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  • Title: সপ্তপদী
  • Author: Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay
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      • Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay

        Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay Bangla was born at his ancestral home at Labhpur village in Birbhum district, Bengal Province, British India now West Bengal, India He wrote 65 novels, 53 story books, 12 plays, 4 essay books, 4 autobiographies and 2 travel stories For his novel Arogyaniketan, he received the Rabindra Puraskar in 1955 and the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1956 In 1966, he received the Jnanpith Award for his novel He was honoured with the Padma Shri in 1962 and the Padma Bhushan in 1969.Tarasankar is one of those writers of the third decades of the twentieth centuries who broke the poetic tradition in novels but took to writing prose with the world around them adding romance to human relationship breaking the indifference of the so called conservative people of the society who dare to call a spade a spade Tarasankar s novels, so to say, do not look back to the realism in rejection, but accepted it in a new way allowing the reader to breathe the truth of human relationship restricted so far by the conservative and hypocrisy of the then society.He learned to see the world from various angles He seldom rose above the matter soil and his Birbhum exists only in time and place He had never been a worshipper of eternity Tarasankar s chief contribution to Bengal literature is that he dared writing unbiased He wrote what he believed He wrote what he observed.His novels are rich in material and potentials He preferred sensation to thought He was ceaselessly productive and his novels are long, seemed unending and characters belonged to the various classes of people from zaminder down to pauper Tarasankar experimented in his novels with the relationships, even so called illegal, of either sexes He proved that sexual relation between man and women sometimes dominate to such an extent that it can take an upperhand over the prevailing laws and instructions of society His novel Radha can be set for an example in this context.His historical novel Ganna Begum is an attempt worth mentioning for its traditional values Tarasankar ventured into all walks of Bengali life and it s experience with the happenings of socio political milieu Tarasankar will be remembered for his potential to work with the vast panorama of life where life is observed with care and the judgment is offered to the reader and long ones, then any other author He is a region novelist, his country being the same Birbhum He mainly flourished during the war years, having produced in that period a large number of novels and short stories.


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