Endless Love (P.S.)

Endless Love (P.S.)

Scott Spencer / Feb 19, 2020

Endless Love P S One of the most celebrated novels of its time Endless Love remains perhaps the most powerful novel ever written about young love Riveting compulsively readable and ferociously sexual Endless Love

  • Title: Endless Love (P.S.)
  • Author: Scott Spencer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One of the most celebrated novels of its time, Endless Love remains perhaps the most powerful novel ever written about young love Riveting, compulsively readable, and ferociously sexual, Endless Love tells the story of David Axelrod and his overwhelming love for Jade Butterfield David s and Jade s lives are consumed with each other their rapport, their desire, their sexOne of the most celebrated novels of its time, Endless Love remains perhaps the most powerful novel ever written about young love Riveting, compulsively readable, and ferociously sexual, Endless Love tells the story of David Axelrod and his overwhelming love for Jade Butterfield David s and Jade s lives are consumed with each other their rapport, their desire, their sexuality take them further than they understand And when Jade s father suddenly banishes David from the house, he fantasizes the forgiveness his rescue of the family will bring and he sets a perfectly safe fire to their house What unfolds is a nightmare, a dark world in which David s love is a crime and a disease, a world of anonymous phone calls, crazy letters, and new fears and the inevitable and punishing pursuit of the one thing that remains most real to him his endless love for Jade and her family.

    Endless Love P.S eBook Scott Spencer The classic novel that has been translated into over twenty languages and has sold than two million copies worldwide One of the most celebrated novels of its time, Endless Love remains perhaps the most powerful book ever written about young love Riveting, compulsively readable, and ferociously sexual, Endless Love tells the story of David Axelrod and his overwhelming love for Jade Endless Love A Novel P.S Scott Spencer Fulfillment by FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in s fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Endless war Hacked ArcadePreHacks Endless War to hacked on this website are dust man, only this is good. Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry The Endless Meal This easy to make Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry is a healthy vegan recipe that makes a perfect meatless Monday dinner recipe It takes less than an hour mostly hands off time to make and is packed full of delicious Indian flavors Make extras and you ll have Coconut Curried Cauliflower Soup The Endless Meal This pretty Coconut Curried Cauliflower Soup is as healthy as it is delicious It is made with coconut milk so it is rich, creamy, and dairy free. Plan Your Visit Guthrie Theater The Guthrie was built as a resource for the community, which is why we re open daily Our building hours are a.m p.m on performance days and a.m p.m on non performance days. Millie P s Quilt Shop A Visit To Millie P s I knew there was something special about Millie P s Quilt Shop in Anoka the first time I stepped foot inside the door.ad We thank Karen, one of our fabulous customers during the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop for this wonderful review OsakaGirls Hardcore Uncensored Membership Processing Osaka Girls are the best Asian Girls on the planet, you have to check these videos, mpegs, movies, uncensored galleries of high res pics out man The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings Displayed Welcome to our Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings and Combinations A tremendous amount of time, energy, love, and effort went into compiling and designing the font pairings below. The Most Unusual Potato Chip Flavors From Around The World One chip, two chip, three chips Aaand, poof, the whole pack is gone Hopefully, this not only happens to me but also to those, who have opened this post, too I love potato chips, there s no lie, so one of my greatest dreams is to try all the possible flavors out there This dream will probably

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        Scott Spencer b 1945 is the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of ten novels, including Endless Love and A Ship Made of Paper, both of which have been nominated for the National Book Award Two of his books, Endless Love and Waking the Dead, have been adapted into films.He has taught at Columbia University, the University of Iowa, and Williams College, and Bard College s Bard Prison Initiative Spencer is an alumnus of Roosevelt University In 2004, he was the recipient of a John S Guggenheim Fellowship For the past twenty years, he has lived in a small town in upstate New York Spencer has also worked as a journalist He has published in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Harpers Magazine, GQ, O, The Oprah Magazine, and he is a regular contributor to Rolling Stone.


