Let the Hurricane Roar

Let the Hurricane Roar

Rose Wilder Lane / Aug 19, 2019

Let the Hurricane Roar Newlyweds Molly and David are only sixteen and eighteen years old when they pack up their wagon and head west across the plains in search of a new homestead At first their new life is full of promise

  • Title: Let the Hurricane Roar
  • Author: Rose Wilder Lane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Newlyweds Molly and David are only sixteen and eighteen years old when they pack up their wagon and head west across the plains in search of a new homestead At first their new life is full of promise The wheat is high, the dugout is warm and cozy, and a new baby is born to share in their happiness Then disaster strikes, and David must go east for the winter to find workNewlyweds Molly and David are only sixteen and eighteen years old when they pack up their wagon and head west across the plains in search of a new homestead At first their new life is full of promise The wheat is high, the dugout is warm and cozy, and a new baby is born to share in their happiness Then disaster strikes, and David must go east for the winter to find work Molly is left alone with the baby with nothing but her own courage to face the dangers of the harsh prairie winter.

    Let the Hurricane Roar Rose Wilder Lane Let the Hurricane Roar lets us see another side, a grittier darker side, to the Ingalls clan we ve all come to know and love Read One person found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuse Casey Mesiti . out of stars Also good June , Format Paperback Verified Purchase. Let the Hurricane Roar by Rose Wilder Lane In the house was a painting that I believe was on the cover of an issue of Saturday Evening Post, during the time Let the Hurricane Roar later renamed Young Pioneers was published in the magazine I fell in love with the painting and also bought a copy of the book. Young Pioneers novel Young Pioneers novel Let the Hurricane Roar, reissued as Young Pioneers starting from , is a short novel by Rose Wilder Lane that incorporates elements of the childhood of her mother Laura Ingalls Wilder citation needed It was published in The Saturday Evening Let the Hurricane Roar by Rose W Lane, Rose Wilder Lane Most Helpful Customer Reviews Of all her novels, Let the Hurricane Roar is perhaps the best known Newlyweds Molly and David Beaton are only sixteen and eighteen when they head west to make a claim There is hard work, but at first their new life is full of promise, with the dugout built and the wheat planted. Let the Hurricane Begin Uninterrupted Telephone Service Apr , Let the Hurricane Roar , focuses primarily on the extraordinary efforts of ATT employees throughout Hurricane Hugo, keeping telephone service running non stop, police and hospitals remaining Let Hurricane Roar AbeBooks Let the Hurricane Roar Puffin Books Let the Hurricane Roar Puffin Books This book is in very good condition and will be shipped within hours of ordering The cover may have some limited signs of let the hurricane roar eBay Let the Hurricane Roar Puffin Books Wilder Lane, Rose See like this Results matching fewer words Let The Hurricane Road, by Rose Wilder Lane st Ed th Ptg Antq H C Book Let the hurricane roar Book, WorldCat Let the hurricane roar Rose Wilder Lane After getting married and settling in the Dakota territory, Charles and Caroline s lives are turned upside down when disaster strikes and Luke Combs Hurricane YouTube Oct , Category Music Song Hurricane Artist Luke Combs Licensed to YouTube by SME on behalf of River House Artists Columbia Nashville LatinAutor, Big Machine Music Publishing , Abramus Digital Hurricane AccuWeather Let AccuWeather help you personalize your day to day forecasts, to help you better know how to plan your day, and your outdoor activities.

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        Rose Wilder Lane December 5, 1886, De Smet, Dakota Territory October 30, 1968, Danbury, Connecticut was an American journalist, travel writer, novelist, and political theorist She is noted with Ayn Rand and Isabel Paterson as one of the founding mothers of the American libertarian movement.


    1. Basically the same story as YOUNG PIONEERS, except the YOUNG PIONEERS are David and Molly and the HURRICANE is LET ROAR aroundCaroline and Charles? Why, wherever did those names come from? :) Well, if you have the chance to read them both, go on ahead, and I hope you enjoy them!

    2. This book, written by the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder is along the same lines as the "Little House" books. It is an enjoyable, quick read detailing the struggles of a young couple setting out into the frontier. The characters names are Charles and Caroline, and with their characterizations, seemed that it could have been about the author's grandparents, Pa and Ma in "Little House," except that the plot of the story didn't seem to match up with the early books of that series.Other than wonde [...]

