A Dusk of Demons

A Dusk of Demons

John Christopher / Sep 23, 2019

A Dusk of Demons From the author of the Tripods Trilogy this futuristic fantasy provides fast paced excitement in a world of danger and uncertainty Ben has always heard stories of the Demons father the Master dies

  • Title: A Dusk of Demons
  • Author: John Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780027184259
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the Tripods Trilogy, this futuristic fantasy provides fast paced excitement in a world of danger and uncertainty Ben has always heard stories of the Demons father, the Master, dies mysteriously and Ben is told the Demons are responsible Now, his life is in danger.

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        Sam Youd was born in Lancashire in April 1922, during an unseasonable snowstorm.As a boy, he was devoted to the newly emergent genre of science fiction In the early thirties, he later wrote, we knew just enough about the solar system for its possibilities to be a magnet to the imagination Over the following decades, his imagination flowed from science fiction into general novels, cricket novels, medical novels, gothic romances, detective thrillers, light comedies In all he published fifty six novels and a myriad of short stories, under his own name as well as eight different pen names.He is perhaps best known as John Christopher, author of the seminal work of speculative fiction, The Death of Grass today available as a Penguin Classic , and a stream of novels in the genre he pioneered, young adult dystopian fiction, beginning with The Tripods Trilogy I read somewhere, Sam once said, that I have been cited as the greatest serial killer in fictional history, having destroyed civilisation in so many different ways through famine, freezing, earthquakes, feral youth combined with religious fanaticism, and progeria In an interview towards the end of his life, conversation turned to a recent spate of novels set on Mars and a possible setting for a John Christopher story strand a group of people in a remote Martian enclave and see what happens.The Mars aspect, he felt, was irrelevant What happens between the people, he said, that s the thing I m interested in.


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    3. DARK BLEND OF GOTHIC HORROR AND SATANSIMOnce again John Christopher (THE WHITE MOUNAIANS trilogy) transports us into the future where civilization has disintegrated- probably our own fault.The hero is a 14-year-old boy named Ben who witnesses the terrifying destruction of his home. Worse still, he gradually learns more about his origins origins, but is determined to reunite his foster family. Yet another hero who embarks on a personal odyssey for truth, knowledge and spiritual coming-of-age. Thi [...]

    4. Ben lives peacefully on Old Isle, with the Master and Mother Ryan and her daughters. Life is dangerous on the other islands, with demon attacks wreaking unexpected havoc at any time. When the Master dies suddenly, Ben's role in society changes drastically, since he is not who he thought he was. His safe home is no more, and for some reason those in power are very interested in keeping him close. This dystopian adventure story for middle grade readers is well-written and interesting, though more [...]

    5. this book is translated by my ever dearest friend seyed mahyar forotanfar and edited by me! published in 2006 CHESHME publication in iran.I dedicate it to john christopher`s fans

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