The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks with Buddha

The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks with Buddha

Ravi Zacharias / Feb 17, 2020

The Lotus and the Cross Jesus Talks with Buddha Have you ever wondered what Jesus would say to Mohammed Or Buddha Or Oscar Wilde Maybe you have a friend who practices another religion or admires a contemporary figure Drop in on a conversation betwe

  • Title: The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks with Buddha
  • Author: Ravi Zacharias
  • ISBN: 9781576738542
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Have you ever wondered what Jesus would say to Mohammed Or Buddha Or Oscar Wilde Maybe you have a friend who practices another religion or admires a contemporary figure Drop in on a conversation between Jesus and some well known individuals whose search for the meaning of life took them in many directions and influenced millions Popular scholar Ravi ZachariasHave you ever wondered what Jesus would say to Mohammed Or Buddha Or Oscar Wilde Maybe you have a friend who practices another religion or admires a contemporary figure Drop in on a conversation between Jesus and some well known individuals whose search for the meaning of life took them in many directions and influenced millions Popular scholar Ravi Zacharias sets a captivating scene in this first in the intriguing Conversations with Jesus books Through dialogue between Christ and Gautama Buddha that reveals Jesus warm, impassioned concern for all people, God s true nature is explored It s a well priced, hard cover volume readers will want to own, and also share with others.

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      296 Ravi Zacharias
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    1. I read this book at the urging of a friend. He figured that as an instructor of comparative and Asian religion and someone who is involved in Buddhist-Christian dialogue, I would find the book to be of interest.I did find the book interesting, but probably not for the same reasons as my friend. Author Ravi Zacharias and many of his reviewers claim that the book is a dialogue meant to explore these two traditions, specifically how their teachings relate to the suffering of a prostitute dying of A [...]

    2. I really liked this book. Having only a cursory knowledge of Buddhism, I found it to be interesting and helpful for any apologetic discussions I might haveough judging by some of the reviews, I realize that the logic of Zacharias' argument may not be convincing to everyone. Some people pointed out that Buddha does not question Jesus as to why Christianity is the best Theistic relegion or etc etc. That is true, but this book never promises to be a non-partisen comparison of Jesus and Buddha. It i [...]

    3. I won a copy of this book in giveaway.The book sounds more interesting than it is.Zacharias spent years in Far East talking to Buddhists religious people while researching this book. In between the lines it's strongly implied that the Buddhism is "better and more pure there than the Western version of it". However, Zacharias just doesn't get the point that Buddha made thousands of years ago, and this book is far from objective. Fine, Zacharias is a Christian and his views in everything are that [...]

    4. I think it's more like Jesus talks TO Buddha. Zacharias is a respected Christian apologist and I have enjoyed some of his things in the past since I am a Christian and I do think he is very eloquent. I'll give him points for attempting the format but he loses points because I think I hear Ravi's voice more than Jesus' voice in the conversation and Buddha never quite gets to ask the questions he has of Jesus. Although the author spent quite a lot of time with Buddhist monks to research this book [...]

    5. This book is EXCELLENT. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Ravi Zacharias is prolific in his writing, which is not news to anyone, but I found this especially useful as a reader who is soon moving to a country where Buddhism is the primary religion. In my own research on Buddhism I found it very difficult to nail down what Buddhists truly believe and how they practice- since there are several different schools of thought, as well as innumerable cultural nuances that play into each of these sch [...]

    6. In conversation form, Ravi has gently accomplished a continued reminder that ideas have consequences and that Truth and contrast provide clarity.Excellent read for clarity concerning Christ and Buddha

    7. My favorite thinker of all time. Great job Ravi.So a book where Jesus talks with Buddha. I would have written this book very differently: I would have had Jesus walk over and Chuck Norris Buddha across the court yard. I would have kept the conversation more similar to that of David and Goliath. Here's an exert: 1 Samuel 1745David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israe [...]

    8. Can you imagine the conversation if Jesus and Buddha took a boat trip up the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok together?Not counting the reader, there are four people on this boat ride: the boatman, an AIDS stricken prostitute named Priya, Jesus and Buddha. Over the course of the voyage and conversation, both Jesus and Buddha have the opportunity to share with Priya and the boatman (and us) the truth and hope of their teachings.As the journey detours into a local temple, the discussion takes on a fra [...]

