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Swipe Tory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe join forces to investigate a crime at Comic Con in this exclusive direct to digital short story from Kathy Reichs author of Bones of the Lost and Virals A valuab

  • Title: Swipe
  • Author: Kathy Reichs
  • ISBN: 9781473505926
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • Tory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe join forces to investigate a crime at Comic Con in this exclusive direct to digital short story from Kathy Reichs, author of Bones of the Lost and Virals A valuable Terminator replica disappears from the nerd nirvana of Comic Con Tory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe are on the scene, and join forces to investigate Surely the TerminTory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe join forces to investigate a crime at Comic Con in this exclusive direct to digital short story from Kathy Reichs, author of Bones of the Lost and Virals A valuable Terminator replica disappears from the nerd nirvana of Comic Con Tory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe are on the scene, and join forces to investigate Surely the Terminator can t have just vanished into thin air When a ransom note appears, threatening the destruction of the model, Comic Con staff start to accuse each other The clues are soon mounting up but can Tempe and the Virals find the thief before it s too late

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    1. *updated version*Of course this one had to be good! It has been so long since I have heard the jokes of Hi or Sheldon and man have I missed it! I mean I started reading it and felt likeThis one is about the gang investigating the disappearance of the T-800(a terminator) at comic con! Yes, the real comic con for all you fellow geeks out there. The four of them have to use the smallest clues and newly found evidence to discover where the culprit hid the terminator. Not to mention that there are pe [...]

    2. The four friends were wandering through the maze of characters at Comic-Con while waiting to meet up with Tory’s aunt, forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan. Tory and Ben were not (really) in costume, but Hi and Shelton were right into it. Their mouths were open, their awe was complete – Tory was over it already, but tried not to show it…After organising with Tempe to meet after her book signing for lunch, Tory led her friends toward another display; but the screams of agony spun h [...]

    3. A very fun little escapade around Comic-Con. I mean, who could pass up the chance to solve the mystery of the missing Terminator prop, sneak backstage, LARP with swords and halberds, and then catch the perp via an epic chase. Even if it did mean missing the Bones panel ;)My only disappointment was that it didn't really gel with the ending of the last book. Continuity-wise, I'd probably place this before Code, since so much went down at the end of it - not least of which was some major trust issu [...]

    4. Quality Rating: Three StarsEnjoyment Rating: Four StarsIt's such a brilliant idea to have a little mystery cameo at Comic-Con, and while it might not have been the most thrilling or sophisticated I've read from Reichs, I have to say I did still really enjoy it. Definitely a fun little read, if slightly strange for the Virals world - but it is Comic-Con after all.

    5. Greatest. Ready for another of Kathy's stories. I have always enjoyed reading her books. I wish I had all of them including all the stories of Dr. Brennan. I would always recommend her books to anyone who enjoys murder mysteries.Greatest! Ready for another of Kathy's stories. I have always enjoyed reading the stories about Dr. Brennan. I have many in paperback.

    6. InvincibleThe kids are getting better with their skills. Stories are really enjoyable. Looking forward to the trial. I have no doubt the kids will put the killer in gaol for good

    7. Short story e-book in the young adult Virals series. It fits chronologically between the third and fourth novel in the series. Not a very complicated mystery just like most short stories. Comic-Con was a fun setting for a mystery.

    8. "Swipe" is an engaging novella in the Virals series by Kathy Reichs that opens in the madness of San Diego's Comic-Con where the replica of the Terminator has been snatched. Tory and her Aunt Temperance Brennan whose signing copies of her non-fiction best seller are enlisted by security to investigate. The only clues to the heist is a cryptic ransom note,a small remnant of tape, glass fragments and a missing employee. In a race against time to find the robot Tory and the Virals trace the glass s [...]