    3. I have always loved the "Little House" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and when I heard about this book, I wanted to read it. David and Molly in the story were modeled after Rose's grandparents, Charles and Caroline Ingalls. While the book is geared towards young folks, I did enjoy it quite a bit. While the "Little House" books are geared towards a younger set, "Young Pioneers" makes a nice addition to your bookshelves for your older children. I think the "Young Pioneers" is a bit more realistic w [...]

    4. Recommended, but not required, for an online Laura Ingalls Wilder class I am currently taking. Interesting contrast with Wilder's writing, as Rose took a lot of her mom's memories and put it together into a fiction before hers were published. It was interesting to run across familiar episodes, but it was also instructive at how much better Laura's voice and characterizations were.

    5. Rose Wilder Lane, Laura Ingalls' daughter, writes a compelling story about a young couple carving out a place to survive in the wild west. Young Pioneers, originally titled Let the Hurricane Roar, depicts what reviewers call "the grown up version of Laura Ingalls' tale." The largest difference between Rose's book and her mother's series is that we see settlement through adult eyes rather than a child's. Although the two main characters are young in years, David is eighteen and Molly a few years [...]

    6. A good book for those who loved the Little House series by Rose's mom Laura Ingalls Wilder. I'm a bit annoyed by the reviewers who didn't take the time to figure out that Rose's book pre-dates Laura's and any quick Google search will show that the Little House books only came about at Rose's urging and assistance. It is a quick, sweet story and does not hinge on knowing anything about Little House. The ending is a bit abrupt and the reader hopes there will be more. Good for all ages.

    7. Young Pioneers is the tale of a brave young couple, Molly and David, who travel west to find a homestead of their home after their marriage. They are only 18 and 16 years old at the time. Molly in particular is a brave young woman who not only gives birth on the prairie with only her husband in attendance, but also manages to live alone and keep the homestead when David has to get work out east after a grasshopper plague. “In the daylight she saw the devastated country more clearly. There was [...]

    8. I was very disappointed in this book. I am taking a class on Laura Ingalls Wilder, where part of our discussion is how much influence did Rose have on Laura's Little House books. I don't see how anyone can even compare their writing styles. I understand Rose used Laura's Pioneer Girl biography as source material for this story, which Laura also used for portions of her Little House novels. A number of scenes are clearly recognizable, for example, the grasshoppers and trying to save the wheat. Si [...]

    9. Couldn't put it down. I found the writing sharp and the story engrossing. Thinking of doing a Pioneer theme for my summer book group. This would be a good choice for one of the books.Need 2 more.

    10. I thought this book was okay. I know that I would not be able to be by myself with my child/children all alone for a whole season, especially back in those days. What strong and courageous women they were to have to endure all that they had to go through.

    11. You have to feel sorry for Rose Wilder Lane: at one point, SHE was the famous author in the family. In her lifetime, she wrote over 20 books, and countless magazine and newspaper articles. She wrote biographies of Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover, and Charlie Chaplin. She is considered one of the founders of the Libertarian movement.Now? She’s mainly relegated to being “the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder.” She’s a footnote in the sad chapter of “The First Four Years.”My daughter and I ha [...]

    12. Why was Rose Wilder Lane largely forgotten as a writer while her mother reigns eternal in the annals of American literature? While she had an eye for story exposition and structure, she lacked her mother's lyrical ability and poetic way of describing the world around her. Rose writes her family's history in a short little novel that sold well at the time it was published but has since faded into obscurity. Laura wrote the same story, but the way in which she told it seared its memory into the so [...]

    13. Rose Wilder Lane is Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter and this novel was written in 1933.A quick read, only 152 pages, this is impossible to put down. It details what was involved in traveling west, living in a dugout, attempting to communicate with neighbors who spoke only Swedish, giving birth with only the help of a neighbor, and the heartbreak of losing crops to devastating swarms of grasshoppers. The novel was based on the history of Rose W. Lane's grandparents' homesteading adventures.

