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Always From the moment they meet their connection is perfect in every way but one It s New Year s Eve and Justine James is fronting her dead end band for a less than adoring crowd But there s one per

  • Title: Always
  • Author: AmandaWeaver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the moment they meet, their connection is perfect in every way but one.It s New Year s Eve, 2007, and Justine James is fronting her dead end band for a less than adoring crowd But there s one person there who sees what she could be one person who changes everything for her.Dillon Pierce clawed his way up from the LA streets with no one to count on but his best friendFrom the moment they meet, their connection is perfect in every way but one.It s New Year s Eve, 2007, and Justine James is fronting her dead end band for a less than adoring crowd But there s one person there who sees what she could be one person who changes everything for her.Dillon Pierce clawed his way up from the LA streets with no one to count on but his best friend, Ash Their years of struggle finally pay off when their band, Outlaw Rovers, gets signed and their single takes off With Ash as the magnetic lead singer and Dillon as the band s musical soul, they re destined for greatness, provided Dillon can keep Ash from self destructing first Dillon might not be fronting Outlaw Rovers, but he s always been the only one Justine sees She s followed his career from afar and when he shows up at her crummy New Year s Eve gig, nothing will stop her from meeting him They forge an intense connection, rapidly moving from friends to musical soul mates Justine wants much , but she s not willing to climb over groupies and industry bottom feeders to make it happen Dillon becomes a fixture in her life, but she has to figure out how to keep him out of her heart Outlaw Rovers begins to implode as Justine s star is on the rise The years that follow bring equal parts fame and ruin For Justine, a new love supplants her old heartbreak, and Dillon has to reboot his life after losing nearly everything that matters Despite the odds, Dillon and Justine remain devoted friends and musical collaborators After all the missed chances, wrong turns and painful detours, can they finally find the happiness together that seemed destined from the start

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        Amanda has loved romance since she read that very first Kathleen E Woodiwiss novel at fifteen After a long detour into a career as a costume designer in theatre, she s found her way back to romance, this time as a writer A native Floridian, Amanda transplanted to New York City many years ago and now considers Brooklyn home, along with her husband, daughter, two cats, and nowhere near enough space.


    1. Always is one of those books that I’d call a little gem. I really didn’t have any expectations. I didn’t check out any reviews before hand and I am happy to report that I really enjoyed it.This is a standalone novel that takes you through a period of 5 or 6 years in which you watch the two main characters share their love for music and their love for each other while they try to battle their way through the reality of the music business. They deal with all that is good and all that is ugly [...]

    2. 3.5 stars.I quite enjoyed this one. A bit predictable but so what. As you know, I love my music, be it the big shots like The Boss or the struggling singers like Simone Felice (who, by the way is very talented but the few time I have seen him in concert he is playing to only a handful of people. Its a shame).Thanks to Sharon for the recommendation and the loan.Ash might be the front man of Outlaw Rovers and the one everybody paid attention to, but Dillon Pierce was its magicThis story takes plac [...]

    3. Not bad this book. Not bad at all.This is a story about friendship, about loving and letting go which kept me glued to my seat until I was finished.Justine James is a singer. She has dreams of becoming famous someday but she's fast losing hope when her band, the Failsafe, can't seem to make it further than the usual crappy pubs and bars.One night, she meets her idol, the one musician she's always admired.Dillon Pierce is the guitarist of the Outlaw Rovers, the band he'd started with his best fri [...]

    4. Loved it! **might have a few spoilers**Ms. Weaver does an outstanding job in giving readers a romance that's a slow build. For me, I like the fact that I got to know Justine (female lead) and Dillon (male lead) as individuals, friends, and later something more. Ms. Weaver builds their connection. I guess I'm one of those people that would rather have a plot than instant romance. The story works because you like Justine. She's someone you'd want to be friends with. Dillon is your typical rock sta [...]

    5. As a groupie of rockstar-themed romances I've read many releases over the last year and I can honestly say this has been my favorite thus far. It's an amazingly in-depth story, both emotionally and in regards to the music world, that completely sucked me in from the very first page to the last. It realistically depicts the rise and fall of a band, the high cost of fame, and how reaching rock bottom can sometimes be exactly what you need to find true happiness.Rockstar Dillon's band is just start [...]

    6. 4.5 stars. This was a wonderfully written look at six years in the lives of the guitarist/song writer in an up and coming famous rock band and a girl singer in another very lesser known band. The girl singer has immense talent which is immediately apparent to the guitarist and he convinces his record company to let her lesser known band open for his band on a couple of month's tour. While on the tour, the guitarist and singer form a deep friendship based on their love of music and both also feel [...]

