Gatecrash: The Secretist, Part Two

Gatecrash: The Secretist, Part Two

Doug Beyer / Jul 19, 2019

Gatecrash The Secretist Part Two SET PREVIEW Pentagon level security keeps details of any new set from becoming public outside of the scheduled roll out As a result fans are over eager to get info in any way they can Fiction gives th

  • Title: Gatecrash: The Secretist, Part Two
  • Author: Doug Beyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • SET PREVIEW Pentagon level security keeps details of any new set from becoming public outside of the scheduled roll out As a result fans are over eager to get info in any way they can Fiction gives them a glimpse into the flavor of the set and allows immersion into the world before they can see the cards.

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    1. Part 2 of THE SECRETIST was much more well-executed than Return to Ravnica. My major gripe with the first volume centered upon Beyer's insistence on forcing card names from the expansion set into the story, without those cards having major impacts on the story, and actually detracting from the book. In GATECRASH, Beyer eases back on that, and focuses more on developing the plot. It makes for a much smoother and more enjoyable story, not having obvious and jarring cameos keep popping up without i [...]

    2. Gatecrash was a fun read that built strongly upon the story and actions of the first novel. The book really grew through a number of twists and turns provided by the author. I found these interesting and engaging but I found myself very disappointed that the book was as short as it was. While the kindle version goes to 100%, at 81% the book is over and the last 20% is a promo for another book. I would have much preferred this as a longer novel without the extra promo fluff. All in all though, th [...]

    3. I really enjoyed The Secretist part 2, however it may not make as much sense to someone who doesn't play Magic: the Gathering or hasn't read up on the lore behind Ravnica.The imagery transports you to Ravnica and you begin to connect more with the characters and the guilds. It'll be interesting to see what The Implicit Maze is all about, to me it feels a lot like The Hunger Games. unfortunately we'll have to wait til part 3 to find any real information out.You definitely need to read part 1 to f [...]

    4. A continuation from my review of the first part:The story remains interesting while delving further into the mystery of the Implicit Maze and involving a few new key players in the form of a nasty shapeshifter and some sneaky vampires.Jace finds himself in a few entertaining situations as well and I particularly enjoyed his fight against one of the characters that forced him to not use his magic offensively, but to use it to help in the fight in a way that he was not used to or wouldn't have bee [...]

    5. I think I liked the Return to Ravnica novelization a little better. This was longer, but very choppy. Things happened too quickly and it was difficult to follow in a way. I do like the shorter books for my attention span, but its a little difficult when we're trying to follow half the guilds in a short story.I really do like the story as an overall whole. I do wish there was a little more length (read: depth) just to help me feel bad for the characters in their losses or hate characters in their [...]

    6. The more I read about him, the more convinced I am that Jace Beleren is the Poochie of the Magic universe. He's the main face/mascot of the game now, the same way Urza was in the early years, but he feels forced into the storyline, rather than seeming like he belongs there. And there's enough going on here - between the mental vampire Mirko Vosk, the mad scientist planewalker Ral Zarek and his goblin assistant, and the tripartite dryad mind of Trostani - that Jace's presence really isn't needed, [...]

    7. You don't need to know much about the world(s) of Magic: The Gathering to appreciate Gatecrasher or Return to Ravnica. Unfortunately, Gatecrasher (book 2 of The Secretist) ends on such a cliffhanger that you can't help but pony up the rest of the coin to find out what happens in the third arch. This "trilogy" is really only one story broken up into three purchases. It's has if Wizards of the Coast would rather you keep buying these packs of chapters to boost your reading experience.

    8. The Implicit Maze is revealed!(view spoiler)[The novella is an excellent continuation of this Return to Ravnica. Jace's adventures invest him further in the future of his beloved plane and the Firemind has invited all to run the Maze to determine Ravnica's future.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

    9. Better than part 1, the story here is starting to get more interesting. It's still only interesting to people who are interested in MTG's worlds, though.It also might be better to read all three parts back to back (as opposed to the gaps imposed by the release schedule).4 of 5 stars.

    10. While better than part one in this series, still of lesser quality when compared to the original set novels.The time to create and develop characters and plot is squeezed in this short format and suffers for it. Not a great read.

    11. Very good story. Loved the game tie-ins. The author succeeds in painting some impactful action scenes fluidly and weaves a decent set of intriguing political clashes. I really enjoyed learning more about the city of Ravnica and its colorful inhabitants.

    12. As with part one, this doesn't feel like a complete book despite the way it's separated on Kobo and other ereaders - but as the second act of the larger story, this is much more interesting, entertaining, and satisfying than its predecessor.

    13. Part two felt much shorter than part one, unfortunately. i enjoyed the setup for part three though, and im eager to see how this affects the dragon maze set

    14. This is a good action and adventure story. However if you are not familiar with Magic The Gathering it will be confusing.

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