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Mindswap In the future interstellar travel to alien worlds will be too expensive for most ordinary people It certainly is for Marvin a college student who wants to take a really good vacation And so he signs

  • Title: Mindswap
  • Author: Robert Sheckley
  • ISBN: 9780765315601
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the future, interstellar travel to alien worlds will be too expensive for most ordinary people It certainly is for Marvin, a college student who wants to take a really good vacation And so he signs up for what he can afford, a mindswap, in which your consciousness is swapped into the body of an alien lifeform But Marvin is unlucky, and finds himself in the body of anIn the future, interstellar travel to alien worlds will be too expensive for most ordinary people It certainly is for Marvin, a college student who wants to take a really good vacation And so he signs up for what he can afford, a mindswap, in which your consciousness is swapped into the body of an alien lifeform But Marvin is unlucky, and finds himself in the body of an interstellar criminal, a body that he has to vacate fast But that criminal consciousness has stolen Marvin s earthly body, and Marvin has to find a body on the black market Travel from world to world with Marvin, each one crazier than the last, as he keeps finding far from ideal bodies in awful situations, just to stay alive.

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        One of science fiction s great humorists, Sheckley was a prolific short story writer beginning in 1952 with titles including Specialist , Pilgrimage to Earth , Warm , The Prize of Peril , and Seventh Victim , collected in volumes from Untouched by Human Hands 1954 to Is That What People Do 1984 and a five volume set of Collected Stories 1991 His first novel, Immortality, Inc 1958 , was followed by The Status Civilization 1960 , Journey Beyond Tomorrow 1962 , Mindswap 1966 , and several others Sheckley served as fiction editor for Omni magazine from January 1980 through September 1981, and was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2001.


    1. A wonderfully zany SF romp, which you'd be tempted to dismiss as a rip-off of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy if it hadn't been written 15 years earlier. I see that some reviewers here object to Sheckley's style and dialogue, but to me it seemed clear that he was mostly parodying SF and other genre fiction - I found it very amusing.In this book, you travel the Galaxy by swapping minds with alien beings on other planets. There are many brilliant throwaway ideas, but the clear standout is "panzai [...]

    2. Una novela de ciencia ficción humorística, que me recordó mucho a The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy de Douglas Adams, si no fuera porque este libro se escribió mucho antes. Estas extrañísimas aventuras de Marvin Flynn por la galaxia son divertidas, delirantes y muy amenas de leer.Este es mi primer encuentro con Robert Sheckley, curiosamente un libro que encontré por casualidad en la biblioteca de la escuela donde trabajo (Parafraseando al libro, de acuerdo a la famosa Teoría de la Bú [...]

    3. It seems that Robert Sheckley singlehandedly managed to invent a new literary genre – the absurdist science fiction. And in his brilliant books he mocks everything starting with space travel and ending with philosophy:“Bridges are receptacles of opposed ideas. Their horizontal distance speaks to us of our transcendence; their vertical declivity reminds us unalterably of the imminence of failure, the sureness of death. We push outwards across obstacles, but the primordial fall is forever bene [...]

    4. an interesting, and outrageously imaginative book, that i must admit i didn't find funny. i know that i'm supposed to find it funny, and a great many other people will no doubt double over with laughter, but i just don't laugh at this kind of book. as others have noted, it is in the same vein hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and sort of reminded me of the one terry pratchett book i read. if you are mad for these authors, mindswap would more than suit your tastes, and should definitely be sought [...]

    5. Empezar un libro de Robert Sheckley es como entrar en un bar y descubrir que, aunque tus amigos aún no han llegado, el tipo que está dándote conversación en la barra es de esos con los que te quedarías charlando entre cervezas. Desde el anuncio clasificado que abre la novela, en el que un marciano «tranquilo, estudioso y culto desea intercambiar su cuerpo con un respetable habitante de la tierra», entran ganas de quedarse sentado en el taburete y pedir otra ronda.La premisa la novela es s [...]

    6. There's a quote from Douglas Adams on the front that reads, "Robert Sheckley is one of the great funny writers". I've read all of Douglas Adams' books, and this is like a teenage fan-fic of Hitchhiker's. The first few chapters were great, but from chapter 16 onwards - about halfway through the book - it was like being stuck in the Improbability Drive; before the last chapter, the Drive turned up to Infinity, and the book lost any claims it had to making sense. My favourite sci-fi satirises moder [...]

    7. I've read this book three or four times. It still holds up as funny and acerbic. I keep seeing phrases and sections that'd I'd plagiarize if I thought I could get away with it.

    8. Douglas Adams once told me that Sheckley was his favorite science fiction humorist. Mine, too. Hilarious tale of interstellar comedic mishaps.

    9. Before Arthur Dent had to worry about the destruction of the Earth, Marvin Flynn found himself missing his body.Marvin, bored with his life on Earth, decides to travel and see the Universe through mind transfer. Things don't go well. But they go strange.Including a very fun Dumas parody. I expected Daffy Duck to arrive as the Scarlet Pumpernickel.(Listening to Audible version, and the narrator is very good as well. He has many accents to keep up with.)

    10. I really hope Sheckley stays in print for decades to come. Douglas Adams gets all the credit for sci-fi satire, but Sheckley did it before and did it better. This book might be very loosely compared to a grail-quest - or maybe Kerouac's On The Road - but with brain transplants. Hilarious and wonderful.

    11. Le doy un 3,5/5. Tengo que reconocer que la deformación metafórica ha estado a punto de poder conmigo. Hay un momento que te quedas con cara de tonto y cuando terminas el libro te das cuenta de como el autor ha jugado contigo. Pronto reseña en el blog con sus pros y sus contras.