    1. man, this book. this book! this is the second intense reading experience I've had in a row. do you like "intense reading experiences" and by that I mean a narrative that unspools from one feverish narrator and that deals primarily with escalated, deeply emotional highs & lows? if you do, then this is your book. the book is all David Axelrod, all the time. that boy has the fever, for real doesn't start off in an escalated state. one of the most striking things about the novel is how much time [...]

    2. Don't knock it 'til you've read it--the movie doesn't hold a candle to the book. Scott Spencer blew me away. Depicts first love, er, obsession, perfectly. I want to believe this book was a catharsis for him, and only those who have experienced loss of love, or have had a misunderstanding of mature love, can really be impacted by the book. He brings to the surface the insanity we have all experienced in relation to our first (and perhaps second? Third?!) loves. After reading the very last page, I [...]

    3. L’AMORE È IL PONTE CHE UNISCE IL TEMPO ALL’ETERNITÀL’amore è forse un sentimento semplice, di quelli dove sembra sempre che uno più uno faccia due: ma, certo, non è un sentimento facile da vivere. Non lo è, facile da vivere, perché arde agita sconvolge tempesta, carica d’impeto desiderio passione impazienzaÈ un sentimento che consuma, che trascina spesso sul lato sbagliato della vita, è un incessante pericolo emotivo. E allora come può esistere un amore senza fine come quello i [...]

    4. I used to believe that there is no such thing as an endless love. After reading this book, however, I certainly know better. I can no longer be cynical about it: endless love is, indeed, possible.If two blind men play tennis, there'll be an endless love. Create an insane character like David Axelrod here, and you'll also have someone who endlessly loves.No wonder a woman's heart is broken every second. All women like endless loves with endless lovers not realizing that they can only have one wit [...]

    5. If endless love was a dream, then it was a dream we all shared - the dream of never dying or of travelling through time, and if anything set me apart it was not my impulses but my stubbornness, my willingness to take the dream past what had been agreed upon as the reasonable limits, to declare that this dream was not a feverish trick of the mind but was an actuality at least as real as that other, thinner, more unhappy illusion we call normal life. David Axelrod's account of his passion for Jade [...]

    6. NO SPOILERS David Axelrod is in love. Deeply, deeply in love with Jade, a girl who lives in his neighborhood. He is 17 and she is 16. And her parents are hippies, so free and open that they welcome David into their home and into their hearts. He spends hours and hours there. Then he starts sleeping there. Then they buy him a double bed that he and Jade share. Isolated in this family environment and in their love for each other, Jade and David spend endless hours talking, making love, and staring [...]

    7. Vedo il tuo volto, ti vedo, ti vedo, in ogni posto ti vedoPensavo che "Un amore senza fine" fosse un Harmony, storia d'amore tormentata con lieto fine d'obbligo, ed ero già pronto a scappare a gambe levate.Invece l'ho iniziato, scettico, dando fiducia a recensioni particolarmente interessanti. E beh, mi sono proprio dovuto ricredere.Il sentimento che viene descritto nel romanzo è assoluto, trascinante, ossessivo, unico. I due ragazzi, David e Jade, si amano di un amore troppo forte, troppo esc [...]

    8. This is either a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 star book. Seriously, I would understand any one of these ratings. It is about one young man's obsessive (to say the least) relationship with his high school girlfriend. I'd give a "1" for character likeability. Every character is seriously screwed up/deranged/sick in the head, with the possible exception of David's mother. I wish we saw a little more of his parents' relationship because, as Jewish Communists in the late 60s, they are pretty damn interesting. I' [...]

    9. Heartbreaking. I expected a lightweight story of teenage love; instead, I read a dark tale of delirium and reckless obsession.

    10. I have always loved this book. A nice primer on love and sex. It's a great portrait of obsession. Mesmerizing prose.I remember getting a scornful look from Mrs. Bendick for passing it around freshman English when we were supposed to be discussing the similarities/differences of "Romeo vs. Juliet" and "West Side Story." How could I not share that crazed, blood-soaked lovemaking scene with everyone? So much more interesting than Rita Moreno dancing on rooftops!I try to read it every couple of year [...]

