Game Seven

Game Seven

Paul Volponi / Sep 15, 2019

Game Seven My name is Julio Ramirez Jr and baseball is my whole life Since he was ten Julio has lived in the shadow of his famous father Not just because Julio Senior is a pitcher for the Miami Marlins but bec

  • Title: Game Seven
  • Author: Paul Volponi
  • ISBN: 9780670785186
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My name is Julio Ramirez Jr and baseball is my whole life Since he was ten, Julio has lived in the shadow of his famous father Not just because Julio Senior is a pitcher for the Miami Marlins, but because he fled Cuba to play professional baseball, leaving his Julio and his mother and sister branded as the family of a traitor Now sixteen, Julio dreams of playing forMy name is Julio Ramirez Jr and baseball is my whole life Since he was ten, Julio has lived in the shadow of his famous father Not just because Julio Senior is a pitcher for the Miami Marlins, but because he fled Cuba to play professional baseball, leaving his Julio and his mother and sister branded as the family of a traitor Now sixteen, Julio dreams of playing for Cuba s national team until he finds out his father s defection may destroy his chances When he s given the opportunity to flee Cuba, he has to make the toughest choice of his life Can he abandon his family, just like his Papi did Will freedom be worth the perilous journey and risking prison if he s caught Will his Papi be waiting for him on the other shore or, with the Marlins in the World Series against the Yankees, has Julio Senior forgotten about his son Set against the backdrop of the Series on which everything depends, Game Seven is a suspenseful story of loyalty, survival, and baseball.

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    1. Game Seven is a very well crafted story. Julio is arguably the best shortstop in Cuba and he dreams of playing for their National team. But, there's a problem, he may never get the chance because of his superstar pitcher/father who defected and is now playing for the Miami Marlins. When faced with the choice to stay in Cuba and be held back by the government or to possibly attempt defecting to join his father in America, Julio needs to sort through his very mixed emotions and make a decision tha [...]

    2. I thought this book was really good and I recommend you read it or give it a try. The book takes place in Cuba and the U.S. the main character's name is Julio Ramirez Jr. and it about is journey in baseball and his life. This book really gets you hooked from the start and it a good read.

    3. #WeNeedDiverseBooks PERSONAL CHOICE.WOW! I've only attended a 1/2 dozen baseball games in my life, but this book made me fall in love with the game. That's brilliance. The intense action and fast pace is perfect for reluctant readers, and the subject matter will appeal to boys, but is certainly accessible to and will hold the interest of girls.Paul Volponi is an exceptional writer who creates scenes so realistic that you'll feel the boat rocking and tumbling, the heat pounding, and a baseball sm [...]

    4. I think the purpose for Paul Volponi writing this book was to tell all the readers who read this book about how much Julio Ramirez Jr. loves the game of baseball. This story talks about Julio living in the shadows of his father until he was ten. In the story “Game Seven” we are told that Julio’s dad left Cuba to play in the Major Leagues for the Miami Marlins. Before he plays for them he is playing in Cuba for the Cuban National Baseball Team as one of the best pitchers of all time. This s [...]

    5. My name is Ethan Puffer and this is my book review on the book called “Game Seven.” This book was about a sixteen year old, Julio Ramirez Jr trying to make it big, this would definitely be hard considering what his father did. His father made it onto the Cuban National Baseball team and was able to travel to America for some games, while in the United States he ditched his team and country to find a better life in the Americas. This is the reason it is so hard for Julio to make it the nation [...]

    6. J. Drew Washam Mrs. Barnes English 132 2 October 2016Paul Volponi "hit one out of the park" when he wrote Game Seven. The book is about 16 year old Julio Ramirez Jr. (aka Jr.) and his journey from Cuba to America to find his father, Julio Ramirez Sr. (aka "Papi"), who is playing in the American World Series. The main conflict in the story is Julio having to leave his mother and sister in Cuba so he may have a better life in America and find his father. The reader can easily tell that Volpani's t [...]

    7. I very thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I very closely relate to the main character Julio Ramirez Jr. in the way that he is practically addicted to baseball and in love with the game. In the book, Julio's father "El Fuego", the closer for the Florida Marlins, defects from Cuba, meaning he left and moved to America. This sometimes gives Julio obstacles to overcome, because owners of different Cuban baseball teams think he will defect just like his father. Even though he resents his father fo [...]

    8. This book full of many twist and turns about a real Cuban scenario kept me interested all the way through. When many of the characters talk about the things that we hear about on the news and see in articles is very catchy. When Julio has to overcome his life long dream with a wild adventure over seas and start a new life he finds out many things that he isn't sure that he wants to know.

    9. I really like this book so far. It explains things well with plenty of detail. I haven't finished yet but i'm expecting it to be a very good book.

    10. Game Seven By: Paul Volponi Finding a good book that I enjoy is very hard for me to do but when i opened this book the first work had me hooked. I am a huge sports fan and usually the sports books I read are all the same few stories. This book is different it keeps you wanting to read on and on. The most amazing thing about this book is how much you can relate to it no matter who you are or what your story is. This is definitely one of my favorite books I have ever read. After reading this book [...]