    14. I planned to read this over a couple days, but I couldn't put it down and finished it in one evening. I was surprised at how many things I could relate to, impressed by Molly's strength, and grateful for the luxuries of modern day life, like being able to communicate quickly with people who are far away. I'm looking forward to discussing this with book group.

    15. This short book gives a glimpse of what life was really like settling the vast American prairie. Instead of the romance we see harsh circumstances, but the reader is also treated to the strength and courage of the women and mothers who helped settle our country. It reminds me of stories told by my grandmothers when I was a little girl.

    16. Obviously she would write based on stories her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, had told her. This was a complete copy cat of the first few Little House on the Prairie books! I loved those books so this one, not so much

    17. It sort of was like Little House on the Prairie. So much so that I can see why ppl say she wrote the Little House Books using her mother's name.

    18. It's like someone took "On the Banks of Plum Creek," "By the Shores of Silver Lake" and "The Long Winter," combined them and rewrote them from Caroline Ingalls' point of view -- in fact, the main characters were initially named Charles and Caroline, until Laura Ingalls Wilder (Rose's mother), who was in the middle of the "Little House" series, objected. But whether named Charles and Caroline or David and Molly, they're recognizable to anyone who has read "Little House," though Charles/David is m [...]

    19. A few years ago, I visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesite in Mansfield, Missouri. In the house was a painting that I believe was on the cover of an issue of Saturday Evening Post, during the time Let the Hurricane Roar (later renamed Young Pioneers) was published in the magazine. I fell in love with the painting and also bought a copy of the book. Just the other day I saw it on my shelf and realized I had never read it.I finished it in just a couple of days. I am very familiar with all of Lau [...]

    20. Charles and Caroline are young, newly married, and looking to start their lives on a homestead by Plum Creek. Life is starting out well for the young couple: they have a beautiful baby boy and the wheat crop looks like it will bring a good yield. Soon, the harshness of the prairie rears its ugly head and all looks bleak. Lane gathered many of her story ideas from her parents, and that is obvious from the very names of her protagonists. In many of Laura Ingalls Wilder's fan mail, she had to set t [...]

    21. Having read her mother's "Little House" books and visited the various Laura Ingalls Wilder historic sites (most recently in Mansfield, Missouri), I wanted to read something by her famous-in-her-own-right daughter. I felt this novel could have been written by Rose Wilder Lane's mother as a number of the incidents in the story are much like events which happened in Laura's life. Rose Wilder Lane's characters did more overtly express frustration and other strong emotions when the pioneers were conf [...]

    22. I learned about Rose's written works earlier this year when I visited the Wilder home and museum in Missouri. I marked this one to read and have just now gotten around to reading it. Rose writes very well and tells the story of Charles and Caroline, a young couple who go West to start a new life. Many of the events that happen are similar to Laura's life on the frontier. The characters display bravery, love, and hope during hardships. This was an edifying read and I recommend to fans of the Litt [...]

    23. I have always been drawn to stories about the brave pioneers who left the comforts of home to face the unknown. I especially love the stories of women and the challenges they faced. How did these women survive? They were constantly fighting the elements, searching for water, and food. They survived with so little yet prospered. With hard, backbreaking work, and the grace of God, their stories enthrall me.

    24. I read this book many years ago and really enjoyed it. When reading Prairie Fire (biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder) this book was mentioned along with Young Pioneers. Very good read about a young couple going west and homesteading. I was sad to realize that the book Young Pioneers was first published as Let the Hurricane Roar with the character names changed, but the same story.

    25. Brought back warm memories from the Little House books of my childhood, so yes I liked it. Still, the writing itself was choppy at points and could have used a bit of editing at other places. It also seems to end a bit abruptly. Maybe she intended to write a sequel?

    26. This is one may be by Rose Wilder but it is not like Little House books. Pretty skimpy on the details. It's ok. Pioneer books in general make you think about how soft we are today. Help us all if we lose our technology and have to survive the way people used to. lol

    27. I have loved this book since I first read it when I was pre-teen. The characters of David and Molly are as loved by me as the Ingalls family in the Little House books.

    28. Lovely story, kind of remembers of the time near Plum Creek when Pa Ingalls had to go east for work because of the grashoppersI'm glad I got to read it.

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