The Discourtesy of Death

The Discourtesy of Death

William Brodrick / Jul 23, 2019

The Discourtesy of Death An anonymous letter sent to Larkwood s Prior accuses Peter Henderson an academic celebrity renowned for daring ideas of a grotesque murder the calculated killing of Jenny his disabled partner beli

  • Title: The Discourtesy of Death
  • Author: William Brodrick
  • ISBN: 9780748133857
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook
  • An anonymous letter sent to Larkwood s Prior accuses Peter Henderson, an academic celebrity renowned for daring ideas, of a grotesque murder the calculated killing of Jenny, his disabled partner, believed by everyone to have died peacefully two years previously from a sudden attack of cancer.But for this letter there is no evidence, no suspect and no crime Time has movedAn anonymous letter sent to Larkwood s Prior accuses Peter Henderson, an academic celebrity renowned for daring ideas, of a grotesque murder the calculated killing of Jenny, his disabled partner, believed by everyone to have died peacefully two years previously from a sudden attack of cancer.But for this letter there is no evidence, no suspect and no crime Time has moved on Lives have been rebuilt Grief and loss are tempered by a comforting thought a paralysed woman, once an acclaimed dancer, had died quickly and painlessly, spared a drawn out illness a life marked by agonising misfortune had come to a merciful end.But now Anselm has been told the truth behind the soothing lie He must move cautiously to expose the killer and the killing He must think of young Timothy, Jenny and Peter s son A boy who is still learning to live without his mother.And so Anselm begins his most delicate investigation yet, unaware that Jenny s adoring father is also thinking of Timothy s future that this urbane former army officer is haunted by the memory of torture and shoot to kill operations in Northern Ireland that he remains capable of anything, if he thinks it s for the best that he has set out to execute Peter Henderson.Death, dying and killing, however, were never so complicated.

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        William Brodrick was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1960 Having lived in Canada since he was eleven, he went to school in Australia and England, and went on to take a BA in Philosophy and Theology, then a MTh Master of Theology and a Degree of Utter Barrister Brodrick worked on a logging camp in British Columbia, Canada, before joining the Augustinian Friars 1979 1985 He began his life as a friar in Dublin, Ireland, based on a farm that deployed Iron Age techniques bringing him very close to nature After several years as a friar, he left the order to help set up a charity at the request of Cardinal Hume, The Depaul Trust, which worked with homeless people In 1991 he became a barrister He holds British and Canadian citizenship and is married with three children with whom he lives in France


    1. I found the subject matter of this story incredibly uncomfortable, and so stayed away from finishing for some time. But this doesn't lessen the incredible power and thought put into this story - it increases it. Not many authors could handle such sensitive issues with such an insight. Beautifully written.

    2. I think William Brodrick has a wonderful grasp of written English - I wish I could write like that!That said, I found this book rather disappointing. In fact this and the previous book in the Anselem series have not lived up to the standards of the first three in the series. My three star rating is for the writing style, the prose, rather than the plot.I won't be a "spoiler" so I won't go into the plot in any great detail; to do so would give away most of its details, so thin is it. It suffices [...]

    3. This book starts as a rather simple mystery, but quickly devolves into a question of who committed a murder and why. The story's orientation keeps changing all the way up to the end, at which we have to face a lot of the ambiguities of our lives, which embody the very mysteries of our own lives. Well worth reading.

    4. A rather complex book. It took me a while to get into and I found it a bit slow moving.In the end I felt a bit like "one more complication or truth finding session and I'll walk".It was just a bit long for my liking. But I made peace with it in the end as it all sorted itself out neatly.

    5. When you finish one of Broderick's books you haven't just read a detective story, you have been asked to think about ethical problems. They are thought provoking, and this stays with you long after you finish the book.

    6. An insightful, provocative narrative, wrapped in the comforting cocoon of fiction, on life and the values laced on that most precious of commodities

    7. This is part of a relatively new series featuring Father Anselm, a former barrister who becomes a monk and then later is asked for help solving morally and philosophically difficult cases. I would say that description applies to the case in this book. The "whodunit" aspect of the murder(?) is not particularly difficult to figure out. The rub comes in the moral questions surrounding said action. Here is where I should point out that the author himself is a former monk. He raises the issues well, [...]