    9. This short story is part of the ‘Virals’ series by Kathy and Brendan Reichs, which I haven’t read. I was hoping that it would work well as a standalone story, because the idea sounded great. At Comic-Con, the only full sized model of the T-800 from the opening scenes of The Terminator is stolen from an area thought to be secure. Tory Brennan and her friends are at Comic-Con to see her aunt, Temperance Brennan, a forensic investigator who’s giving talks about forensic science in pop cultu [...]

    10. This a fun short novella featuring the Virals. It is also in its own teen way an homage to Comic-Con.A mystery set in the middle of the immensely popular fan convention. A place where kindred spirits can meet and enjoy their favourite comics, shows and characters. Temperance Brennan has been invited to join the ultimate fandom experience, which is how her great-niece Tory and her friends end up at the event.Tory and Co are the so-called Virals. A group of teens, who have accidentally had their D [...]

    11. The Virals are back in this short story, perfect for fans of both this series and cute enough to entertain Tempe Brennan fans too. When Tory and the gang join Tempe at Comic-Con, the fun spikes as everyone is in their element (and very revealing costumes). When the T-800 aka the Terminator, is stolen from its exhibit, Tory and Tempe begin investigating, using their forensic experience. With little on which to go, they put their heads together and the story moves towards the Virals and their sleu [...]

    12. From the minute I first read Virals I was hooked on this series, so when I saw Swipe on netgalley I had to request it, and I waited, and waited, and waited some more, and finally got accepted last week.The Virals are attending a Comic-Con thanks to Tory's aunt, Tempe. While there they are involved in a replica of Terminator being stolen. Tempe and the Virals are soon on the job, with Tory taking a bigger lead than the Virals at first. I loved the opening of the book, the chaos and madness of the [...]

    13. Swipe is another short novella about the Virals, this one being number 3.5 in the series written by Kathy Reichs and her son Brendan. This time Tory and her friends visit the famous Comic-Con in San Diego with Tory's aunt Tempe Brennan. One of the exhibits gets stolen, a Terminater replica. There's not much to detect at the crime scene, just some broken glass and a note to pay ransom for the Terminator. The Virals start investigating nevertheless and of course find and chase down the blackmailer [...]

    14. Review: Swipe (Virals #3.5) by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs I'd like to thank the authors and publisher for the copy I received via Netgalley. I was really looking forward to reading this Virals short story - I've read the other Virals books and loved them. This novella sits between Code and Exposure and features a collaboration between Tory and her great-aunt Temperance. Tory arranges to meet Tempe at ComicCon, a huge convention celebrating all things comic. Imagine teens (& adults!) dr [...]

    15. Absolute FunI loved this mini adventure of the Virals. I wish the store was longer. Setting it at Comi-Con was brilliant and all the references, fantastic. I have read the first three Virals books and the first mini as well. I think this might be my favorite. I did have one question as to the timeline of the stories though because this story is clearly set after the third book, as shown by the use of a certain power that wasn't available until the end of the third book. But there is also somethi [...]

    16. Perhaps I'm finally growing out of this series but I really could not stand Tory in this.I hate the idea of how being a nerd is a bad thing, and oh I love this show and I love that other thing but oh no how could you dreaam of accusing me of being a nerd?!!Is this supposed to be targeted towards 'cool girls' who want to see that 'smart girls can be popular too' or something?? Because previously in this series Tory was clearly portrayed as the outcast nerd girl and it doesn't feel right for her t [...]

    17. I received a copy of this novella thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, my thanks for the opportunity.I have not read anything in the Virals series but quickly gathered from this short novella that Tori (Temperance Brennan's Niece) and her friends have been infected with canine DNA at some point. This short but action packed novella tackles a mysterious theft at a Comic-Con Expo and Tori and her friends get to take centre stage in sniffing out the mystery and br [...]

