The Open Secret: An Introduction to the Theology of Mission

The Open Secret: An Introduction to the Theology of Mission

Lesslie Newbigin / Aug 20, 2019

The Open Secret An Introduction to the Theology of Mission Aimed at bringing contemporary concerns in mission theology to a wide reading public this volume flows from Newbigin s extensive experience in the mission field and from lectures developed especially

  • Title: The Open Secret: An Introduction to the Theology of Mission
  • Author: Lesslie Newbigin
  • ISBN: 9780802808295
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aimed at bringing contemporary concerns in mission theology to a wide reading public, this volume flows from Newbigin s extensive experience in the mission field and from lectures developed especially to prepare men and women for missionary service Newbigin describes the Christian mission as the declaration of an open secret open in that it is preached to all nations, secAimed at bringing contemporary concerns in mission theology to a wide reading public, this volume flows from Newbigin s extensive experience in the mission field and from lectures developed especially to prepare men and women for missionary service Newbigin describes the Christian mission as the declaration of an open secret open in that it is preached to all nations, secret in that it is manifest only to the eyes of faith The result is a thoroughly biblical attempt to lead the church to embrace its Christ given task of presenting the gospel in our complex modern world This revised edition includes a helpful index and a new preface.

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        Bishop James Edward Lesslie Newbigin was a British theologian, missiologist, missionary and author Though originally ordained within the Church of Scotland, Newbigin spent much of his career serving as a missionary in India and became affiliated with the Church of South India and the United Reformed Church, becoming one of the Church of South India s first bishops A prolific author who wrote on a wide range of theological topics, Newbigin is best known for his contributions to missiology and ecclesiology He is also known for his involvement in both the dialogue regarding ecumenism and the Gospel and Our Culture movement Many scholars also believe his work laid the foundations for the contemporary missional church movement, and it is said his stature and range is comparable to the Fathers of the Church.


    1. This is a great book on missiology, yes. It also a great book on Biblical theology and Christology as well as inter-religious dialogue. As a pastor, this book helps me put together in a cohesive picture the various functions I carry out during a week. That picture's title is witness.I highly recommend The Open Secret. If you're in ministry, if you're trying to live your life as mission, if you're looking for a good picture at how faith, history, and purpose fit together, read this book.

    2. Lesslie NewbiginNewbigin was a master missiologist, and the Open Secret is Newbigin at his best. He was that anomaly of the modern Church: a readable theologian and thoughtful practitioner. Anyone who cares about the mission of God and the purpose of the church worldwide should read Open Secret. This book stands like a lighthouse in the fog closer to Missio Dei shores than most any other work. Those off shore looking for the lands God has called them to are wise to look to the path it enlightens [...]

    3. Lesslie Newbigin and His Context:When the ‘Who is Who in’ or an ‘Encyclopedia of’ the 20th century Missiology and Mission would be written,[1] James Edward Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998) would certainly feature as one of those who made significant and influential contributions not only in the filed of knowledge of missiology and Christian mission, but also in its praxis. Martin Robinson in his editorial in a special issue of The Bible in Transmission, advanced two reasons why that issue of [...]

    4. Lesslie Newbigin’s missiology course lectures over a four-year period are presented in thisexcellent and accessible book of theology. Newbigin confirms my understanding that our job is “to learn what he is doing in the world which is already his, not to introduce him to a world from which he is absent.” (1995:67) Newbigin brings his practical experience from the mission field to his understanding of theology. Forged in the integrity of practice, Newbigin has paved the way ahead, with this [...]

    5. About the AuthorLesslie Newbigin was ordained in 1936 by the Presbytery of Edinburgh to work as a Church missionary to India. In 1947 he was appointed bishop of a diocese in Madurai, India. In 1959 he became the general secretary of the International Missionary Council and worked toward its integration into the World Council of Churches, in which he served as associate general secretary until 1965. He returned to his bishopric in India until 1974. He then served as lecturer at Sally Oak Colleges [...]

    6. I picked this book up from my brother when I was visiting him in California, and then read it through a long six-week trip in the United States. This is the best, most accessible book on missiology that I have ever read. After reading it, I immediately bought the Kindle version and read it again. I NEVER do that. Amazing thoughts on the church, on the nature of the Trinity and its implications on mission, on pluralism and tolerance. My highlights amount to pages and pages. Highly recommended wor [...]

    7. I honestly enjoyed this book on first read. It contains a lot of wisdom and is very deep theologically. Some of Newbigin's insights into the Trinity and the unintuitive nature of God's kingdom are very helpful and a good response to mainstream Christianity that so often veers away from the historical person of Jesus. There are many, many good quotes to be found in this book, and I think that if I were to list them I'd have as good a book as any written by some of the people building on Newbigin' [...]