    9. I received a copy of this book through the First Reads program. I didn't really enjoy this. I suppose it's my own fault, though--I didn't really know what I was getting into, and I had never heard of Ravi Zacharias before. What I was expecting was a comparison of Christianity and Buddhism, maybe focusing on celebrating the similarities while illustrating the basic differences. Nonjudgemental comparative religion, in short. That's not what Zacharias's book is.The idea of a dialogue between Jesus [...]

    10. I was tempted to give this book three stars because it was thought-provoking, particularly the prologue. That said, Zacharias does a disservice to what he is trying to achieve by the way in which he does it. Parts of the dialogue feel very trivial, as if I am listening to two highly-educated men try to one-up each other all the while knowing the entire discourse is slanted. It makes the Buddha seem very flimsy, with the author's puppeteering obvious. Still, it gave me more to consider and was ab [...]

    11. Zacharias is a Christian absolutist through and through. Christianity, with all its faults and absurdities, is RIGHT. And Buddhism, with its 'Godlessness' and relativism, is WRONG. He uses the social context of Thailand to illustrate how Buddhism fails its followers and how Jesus can be their savior, rescuing them from their karma. You can expect the same level of objectivity that you might find in a fictional conversation narrated by Ronald Reagan between Milton Friedman and Karl Marx.Perhaps a [...]

    12. Imagining a conversation between Jesus and Buddha helps bring the similarities and differences to light. Ideas illustrated in this book are consistent with other sources I've read on Buddhism and Christianity. By the way, some people have gotten the idea that comparing religions in Thailand is illegal. That is not true. The Thai agency in charge of education standards handed all schools a set of learning objectives that REQUIRES students to compare and contrast Buddhism with other religions. Rav [...]

    13. This is a nice side of Ravi, a way in which I have not seen (=read) him before. But I feel that he could have done much beter, sometimes the dialogue seems like a sketch. To detail the story with more social and natural (landscape) information and how inhabitans relate to that, would have made to story richer. And I also think that you have to have a background on budism before reading this, otherwise could be confusing.

    14. An interesting theoretical conversation between Buddha and Jesus. Very good logical arguments for each side. Recommended

    15. When I won this book from the Giveaway the first thing I noticed was that the Author had an Indian first name and was writing about Buddah talking with Jesus. Then I took a closer look at Dr. Zacharias. He was born in India, but now lives in North America and is a Christian evangelist. So his book is better described as Jesus talking to Buddha. Many pages are made up of a single line repeated from the text in large type. These are nearly always a direct quote from Jesus. Jesus, Buddha, and a yo [...]

    16. The book is an imaginary conversation that Jesus would have with Buddha. This is Ravi Zacharias at his best, and my favorite of his books that I have read. Ravi opens up the book by situating it with a wonderful description of a Buddhist country, and while he never names the country, one soon realize that the river setting he describe in his travel is Thailand. Even as he describe it, I can imagine the Mekong River (how I would love to go one day, being that I am Laotian-Chinese American). But a [...]

    17. Nemu buku ini saat beres-beres kamar, merupakan salah satu buku yang bikin penasaran namun terlupakan. Jujur saja, buku ini menarik karena saya tidak dapat menerka-nerka apa yang ada di dalamnya. Mempertemukan dua tokoh penting dari kepercayaan yang mirip-mirip namun berbeda ini bercakap-cakap. Terlebih saat baca prolog, wanita yang dipilih oleh pengarang bukanlah wanita baik-baik.Karma dan keselamatan. Nirvana dan Surga. Pengendalian terhadap diri dan penyangkalan terhadap diri.Namun, setelah m [...]

    18. It's an interesting book and a clever approach to discussing the key differences between Christianity and the Buddhist view on life. However, despite the unique approach Ravi takes with this series, it does not reach its full potential. With weak and almost forced dialogue the story can become dull, and even awkward at times. I personally was not a fan of the way that Christ's dialogue came out, nor with Buddha's. Despite my overall distaste for the book it still has great insight into some of t [...]

    19. Insightful and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed reading this. It only took me about an hour in the morning to read through the whole thing, but that's okay. I write this from my bedroom in Cambodia, where I am serving as a student missionary for a year's time. Next week, a fellow missionary and I will begin a seminar aimed at discussing the differences between Buddhism and Christianity. I filled this book with highlights to help us in our approach. Mr. Zacharias writes with clarity and convic [...]

    20. This is a book of incredible insight. It is one that presents in a very personal way the differences between Christianity and Buddhism.Ravi Zacharias has put a great amount of research and understanding into showing us the struggle of a young prostitute as she meets her cultures religious leader Buddha and Jesus. The story centers on the girls struggle with her life, guilt, and how it impacts her future.Many will approach this book with anger at how it is "unfair" towards different world views. [...]