    18. 4.7 I have to say, this is the first Virals novel/novella I wasn't completely blown away by. The Comic Con setting was hard for me to picture because I'm not into Star Wars, comic books, etc, and as a result of that I also didn't understand half the references. The four or five new character that went by their real name-- Connors, Jenkins, etc-- as well as their fake name-- Joker, Jester, etc-- were just so confusing to me. I also didn't like how they barely flared at all the whole story. Howeve [...]

    19. Complete review available: SwipeHonestly, I was a little disappointed by this. Had this plotline appeared in a Virals novel, I feel it would have been 1 (maybe 2) chapters long, and yet here it is dragged out into a full novella. Furthermore, it took until a good 2/3rds in that the Virals actually referenced or used their powers at all. Rather than a small little side-adventure, the novella just felt like a spewed storyline to promote the next Virals book and earn a little money. It added nothin [...]

    20. Another promising joy in the addition to the Virals series. I put off reading this for so long before I managed to bring myself to a reality and read the words on my phone.This one brought Hiram and Shelton into a world fit to perfection for the two. a real comicon with new surprises. It was a usual sight of adventures and thrills even if Tempe barely entered when I wanted her too. This books took much emphasis on the kid's talents alone let alone the few times they actually flared to figure it [...]

    21. I had not read any Viral stories before, so I had no idea what to expect. I liked the story it was fun and as someone with a forensic science degree, it was interesting to see some used in a fun way. I was a little lost in the Viral part of the story. But it was such a small part of the story, it did not matter. I liked the characters, although at times I was confused between some of them. A Kit was mentioned and I do not know who they are. For only being 70pages, it packed a lot into the story, [...]

    22. I love the "Virals" series. This entertaining novella, which takes place between Books 3 and 4, is especially fun because it's set at San Diego's Comic-Con, where the Virals are challenged to solve the puzzling theft of a Terminator robot. I totally enjoyed all the pop-culture references, and it was fun that the Virals could flare openly at Comic-Con, because no one there would question their flaming amber eyes, which would be seen as special effects. Now I'm looking forward to reading the fifth [...]

    23. A quick and fun read, with our favourite "Virals" gang in the crazy locale of Comic Con. Loved the premise, loved the pacing, loved the characters. Plenty of weird-craziness too, and definitely worth a laugh or three. The actual "mystery" to it though was pretty predictable, although I did not figure out all the details, I did have an inkling of how the criminal had committed the "swipe". Overall, a good quick and fun read. I look forward to the next full length novel!Ebook provided via NetGalle [...]

    24. Another great (but all too short) visit with Tori and the gang. This time they are in San Diego at Comic Con with Tori's great aunt Temperance Brennan. A terminator model T-800 goes missing and the gang can't help getting involved and trying to solve the case. This short book is a lot of fun and a great peak into the world of sci-fi conventions. You will enjoy every minute. I only with that Aunt Tempe played a larger role in the book. I hope that, eventually, she gets brought into the loop on th [...]

    25. This short story/novella is book 3.5 in the Virals series by Kathy Reichs - 3.5 stars. The Virals are at the ComicCon in San Diego where Tory's Aunt Temperance Brennan is participating in a panel on criminalistics and a book signing when a display from the movie Terminator is stolen - of course the Virals assist with the investigation.While there is nothing new or special about this book, it is nice to see the authors working to keep the series alive. Looking forward to the next novel in the ser [...]

    26. It was a fun little story to read in a few hours. It felt a little bit like an episode of Scooby-Doo at Comic-con while when Tory went up on the stage to explain how the crime was committed, that part reminded me a lot of the show, Death in Paradise. I also enjoyed the character interaction especially in the last part of the book. That part was very funny. Overall, I enjoyed this book, something light and cheery after reading Code.

    27. A fun little mystery featuring our favorite Pack at Comic-Com to tide me over until Exposure! I enjoyed the crossover with Tory's aunt, Tempe, as well as the various shenanigans the kids got up to. As always, I found myself wishing for more Tory/Ben interaction, but the interaction with Hi was fun, too. :)

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