    8. Father Anselm's investigation of the possible murder of a young woman, paralyzed and dying of cancer, involves past personal and national histories as well as multiple murders suspects with varying degrees of probability. I love the way Brodrick weaves so many stories, each of which contribute to the main plot and subplots, all of which provides clues to the identify of the murderer. I wonder about the significance of the title of this book--Is it the lasting impact of Jennifer's death upon her [...]

    9. From : "An anonymous letter sent to Larkwood's Prior accuses Peter Henderson, an academic celebrity renowned for daring ideas, of a grotesque murder: the calculated killing of Jenny, his disabled partner, believed by everyone to have died peacefully two years previously from a sudden attack of cancer.But for this letter there is no evidence, no suspect and no crime. Time has moved on. Lives have been rebuilt. Grief and loss are tempered by a comforting thought: a paralysed woman, once an acclaim [...]

    10. This is an excruciatingly drawn out, painfully nuanced look at the intersections of the legal and moral issues surrounding assisted suicide and mercy killing with occasional moments of crime fiction thrown in. With a political assassination (incomplete, but with dire consequences) in the sidelines as a further embellishment of the moral questions. Much of the time the book is more polemic than plot.Anselm is called to investigate the truth behind the death of Jenny Goodwin, a young mother – a [...]

    11. Formerly a barrister, now a monk, Father Anselm is drawn into the investigation of the possible mercy killing of Jenny, a former ballerina who was paralysed and later suffered from cancer. He delves deeper and deeper into the past actions and possible motives of her extended family, which includes a priest and a former army officer who bears deep scars from his time serving in Northern Ireland. William Broderick reveals snippets and trails from the family members' lives leading us on a labyrinth [...]

    12. Not as good as first and third books. It seems Anselm is being put on short time as a monk - which is a shame, because there are so many secular detectives. Even Fr Brown of venerable memory hardly ever does any work on his "day job" - saying Mass, hearing Confessions, praying the Hours! Anselm acquires a very worldly sidekick, and listens to more jazz than Divine Office. It is very convoluted, and by exploring the death of a young woman who mostly seems to feel life with disability is unbearabl [...]

    13. When a glowing article on Anselm is published in the newspaper, the brothers at Larkwood Priory are somewhat amused, but Anselm isn’t sure his Prior will see things in quite the same light. However the Prior receives a letter about a suspicious death and Anselm leaves the priory with his blessing to investigate. Is it a mercy killing or a woman manipulated into an assisted suicide? Half the appeal of an Anselm book is the moral conundrum they present. Here, as usual, Anselm blunders his way to [...]

    14. Like Cadfael in the modern day but not as quaint. A former ballerina is paralysed by a tragic fall and then is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her death, deemed of natural causes, comes under question when the prior at a monastery receives an anonymous letter, blaming the woman's husband for bringing about her death prematurely. Was it murder or assisted suicide? Monk and amateur detective Anselm sets out on a quest to discover the truth, opening a veritable Pandora's Box of secrets.

    15. I received my copy of The Discourtesy of Death for free through a giveaway.I have read no other of the novels in the Father Anselm series, but have read that this particular installment has been a disappointment to fans.For me the story was wandering, pedantic, dull for the most part. 3/4 way through I was just trying to finish, did not care who had killed the paralyzed/cancer afflicted woman. I may try an earlier novel, but have little to recommend for this one.

    16. This was a bit of a slow burner and at first it took me some time to get into the storyline even though I quite liked the characters. I did enjoy the book as it slowly unfolded but it felt like it took ages to get to the denouement. It was a bit of a twist in the tale and posed anumber of moral questions.

    17. DisjointedI enjoy this series. But this one I found harder to follow as the story moved between times and characters. A common enough technique, but this time it was a bit annoying. That said, I'll continue to watch out for the next book in the series.

    18. Disappointing, the earlier Brother Anselm books were so much better. Sadly this one was tedious and long winded soI am not sure I will read any more.

    19. In the end, this book just felt like way to get across an anti-euthanasia position. There wasn't enough depth in characterization to make it in interesting read.

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