Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof

Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof

RogerClarke / Jul 20, 2019

Ghosts A Natural History Years of Searching for Proof A New York Times Book Review Editor s Choice Roger Clarke tells this the story that inspired Henry James The Turn of the Screw and many other gloriously weird stories with real verve and also a kind

  • Title: Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof
  • Author: RogerClarke
  • ISBN: 9781250053572
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A New York Times Book Review Editor s Choice Roger Clarke tells this the story that inspired Henry James The Turn of the Screw and many other gloriously weird stories with real verve, and also a kind of narrative authority that tends to constrain the skeptical voice within an erudite and richly entertaining book New York Times Book Review Is there anybody out therA New York Times Book Review Editor s Choice Roger Clarke tells this the story that inspired Henry James The Turn of the Screw and many other gloriously weird stories with real verve, and also a kind of narrative authority that tends to constrain the skeptical voice within an erudite and richly entertaining book New York Times Book Review Is there anybody out there No matter how rationally we order our lives, few of us are completely immune to the suggestion of the uncanny and the fear of the dark What explains sightings of ghosts Why do they fascinate us What exactly do those who have been haunted see What did they believe And what proof is there Taking us through the key hauntings that have obsessed the world, from the true events that inspired Henry James s classic The Turn of the Screw right up to the present day, Roger Clarke unfolds a story of class conflict, charlatans, and true believers The cast list includes royalty and prime ministers, Samuel Johnson, John Wesley, Harry Houdini, and Adolf Hitler The chapters cover everything from religious beliefs to modern developments in neuroscience, the medicine of ghosts, and the technology of ghosthunting There are haunted WWI submarines, houses so blighted by phantoms they are demolished, a seventeenth century Ghost Hunter General, and the emergence of the Victorian flash mob, where hundreds would stand outside rud sites all night waiting to catch sight of a dead face at a window.Written as grippingly as the best ghost fiction, A Natural History of Ghosts takes us on an unforgettable hunt through the most haunted places of the last five hundred years and our longing to believe.

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        I was educated at Oxford University where I read English at Magdalen I ve written about books and film for 20 years, at one point writing three weekly columns for The Independent newspaper I ve written an opera libretto, performed at the Almeida Theatre in 1993, and a wrote a book of poetry when I was a student I was for two years the UK London correspondent for the Zagat food guides Ghosts is a return to a subject that fascinated me as a child.


    1. Note, Oct. 1, 2016: I just edited this review again to correct a minor typo.Note, Nov. 28, 2014: I just edited this review slightly to make a factual correction --I recognized two of the names in the bibliography, not just one.Full disclosure at the outset: I won a free copy of this book in a recent giveaway.Because of my liking for supernatural fiction and my interest in folklore, it's perhaps not surprising that I'm intrigued by unexplained phenomena in the real world, and have been since chi [...]

    2. Kaum jemand kann sich Grusel- und Geistergeschichten wirklich entziehen, selbst wer die Existenz des Übernatürlichen konsequent ablehnt, kennt sicher doch diesen angenehmen Schauer, der uns bei gruseligen Geschichten und Berichten über den Rücken läuft. Nicht umsonst ist die britische Reality-TV-Sendung „Most Haunted“ so beliebt, zumal in dem Land, Großbritannien nämlich, das wohl über die meisten Spukorte weltweit verfügt. Roger Clarke geht so weit, den Geisterglauben als eine Art [...]

    3. Roger Clarke has to be the most well-placed person to write a ‘natural history’ of ghosts. Haunted as a child, he became the youngest ever member of the Society for Psychical Research. The subject has been a matter of fascination for him ever since, and he has remained a keen investigator to this day. A Natural History of Ghosts gives detailed accounts of famous hauntings. They range from ancient ghost stories, through the Victorian passion for séances, to the modern ghost investigation – [...]

    4. I finished this book, and I was left with a question. How do you keep live sparrows in your anus? Inquiring minds want to know. That aside, this is a rather interesting look at the use of ghosts in English memory, landscape, fiction, and folklore. There are connections made to literature (including Robert Browning’s poetry) as well as how the view of ghosts reflects on class warfare in England. Interesting. But I am really wondering about those sparrows.

    5. "A Natural History of Ghosts: 500 Years of Hunting for Proof" by Roger Clarke was maybe a case of wrong expectations but I was a little disappointed by this book. It provided interesting insights into the history of ghost hunting and a selection of good stories but for me it did not come together properly and left me wanting more of a conclusion or round up.