    21. This book helped me understand the differences between Buddhism and Christianity.p. 38 "When you mix falsehood with truth, you create a more destructive lie Morality as a badge of attainment breeds the deadliest state of mind-a delusion of absolute autonomy."p. 39 "Prayer in its most basic form is the surging of the human spirit in its weakness, grasping at the Spirit of God in His strength."p. 45 "In persistent, fervent prayer, God prepares the soil of one's heart to make room for the seed of H [...]

    22. This great conversation reminds me of my fav book by Peter Kreeft. Between Heaven and Hell.Here are few passages from this book : "I taught my disciples that though everything on earth would someday pass away, the Word that I gave to them remains forever. I told them that anyone who adds or takes away from this Word will be accursed. I told them that the Scriptures cannot be broken.Right from the beginning, the greatest question ever asked was "Has God really spoken?" The answer to that is a res [...]

    23. The Lotus and the Cross isn't a book to like or dislike. The author accomplishes the task of any good educator as he makes people think. The responses to the book on GoodReads provide for some worthwhile reading. Many of those responding are knowledgeable in religions. The book reviews provide a forum for readers to share their own religious viewpoints in a nonjudgmental environment. It doesn't matter whether readers agree or disagree with the author's perspectives on Christianity and Buddhism. [...]

    24. This book is part of a series of books about fictitious conversations between Jesus and famous people from history. This book is much better than New Birth or Rebirth?: Jesus Talks with Krishna in that it seems more finely focused and gets to the heart of the differences between Buddhism and Christianity. Of course the book is just an introduction to this topic and will only lead to more questions. This is a good thing though, but don't expect it to revolutionize your world.A word of warning: Th [...]

    25. Membandingkan dua agama/kepercayaan secara frontal bisa menimbulkan 'perang' dan ketidaknyamanan kedua pihak. Namun membaca buku ini bukan sekedar 'suka atau tidak' terhadap suatu kepercayaan. Ravi menuliskan buku ini seperti cerita fiksi namun berisi perbandingan fakta-fakta antara dua agama/kepercayaan besar di dunia, Kekristenan dan Budhisme.Diawali sebuah prolog cerita tentang seorang pelacur yang terkena penyakit AIDS yang bingung menjelang kematiannya. Dialog demi dialog antara Yesus dan S [...]

    26. Jotted down some notes of my own but the main issues with this book are more eloquently expressed here: /review/showWas lent this book (as well as 'Sense and Sensuality' from the same series) and my conclusion is that while this is an interesting read, it is only interesting insofar as it gives you an insight into a Christian perspective of values and other religions. But other than that, there is little content I agree with in this book as the author severely misrepresents Buddhist beliefs and [...]

    27. This was an interesting compare and contrast between the fundamental tenets of Christianity and Buddhism, delivered in the form of a conversation between Jesus and Buddha, as each attempt to offer solace to a recently deceased prostitute.As someone who was raised as a Christian but, as an adult, between to understand and accept some of the teachings of the Eastern religions, I found the exchange between Jesus and Buddha stimulating and rewarding. However, there was clearly a bias in favor of Chr [...]

    28. I expected this book to be either a cutesy story with one or two nuggets of insight or a difficult theological text and it is neither, instead being something much, much better: a solid, interesting discussion in the setting of a story that, although told from the point of view of a woman in India, has aspects that can relate to any man or woman anywhere in the world. It dives right into the difficult questions and spends time on both religions, comparing and contrasting, so the reader comes awa [...]

    29. A charming, insightful, short read. I grew up hearring Ravi Zacharias on the radio whenever I was with my grandmother, and still to this day think of her when I hear his strange, crackly Indian voice, but I had never read one of his books until now. "The Lotus and the Cross" was short and charming in it's overall style, yet lean and muscular in its insights about the Christian walk. I especially appreciated the fact that Zacharias doesn't pounce on chances to ridicule the holes in the logic of B [...]

    30. A quick read that points out the major contrasts at the heart of Christianity and Buddhism even though devout adherents to both religions often live in similar ways with similar values. The driving force behind both ways of life could not be more different than being motivated by grace or being motivated by fear and uncertainty with a heavy dose of legalism.I appreciated the conversational approach because I love debate, but it was hard at times to make it sound real, as didactic purposes clash [...]

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