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Cobra Celebrated as the King of South African crime Deon Meyer is a world class writer whose page turning thrillers probe the social and racial complexities of his native country In Cobra a famous English

  • Title: Cobra
  • Author: Deon Meyer K.L. Seegers
  • ISBN: 9780802123244
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Celebrated as the King of South African crime, Deon Meyer is a world class writer whose page turning thrillers probe the social and racial complexities of his native country In Cobra, a famous English mathematician is kidnapped and his two bodyguards are killed at a guest house in the beautiful wine country outside Cape Town It s clearly a professional hit, and the speCelebrated as the King of South African crime, Deon Meyer is a world class writer whose page turning thrillers probe the social and racial complexities of his native country In Cobra, a famous English mathematician is kidnapped and his two bodyguards are killed at a guest house in the beautiful wine country outside Cape Town It s clearly a professional hit, and the spent shell cases offer a chilling clue Each is engraved with the head of a spitting cobra.Meanwhile, in the city, a skilled thief is using his talents to put his sister through college But he picks the wrong pocket, grabbing the wallet of a young American woman delivering something very valuable and dangerous to South Africa The thief not only becomes the target of the deadly hit man known as the Cobra, but unwittingly holds the key to stopping a deadly international threat It s up to Captain Benny Griessel and his elite investigation team to find the pickpocket and track down the Cobra as the novel hurtles toward a brilliant, heart stopping finale on the suburban commuter trains Cobra is a first rate thriller from a writer at the top of his game.

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      • Deon Meyer K.L. Seegers

        Deon Meyer was born in the South African town of Paarl in the winelands of the Western Cape in 1958, and grew up in Klerksdorp, in the gold mining region of Northwest Province.After military duty and studying at the Potchefstroom University, he joined Die Volksblad, a daily newspaper in Bloemfontein as a reporter Since then, he has worked as press liaison, advertising copywriter, creative director, web manager, Internet strategist, and brand consultant.Deon wrote his first book when he was 14 years old, and bribed and blackmailed his two brothers into reading it They were not impressed hey, everybody is a critic Deon MeyerHeeding their wisdom, he did not write fiction again until he was in his early thirties, when he started publishing short stories in South African magazines I still believe that is the best way to learn the craft of writing Short stories teach you a lot about story structure and you have limited space to develop character and plot, says Deon.In 1994 he published his first Afrikaans novel, which has not been translated, simply because it was not good enough to compete on the international market However, it was a wonderful learning experience.All later novels have been translated into several languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovakian and Bulgarian.Deon lives in Melkbosstrand on the South African West Coast with his wife, Anita, and they have four children to keep them busy Lida, Liam, Johan and Konstanz.Other than his family, his big passions are motorcycling, music he is a Mozart fanatic, but loves rock n roll too , reading, cooking and rugby he unconditionally supports the national Springbok team and the Free State Cheetahs provincial team.


    1. The most notable thing with this book was the quality of the writing - so, so good! And since it is a translation points must go to both the author and the translator. I love the way certain Afrikaans phrases are left in the English text. They give it atmosphere and constantly remind the reader that you are in a country with very specific cultural issues.Meyer's books vary as to the balance of police procedural versus action thriller. This one leans heavily towards procedure and it is a delight [...]

    2. NAJA MOSSAMBICAThriller & crime novel insolito, movimentato, emozionante, coinvolgente.Senza retorica, senza cadute di tono, con bella atmosfera.Dialogo efficace, nessuna sbavatura.Ben documentato, basato su un buon lavoro di ricerca che svela particolari nuovi di fatti che fanno discutere ma si conoscono solo superficialmente.Un plot denso e complesso, dettagli curati.Un intreccio che crea tensione in crescendo, con colpi di scena.Se la situazione è complessa, rendila ancora più complessa [...]

    3. Tyrone Kleinbooi is a petty thief, riding the train network in the Cape Town area, working the tourist spots to fund his sister’s studies at Stellenbosch University. He dreams of hitting it rich and one day travelling to Barcelona: the Holy Grail of pickpocketing. At the Victoria and Albert Waterfront his scheme comes undone when he steals the purse from a young woman’s bag - the wrong mark - and is apprehended by security guards and taken to the control centre. Within minutes the door burst [...]

