The Ghost Pirates

The Ghost Pirates

William Hope Hodgson / Sep 19, 2019

The Ghost Pirates One of the all time greats of seafaring supernatural fiction The Ghost PiratesThere were rumours that the Mortzestus was haunted But when she had sailed out two weeks out of Frisco before a fair wind

  • Title: The Ghost Pirates
  • Author: William Hope Hodgson
  • ISBN: 9780722146798
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the all time greats of seafaring supernatural fiction The Ghost PiratesThere were rumours that the Mortzestus was haunted But when she had sailed out two weeks out of Frisco before a fair wind, the crew dismissed them Until, unaccountably, the rigging went slack A ghostly form was seen to climb up from the sea A great weight crashed down from the mast The shOne of the all time greats of seafaring supernatural fiction The Ghost PiratesThere were rumours that the Mortzestus was haunted But when she had sailed out two weeks out of Frisco before a fair wind, the crew dismissed them Until, unaccountably, the rigging went slack A ghostly form was seen to climb up from the sea A great weight crashed down from the mast The shadows thickened and an unnatural mist descended around the ship, leaving her helpless Then a legendary ship bore down on the Mortzestus and it looked like the fate of the crew was sealed to disappear on a calm sea without a trace.We know nothing like the author s work in the whole of present day literature Bookman

    The Ghost Pirates The Ghost Pirates The Ghost Pirates is a horror novel by English writer William Hope Hodgson, first published in In it, Hodgson never describes in any remarkable details the ghosts if this is indeed what they are, since their true nature is left ambiguous he merely reports on their gradual commandeering of the ship. Ghost Pirates Join the Ghost Pirates Exclusive GP Club discounts and promotions Stay updated on any website address changes Be the first to know about new releases Chapter The Ghost Pirates YouTube Nov , Provided to YouTube by Bookwire Chapter The Ghost Pirates William Hope Hodgson The Ghost Pirates FrontPage Publishing Released on Narrat The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson The Ghost Pirates The Ghost Pirates is a powerful account of a doomed and haunted ship on its last voyage, and of the terrible sea devils of quasi human aspect, and perhaps the spirits of bygone buccaneers that besiege it and finally drag it down to an unknown fate With its The Ghost Pirates piratesofdarkwater.fandom The ghost pirates return, and Ren and Tula are forced to escape again Ren swears that he will come back for Ioz, and the ghost pirates attack the boat Ren and Tula manage to escape the ghost pirates, but are now having even problems now as the Maelstrom has caught up to them. The Ghost Pirates Kindle edition by William Hope Hodgson The Ghost Pirates Kindle edition by William Hope Hodgson Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Ghost Pirates.

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      • William Hope Hodgson

        William Hope Hodgson was an English author He produced a large body of work, consisting of essays, short fiction, and novels, spanning several overlapping genres including horror, fantastic fiction, and science fiction Early in his writing career he dedicated effort to poetry, although few of his poems were published during his lifetime He also attracted some notice as a photographer and achieved some renown as a bodybuilder Hodgson served with the British Army durng World War One He died, at age 40, at Ypres, killed by German artillery fire.


    1. There is something strange about the sailing ship the Mortzestus, people in hush voices give hints, on the beach to him in San Francisco at the turn of the century, ( 20th that is) but do not say what, it does feel vaguely uneasy when Mr. Jessop signs on board, rumors or no rumors he misses home, England, still baffling though why all the previous crew has deserted the vessel, even the officers except one, young Williams, a British man who wants to be paid, and he tells the curious sailor, too m [...]

    2. William Hope Hodgson's first published novel, "The Boats of the Glen Carrig" (1907), is a story of survival after a disaster at sea, and of the monstrous plant and animal life-forms that the survivors encountered while trying to reach home. In his second book, the now-classic "The House on the Borderland" (1908), Hodgson described an old recluse's battle against swine creatures from the bowels of the Earth, and the old man's subsequent cosmic journey through both time and space. And in his third [...]

    3. "The thing, whatever it was, had come more forward over the rail; but now, before the light, it recoiled with a queer, horrible litheness. It slid back, and down, and so out of sight. I have only a confused notion of a wet glistening Something, and two vile eyes."

    4. Cuento coral donde el mar se nos muestra como espacio cerrado y opresivo, enigmático receptáculo de lo desconocido y ominoso. Aunque la profusión de términos náuticos y terminología marinera hace naufragar algunos de los momentos de mayor tensión dramática, Hodgson posee la capacidad para sugerir lo invisible, para situarnos en la piel y en los ojos de quien observa y cree descubrir poco a poco las sutilezas de tragedias venideras, desgranando racionalmente hechos que paulatinamente se d [...]

    5. libretto e autore per me sconosciuti ma che si sono rivelati molto carinirò non leggetelo di sera, io continuo ancora a girarmi indietro per vedere se c'è qualche fantasma alle mie spalle!

    6. I first read this book in the '80s and had fond memories of it. Having just re-read it (Dec 09), I was pleasantly surprised that it was every bit as good as I remembered it.Having been published in 1905, this is not a graphic horror story, rather it is an atmospheric supernatural tale that builds tension through hints and suggestions; half-seen, half-imagined horrors. That the author, Hodgson, was in the British Navy for several years adds to the realism of his depiction of life aboard a sailing [...]