    6. Enjoyed this very much. It manages to be a skeptical, reasoned survey of the history of hauntings in Britain while also being a personal expression of the author’s own abiding interest in the inexplicable. He gets the second part out of the way early on in the very first chapter when he describes poring for hours over a mysterious photograph of what was once considered the most haunted bedroom in England, describing how he would later go on to sleep there, ‘and was, I suppose, haunted’. Th [...]

    7. If you're looking for the dime-a-dozen, sensational "tales of the supernatural" kind of book, you won't find it here. Instead, you will find something unique and much more interesting: a natural history of ghosts.Over nearly four decades, I've collected scores of ghost stories. This scholarly, yet entertaining book is a wonderful examination of the tellers and tales of uncanny doings. I was captivated by the backgrounds to the most famous stories of the paranormal from Britain and America--and s [...]

    8. "Natural history", according to one popular definition, "is the research and study of organisms in their environment, leaning more towards observational than experimental methods of study." That's pretty much exactly what Roger Clarke gives us in this entertaining overview of Britain's best-known hauntings over the last few hundred years, from the poltergeists of Tedworth House to Sky Living's "Most Haunted" TV show. Like M.R. James before him, Clarke understands the importance of setting in all [...]

    9. Excellent, impeccably researched account of ghost-hunting through the ages; scholarly without being turgid; entertaining without ever insulting the reader's intelligence. Describes Britain's most famous hauntings in a clear-headed way that neverthless sometimes gave me goose-bumps if I was reading late at night - and I don't even believe in ghosts. Should appeal to believers and sceptics alike.

    10. I finished this book with a real feeling of regret as I was enjoying it so much. The author, the youngest person ever to be invited to join the Ghost Society. He grew up in 2 hauinted hosues but never experienced anything untoward despite wanting to. I heard Roger Clarke talking about this book on Radio 4 and couldn’t believe my luck when I found it in my local library. He begins by asking the interesting question ‘Why do ghosts wear clothes?’ And when you think about it, yes why do they? [...]

    11. This is a wonderful book, 4 1/2 stars, that every spook lover should read. Mostly about paranormal England ("the most haunted place in the world"), it includes ghosts, poltergeists, places, people, mediums, séances, frauds, folklore, mind-readers, telekinesis, ghost hunters--the works. Clarke writes in a credulous but skeptical, tongue-in-cheek manner with real wit and charming conclusions. I loved it.Especially interesting to me were the sociological, historical, and technological aspects of s [...]

    12. This book was fascinating, if a little slow in parts.Ghosts: A Natural History is basically the evolution of ghosts and the ghost story. What people have thought of ghosts has changed, as well as what they've looked like. "Ghost Hunting" has also evolved throughout the years (yes, there was ye olde ghost hunting; it's not just a recent phenomena). It talks about the rise and fall of seances. It talks about the poltergeist. It talks about a lot of ghostly stuff from strictly historical and litera [...]

    13. Roger Clarke's "Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof" was not quite what I hoped it would be. When I first got the book, I became hopeful, especially when I read the summary and realized the tales were from England. Once I started reading, though, I realized it wasn't quite what I hoped for. Whereas there is a lot of interesting information presented in the book, it didn't flow too well. It seems like the author would be referring to an event that occurred in the 1200's, j [...]

    14. Roger Clarke knows his ghosts and he takes an interesting approach to them. Why do we have ghosts? What do they mean (besides the obvious – if there is an obvious?) He examines various famous hauntings including Cock Lane, the Demon Drummer, various poltergeist episodes, even the Angels of Mons to delve not only into what happened but to what people thought was happening, and what they did about it. He also looks at the curious way that ghosts seem to be associated with social class. In the Ag [...]

    15. When I picked this up I didn't realise the author was much more inclined to believe in the existence of spirits than I. I'm happy to say our difference of opinion made for an even more engaging read. It was particularly entertaining to watch him repeatedly pull the carpet out from under his own statements in the first few chapters. So he turned the central heating on in an old house and found himself surrounded by strange banging noises all night? You don't say!I don't mean that to sound snippy. [...]

    16. It is jaw dropping how this author has shown exceptional skill in making such a diverse and fascinating subject into one that is shamefully dull. Bravo sir, you have provided me with some wonderful reading should I be suffering from a random bout of insomnia, your writing puts me to sleep in minutes. His research is commendable and the subject itself, fascinating, but the writing lacks any real emotion and leaves the overall experience feeling like a monotonous, uninspiring lecture. Needless to [...]

