A History of Russia: From Peter the Great to Gorbachev

A History of Russia: From Peter the Great to Gorbachev

Mark D. Steinberg / Feb 28, 2020

A History of Russia From Peter the Great to Gorbachev The Teaching Company Course GuidebookA History of RussiaTaught by Professor Mark Steinberg

  • Title: A History of Russia: From Peter the Great to Gorbachev
  • Author: Mark D. Steinberg
  • ISBN: 1565856341
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Unbound
  • The Teaching Company Course GuidebookA History of RussiaTaught by Professor Mark Steinberg

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    • Best Read [Mark D. Steinberg] ✓ A History of Russia: From Peter the Great to Gorbachev || [Memoir Book] PDF ☆
      488 Mark D. Steinberg
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Mark D. Steinberg] ✓ A History of Russia: From Peter the Great to Gorbachev || [Memoir Book] PDF ☆
      Posted by:Mark D. Steinberg
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    About "Mark D. Steinberg"

      • Mark D. Steinberg

        A specialist on the cultural, intellectual, and social history of Russia and the Soviet Union in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Mark D Steinberg is professor of history at the University of Illinois.


    1. Informative but feels like a very broad overview of Russian history which, based on the breadth of the subject, is to be expected. Still, it rushes through particular periods - the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, for example, remarkably fast.

    2. I just wish there had been more on Napoleon's invasion of Russia. We barely get to hear about the disaster it was and the burning of Moscow.

    3. Due to inadequacies in my own education Russian Politics and History has always been imprinted as some sort of caricature of exaggerations and vain madness. So it was quite timely welcome to add some mature opinion through this series; as it is basically information I have been keen on around this time, I believe I am not in a good position to comment on the narration or exactitude of the lectures in relation to the history per se. I listened through the series travelling around in Russia and fo [...]

    4. This course was great, as an overview of Russian history up though Gorbachev, it was everything I'd hoped for. Though I have been mildly curious about Russian history for some time due to my affection for Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, my urgency to gain understanding into Russian culture was piqued by my reading of Gogol's Dead Souls. Dead Souls is a satire about Russian culture and, in particular, the "soul tax", since I had only contextual understanding of what the "soul tax" was while I was readin [...]

    5. This is a series of 36 half hour lectures and it felt like I was attending an evening adult non-credit class. The lecturer, Mark Steinberg, was excellent, well organized and totally professional. I knew so little about Russia that the information simply poured into my little pea-brain - I wonder how much I remember. There was a nice mix of political history and social history - Steinberg gives good examples and reads passages from literature and letters and documentsThe information on the revolu [...]

    6. I knew very little about Russian history, and this was a great place for me to start. At first I was disappointed that it started a such a late date when compared to other history courses, but then it seemed to go so quickly and not spend enough time with each ruler and event. If it had tried to start earlier, it would have been even faster paced. Since I knew so little to begin with, just going over the main points was really what I needed. For more detail, I should go to a more specific course [...]

    7. Since I know a very little about Russian history, I can't say that I didn't learn some things. However, the lecturer really let me down in several ways:- he was flippant, and he made light of some pretty horrible things. - he flaunted his academic pedigree and that of his colleagues and his person, social connections. - he inserted his own opinions: when defining the Russian word for slippery, he mentioned that the "man currently in the white house is slippery", referring presumably to former pr [...]

    8. Another excellent offering from the Great Courses series. I found Steinberg to be an engaging lecturer and the organization of his course highly successful in conveying the broad strokes of Russian history. I liked his emphasis on the social realities of different times, rather than a laundry list of important dates. While there were many events in Russian history that I wish he had a chance to cover, there simply would not have been enough time given the survey nature of the course. He did an e [...]

    9. These lectures were good in many ways, but the historian leaves a few things to be desired. He says 'aaaa' so consistently as to be a bad joke. He really gives precious little information about Russian Orthodoxy, it's liturgy, theology, ethics and impact in Russian society. The lectures come across as dated, as the lecturer makes reference to then-current topics.Overall, I liked these lectures and learned a good deal from them, but I think that this is my least favorite of the Great Courses so f [...]