    7. 4.5 stars!! ALWAYS is a beautifully-written, completely engaging story of two best friends who are devoted to each other, loyal and support each other through the ups and downs of fame and stardom. It is also a heart-wrenching story of true love and the perils of fame and excess.Although this is a standalone novel, all the characters are fascinating and I would love to read more about them! Justine and Dillon meet when she is the young lead singer in a local band on the fringes of making it. Dil [...]

    8. Spoiler Free: For me to get truly involved in a story I need to feel like I am there with the characters. I want to be consumed by the setting. I want to be entertained as well as learn from what I am reading. Finding such stories can be difficult. Not to mention finding a storyteller who can weave their tale around you to make you believe and care about what you are reading even more so. Amanda has such a gift, and Always is a story that sucked me in from the beginning.This is not your typical [...]

    9. OUT's ReviewThis book tells the fictional story of Justine James and Dillon Pierce who were both musicians into rock music in a big way. It is a story of meteoric rise and fall in the music business, and also of drugs, sex, and rock 'n roll. It's quite the roller coaster ride!.Justine was the lead singer in a band that just happened to be opening for another band Dillon and his fellow band members had come to hear play on New Year's Eve 2008. When she went up and introduced herself to Dillon aft [...]

    10. (mild spoilers) Always, the debut novel by Amanda Weaver, is a real, gritty tale of friendship and love, and how it survives, and sometimes doesn't, the tough world of the music industry.When Justine -- lead singer of a going-nowhere band -- meets her musical idol Dillon, songwriter and member of a quickly rising band, their chemistry is immediate. But that's all these musical soul mates are ready for, since Dillon is enjoying the lifestyle of a rock star as much as he can, as often as he can. J [...]

    11. Well, this story took me on a well and truly emotional roller coaster, that’s for sure. I wasn’t even all that certain about what the outcome would be. I guess that’s why I liked this book so much.“Always” is the self-published debut from Amanda Weaver. I’ve known her and her writing for a few years now and was so happy to see her publishing I couldn’t really wait to get my hands on it I bought it on release day."Always" tells the story of Justine James and Dillon Pierce. Aspiring [...]

    12. Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.This is a story about the up and down roller coaster life of a rocketed to stardom singer. Justine James is the charismatic lead singer in an otherwise mediocre Los Angeles band. She's paying her dues in small clubs and opening for larger rock bands. One New Year's Eve she gets the chance to meet her favorite boy band, Outlaw Rovers, who happen to attend the show. While most people are in awe of its lead singer, Ash, w [...]

    13. ALWAYS by Amanda Weaver*was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI want to start off by saying how impressed I was with this being the first novel I have read by Amanda Weaver. I found Always to be extremely well written and very much a true love story of friendship. Isn’t that where love should start?Always is a standalone novel but you will want more of this rock and roll group. Always begins with two Rock Stars, one at the top of his game and one up and coming, and they [...]

    14. This book was a difficult read for me. Amanda Weaver writes so vividly, the characters so well described that they become real people to the reader, and as such every up and down they experience is felt just as strongly by us. This book isn't taking a rose-tinted view of the world. It's honest, about the music scene and the people in it, and also about love. It's difficult sometimes, reading book after book about an instant romance and reciprocated feelings, and Weaver's rejected that idea compl [...]

    15. So this book hooked me. I loved Justine and Dillon and sometimes even Ash. It's hard for me to find books that grab me so whenever I do it feels like Christmas. I felt their chemistry strongly and I liked the way the author was able to do frequent time jumps without confusing the reader or making you feel left out of anything. I was eagerly anticipating the point where the H/h finally give in to their feelings. I don't want to give spoilers, but the plot line that ruined this book for me probabl [...]

    16. Great story, great writing, great characters on this debut novel. Very well done. This is the story of love arriving at the wrong time in people's life and what happens until it's the right time. It is also the story of rock stars and fame and the backstage of it all. It caught me from the very beginning until the last page. I loved the main characters and they were very nicely developed. 4 1/2 stars from me. Looking forward to read more from this new author.

    17. It took me awhile to get into this book, but after about 15% of the way in I could not put it down! This author was able to tell the story of two musicians so vividly that I could see it all playing out in my head like a movie. Always made me feel every emotion, disappointment, happiness, anger, despair, grief, sadness, and hope. This is a great story about friendship, loyalty, and love that will appeal to readers ranging from teens all the way through adulthood. Highly recommended!

