Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights

Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights

Diane Eickhoff / Jun 17, 2019

Revolutionary Heart The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women s Rights Everyone knows about the Votes for Women campaign that led to the th Amendment in Few know just how long the struggle really was Decades earlier brave women began breaking the taboo of remaini

  • Title: Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights
  • Author: Diane Eickhoff
  • ISBN: 9780976443445
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone knows about the Votes for Women campaign that led to the 19th Amendment in 1920 Few know just how long the struggle really was Decades earlier, brave women began breaking the taboo of remaining silent at gatherings that included men They began signing their names to petitions, flexing political muscle long before they had the vote They wrote millions of woEveryone knows about the Votes for Women campaign that led to the 19th Amendment in 1920 Few know just how long the struggle really was Decades earlier, brave women began breaking the taboo of remaining silent at gatherings that included men They began signing their names to petitions, flexing political muscle long before they had the vote They wrote millions of words and published some of the most influential books and journals of their day No one represents this early struggle the small triumphs and discouraging setbacks better than Clarina Howard Nichols 1810 1885 , the Vermont newspaper publisher whose speeches made a powerful case for equality Nichols, herself the victim of a failed marriage, was a magnet to abused and mistreated women and was their advocate at a time when her sex was just beginning to speak up And when she felt progress wasn t coming soon enough, she moved west, to Bleeding Kansas, where she would make history and show the world that feminism could thrive on the frontier Diane Eickhoff, who first wrote Nichols biography in 2006 as Revolutionary Heart, has reimagined her story for all ages Booklist declared, The name Clarina Nichols deserves to be placed next to those of such luminaries as Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and readers of this inspiring historical biography will heartily agree.

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        Diane Eickhoff has taught in a one room schoolhouse, worked for civil rights and women s rights, edited textbooks, served as a public relations director, and published widely as a freelance writer over three decades Now, thanks to her work on Clarina Nichols and the early women s rights movement, Diane Eickhoff has added lines to her r sum award winning biographer, humanities scholar, captivating performer.Raised on her family s farm in Minnesota, Eickhoff has lived in New York City, Chicago, and her current home of Kansas City, where she moved with her husband in 1997 Published Works Revolutionary Heart Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women s Rights, Quindaro Press, 2006 Frontier Freedom Fighter Clarina Nichols and the Early Women s Rights Movement, audiobook , Quindaro Press, 2006Awards Winner, First Place, Kansas Notable Book, 2007 Kansas Center for the Book Book of the Year Award in Biography, 2007 Foreword Magazine Finalist in Nonfiction, Kansas City Star and The Writer s Place Award for best books by Missouri and Kansas authors Ben Franklin Awards, finalist, biography autobiography, 2007 IPPY finalist, biography, 2007.


    1. This book is adapted from the 2003 biography, Revolutionary Heart also written by the Diane Eickhoff. This book is targeted for the young adult reader, and I found it well written for that market. However, one doesn't need to be young to enjoy this book while also learning about the beginnings of the struggle for women's rights.Clarina Irene Howard Nichols (1810 – 1885) was a journalist, lobbyist and public speaker involved in the causes of temperance, abolition, and the women's rights. The st [...]

    2. FIRST READSThe life of women’s right crusader Clarina Nichols is the focus of “Revolutionary Heart” by editor-turned-historian Diane Eickhoff. Through Nichols life, we not only see the accomplishments of a very determined woman but also see the history of the three great antebellum reform movements.The life of Clarina Nichols begins at one end of the country (Vermont) to the other (California), but a very important part of her life was spent in helping settle and attempt to influence the f [...]

    3. "Clarina Nichols" is a non-fiction book geared for young adult readers to introduce them to Clarina Nichols, a woman who fought for voting rights for women. She was at the forefront of trying to change things for all women to give them more rights in a time where women were really expected to keep quiet and stay at home. I really didn't know of Clarina Nichols at all before this book and after reading this book, I find it sad that she is another name that has mostly been lost to history.I love w [...]

    4. I don't know much about the women's right's movement. I should know a lot more, being a women, but I don't. And I admitably probably take our rights for granted, while complaining about how the boy's get favored where I work all the time, even though there are 5 times as many girls, and we do 99% of the same heavy lifting that the boys do.This book, to me, is more a book about the women's rights movement then about Clarina herself, though naturally, since the book is named after her, there is a [...]