    11. I'd seen the horrific Zeffirelli film several years ago, and had no idea it was loosely based on this novel, because I didn't know this novel existed until a couple of my GR friends added it to their shelves. It sounded interesting, and quite unlike the movie, so I thought I'd read it. To its credit, I managed to read Endless Love fairly quickly, so it wasn't intolerable. The book is, not so much to its credit, consistently tedious, because David Axelrod is just a tedious character and reading p [...]

    12. "In certe storie d’amore c’è chi distrugge l’altro"David e Jade sedicenni si innamorano.E detto così nulla di più naturale.Si amano, son giovani e spensierati vien da dire: "Beati loro!"E invece questo amore non ha quasi nessuna caratteristica dell'amore giovanile.È un amore esente da leggerezza e spensieratezza, si compone piuttosto di ossessione e dipendenza.Un amore tossico, che come un incendio brucia, divora e risucchia tutti coloro che ne entrano in contatto.È un amore che lasci [...]

    13. It's nearly thirty years since I first read Endless Love . Now when I pick it up, I notice an awkward sentence, an odd rhetorical decision that wasn't visible to me in 1982, but still I love everything about this bighearted book. Read this book, and if you can, recommend other books that evoke first love so powerfully or seem to understand how dangerous it can be when you've never wanted anything in your life as much, and you feel out of control, off balance and utterly devoted.

    14. Favorite quotes from Endless Love:"I was totally victimized by the irrational navigation of my unconscious.""I was, I knew then, a member of a vast network of condemned men and women: romance had taken a wrong turn within me and led me into mayhem."My Two Cents: This is a classic book which has been reviewed by hundreds, if not thousands of readers and admired by the most credible book reviewers and magazines. So, instead of composing a traditional review, I'm choosing to blog about the impressi [...]

    15. "Allora capii che ero entrato a far parte della vasta comunità dei condannati, uomini e donne: l'amore s'era contorto in me precipitandomi in un caos".Il lungo racconto di questo amore e delle sue infauste conseguenze viene narrato dal protagonista, David, e inizia con una distruzione, compiuta attraverso l'ineluttabile simbolo della passione: il fuoco. Fuoco che arde e si diffonde, fuoco che si autoalimenta e si dirama, incessante, fuoco che divampa e tutto brucia, tutto spazza via.È la stori [...]

    16. I read this book twice and each time it has gotten better. My ex tells me it is newer version of Wuthering Heights which is a book we both admire, I strongly disagree while conceding she does have a point. Jade is the love of David's life and losing her will cause him to burn down her house, and that is just the beginning of this wonderful book. Is it love or obession, what is the difference? Why is it that everyone connected to this sees it as something that dramatically changes their lives, bu [...]

    17. I've never felt so strongly about a book that I felt the need to write a review. I don't understand how this book has such great ratings. It is so slow and so boring. 70% of it is just David's inner ramblings that are irrelevant and horribly uninteresting. There are no actual plot points in the beginning that even remotely grabbed my attention. When I saw the great reviews and was reading the book, I really thought I had downloaded the wrong book. This book was just boring from start to finish. [...]

    18. l'unico film veramente bello di jim carrey venne tradotto in italia con un cacchio di titolo che non si può sentire e non starò qui a citare. quello originale, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, lo splendore eterno della mente senza macchia - un verso di eloisa to abelard di alexander pope, per richiamare già due che conobbero la passione più sfrenata - era effettivamente poco portabile da noi come argomento di conversazione: metti anche solo pronunciare quel groviglio di dentali, liquid [...]

    19. Re-reading this now as an adult, I realize it's a completely different novel than what I read as a teenager. As an 18 year old reader, this book was about love and finding a way to be with a person you loved. As an adult, this book is about living with the consequences of actions that can't be undone, struggling with the burden of emotional attachment at a young age a lot of things. Adult themes, the least of them the sexuality that was hyped for the cheesy movie they made of this book. The nuan [...]

    20. As a constant reader, it’s always a magical moment when one particular book stands out from the rest. It happens every so often and it was certainly the case with Endless Love. It saddens me whenever I discover a book too many years too late. This book was published in 1979 and I probably would have been more shocked reading it during my younger years. I feel maybe I read it at the right time in my life. I'm still young enough to identify with this story, but old enough to be wise in seeing ho [...]