    17. Note this book is not scary, its literally a history of english ghost stories, with the occasional european or american story added. I was quite dissapointed, the author seems to just go on and on for the sake of it, he also seems to imply that all the stories are fake, at least the ones he writes about but will then end the chapter with a question, as if to say "or is it"? Would have prepared more genuine story telling rather than just his commentary, followed by an analysis of the story which [...]

    18. The question at the heart of this book - why do we see ghosts? - drew me to it and I'd really wanted to enjoy it more than I did. There are interesting snippets of information, but the book is let down by its lack of clear organisation (and therefore its repetition and frequent referrals back and forth across the book).

    19. This is a well-written and well-researched book, but I was a little disappointed there wasn't more discussion and analysis about what ghosts actually are. I felt that too much of the book was devoted to recounting what's known about historical hauntings, many of which would appear to be faked.

    20. Un ensayo MUY entretenido y lleno de información interesante sobre los fantasmas, el espiritismo y cómo evolucionaron los llamados "cazadores de fantasmas", todo relacionado con la literatura de terror y el folklore. Destaco especialmente la detallada mención a los hechos que influyeron a Henry James a escribir "Otra vuelta de tuerca" (que dan muchas luces sobre el argumento de la novela) y el aporte de Daniel Defoe, MR James, Arthur Machen y otros escritores al folklore fantasmal con sus cue [...]

    21. This could have done with a better editor - there's a couple of footnotes that aren't in the right place, some weird typing errors and it would have made sense to organise by chronology, considering Clarke doesn't manage to organise by theme.Also, it'd be really easy to fake a "ghost" in a spellchecker if you knew how to modify the dictionary file in Word and I'm surprised that Clarke considers it a weird unexpected mystery instead. Then again Clarke really, really wants to believe. Conclusion: [...]

    22. In a manner recalling the gentleman scholars of earlier ages*, Clarke picks a comprehensive and wilfully provocative title, and then provides a book which is at best tangential to it. This is no comprehensive survey of the field and, while it may be a personal journey of sorts, that’s more in the sense of its being an idiosyncratic trip through the high points of haunted history than the prime cliché of modern non-fiction structures. Not so idiosyncratic as to miss out 50 Berkeley Square, Bor [...]

    23. This was an intelligent and enjoyable study of 500 years of ghostly encounters and the psychology of folklore. The book was utterly compelling, and unlike other books on the subject, was written in a sober and considered style which "lifted the lid" on some of the 18th and 19th Centuries most notorious hauntings, and posited that "Hauntings" can be as much psychological as they can tangible. The book is organised into sections covering the Taxonomy of ghosts; pyschological theories of ghosts, an [...]

    24. First, I should note that I received a free copy of this book via a giveaway and St. Martin's Press, and that this does not influence my review. I love ghost stories and was intrigued by the idea of examining belief in ghosts, the way people's perception of ghosts has changed over time, and the methods they have used in attempts to contact ghosts.Clarke is more inclined to believe than I am (yep, I'll admit I'm a skeptic), but his research is solid, his knowledge of the subject is extensive, an [...]

    25. The author has been interested in ghosts since he was a child and his fascination with the subject really comes over in this book which I found totally engrossing reading. He looks at some of the famous hauntings such as Borley Rectory as well as less well known ones both ancient and modern. Ghosts go in fashions as well as changing their dress according to the era in which they are seen. Shrouds were fashionable at one time but then in the nineteenth century everyone wore black, whether that wa [...]

    26. My first issue with this book is this: Where has this been all my life? I (like the author) have had a long time love affair with ghosts and ghost stories. There are numerous anthologies of works by M. R. James, Lovecraft and Dickens, but very little objective material is available on the subject of the current state of paranormal investigations. Yes, there is plenty of material out there, but much of it is slanted toward the pro-ghost ideology. This book fills in a much needed gap. Clarke gives [...]

    27. Here we are taken on a journey that begins way back with the Roman lawyer Pliny the Younger, who wrote an account of a haunted house in Athens. But there is only one other account in AD 731 from the Venerable Bede before we are suddenly whisked ahead to the 1500s, when we get a loose history of haunting, ghost hunting, and supernatural literature from then until the present day. At only 305 pages of text, it's quite a short book, and the author tries to do too much in the available space. He spe [...]

    28. Reade is not trying to prove whether or not ghosts exist (which is why I wanted to read this book) but what the history is on belief in ghosts. He goes back to the 17the century in England (which is the only country he deals with) and his stories are none that I've heard about.He tells us when the perpetrator has been uncovered and in cases where none was found who was suspected. He shows how contemporaries dealt with the phenomenon and mentions something that I had never thought about: the lowe [...]

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