    18. TIme, time, timeOMG, what an emotional rollercoaster. Justine is so awesome. It is so like the young, fall for someone, not realize someone else is in love with you. Then by the time the one you love realizes they love you, you have moved on. Dillon was so consumed with being there for Ash that Dillon lost himself. By the time he is alone, he is really messed up. Sometimes I just wanted to smack Dillion. OPEN YOUR EYES!! See who is right in front of you. This story really pulls you into the stor [...]

    19. 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed reading this, and have stayed wrapped up in it all day.Justine James was singing in a small-time band when she met her musical idol, Dillon Pierce. Dillon was the driving force of his band Outlaw Rovers, whose star was on the rise in a big way. From the moment they met, Justine and Dillon clicked, and quickly discovered they were musical soulmates. They got each other in way no one ever had before. Justine knew what Dillon's life was like at that point with the band's [...]

    20. Justine James is a talented singer in a mediocre band with a very controlling songwriter. Dillon Pierce is the guitarist and song writer for a talented band that is becoming very popular. Dillon is attending a show where he sees Justine performing. Despite him knowing immediately that her band is mediocre, he sees the immense talent and potential in her immediately. Justine has been a huge fan of Dillon's band, and more specifically, has had a huge crush on Dillon and his musical genius. When th [...]

    21. This story follows 2 people involved in the music industry. Justine James is the lead singer of the band Failsafe. Dillion Pierce is the lead guitarist/producer of the popular rock group Outlaw Rovers. One New Year’s Eve gig in Los Angeles, changes the lives of these 2 and opens the door to relationship. When drugs, sex, and rock and roll collide, will Justine and Dillon have their happily ever after?Amanda took me on a journey through the lives of Justine and Dillon. Chapters were described a [...]

    22. From the moment they meet, their connection is perfect in every way but one.It’s New Year’s Eve, 2007, and Justine James is fronting her dead-end band for a less-than-adoring crowd. But there’s one person there who sees what she could be—one person who changes everything for her.Dillon Pierce clawed his way up from the LA streets with no one to count on but his best friend, Ash. Their years of struggle finally pay off when their band, Outlaw Rovers, gets signed and their single takes off [...]

    23. Wow. It's been a while since I've read a story that held me captive until I got to the very end. Always, the debut novel by Amanda Weaver, is a rich, gritty tale of love in the music industry and through the very challenging circumstance life often throws our way. Justine James is the lead singer of a going-nowhere band in LA. She's got a powerhouse voice and killer stage presence, all of which is trapped beneath the drudgery of a bandmate that's hiding secrets of his own and songs that are bare [...]

    24. I don't read a huge amount of adult romance so this was a breath of fresh air for me. There's so much to like about this book. The characters are really well drawn -- you get a really strong sense of who they are really quickly. Dillon and Justine's connection was strong and their friendship felt just as real as their romantic bond.Justine was so strong and self-possessed. I appreciated her awareness of the negative situations sooo much.I liked that she became a pop singer and there was no snobb [...]

    25. I never leave reviews but I feel like I have to this time- I loved it so much. I always worry a little when an author I've followed online for a long time publishes Original Fiction, because so often the freedom that makes them great online is cut in their original stories, but I felt like I was reading one of Amanda's old stories when I read this. It was truly wonderful. I got very attached the characters very quickly- something that is rare for me in third person POV novels- and went through r [...]

    26. This is not normally a genre I read, but I was looking for something different, so contemporary romance it was. I made what turned out to be a really good choice. The writing is well executed and clean. The story is straight forward with a happy ending, which I needed. And best of all, while I cannot relate to the characters, I was able to come to care about their choices and sympathize with them. I was so engrossed with what they were going through that I could not put the book down. The timing [...]

    27. I've read a million (ok, maybe a smaller number than that) of rock star romances. We have the groupie, the star, the drugs, the sex, and swoons and the good (or bad) music.Amanda Weaver took all that and made is pretty awesome, all around. You see, she threw in all those good things that go into the rock star romance cauldron but added a special ingredient of her own - a hefty amount of angst and frustrating plot twists. Don't get me wrong, the plot twists are great. The frustration is all in th [...]

    28. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book for the blog tour. Thanks to Amanda Weaver and Literati Author ServicesSometimes the person you have a crush on isn't all you've built them up to be, but sometimes you get lucky and they're more. Justine meets Dillon, a guitarist in a band she loves. He's her musical icon, his music just speaks to her on so many levels. Now that she's met him and he's everything she had hoped he could be music wise and it doesn't hurt that he's good looking as we [...]

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