    21. I'm not naturally disposed towards this sort of stuff: the realist or "quasi-realist" novel. My bookshelf brims with philosophy and poetry. I consume articles on the bus and essays before bed. I seldom read to escape, almost never to just "have fun," and I strongly believe in that old adage that truth is often stranger than fiction. So I wasn't expecting to like Endless Love, let alone be blown away by it. But for some reason—and whether this reason is objective or subjective or both is someth [...]

    22. 9/10, ma che tristezza! triste, triste, disperato, esagerato, commovente, malinconico. Un amore tossico, scrive qualcuno, devastante, che lascia solo rovine dietro di sé, che distrugge tutto quello che tocca. Sono felice di averlo finito, non potevo andare avanti ancora a lungo; è come salire una montagna altissima con uno zaino pesante e trovare il rifugio chiuso, come correre una maratona e non trovare nessuno al traguardo. Sì, c'è qualche lungaggine. Anche il famoso capitolo 14, l'avrei a [...]

    23. David Axelroad, il protagonista narratore, è un brutto soggetto, il suo “amore senza fine” per Jade Butterfield è una brutta variante dell'amore, la loro notte di sesso lunga trentatré pagine - con il lettore voyeur che chiude più sfinito dei due - è esagerata e dunque brutta: ma nel suo insieme il romanzo sovrasta tutto, è bellissimo, con nota di merito speciale per la scrittura.

    24. David Alexander reminisces about a fire that he started when he was only a teen, and the consequences that followed that drastic event. He tells a story about himself, from the age of sixteen when he had a passionate relationship with Jade,who he loves deeply,selfishly and recklessly. Upon meeting her, he is overwhelmed at the attraction that he feels for her and the bond that he shares with her brothers,Keith and Sammy who both play a major role in his life. He sees Jade mother Ann as a queen,h [...]

    25. I thought this book about a boy who is obsessively in love with a girl and ends up setting her house on fire would be kinda dull and just a lot of in-love wankery, but what I didn't realize is that it actually *starts* with the house-setting-on-fire and goes from there, really delving into his messed up psyche in the aftermath of his "endless love" being disrupted. It was actually pretty good. I sometimes lose patience with dated novels, but this one's datedness didn't bother me much because it [...]

    26. (Note - I will divide this review in two parts, one regarding the novel and a second one only about the movie. I agree the movie doesn't contemplate 1/3 of the book, nevertheless, it is also important as a reference of the themes exposed along the storyline).First of all, allow me to be a little sexist - but don't worry y'all, I am NOT a feminazi - and affirm this is a novel narrated in first person by a man; also, this whole book could only have been written by a person who carries a cromossome [...]

    27. This review was written as a part of long series of posts on how to write sex scenes, on a former weblog.I really admire Scott Spencer's work. Waking the Dead is probably my favorite of his novels, but I've found things to like about all of them. Endless Love is, over all, a delicately told, very dark story, one that I have re-read often. This particular scene I'm going to talk about bothers me -- which may mean it is entirely successful.Endless Love is about David Axelrod, a teenager desperatel [...]

    28. If left without rules, it’s likely every sensitive teenager would wrap themselves in obsession. Modern American civilization is pretty tame when considering other past societies; we don’t have public orgies like in ancient Greek times, and the small rituals (Halloween, for instance) we do have are pretty button-upped. So we keep our teens on a short leash. The only recent time period that generally mimics a similar out of control zeitgeist has to be the ‘60s in the U.S. Much has been writt [...]

    29. Finding a book that I'd call a favorite after one reading is a pretty rare occasion for me. I have only a handful--probably less than a dozen--of "favorite" books (Jane Eyre, Hey Nostradamus!, The Children's Hospital, The Pursuit of Love, Love in a Cold Climate, Sleeping Murder, Ex Libris, Atonement, The End of Mr Y, Pride and PrejudiceI think I just named them all right there), but for all its unlikeliness (I did find out about it after Googling that awful-looking Alex Pettyfer movie from Febru [...]

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