    5. Earlier in March, I finished Eva Flynn's fabulous historical novel, The Renegade Queen, about Victoria Woodhull, a woman I knew only as the first woman to run for president. (She was so much more! Someday I'll get to that review!)Following that read was this Young Adult biography about Clarina Nichols, a figure totally unfamiliar to me --a smart, forward-thinking woman in the early 19th century who fought for abolition, suffrage, and freedom for all families. Somehow, Susan B. Anthony has become [...]

    6. Diane Eickhoff helps to educated young adults and older by creating another version of her book, Revolutionary Heart about Clarina Nichols. Somehow, I missed that book but was delighted to read Clarina Nichols: Frontier Crusader for Women’s Rights. This is timely book to read because we still don’t have equal pay for equal work and there are still politicians who want to make it more difficult to vote.Clarina’s life is one of courage, resilience and strength. I was not familiar with her li [...]

    7. Update! Here's the full review: bookishrealmreviews/20An interesting look at a woman's struggle to bring forward voting rights for women. There was a lot of information in this book I was not familiar and other information that I hadn't read since the time I spent getting my undergraduate degree in history. A great book for young adults of all ages. I will be doing a full post on this in a couple of days as a part of a blog tour.

    8. Excellent and compelling biography of a pioneer woman in Kansas caught up in three social movements during a time of great social change in our nation's history. This book is well researched and worth the read - especially if you are from the sunflower state. We Kansans have a grand and noble history of standing up for what is good and right in the world. I enjoyed this book.

    9. Very readable. Caught my attention not only for her crusade for Women's rights, but she lived in Kansas during fight for statehood and the Civil War, both very exciting times in eastern Kansas. Well researched and the use of so many of Nichols orignal writings makes this well worth reading.

    10. A good story, not covered by most high school or basic college history classes. Learned quite a bit about the women's suffrage movement, abolitionists, and the role of Kansas people in both.

    11. The book had some interesting facts about Clarissa Nichols, history, and the state of Kansas. It was not a page turner and somewhat dry and textbook like at times.

    12. Most Americans are familiar with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, leaders of the early women’s rights movement. Almost lost to history, though, was Clarina Nichols, a fervent advocate and activist for women’s rights. Originally a Vermont-based activist, Nichols was the only early women’s rights activist to not only campaign in the pioneer territories of the Midwest but also to settle and live in Kansas during its rough start to statehood. Diane Eickhoff’s biography Revolution [...]

    13. Diane Eickhoff brings to the page one of the many American heroines who fought for the rights of women during the late 19th century. In Clarina Nichols: Frontier Crusader for Women’s Rights, Eickhoff pulls back the curtain on Clarina Nichol’s life and legend.Although comprehensively written, this biography will appeal to all ages. Filled with Clarina’s intellect and wit, the story unfolds rapidly and with highly researched detail. There are things revealed in Clarina’s story I never hear [...]

    14. With impeccable wit and intelligence, Clarina Nichols forged ahead in the 1800s to advocate for women’s rights as portrayed in Revolutionary Heart by Diane Eickhoff. As she witnessed the unjust in the court system when dealing with divorce cases, she “learned first to despise such laws, and second, to doubt the wisdom of the men who could make them. (19)” Nichols’s strong sense of justice and character made her a strong activist and paved the way for many other female activists. From adv [...]

    15. Another excellent teen history nonfiction read from the folks at Quindaro. Before reading this book, I'd never heard of Clarina Nichols, and I briefly talked it up to a regular at my favorite coffee place, who took it out of my hands and begged to read it after I was done. I didn't realize until I was partway through that I was reading a teen-ified version of an adult book (Revolutionary Heart, which I will need to find now) as this book never feels dumbed down or sanitized in any way. It doesn' [...]

    16. Visit Raven Haired Girl for more reviews & giveawaysDiane Eickhoff gives an extensive glimpse into Clarina Nichols the woman as well as her trifecta quest for temperance, abolition and women’s rights. Comprehensive, this book will appeal to all ages. Providing Nichols’ backstory including personal and championing tribulations, the reader is privy to a woman passionate in her quest. Eickhoff crafts a broad and interesting overview of history in the quest for women’s rights while citing [...]

