The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be

Armin A. Brott Jennifer Ash / Nov 20, 2019

The Expectant Father Facts Tips and Advice for Dads to Be Revised and expanded for the second edition this text provides an action packed month by month guide to all the emotional financial and even physical changes a father to be may experience during th

  • Title: The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be
  • Author: Armin A. Brott Jennifer Ash
  • ISBN: 9780789205384
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revised and expanded for the second edition, this text provides an action packed, month by month guide to all the emotional, financial and even physical changes a father to be may experience during the course of his partner s pregnancy.

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    1. So, it’s the big day. My wife and I are going to the hospital to be admitted, and in a few short hours (hopefully) we will be delivering a healthy baby girl into the world, and I have to say that I’m much less nervous than I would have been had I not read Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash’s excellent daddy-to-be prep guidebook “The Expectant Father”.I’m still nervous, of course, but many of my fears and confusions have been allayed somewhat by the thorough and straightforward research [...]

    2. Kind of a lot of extraneous information gets in the way of what should be a much shorter book. This book insulted my intelligence. I guess this wasn't really what I was looking for. It's too broad to be of any real use to me. I much prefer brief, no-bullshit specific advice on things that are not subjective. This just came across as a really well-meaning collection of good things which don't really match up with each other. Who wants to sift through that? Especially new fathers or fathers to be. [...]

    3. When you’re having a baby, almost everyone whose had one has some advice for you, whether you want it or not. Unfortunately, it’s still considered rude in our society to tell those people to shut up.This book is kind of like that. It’s more or less one person’s opinions and experience with a few studies thrown in. The difference between this and some lady you see at a restaurant is that you can tell the book to shut up.I ended up skimming quite a bit of the book (Is it bad that I skipped [...]

    4. I bought this book for my husband to read as we're expecting our first baby. We both read it. I found it generic, he found it insulting and humorous.Here are some of his favorite tips for dads:--If you need a break because you're overwhelmed by your wife's pregnancy and emotional state, take a break from her. Go to the beach. Take a vacation on your own. (This will probably become one of the many in-jokes in our pregnancy.)--You're a hero if you go to the doctor's appointments with her. (When we [...]

    5. I'm not even gonna waste my time reviewing this useless sad excuse of a book. I'm intellectually offended by how commercial this book is.

    6. This book is fantastic. The first time you and your wife become pregnant, books will start appearing out of thin air telling her every minute detail of what is happening each day of the pregnancy, what the baby is doing now, how big it is, what might go wrong now, and how to deal with it. If you are like is, you'll end up with 2.3 copies of each book on the subject. This book is different, because it is for the father. It not only tells you what is going on with your wife, and future offspring, [...]

    7. I bought this for my husband, but wound up really enjoying it for myself! It was really interesting to hear about pregnancy from the male perspective, something that is really lacking in probably most books of this type. I thought the author was a good balance between a "real" parent, with perhaps a little "hippie" thrown in there. For example, he pointed out that most practitioners don't love birth plans I suspected that, but from all the other mommy blogs and books you would think EVERYONE has [...]

    8. Reading this book while watching my wife rest during labor has been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I wish I would have read this book as soon as we discovered we were pregnant but the insight was still very well-received. All dads-to-be should read this!

    9. Well written, solid and insightful. I can say that the medical information provided is pretty spot on in all regards and that this book should be required reading for all expecting dads.

    10. An informative book for expectant fathers. Each chapter deals with a different stage of pregnancy, and tells what’s happening with the woman (physically and emotionally), what’s happening with the baby, and what’s happening with you (the man). The author references many medical and psychological studies, but also adds anecdotes from his own experience, which provides just enough humor.The author’s stance is that men shouldn’t bottle up their feelings, but should be open to expressing t [...]

    11. Armin Brott's THE EXPECTANT FATHER is a terrific resource for new daddies preparing for the biggest, and most rewarding, change in their life. Brott is direct and straight-forward in his presentations, and his information is well-researched and sourced, so if you have any questions or would like to know more about the material presented, it's very easy to find his primary sources. He has also compiled a very handy Resources appendix to further one's own research into this challenging new landsca [...]

    12. I read The Expectant Father as things progressed during my wife's pregnancy and with her 'estimated due date' tomorrow, I've finished just in time.I'm sure lots of people would tell parents-to-be that if they read "just one book" it should be ___, but for dads, I don't believe there's a better book for THEM than this one.Every chapter covers what's going on with your partner, you, and the baby that month. It touches upon what you need to be doing to prepare for the baby (financially, physically, [...]

    13. I love the fact that there is a book dedicated to the sorely underrepresented portion of the population known as fathers. In many pregnancy or newborn books, words for the father are usually relegated to amusing anecdotes or sidebars. The Expectant Father puts dads at the forefront (as one might anticipate).However, for a book with such an extensive bibliography and resource section, I found much of the information inaccurate or unhelpful. Another review already mentioned this, but bumpers are o [...]

