The Drowner

The Drowner

Robert Drewe / Dec 09, 2019

The Drowner Will Dance is the son of a drowner a man who understands the secrets of irrigation With actress Angelica Lloyd whom he meets at the public baths Will journeys to western Australia to work on the e

  • Title: The Drowner
  • Author: Robert Drewe
  • ISBN: 9781862071087
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Will Dance is the son of a drowner , a man who understands the secrets of irrigation With actress Angelica Lloyd, whom he meets at the public baths, Will journeys to western Australia to work on the engineering miracle that was to bring fresh water uphill to a desert town gripped by two fevers the goldrush and typhoid While the love story of Angelica and Will is at theWill Dance is the son of a drowner , a man who understands the secrets of irrigation With actress Angelica Lloyd, whom he meets at the public baths, Will journeys to western Australia to work on the engineering miracle that was to bring fresh water uphill to a desert town gripped by two fevers the goldrush and typhoid While the love story of Angelica and Will is at the heart of this novel, it is but a part of the daring epic romance that unfolds.

    Drowner Witcher Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The drowner, a frightful creature of mud and scum, drags people down into mires and bubbling eddies It feeds on young women who bathe in rivers and on occasion will pull men off their horses or carts as they cross a bridge or weir. The Drowner Directed by Fred Schepisi A young English engineer and his wife arrive in the Australian goldfields to pursue a new life and work on one of the greatest engineering feats of all time a journey that challenges them both as a political and romantic minefield unfolds. The Drowner by John D MacDonald THE DROWNER John D MacDonald In a lake just outside a small Florida town, a young woman s body is found Although she was known as a strong swimmer, she had drowned She and her husband were legally separated for one year, after which they would take another look at their marriage. The Drowner The Drowner Jump to navigation Jump to search The Drowner is a novel by Australian author Robert Drewe It was shortlisted for Miles Franklin Award, and won the Vance Palmer Prize for Fiction and New South Wales Premier s Literary Awards Book of the Year in . The Drowner by Robert Drewe The Drowner Will Dance is the son of a drowner, a man who understands the secrets of irrigation With actress Angelica Lloyd, whom he meets at the public baths, Will journeys to western Australia to work on the engineering miracle that was to bring fresh water uphill to a desert town gripped by two fevers the goldrush and typhoid. The Drowner Mass Market Paperback Unfortunately The Drowner is far inferior Some good writing but after The End of the Night, MacDonald became an assembly line writer Read Helpful Comment Report abuse Vickie Davis . out of stars John D was a good author, I wish he was still with us creating books. Drowner definition of Drowner by The Free Dictionary The distancing effect of an image allows for the easy construction of monsters the child drowner, the nightclub bomber but the proximity of human need can draw people back toward the communal ethics of hospitality, reciprocity and care. The Drowner Contract CB Plays The Witcher Part Feb , After meeting the local Witch Abigail and purchasing a book about Drowners from her, Geralt is ready to tackle the the Drowner Contract First he must meet the Reverend, who is the person offering The Drowner Contract The Official Witcher Wiki Jun , The Drowner Contract The Church of the Eternal Fire seeks individuals capable of dealing with the drowners at the riverbank Payment is contingent on supplying proof of Drowners Drowners Drowners are an American Welsh indie rock band formed in New York City in by Matthew Hitt lead vocals, guitar , Jack Ridley III lead guitar , Erik Lee Snyder bass and Daniel Jacobs drums Their first release was the EP Between Us Girls which appeared in early .

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    1. Superb, lyrical writing, such that you almost hear the Moody Blues' Seventh Sojourn playing in the background, this is a book which takes you back to those deep, meaningful/less metaphysical discussions of your youth.Forget the idealistic young English engineer, Will Dance, a drowner at heart; forget the beautiful self-centred and damaged actress, Angelica; forget Inez, the young Melbourne socialite now cleaning maggots from the wounds of miners on the Goldfields; forget the visionary C.Y. O'Con [...]

    2. A beautiful book. I have owned this for over 10 years and am not sure why it's taken me so long to get around to reading it. Started slowly, but became addictive reading in a slow and lulling way. Mostly set in the backdrop of Western Australia and CYO Connor's pipeline to Kalgoorlie. So much sadness, but a joy to read. One of those books that I couldn't stop reading, knew I'd be sad to leave behind when I'd finished, but still read at every chance I got.

    3. Provides good insight into how things were in Perth in the very early days and particularly the amazing feat with tragic ends for the main architect/engineer CY O'Connor. Fictional characters with a factual backdrop. I found it hard to read at first the way the story twists and turns, but once I got used to the style I enjoyed it.