    7. Hodgson is easily one of my favorites. Someone needs to publish an edition of this book that includes a glossary of nautical terms and an accompanying diagram of a ship.

    8. 4-starsI liked this one a lot. I wish I could find more of this "hauntings at sea" type of thing. The only drawback was all the nautical terminology I wasn't sure about. Overall, it was a great Halloween read.

    9. This is the last installmente in what later came to be known as Trilogy of the abyss or Hodgson trilogy. But the reader should know that even though its very author regarded them as a trilogy the three novels -The boats of the Glen Carrig, The house on the borderland and The ghost pirates- may be read in any order whatsoever, because they differ in scope and theme; although the first and the last one share a common setting, the sea, the stories are quite different. So, having said, I must defini [...]

    10. Another horror/fantasy blend. There's not much by way of explanation in this one: the first line of the first chapter kind of sums it up: "He began without any circumlocution." Hodgson builds up the setting quite well, the slow beginning of the supernatural events and the spreading fear and paranoia. There's a lot of concrete detail about life on board a ship that serves to make it very much like realism, and then all hell breaks loose. The hows and whys of it aren't explained, only the events. [...]

    11. Wow. I loved the slow-building, claustrophobic atmosphere of dread in this one. It's such a start setting - men at sea on a cargo ship, miles from land. The ship has a bad reputation, and the men soon start to find out why as mysterious lights in the distance, shadowy figures on board, strange shapes below the waves and inexplicable deaths start to pile up. The dense nautical jargon adds to the effect, to the authenticity of the voice and in contrasting the workaday practicality of professional [...]

    12. not nearly as spectacular (or spectacularly weird) as hodgson's The House on the Borderland, but it moves right along and does finally explode into full visionary horror mode in (fittingly enough) chapter thirteen, "the shadow in the sea," in and after which it is great. it's the kind of story that grows larger in your mind once it's done and just seems better and better and better. some pretty amazing imagery. over a hundred years old and still reads as completely original.

    13. The Ghost Pirates: a truly riveting ghost story, set aboard an increasingly deadly tall ship with shadows that come to life after the sun has set. Not since the Woman in White have I read such wonderfully well written spooky tale. The effect was even better having recently researched the architecture of tall ships. Without that basic knowledge of sail and mast names, the story would've lost some of its effectiveness. But I could see in my head how high they would've climbed to reach the gallant [...]

    14. I always did like a horror tale wherein the main character is a completely normal guy dealing with abnormal circumstances.This was a good, spooky read. Told completely from the point of of the sole survivor, no explanation is given for the strange events that befall the cursed sailing vessel. It's a quick read with reasonably good pacing. I'd agree with other reviewers here in that this is the archetypal ghost story.I was happy to have downloaded this for free on my Kindle, because - being from [...]

    15. A voyage on a sailing ship is beset by ghostly happenings that impinge more and more upon the daily life of the crew. I thought it would be just my cup of tea but, all in all, it didn't really work for me. Such a story as this needs a well crafted atmosphere and a careful buildup of tension that I feel was somewhat lacking here. I also found it difficult to visualise what was happening some of the time due to the heavy use of nautical terminology. I imagine you may well get more out of this book [...]

    16. My favorite band of all time (right now), Into Another, has a song called William on their best album Ignaurus. It's a song about William Hope Hodgson. So since I love this band, this album, and this song, yet have not read any of his books, I started reading this one. It's definitely an old book, but easy and fun to read. but candidly, if it didn't have this connection to Into Another I wouldn't really be stoked on it

    17. Proprio una bella sorpresa questo libro di Hodgson; quanto gli sono debitori tanti film e opere moderne! Nonostante sia del 1909 la scrittura non ne risente affatto. L'ambientazione marittima è di forte impatto, emozionante e vivida. Un racconto del terrore che mi ha ricordato alcune novelle di Poe, e sicuramente migliore del pur godibile Gordon Pym. Dovrò assolutamente leggere altro di questo scrittore.

    18. I started reading this one thinking it would be just another pirate book that would be entertaining for a little while. The first break I had to take from reading had me thinking about the book for a while. I picked it up as soon as I could again. My next break I had to take was under protest, I had to finish this book. I stayed up late into the night to get to the last page. A very good read.

    19. Another suspenseful novel by Hodgson involving ordinary people against quasi-demonic hordes. My big complaint with this book is that clearly Hodgson is an accomplished seaman, and he doesn't dumb down the jargon for readers not familiar with sailing vessels. Consequently, I couldn't fully follow the action; I could only get a general sense of what was going on.

    20. A lot of the language, nautical terms the men use in describing the ship, were lost on me, but you can get a good idea of what he's talking about, even if you've never set foot on a ship. Chilling in the overt evil, and the men's loss of control of their own fate.

    21. A classic ghost story, great for readers of short books, scary but not heart-attack scary. Can probably read in a day or two, I did.

    22. This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

    23. The best written and least flawed of Hodgson's novels but also the least essential. Still very much worth your time. The build-up and the ending are good.

    24. An entertaining nautical ghost tale, not quite the conventional one since the author has his own view concerning the supernatural beings that torment the boat crew. Although enjoyable it is does lack a bit of shock factor, but is still a must-read for those interested in strange tales.

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