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Horizons Ahni Huang is hunting for her brother s killer As a class empath with advanced biogenetic augmentations she has complete mental and physical control of her body and can read other people s intenti

  • Title: Horizons
  • Author: Mary Rosenblum
  • ISBN: 9780765355157
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ahni Huang is hunting for her brother s killer As a class 9 empath with advanced biogenetic augmentations, she has complete mental and physical control of her body, and can read other people s intentions before they can even think them Ahni soon finds though, that there are deceptions behind deceptions, and in the middle of it lies the fate of her brother Earth is in thAhni Huang is hunting for her brother s killer As a class 9 empath with advanced biogenetic augmentations, she has complete mental and physical control of her body, and can read other people s intentions before they can even think them Ahni soon finds though, that there are deceptions behind deceptions, and in the middle of it lies the fate of her brother Earth is in the midst of a political struggle between the World Council, which governs humankind, and the Platforms, which orbit high above Earth On the Platform New York Up, upsider life is different They have their own culture, values, and ambitions and now they want their independence from Earth One upsider leader, Dane Nilson, is determined to accomplish this goal, but he has a secret, one that could condemn him to death When Ahni stumbles upon Dane during her quest for vengeance, her fate becomes inextricably linked to his Together they must delve beyond the intrigue and manipulative schemes to get to the core of truth a truth that will shape the future of the Platforms and shatter any preconceived notions of what defines the human race.

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        Mary Rosenblum born Mary Freeman 1952 in Levittown, New York is a science fiction fantasy and mystery author She grew up in Allison Park, a dead little coal mining town outside Pittsburgh PA, and attended Reed College in Oregon, earning a biology degree She attended the Clarion West workshop in 1988.Her first story came out in 1990 and her first novel in 1993 Her career began, and has largely returned to, science fiction However, from 1999 to 2002 she wrote the Gardening Mysteries novel series under the name Mary Freeman She is also a cheesemaker, teaching the craft at workshops At the age of 57, Rosenblum earned her pilot s license from Wiki


    1. Shallow cliche-dependent characterization (with bonus racism and biphobia), an empathic ability which wavers between revealing the obvious and serving as a plot coupon harvester, a tired 'space vs. Earth' plot. This was a complete waste of time - potential readers, learn from me and save yourselves.

    2. So far, I am amazed! The world is actually multiracial! Also, bonus points for the heroine being part-Taiwanese and much mention of Taiwan, whoo!I was more meh on the plot, but whatever. Taiwan!Full review: oycetervejournal/641065

    3. Hmm. What to say. Well, I definitely liked the book, and there must have been some decently done suspense type stuff, because I rushed through the last 30 or so pages last night.But, overall it felt a little lacking. I can’t put my finger on exactly what – it felt a lot like a “first work”, and I didn’t see other credits for the author so it may be. Hmm, wait, I just wiki’d her, and she does have other published works, so that’s not it. What do I mean by feeling like a “first wor [...]

    4. Suffering from a lack of sparkling, solidly good science fiction? Enjoy Lois McMaster Bujold, Elizabeth Moon and C.J. Cherryh at their very best? Fear not, I've found you another candidate.Ahni Huang is hunting for her brother's killer. As a Class 9 Empath with advanced biogenetic augmentations, she has complete mental and physical control of her body and can read other people's intentions before they can even think them. Faced with deceptions behind deceptions, Ahni is caught in a dangerous gam [...]

    5. I have finally refound this book after years of looking. This is a very interesting futuristic novel. Babies born in zero gravity are evolving and some people want to wipe out the "freaks." The space station New York Up must fight for their independence to protect their children and future children from genocide. Empath Ahni Huang from the Taiwan ruling family gets caught up in this battle on one side while her half-twin fights against her. NYUp resident Dane Nilsson another strong empath is acc [...]

    6. I started this book this morning only to discover I'd already read it, but I for the life of me can't remember when. How irritating. One week later:So I pushed through, and it appears that I only read the first chapter of this book at some dim moment in the past year. Beats me when that might have been. Maybe it was a short story that turned into a book.In any event, I'm glad I persevered. This is a book with a lot of cool ideas. Human evolution in low-g, space elevators, people living long-term [...]

    7. Horizons is a great science fiction story, fast-paced and full of my favorite SF elements. Ahni seeks her brother's killer on an orbital platform. There she finds complex corporate and political games, unexpected allies, and a dangerous secret. (view spoiler)[Multi-generation colonists are rapidly evolving into telepathic humans so adapted to space that they look inhuman (hide spoiler)]. The romance doesn't have much depth, but all the characters are interesting and well-written. Betrayal lurks [...]