    4. Will Dance was only "nettle high, thistle high, riding on his father's shoulders" when he learned about drowning. His father, like the mole he shows to Will, and like generations of Dances before him, is a drowner: "an artist, a craftsman, a personage", who knows how to bring water from river to meadow exactly as and when it is needed. Will, like other young men of his time, prefers science to art. But his medium is water, and his profession as a civil engineer in the early days of the twentieth [...]

    5. Australian literary and historical fiction at its best. The Drowner romances people, place, and time through an elemental journey beginning in England, across Africa, and on to the vast and thirsty interior of the Western Australian goldfields. There is much for the inner soul here: you will taste the water, smell the decay, feel the heat, and you will want to cherish love while you can.With all great books, you will be left wanting more, needing to know much more. You will be required to do som [...]

    6. Very slow and boring to start with, but I was enjoying it by the end. I never would have finished this if I wasn't studying it in school.

    7. The best books leave you gasping for air, drowning in jealousy that you did not write them. They fill you with the need to reread them, to prove to yourself the assumptions you have made. They make sense only in a place of consciousness which exists in the space between reader and writer, and linger like perfume in the air a while after you've finished.Robert Drewe's The Drowner is one of the best books I have read this year.I stumbled across it by chance. Looking for scholarly material on The S [...]

    8. This is a beautifully written book full of symbolism. I can see why some critics complained that the story drowns in its own water symbolism, but I loved it. Drewe said he was trying to write a great (capital 'R') romance and I think he has in the best sense of the genre. It is complex and unpredictable, moving and thought-provoking. I would highly recommend it and will send my copy* to my mum when I'm done using it for my night class, I hope she will send it back to me afterwards.Happy reading [...]

    9. I had to read this book for a class, but boy did l find it hard to read! Well, to start anyway. The first part is very slow and well, dry, for wont of a better term. It has a morose vibe to it throughout which isn't attractive either. But alas, if you prevail to the end, it's an interesting story, with rich descriptions of each setting, which changes from England, to Africa, to Western Australia. I learnt about the fascinating history of WA, which as an Aussie was brilliant. I want to know more [...]

    10. What a terrible story. Look the language was lovely in parts, and this could have been an outstanding book but it was dull dull dull.If I want to know the intricacies of moving water I will read a book about it. I do not want a book disguised as a love story to bore me to death with technical information about water. I belive that Australian school children are sometimes required to read this book as part of their curriculum and I believe that this does a great injustice to the kids. If anything [...]

    11. Some books are better when you read them twice. The Drowner is one of those books. The first time I read it, I didn't particularly like it. I was only reading it for school. The second time I read it I actually understood what was going on and I realised I had missed a lot of genius. It is a complex love story which explores the changing tensions between Will Dance and Angelica Lloyd, the two main protagonists within the context of the Australian gold rush. I think you may enjoy this book if you [...]

    12. I struggled to get through the first section of the book, as it seemed a bit too indistinct for me. I did enjoy all of the parts set in Western Australia and many of the characters were interesting to read about. I had several laugh out loud moments, but overall it's not the kind of book I'd recommend to anyone. I only pushed through to complete this because I'm reading it for a book club. I'd not have continued after the first part if not for the book group. That said, I'm looking forward to di [...]

    13. I consider Robert Drewe's the bodysurfers to be one of the best Australian books ever but this is certainly not. Vague and disjointed story that tries to set up an occupation of drowning crops ie manipulating water on the farm to be semi religious, weird character names such as 'Alphabet Dance' and some romance between an engineer and a pretentious actress. Gave up after approx 50 pages.

    14. Poetic prose often makes for a lumpy, leaden or overwrought story. Robert Drewe's visceral, languid and sensuous language ensures that 'The Drowner' eddies and churns where others sink like sack stuffed cats thrown into the canal. The books swirls from Wiltshire to Australia with a sense of wonder and hope in spite of the harshest realities. A beautiful book.

    15. I'm glad I persisted with this Robert Drewe book.It wasn't easy going at the start and probably half the book, but then things got interesting. Water is used as a metaphor for a lot of things including life and death. There is a lot going on here - I liked The Shark Net better, but will now search out another Drewe to read, maybe the Ned Kelly one

    16. I found this book difficult to start - but once the story hit Western Australia, it really picked up. I found that quite a few things in the book were quite vague, and difficult to interpret, so I'm looking forward to my bookclub discussion to see if others interpreted the story the same way as I did.

    17. It took me quite a while to get into this story, but it turned into an interesting story. It did lose me a few times tho. It is beautifully written and the language is lovely.

    18. Good Book.Very long.Very poetic.I found some of the plot a little boring.Loved the historical CY O'Connor stuff.

    19. Lyrical and moving romance of love, water, gravity. For something so carefully written, why the cliches? "Dulcet tones" for instance appears twice. Another west Australia fabulous tale

    20. Read this book years ago and sought it out again as I remembered how interesting the historic facts were, as well as the suberb writing skills of Robert Drewe. Enjoyed it immensely, again.

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