story but honestly this short novel is driving me insane. I think there are about 7 parts to this serial but if each of them is as short they should just all be pulled together in one book and maybe that would be a decent length.

    18. This book was entirely too short and flew by just as fast as the first one did. Not that I'm complaining!Mila, despite her hesitancy, is beginning to get a lot more comfortable around Asch and is enjoying it very much. But she still isn't quite sure what to think of Caim or the feelings she developing for him."Caim was extremely large, and he had all the finesse of a battering ram." Yep, this definitely describes Caim, in every aspect, and I couldn't have said it better myself.

    19. I still wish this hadn't been done in parts , but the story is getting good .There is a little more back story on the Sexy Alpha's Asch & Caim and thay both seem to want things to work out with Mila. We'll see how the next chapter goes with Part 3

    20. I enjoyed this installment much more than the last but I still think Caim is an ass and didn't sufficiently repent before they all dropped into bed together. The book or entire series could've done well without him as a character.

    21. Part of Kindle Unlimited. Part 2 of 7 in series. She went willingly to become the mate of an Alpha. She wanted him. But there are 2 Alphas and only one can stay Alpha. What will she do? Well lets just say it ended wild and HOT! 4 star read for me.

    22. HotterThings are really heating up and picking up steam. What in the world is a girl to do? Not one werewolf but two?! Yikes! Mila, Caim and Asch are a hot trio! On my Were Scale of Hotness3 more stars!!!

    23. Enjoyed It But Too ShortIf you like short hot, steamy werewolf scenes this is for you. A little too short for full stars. I would like to see the characters developed a little more before ending the book.

    24. 4 thumbs upmy only complaint is that I need more! I get interested and then it's the end of the book. I love how the stories are written. I personally don't see the point in a bunch of novels. why not just make it one big book? but I loved it nonetheless

    25. Mila really finds herself falling hard for both Caim and Asch plus she enjoyed being claimed by them both. Her only problem is that she doesn't want to come between the two friends. Book two was good so I'm headed to book three.

    26. I'm team Brae! She is hilarious with her lack of boundaries. Caim is a fascinating character who lets his animal sit at the forefront.

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