    8. A classic that probes deeply into several prescient missiological themes (though written several decades ago). Newbigin's elucidation makes for heavy (yet very rewarding!) reading. I really enjoy how he analyzed various theologians/missiologists throughout the book. His insistence on the supremacy of Christ is refreshing. I did struggle a few times with his views on textual authority of the Bible but he remains firmly attached to the revelation of Jesus.His humility in encountering other religio [...]

    9. Newbie is a good guy. You can tell he really means well when he's talking about missions, evangelism, etc. But he really should have read up a bit more on certain of the theological issues he tries to grapple with. For example, he completely butchers the biblical view of covenant in the section where he tries to deal with it. He makes the covenant out to be something that is purely unconditional, almost to the point of affirming K. Barth's Christic-monism and strict mono-covenantalism. Anyway, N [...]

    10. Particularly appreciated his discussion of other-than-Christian worldviews/faiths. Newbigin's claims on grace has certainly shaped my own view and given me lots to think about! A bit lengthy (as per usual, it seems) and slow to start but I really liked the later chapters. I found his discussion of (what I understood as) pre-destination to be a bit confusing regarding his greater argumentd, gladly, I do not think his argument (for the unfathomable depths of grace) needed to stand on pre-destinati [...]

    11. The clearest articulation of Christian missiology I've ever encountered. Newbigin contrasts missions to the colonial project of Western nations, which has left mostly cultural contamination and hurt in its wake. Instead, the gospel should be translated into other cultures, where it can speak a word that both the "missionary" and newly called people of God ("converts") need to hear.Finally, he also recognizes the shift of Christianity's center of gravity to the global South - Africa, South Americ [...]

    12. Ever since I was first introduced to Lesslie Newbigin some years ago when I read Foolishness to the Greeks: Gospel and Western Culture, I have appreciated his thoughtfulness in the area of theology of mission. Though he passed into glory 11 years ago, his legacy lives on. The second edition of The Open Secret, updated in 1994, was engaging and thought-provoking from start to finish, particularly toward the end. I record some further thoughts here: meismarkintaiwan/.

    13. This is a much earlier work by Newbigin on missiology than Foolishness and Gospel in a Pluralist Society so there is some development of thought that is evident in his later works. His analysis of election and it's relationship to world history is profound, as is his trinitarian missiology. His discussion on dialogue with people of other faiths is very instructive but a bit confusing on its conclusions. Excellent read nonetheless but I am not sure this is an introduction to missiology for he is [...]

    14. Lesslie Newbigin writes about mission and the mindset that a Christian should have about mission. His out-of-the-box insights seem ahead of his time. I appreciated his insistence that we not approach missions with the goal of adding another convert to the rolls of Christianity, but to meet people, to dialog with humility, to listen and be challenged by people. His writing is heady, but the depth of his thoughts worth the work.

    15. Newbigin offers some interesting insights into the theology of missions. There are some breathtaking comments that really make you pause for thought. That being said, the book's organizational structure is difficult and at times it's hard to understand what the general thrust of a given chapter is. Still, the book is well worth the read for some sentences and paragraphs that literally made me put the book down for thought.

    16. The little bit I got through before being distracted with other things was awesome. It is great to read his methodology since it matches exactly with his epistemology. Jesus cannot be known apart from the Father's revelation through the Spirit; highly trinitarian and in tune with what seems to me to be biblical epistemology.

    17. This was one of 2 or 3 texts used in a class I took during my senior year at Covenant College. It is on my parents' bookshelf rather than mine so, sadly, I cannot at the moment look back at it, because it's been 8 years since I took that class! I want to "bounce off" from this one to his more recent work.

    18. Newbigin has some very good things to say about mission and Trinity and culture for the Christian, but He must be read carefully. His ability to interact with pluralism and postmodern culture is insightful, but also at times, I think, is a bit too "open."

    19. So great I want everyone to read it. I am not totally aligned with Newbigin's Reformed prespective, but neither is he. He brings a great insight to theolgoy from actually doing it on the "field" in India.

    20. So i have to read this for school, but i really am enjoying it. Newbigin is one of the greatest missional theologians of our time. He has some excellent insights into the theology of evangelism, and missions in cultural contexts. There are sections that are a bit dry but over all its a great read.

    21. Some of the idea's presented here I found fascinating. Anytime you get to rethink what you think about something, I think is a good thing. Even if don't agree with everything presented here, it is well worth the time to investigate.

    22. Great book. Written almost 40 years ago, Newbigin speaks into the circumstance that we find ourselves today. Worth the read and taking time to work through.

    23. A profound, helpful guide to the theology of mission and a compelling work that directs us further in to the work of Christ in the world.

    24. I am having our entire board read through this book. Leslie Newbigin was an awesome individual, you should read his books as well.

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