    8. This author runs the website for Long Ridge Writer's Group, who I've taken writing classes with. She's a great person, always so helpful and gives out tons of advice. I decided to try her latest book and I loved it.Horizons is about a new world being created in earth's orbit and the changes taking place in human DNA because of this. There's tons of politics, danger, and even a steamy romance to keep you hooked. The sci-fi is easy to follow and is still rewarding for hard science fans. Enjoy!

    9. I just couldn't get into this book, stopping at about the halfway mark. While her vision of the future was very interesting, the characters were rather bland, and I just couldn't bring myself to care very much about what happened to them. Plus, I thought she tried a bit too hard with her version of what a culture aboard a space station would be like. Anyway, the basic ideas of this book are interesting, but the execution, not so much. It's not horrible, but it's not particularly memorable either [...]

    10. Horizons was an intelligent examination of the sociological implications of humans living in outer space. The storyline, full of feuding corporations, crime families and governments, was gripping in and of itself. Rosenblum’s depictions of how humanity might wrestle with the question of evolution in outer space were even more compelling. The story was a little hard to get into, but the thought-provoking content has definitely convinced me Mary Rosenblum is an author worth reading more of.

    11. Orbiting space habitats on the verge of independence from their earth-bound sponsors, natural genetic changes to their second and third generations, internation intrigue, nanotech, family in-fighting, and much more. Plausible enough sounding near-history, economics and politics, environmental extremists, coupled with romantic developments, and enough betrayals to keep you guessing. Sci-fi like it's supposed to be!

    12. Very very good. There was one chapter that was a tad slow, and what I've read and heard leads me to disagree with her about the slowness of Darwinian evolution, but generally she did a great job. I liked the Chinese culture references. I loved the good job she did with the station and the food. I am still confused by how she got her brother's medal, though. Small complaints for what was a very good read.

    13. Gothic space opera near future novel with orbital and evolutionary politics. Kick ass privileged heroine, with inborn fetalware implants and a high empathic rating, finds her politically important family is enmeshed with a revolution at the top of the space elevator. Good characters, well written, very engaging. Most of the folks in my book group liked it.

    14. I truly wanted to like this more, and the beginning (the setting and central character) were stellar, just didn't carry that energy through to the end. I may read this again, and likely my impression will improve with age don't discount reading this book because of my one fairly insignificant review.

    15. I give this book a solid "OK." There were some interesting ideas, but the overall story arc and the characters never completely piqued my interest. The evolutionary biology tricks seemed too drastic to have happened in the short time since the orbitals were built. Ahni's mother only appeared when necessary for a plot turn, which seemed a bit too convenient.

    16. Good sci-fi. The people were believable as a human society, actions were believable and nothing was too unrealistic. There were obvious sci-fi advancements, like Ahni's nanoware and space platforms, but it wasn't utopian or overly advanced. The story was good too. Enough layers to keep things moving but not so many that you couldn't keep track. I liked this one.

    17. A relatively near-future sci-fi thriller. Not far-out sci-fi, as the only sci-fictional elements are orbital habitats, asteroid belt mining, some dubious evolutionary biology, and capital-e Empaths. Relatively competent, but the characters didn't really stand out, and the villains were a tad Snidely-Whiplash. Decent beach read.

    18. Okay. So we have this at the library, it's got rave reviews all over the flaps, so I take it out. In a 300ish-page book, it takes nearly 160 pages to actually get into anything interesting. While I'm glad I didn't give up on the book, I'm also kind of angry it took so long to get interesting. Sci-fi mysteries don't always do it for me, but the big reveal here simply took too long.

    19. A very good and quick read. Mary Rosenblum hasn't lost her touch. I last read books by her over a dozen years ago, but was just as entertained by this book as I remember her Drylands book. Definitely recommended.

    20. A sci-fi thriller! Two of my favorite genres in one. Fun quick entertaining read and it's a single! I do like series but sometimes one just want to read 'a book' singular.This is a new author for me. I enjoy reading female sci-fi authors so looking forward to reading more Mary Rosenblum.

    21. This has everything; suspense, drama, and romance. Horizons is a well written and crafted story that kept my interest throughout the book.

    22. A story about people living above the earth in cans. Frames a vivid tale of what the next stage of human experience.

    23. This is an entertaining futuristic thriller with an interesting cast of characters. The politics are complex and the world building fascinating. Good solid science fiction.

    24. This was a really interesting read with a somewhat complex plot line. I rather enjoyed it. I wish there was a bit more character development, but it was still enjoyable.

    25. good story, lovely characters, nice world . skips over some important moments a bit quickly, lessening the emorional impact.

    26. I really enjoyed reading this book, but I don't think it could stand up to a 2nd read. Interesting setting though.

    27. Interesting world, though the writing seems somewhat amateur. A lot of great ideas in this novel, but the plot doesn't grip and hold you very strongly.

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