    11. **2 Stars**Surprised by the ease of reading. 2 Star rating because I hate baseball and that was the focus of the book. Full review to come

    12. I think the reason for Paul Volponi writing this book was to tell the readers who read this book about how much Julio Ramirez Jr. likes baseball. This book talks about Julio almost living in the shadows of his father until he was the age of about 10. In the book “Game Seven” Paul Volponi tells us that Julio’s dad left Cuba to play in the Major Leagues for the Miami Marlins. But before he goes to America he plays in Cuba for the Cuban National Baseball Team as one of the best pitchers ever [...]

    13. I was so glad to stumble across this new book by Paul Volponi. I know several readers who read and reread anything he writes. GAME SEVEN won't disappoint them. Julio is sixteen and dreams of playing shortstop for the Cuban Nacionales. He was raised with baseball in his blood. He has memories of playing catch with his father and still plays with the glove Julio Sr. gave him. Unfortunately, the man who taught Julio to play may become the reason Julio isn't chosen to represent Cuba. His father was [...]

    14. I really liked this book. I gave Game Seven a four star rating because it really captures the essence of what the Cuban defects really have to go through. In this book, Julio and his cousin, uncle and friend take a trip across the ocean to America. Julius father defected a few years before Julio did. That left some tensions between Julio and his father.(Papi) This book really made me feel like I was in the 59' Buick as the traveled across the ocean, in the bullpen with other Marlins. I already [...]

    15. Julio's father defected from Cuba when he was playing a game in the US. Julio was devastated by the loss of his father, but still loves baseball and would like to get onto the junior Nacional team. Everyone knows about his father, though, and thinks that Julio is a bad flight risk, so the manager doesn't particularly want to take him on. With the help of his uncle, he and his cousin escape to Florida in a reworked vintage car. Will Julio's father come to his aid in the US? When Julio is on his j [...]

    16. Paul Volponi writes sports scenes that make you feel you are watching the game. Final Four may be my favorite sports book ever! This book is a bit different in that the focus is far more on the characters and relationships with the sports action feeling a bit distant. Much of the sports is second hand, listened to through a transistor radio and and the effect emphasizes what has happened to the relationship between Julio and his famous father."El Fuego,"a brilliant pitcher, abandoned his family [...]

    17. It is about a grown man who is in the world series and has to make the game-winning and series-winning throw to first does he make it read the book to find out.

    18. I recommend this book for people who are interested into baseball or people that at least understand the game of baseball. The main characters dad is very good at baseball but is from a different country but moves to the U.S to play a game and ends up playing for U.S team. Not knowing the consequences and hardships that his family will experience due to the whole country hating him and there family cant support themselves financially and physically without his presence. His son is also very good [...]

    19. Game Seven by Paul Volponi was an okay book. It was about a teenage baseball player who lives in the shadow of his famous major league pitcher father- that abandoned the main character Julio and his mom and sister when coming to America to get into the big league. Julio hates his father, since he left without an explanation or a goodbye, and he swears to never grow up to be like his papi. Though Julio swears this, as he grows older, he realizes that his dad made the right choice when he left for [...]

    20. Game Seven is a novel that while lighthearted still has a dark message. The message perceived through the book is that sometimes selfishness means safety. The thought of us leaving is always in the back of our minds but what if that’s the only choice you have for freedom is to leave everything you know and love is put on hold because your dad has defected. Now you must suffer the consequences. The novel is written in first person and is centered around Cuban baseball players with tournaments t [...]

    21. Paul Volponi is an excellent writer. Game Seven is a story with a lot about baseball in it, but it's about family relationships, growing up, and difficult decisions we have to make in life. I was impressed with how Volponi wove details into the minor parts of the story. I could visualize how Julio rolled up on his bike, his dive into the ocean, the sand on his face. Although the entire story is told from only one point of view, the narrator's voice doesn't grow tiresome. Julio's conflicted feeli [...]

    22. I thought this book was very good I normally don't like anything to do with baseball but I enjoyed this book till the end. Julio jr was never proud of his dad. His dad defected from Cuba when he was young. Julio's family suffered in ways because of that. He always disliked his dad for leaving but in the end he realizes why his dad did what he did and their relationship becomes stronger in the end.

    23. Living in Cuba, Julio Ramirez Jr. is the son of a famous Cuban pitcher El Fuego who defected to the United States and left Julio to play baseball on his own and try to make his own name for himself and not by judged by the actions of his father. This book was good because it mixes baseball with something that is real in Cuba and here with the defecting and all. I enjoyed this book because I like baseball and I saw the title and instantly chose the book.

    24. Julio lives in Cuba and loves to play baseball; he is an excellent shortstop and is a likely candidate for the Nacionals team - except that his dad defected to the US when Julio was young and the Cuban government is wary that Julio might also defect.Great sports story as well as addressing family issues plus the Cuban refugee situation without making any of them feel overwhelming or preachy.

    25. Another great book by a great author! Like his other books, Game Seven far exceeded my expectations. It was fast paced and incorporated intense topics like Cuban defection and refugee crossing the 90 miles to the U.S. Highly suggested to anyone whether interested in baseball or not!

    26. It's a great time of year to read a baseball book. I enjoyed the intertwining stories of baseball and a daring escape from Cuba. I would recommend this book to any reader who enjoys sports and a little bit of action.

    27. I loved this book about baseball, family, and freedom. Volponi pens another winning sports title!

    28. Julio is desperate to play professional baseballjust like his dad. Dad however bailed on his family and his country when he played in America. Julio would never do that.or would he?

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