    17. Geared toward middle grade and teen readers, Clarina Nichols presents the true story of a remarkable woman and shines a spotlight on the struggle for women’s rights in the 1800s. It’s easy to read, but extremely captivating and full of great information that will make women grateful for the rights we do have now and fiercely proud of those who fought – without the same rights – to obtain them for us.Clarina Nichols, the woman, is a voice that until recently has been lost to history, desp [...]

    18. The work of Clarina Nichols (1810-1885) on behalf of women's rights is not as well known as that of other 19th century leaders in the movement. But Nichols, a close friend and correspondent of Susan B. Anthony, knew many of the other leaders, and worked tirelessly for the cause as a journalist and lecturer over most of her life. Her particular interest was achieving legal equality for married women regarding property rights and the custody of children, although she also worked hard for suffrage. [...]

    19. Very well-written, Very informative book. Had never heard of Clarina Nichols & I'm from the Women's Lib time of the 70's! Considered that she devoted most of her life to suffrage causes, that's pretty sad! Born in 1810 & coming from a Vermont Baptist family, Clarina had one dress for winter, one for summer. But she also had parents that believed in education for both boys & girls! By the time she was 12, her parents knew she was a budding writer & gave her a wooden laptop writing [...]

    20. This is non-fiction history written at its best. Revolutionary Heart is both well researched and skillfully written to keep the reader's attention. And if you live in Vermont, Kansas, or northern California you have an additional reason to read this book because Clarina has roots in your part of the country. This is a history of an intelligent woman who moved west, lived through the Civil War, and associated with leaders of the women's suffrage movement. She was thus a witness to the cutting edg [...]

    21. Disclaimer: I won this in a giveaway.This book was interesting, well-written, and fun to read. I'd recommend it for anyone who's interested in American history.I've read about suffragettes before, but I don't remember reading about Clarina Nichols (who this book is about). She was an amazing, resilient woman and was well-known in her time. I love how interrelated women's rights, abolition, and temperance were in the 1800's. A fascinating time in history. There was a good balance of basic facts [...]

    22. Diane Eickhoff published "Frontier Freedom Fighter: The Story of Clarina Nichols" in 2006. Her audio book (narrated by her) is inspirational. Clarina was born in 1810 and passed away in 1885. She pioneered women's rights, abolition of slavery, and social justice for all races and ethnic groups. Her writings and advocacy spanned both coasts and the Midwest. She influenced the Kansas Constitution, Underground Railroad, and women's voting rights. Eickhoff's work is a "must read."

    23. Clarina Nichols is a well written, easy to read biography of a female nineteenth century activist for women's rights such as voting and property ownership It is written on a level suitable for middle schoolers. Nichols was also a publisher in a time when women had more mundane careers if they had a career at all. Eickhoff did an excellent job from a historical perspective. This was a free review copy through .

    24. An easy to read biography of a pivotal player in many movements besides the woman's rights movement. I initially began reading this book because it was brought to my attention she had written and lived in Kansas during its earliest years. Although she doesnt have as much to say in this book about Kansas, besides on topics concerning womans suffurage and the underground railroad, it was refreshing to get a different view on the Kansas legislature of the time.

    25. I won this in a giveaway. Well written, easy to read biography of a female nineteenth century activist for women's rights. She also was involved in the abolitionist movement. It is a great book for youth since it is easy to read and very informative, At the end there is a short introduction to other figures who were involved in the struggles of 19th century America which is a good guide for those inspired to learn more.

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I could hardly put it down. What a remarkable story about a woman who is relatively unknown in history! I learned a lot about the women's rights movement in the 1800s, the temperance and anti-slavery movements, and about what life was like back then in various parts of the country.

    27. I received this book from from Giveaways.I really liked this book. This book is geared towards the YA reader so don't expect an in depth examination of Clarina Nichols' life. Despite that it, it was a really good read where I learned a great deal about this amazing woman. More people need to read this book so they can learn about this strong woman suffragette.

    28. This biography is really informative, and well written. Diane Eickhoff recounts the life and fight for women's rights of Clarina Nichols. Through Clarina's life, Diane Eickhoff also portrays how women were living at that time, their rights, their lack of rights, as well as their difficulties.

    29. I liked it. Easy, quick read on the life of one of, if not *the* earliest American suffragette. Suitable for ages 12 and up, and probably a great reference for a school paper. I learned some thingsis was a giveaway

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