    14. If you are the type of person who likes information conveyed in more of a reference, straightforward, and bullet pointed manner, then this is your book of choice for all things fatherhood. I appreciated the breadth of knowledge covered (I don't think any stone was left unturned) and I certainly learned more than I could have ever hoped. But this is also my only complaint about the book. Since every stone was unturned, there weren't any curveballs, there wasn't any long winded diatribes or rants, [...]

    15. This book was fantastic! It provides lots of great information and is a fun read - it is definitely a book written by a guy for guys. While written in a format such that each chapter corresponds to each month of the pregnancy, you should just read the whole thing (I did). Other than the first few pages of each chapter, which talk about how the baby, the mother and you are feeling, the rest of the chapter does not relate much to the specific month. For example, chapter three talks a lot about mon [...]

    16. Excellent collection of practical information and advice for expectant fathers. I liked it so much, I bought a 2nd copy of a friend. Chapters are organized by month of pregnancy. Topics discussed cover a very broad range of topics, some of which get readdressed several times as things process. Issues like: sex, finances, emotions, college-funds, what to buy and when, and good detail about various medical procedures that may or may not be involved. I liked the focus on the relationship with your [...]

    17. Not only is this the best book I've seen for expectant fathers, but it might be the best book I've seen for expectant parents. Sure, the focus is on the father's relationship to the pregnancy and his partner, but this book does an excellent job of addressing the issues in an even-handed and calm manner. The author, though rather manly (an ex-marine), isn't trying to pigeon-hole fathers-to-be into some hyper-manly role instead he takes a very modern and sensitive approach to what it means to be a [...]

    18. Brott offers fairly comprehensive advice on active fathering and is a good advocate for new dads in a sexist society that still understands women to be the primary nurturer. Brott examines the way men are socialized away from childcare and makes the case for parity. Informed by this feminist commitment, Brott explains on a month by month basis what is going on with you, your partner, and the baby as you approach birth. He's frequently amusing. A good book.

    19. It was okay. It was great for dad-to-be to read something geared towards him, but the tone was a little patronizing sometimes, and the author claims that male genital mutilation is okay and cool and not comparable to female genital mutilation. I don't care if you use religion or culture or whatever to justify the mutilation of your child's body, it's all mutilation forced on a minor.

    20. I purchased this book for my husband when I was pregnant because I wanted him to be able to relate to what I was going through. I ended up reading it and found it to be very helpful for me, too! The month by month format is straightforward and I appreciated the breakdown of what the dad might be feeling, what the mom is experiencing, and how baby is developing.

    21. This book was incredibly helpful for me. I just wish I hadn't skipped over the section on C-Sections since that's what my wife ended up needing. But it has definitely helped prepare me for my wife's pregnancy and the early stages of caring for our new baby.

    22. imperfect and incomplete, but gentle, thoughtful, useful, hopeful.(of course, i am still terrified. and excited. and terrified.)

    23. When my wife found out she was pregnant, she went out and bought three books for herself, and a book for me (without telling me), and this was said book. I resisted heavily at first. My views on parenting was just that I would take things as they came. If I wasn't sure about something, I would look it up on the spot and that there wasn't any need to actually read a book about my wife's pregnancy. As I read, I kept learning more and more that was helpful to both myself and my wife. One of the big [...]

    24. My wife bought this book for me after she found out that she was pregnant with our first child. The book was full of very useful information, and I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge from it. Since this is our first child and my wife and I are the first of our friend group to have a child, this was a great way for me to prepare myself for what is to come. I really enjoyed how the book was layed out in chronological order of the pregnancy. It was also nice to see that this book address many di [...]

    25. It pretty much hit every topic I could think of when you are a first time dad expecting a baby. The book is for everyone, easy to pick up and read. The point of the book is to be the one stop shop guide for new dads. Yes, will there be parts that don't apply to you. Yes, there are points where you go, "Well no shit, who doesn't know that?"Well someone didn't. That's why you get the book. To learn. My favorite thing about the book was that it was reassuring. It hit the points that I would (or pos [...]

    26. The impending fatherhood experience has certain motifs that are easily recognizeable. While plunging into the unknown frontiers of fatherhood, I have to admit that I felt reassured that several of my unnamable frustrations were echoed across mankind. Nevertheless, the book's content comes off as slightly generic and in need of editing on some sections. Perhaps I should not have expected more from a guide to living an experience, as experience naturally unfolds in unique ways for each of us.I rec [...]

    27. In the book, there are a lot of practical advises that can really understand what is going on with your baby and more importantly with your partner. I believe, the book helped me to be more involved, more prepared and more patient. For that, I'm very grateful. Unfortunately, some topics don't have enough scientific studies, and some are entirely questionable so everything should be taken with a grain of salt. That is probably unavoidable since we just don't have the consensus for a lot of questi [...]

    28. The book is good. It has all the details about things than will happen over the 9 months of pregnancy. But it is very Americanized. It is written exclusively for the citizens of United States of America. It has suggestions & guidance that are applicable only to their country. Also, during my wife's pregnancy, I never had enough time to read it. This is one of the first books which I never finished.

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