    10. The lectures were well thought-out and arranged, and the series flowed logically from beginning to end (something that is not as common as one might think). The professor is easy to listen to and understand. The information is interesting and relevant, in depth enough to provide facts and contexts well beyond the gloss provided in most U.S. schools without being so specialized that the listener is lost. And yet I still had to force myself to finish this. (This is the reason for my 3 star rating- [...]

    11. Picked this up because I wanted something less heavy (less heavy than Montefiore's writing) to cap off my loooong biographies of Stalin and the Romanovs, which I read earlier this year. A good introduction into Russian history, with a nice background on elements including the arts, the country vs the city, authors, and Russian philosophy. Breezed through the end of the Soviet Union too quickly.

    12. Amazing course! Does what it says on the tin - Peter the Great to Gorbachev, and everything in between. Of course with so much breadth, there can only be so much depth (WWII flies by in 15 minutes), but Steinberg does a fantastic job of pointing out the long arcs and repeating patterns that span Russian history. Now that I've had the general survey, I look forward to diving in more deeply to specific areas in the future.

    13. The coverage of the history of Russia after 1905 is very poor. I wouldn't mind since my interest was to expand my understanding of pre WW1 history, but I couldn't help but think that his analysis of Lenin and Stalin were at times very misleading. Most of this work covers the earlier parts of Russian history and it seems well done, though I can't speak to its accuracy.

    14. The lectures focus on the individual rulers of Russia from Peter the Great to Gorbachev without much coverage of important events that happened during this period. The lectures don't cover important events such as wars and territorial expansions of the Russian empire.

    15. Very good, though I wish it were longer. Momentous periods were treated with a single lecture, unfortunately, when they could take up an entire course. I guess that's the rub on survey-type courses.

    16. A fascinating course, covering in outline the immense richness of Russian history. Although the final section isn't detailed as others - there are only a handful of lectures devoted to the post-war period - those on the rise of communism are sensitively handled. Peter the Great, good and bad, seemed quite a man. I listened to a lecture each day. Easy to digest but you'll want to know more. Highly recommended.

    17. home audio - okay for rookies but totally infuriating for those who thought they were going to get a scholarly rendition. Taught by Mark SteinbergUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignPh.D University of California at BerkeleyTTC Course Lecture Titles05-01 Social Rebellion - The Purgachev Uprising 06-01 Moral Rebellion - Nikolai Novikov 07-01 Alexander I - Imagining Reform 08-01 The Decembrist Rebellion 09-01 Nicholas I - Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality 10-01 Alexander Pushkin, Russia's Natio [...]

    18. The GC series varies widely in quality. All of their instructors are good speakers and enjoyable enough during a long Texas-style commute, but many are teaching subject areas outside their precise specialty in exchange for a quick paycheck. I get it; I get it: I've written or ghostwritten plenty of shitty textbook chapters and supplemental materials myself. Fortunately, that's not the case with Steinberg. This guy is the real deal. His books were very well received, he's got a good job at a good [...]

    19. This was a good lecture series on the history of Russia which focused less on specific dates and events, but more on the sociological aspects of the Russian people over time.

    20. A decent account of more modern Russian history, though its focus is mainly social/intellectual. Steinberg uses the phrase "for good measure" more than anyone I've ever heard in my life. It got to be slightly irritating after hearing it in nearly every episode.

    21. On one hand it is a very respectable effort and an excellent introduction to the topic. On the other hand I can't help but feel that those lectures barely scratch the surface and leave the "pupil" with more questions than answers.

    22. Very much more a sociological history than a "hard" course. A worthwhile course, but the description needs to reflect the content more honestly.

    23. A nice overview of Russian history over the last three centuries, with a mix of focus points for each lecture. An informative and enjoyable listen.

    24. More like a 3.5Very informative, but not as in depth or entertaining as other, similar Great Courses series like the Fall and Rise of Modern China.

    25. Russia has a fascinating history, Mr. Steinberg does a great job presenting it in this work. Listening to these CDs, I learned that I was both grozni and teshishi.

    26. I wish that this course had gone a little further into the latest years of Russia, after Gorbachev, but it didn't oh well. Still a great course.

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