    4. South African Deon Meyer is the putative giant of second-tier thrillers (but he should be first-tier!). He stays consistently at the top of my pile of crime fiction literature, and never fails to pull me in with his muscular prose and taut, thrilling plot lines, the kind of narrative that usually takes place in a narrow period of time and with a lot at stake. In COBRA (and I won't reveal *why* the title, since it is fun just getting to it!), Benny Griessel is back again, fighting his personal de [...]

    5. **2.5 STARS** I should have read this rather than listen to an audible version of the novel. It's an intricate South African plot and the language is mostly Afrikaans. Apparently there was a glossary at the back of the book, which would have been helpful. Most of my GR friends gave this 5 stars so I know it's about met the story.

    6. Two bodyguards and a hotel worker are killed, and their charge (a Cambridge University professor involved in detecting terrorist financing) goes missing. Captain Benny Griessel, now part of the elite Hawks corps (of the South African Police Service) is called to investigate, and quickly determines the involvement of a professional killer. Shell casings marked with a cobra are linked to an assassin for hire by Interpol. Meanwhile, a young pickpocket (Tyrone) trying to support his sister, unknowin [...]

    7. Sarà anche un libro "di genere" senza pretese di essere una pietra miliare della storia della letteratura, ma funziona benissimo assemblando l'intrattenimento costituito dalla trama thriller con la rappresentazione della realtà del Sudafrica di oggi.Formalmente l'eroe eponimo è Bennie Griessel, detective un po' in disarmo, ma pari dignità nell'economia del romanzo hanno gli altri membri degli Hawks, il corpo di polizia di élite protagonista delle gesta narrate nei libri di Meyer, la cui com [...]

    8. Deon Meyer se boeke is amazing, en Kobra is een van my gunstelinge. Die karakters is almal volrond met unieke stemme, soveel so dat jy hulle mis aan die einde van die boek. Ek het veral die cape flat stemme van uncle Solly, Tyrone en Cupido geniet. Never trust a phone company that makes fridges, pappie. Sy beskrywing van Kaapstad en omgewing laat mens ook sommer voel of jy daar is.Sy uitbeelding van SA se huidige politieke situasie is hartseer, maar 100% akuraat. ar nou voel dit weer soos in die [...]

    9. In het begin moest ik er even inkomen. Er werden met lastige termen gesmeten. Maar op een gegeven moment grijpt het verhaal en dan wil je maar blijven lezen, om te weten te komen hoe het gaat aflopen. Kapitein Bennie Griessel wordt betrokken bij een bloedbad bij een luxe vakantiehuis. Er worden hulzen gevonden met de mysterieuze spugende Cobra en hierdoor start een onderzoek met heel veel ellende en moeilijkheden. Griessel zit niet op moeilijkheden te wachten want die heeft hij al genoeg, hij li [...]

    10. i will start by stating that i won this thru and this was my first Deon Meyer. one of my online book friends enjoys this series so I was very happy to give it a try. she noted that you will not be hindered by not reading the others in the series and that is certainly the case. Benny is part of an elite team (the Hawks) of South African law enforcement and we are introduced to him and his team as they try to track down a possible kidnapping victim. this storyline soon merges with a local pickpoc [...]

    11. Weer eens 'n uitstekende Meyer-spanningsverhaal! Die naelbyt-aksie, die aktuele kwessies en die boeiende karakters maak dit 'n eensitboek: oor en oor die moeite werd. Ek reken steeds dat INFANTA koning kraai in Meyer-land, met ONSIGBAAR so 'n kortkop agter, maar KOBRA is 'n waardige toevoeging tot Meyer se al hoe indrukwekkender oeuvre.KOBRA is an excellent new suspence novel by Deon Meyer. While those of us who can read Afrikaans rave a little gloatingly, his other fans need to wait for the tra [...]