    12. Books like these are the reason I read.Mindswap evoked a familiar, Lem or Douglas Adams feel, but this is one rare weird sci fi gem with a combination of meta realism and humour so unique of its own.Marvin Flynn, a casual vacationer from hinterlands of Earth with innate small-town conservatism goes all wanderlust and decides to see the vastness of cosmos at minimal disposal of funds. He then Mindswaps with one Martian, a logically unsettling, but cheap process that allows individuals to swap min [...]

    13. A comic tale of a bored earth man, a thirty-one year old adolescent, swapping bodies with a Martian to go on vacation. Things go wrong almost immediately.Put me on the side of people who really enjoyed the humour in this book. Sheckley jumps from parody to parody, most pulled off with great verve and skill. It benefits from being written before 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and I would argue it is probably a more timeless book than Adams' work - which seems much more locked in the 80s than [...]

    14. -Humor surrealista de ritmo endiablado.-Género. Ciencia ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Marvin Flinn desea viajar fuera de la Tierra pero sus ingresos no lo permiten, por lo que decide aceptar una oferta de trueque mental con un marciano que desea hacer turismo en nuestro planeta. Tras firmar los correspondientes documentos, la transferencia se lleva a cabo y Marvin se encuentra en Marte con un nuevo cuerpo alienígena, pero las cosas no saldrán como estaban previstas.¿Quiere saber más de este l [...]

    15. This book was unlike anything I've ever read. There is no genre or cliché that is safe from being stretched beyond anything it ever should have become. You should be able to look up "absurdism" and see "Read Mindswap by Robert Sheckley." The only way this could be a film is if you brought Gene Wilder, Mark Strong, Humphrey Bogart, and Mel Brooks to the 1970's and have Paul Bartel direct. Spider Robinson said that Mindswap would turn your mind into chunky peanut butter."Hi, my name is Peter Pan. [...]

    16. A wonderfully eccentric absurdist sci-fi novel by a master of the genre who died in obscurity in his own country. My favorite sentence is "Day succeeded night, which succeeded in making a perfect fool of itself." It reminds me of "But, luckily, he kept his wits and his purple crayon" from Crockett Johnson's Harold and the Purple Crayon, which my daughter read at age 5.

    17. So, cleaning out a top-shelf in a closet, there it was. A 1969 reprint of the UK Mayflower paperback edition of 1968. Inside the front-cover were written: Anne G a street address, Rheindahlen, (in what was, then, West Germany). Anne G was likely my age, or perhaps a pal of my older brother. My Dad suggested I might have bought the book in a church bazaar. Who knows. Anne had added the same details on the upper left of the first loose-leaf. The penmanship and pen changes between the two and I ima [...]

    18. Con su colección de literatura fantástica RBA me va dando una de cal y una de arena, y al leer el principio de ésta novela yo pensaba que ésta sería de las buenas.Cuál ha sido mi decepción cuando al ir pasando de la mitad del libro la cosa iba degenerando hasta unos niveles que no recordaba desde la Luz Fantástica con absurdo por el absurdo (pese a tener explicación) y una caída a los infiernos de la trama que ríete tú de la última serie de Jennifer Love Hewitt.Es tal la caída que [...]

    19. Pillad una toalla y vuestra guía de autoestopista galáctico, que nos vamos por esos universos de Dios a liarla parda! Uys, no. Espera. ¿Eso no es con otra novela? No importa, para el caso, es lo mismo. De la mano, o la mente, de Marvin Flynn, un anodino habitante de la Tierra, nos vamos a meter de cabeza en una disparatada historia sobre intercambio de cuerpos y la levedad del ser, que tiene miga el asunto. Esta es una de esas novelas que te gustan o no, sin término medio. Yo aún no sé en [...]

    20. Need your intelligence insulted, again? Here comes Sheckley! A great example of how Sci-Fi ages like goat cheese. It stinks and deforms until it's unrecognizable. Could this possibly be worse than "Status Civilization?" No, it's a hair better because it has more aliens and something that smells vaguely of plot. Reads like Young Adult, and I mean that in a condescending and smarmy way, but it was never intended to be such. Pulpiest dreck ever inspired by a want ad. (view spoiler)[ He should have [...]

    21. This book was an amazing read. I've been recommending it to fellow SF writers as a "spiritual predecessor" to Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Sheckley's narrative is absurdist, and highly enjoyable - up until about the last 1/4 of the book - with such great twists and turns. For me, the ending of the book was over-complicated and failed to fulfill the promise of the first 3/4 of the book, but for the time in which it was written, it is excellent. Read for yourself to see if [...]

    22. My favorite scifi author. Often copied and stolen from (Hitchhiker's Guide is a good example of denied theft. Don't believe it? Read "Dimensions of Miracles"). Huge concepts taken care of in a paragraph at most. Very readable writer.

    23. Delightfully absurd parody on sci-fi novels (except "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", which was written after "Mindswap") about how swapping minds with aliens could be a viable way of travelling for the cash-poor. There are jokes within jokes, like the reference to a copy of James Joyce Comics or to a room that would make a perfect replica of a scene from the pages of Sheckley, and collecting these tidbits becomes as much fun as reading the book. The deliberately convoluted plot might on o [...]

    24. This book is an overlooked gem, more or less the missing link in literature's progression from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's the delightful comic adventure of a broke college student who gets scammed out of his body by a Martian scoundrel, then is forced to take odd jobs across the universe in a variety of borrowed alien bodies in order to find his way back to earth. It raises some interesting philosophical points, but mostly it's just a perfect l [...]

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