    12. A surprisingly good read, for an Afrikaans book. If it wasn't for it being one of our book club reads, I probably never would've read this. I'm not too fond of Afrikaans books, but Meyer's storytelling skills and a solid plot drew me into this book in no time. I even laughed a few times. I really liked a lot of the characters and was wholly impressed by Meyer's research i.t.o. the Intelligence environment. I might read more of his books.

    13. As always, a great read. You can NOT go wrong with a Deon Meyer-book! Keeps you on the edge of your seat, all the time, guessing until the end. Only one complaint: the lack of sleep you get when you've started reading, because you can't put any of his books down easily.

    14. i read this way too fast. deon meyer, please write more books. i need you.oh, review: this book is perfect. the end.

    15. Weer een ontzettend spannend verhaal, tot de laatste pagina. Het was kantje boord in het verhaal met Bennie en op het nippertje kan hij een nieuw verhaal halen. Ik stoom snel door naar het volgende deel, deze schrijver heeft me helemaal te pakken

    16. I'm not entirely sure why I love Benny Griessel. The broken-down old alcoholic detective is a seriously overused trope, but I still can't get enough of Benny.Partly, it's because he's aware of his failings, and trying to get beyond them. Partly it's because he clearly is a good cop, a good man, and good father—though he's not always been all of those together.As the story begins, Benny's current love-life is in a period of stress. He loves Alexa, and clearly she loves him, but he has a problem [...]

    17. A street-smart thief sets the pace for this thriller as he seeks to stay one-step ahead of the assassins pursuing him.Despite his trade, Tyrone Kleinbooi is a sympathetic character. He steals in an effort to provide a better life for his younger sister. His troubles begin when he picks the pocket of the wrong person and unknowingly snatches a memory card sought by the killers who have kidnapped a famous mathematician and murdered his bodyguards.Captain Benny Griessel and his team from the Hawks, [...]

    18. This was my first book by Deon Meyer.The plot and the characters:I enjoyed the characters and the mystery. I was kept guessing what was going on and the plot twists were cleverly done. The book starts with 2 body guards murdered and the client missing. There is a lot of mystery around who the client is and why he is missing. Then, there is a Tyrone Kleinbooi who is a pickpocket and somehow gets intertwined with the suspect of the first mystery. I enjoyed the characters and especially how Tyrone [...]

    19. What a spectacular crime/thriller this was. Cape Town, South Africa clashes head on with international intrigue, hired assassins, and a likeable hero to make a book that leaves the reader breathless and taut for the last 100 pages. Meyer is a fantastic writer and I am so glad to have learned of this series (this is book four--easily read as a stand alone or out of order as I did). It was so interesting to see how officers, criminals, and even the academic view corruption through Meyer's story. I [...]

    20. I won this book in a drawing.It's a mystery with the old ultimate hitman plot, only set in South Africa. There's some good touches here, but reading about the shortcomings of all the detectives got a little old, and I started rooting for the pickpocket to get killed.Still far from the worst of these I've read.

    21. This book gripped me from the first page and is by far my favourite Deon Meyer novel -- action-packed, fast-paced, interesting and engaging! I think, I just might, have a crush on this author's works :)

    22. Nog n heerlike Deon Meyer treffer. En my gunstelimg Mbali is haar slim, koppige self. Nou hoe lank moet mens wag vir die volgende een?

    23. I've had Mr. Meyer on my to-read list for some time and was happy to finally make his acquaintance. I don't know if this book is a fitting introduction. Benny Griessel has already had a considerable journey before he gets to the beginning of this book. And he takes quite a journey through the many pages here. At the back of the book is a word list with Afrikaans and Cape Flat slang. I turned here frequently. I dunno, other places Mr. Meyer gave a phrase in local language and then an English tran [...]

    24. The police are called to the scene of a murder at a guesthouse on a peaceful South African winery. Three men are dead and a fourth is missing. The identity of the missing man is questionable. That combined with the professionalism of the murders leaves Captain Benny Griessel unsure of what they've stepped into.Tyrone Kleinbooi is a master of an age old profession. He's a pickpocket who specializes in the tourist trade. It's a tough go now that security cameras focus on his prime hunting grounds. [...]

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