Constantine, Volume 2: Blight

Constantine, Volume 2: Blight

Ray Fawkes Renato Guedes / Jul 22, 2019

Constantine Volume Blight The star of Justice League Dark and Hellblazer the longest running Vertigo series John Constantine has suffered a major loss at the hands of a former prot g With his vault of mystical weapons now in t

  • Title: Constantine, Volume 2: Blight
  • Author: Ray Fawkes Renato Guedes
  • ISBN: 9781401247478
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • The star of Justice League Dark and Hellblazer the longest running Vertigo series John Constantine has suffered a major loss at the hands of a former prot g With his vault of mystical weapons now in the hands of his greatest enemies, John Constantine must battle with Sargon and the Cult of the Cold Flame with all he has left his wits Collecting Constantine 7 12

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      415 Ray Fawkes Renato Guedes
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        Ray Fawkes is a Toronto based fine artist and writer of comics, graphic novels, prose fiction, and games Ray s work ranges in styles from introspective, dreamscape narrative to bombastic slapstick He is an Eisner, Harvey, and three time Shuster Award nominee, and a YALSA award winner for Possessions Book One Unclean Getaway His recent book, One Soul , debuted in July 2011 to critical acclaim, including a starred booklist review, and was nominated for the 2012 Eisner award and 2012 Harvey award.


    1. I liked this better than the first volume. I felt it was chaotic and at times difficult to follow. The resolution of the Cold Flame arc felt a tad anticlimactic to me. I did like how it tied into the Justice League and Forever Evil arcs. It was nothing to shout about, although it gets some brownie points with the Zatanna cameo (I love her)! And it was good to get closure on Necro Nick.I'm wishing I had written my review sooner! But maybe I didn't have much to say anyway.I'd probably give it 3.25 [...]

    2. WTH did I just read? This one is impossible to follow if you're not reading all the tie-ins. It did have good art though.

    3. This is another volume that makes me wonder if the people who design DC's Nu52 graphic novels actually read comics. Because, like too many of the Nu52 graphic novels, it's a barely comprehensible mess.It starts out with two issues that are the conclusion of the Cold Flame story from the previous volume. Why aren't they there? I don't know. It would have been kind of nice to have that story complete. But here, they're just standalones that barely make sense (though part of that is on Fawkes who d [...]

    4. This is a one star mess, given a bonus star because GOD takes the form of a Tiny terrier dogt it? God=doG! Innovation.Also Swamp Thing.Some of the worst writing in New 52 yetd that's saying something. Also, I picked up the third volume too, and the last panel of issue 12 ends on a cliffhanger, but in the start of 13? Everything is hunky doryWTF?

    5. Well, I got the feeling this would have been a nice story, but you're only seeing a part of it, seeing it's a cross-over with Pandora (which I don't have.) and to make matters worse -> the ending is probably in that one!! :SSo, pretty okay story, but I suggest you get the other one so you can get the full story ;)

    6. Disappointing. I hate when they expect you to keep up with everything going on in the universe just to understand what's going on in the one trade you want to read. I'm too old for this shit. So, the Cult of the Cold Flame storyline basically disappears and we're thrust into the Forever Evil storyline, and very little makes any sense. This trade suffers from the same issues as some of the other new 52s I've read-throwing too many names into a story that's supposed to be a fresh slate. If the goa [...]

    7. Part of the Blight crossover. You need to read the individual stories running through four books in the correct order for this to make any sense at all.Constantine spends a lot of time pining for Zatanna, the woman he once loved, and may still. We get more detail on Constantine's early days with Zatanna and Nick Necro, and apparently they had some sort of triad relationship going on. That's cool and restores Constantine's bisexuality to his New 52 persona.Although Constantine is not as dark as h [...]

    8. A failure as a collection - it collects 6 total issues, 2 involving a previous storyline and 4 involving another (as well as tie-in issues that aren't included or even referenced). It is a disjointed, un-entertaining mess.The DC collections department drops the ball. Again.

    9. No better than the first volume unfortunately. I mean, not to be too harsh, it was OK, just nothing special. I really didn't like the art style in it. It changed between two very different styles of art for no obvious reason, one of which was good, but one I really didn't like. I actually think I liked the plot in this volume better than the first, and that's saying something because it does the thing which I hate, which is to go directly off stories told in other titles so if you are just readi [...]

    10. Suffered very badly from collecting issues of a comic which were clearly only a few of the chapters of a story; when one issue ends with Constantine about to get eaten in NYC, and the next one starts with him et cie. being at the borders of heaven thanks to the (unshown) intervention of someone (now healed) who was last seen lying on the ground a tatty mess, it's not a good impression.Also, was rereading Hellblazer: Original Sins and I have to say this version of Constantine is one hell of an an [...]

    11. In this volume, John starts progresses through some interesting mage warfare and then is abruptly abducted into an unexplained DC Event called Forever Evil. From that point on, a collective conscious monster that named itself Blight does things that make no sense and are uninteresting in the context of this title. Other characters are visible but mostly bound to the walls of elaborate magick-sucking devices. Eventually Constantine does what he always does, but in a much more contrived and hijack [...]

    12. Remember the guy Constantine stole his trenchcoat from? Yeah,he is back. Its connected to Forevel evil blight. If you havent read the volume 1 dont buy this. If you want to know what fully happened buy the forever evil one,it includes 9-12 of Constantine and this one has 7-12 which includes the sequel of vol.13.5 pointsFun fact:Lights went out while i was writing this

    13. I'm not sure Ray Fawkes is the right writer for Constantine but perhaps it's because this is a crossover title, which I don't tend to pick up regularly. I much prefer Constantine to stand alone, separate from the world of superheroes, and his involvement here required so much exposition that I found myself unable to enjoy a lot of the story.

    14. Well, DC has managed to do it again. This book was rolling along just fine. Constantine's fight with The Cold Flame gets interesting so of course it's time for a crossover that doesn't make sense, obliterating the flow of Constantine's narrative completely. Another good book ruined by bad editorial decisions.

    15. Read this on the train back from Scardiff (which was great) and the very best I can say for it is "meh".It seemed to jump all over the place, relying on you having read a bunch of other new 52 graphic novels. I am all for tying together but there were several points where I had no clue what was going on.The art was still wonderful but I really didn't enjoy this as much as the first one.

    16. Fawkes is a great writer, but he's being hampered in this series by having to play into the wider DC Universe. It's as though he can't get a arc out before he's squashed by some stupid crossover that doesn't effect the book at all.

    17. At least Constantine kissed a guy in this book, which is more than we'll probably get from the TV series.

    18. I couldn't do it. Just give me Constantine's story with no DC tie-ins. Pulling him into Trinity War seriously guys, one major plotline is enough. I don't need cameos from Swamp Thing or Shazam. Where's my cynical loner who only deals in shades of grey? Bring the darkness. So disappointing.

    19. Constantine tries to save Zantanna from certain death, that's pretty much all this volume was doing, nothing too eventful except seeing the Justice League Dark in action.

    20. Read the first issue. Not impressed, thought I'd give vol 2 a chance, couldn't finish it. Not worth my time. Was a big fan of the original Vertigo comics. This was a sad shadow of those.

    21. Not much to read here if you already read the Blight crossover trade. The first two issues are unique to this book, but not very good.

    22. Wow this book is a turd.World: The art is colorful but at the same time messy. I can't distinguish characters and actions and panels they all blur together cause of the detail, it's not presented well and does not help the writing portray personality and emotions. The world building here is choppy as all fuck and the reason is because trade does not include the Pandora issues making the world building incomplete.Story: Wow we got an incomplete story here cause the Pandora issues were not include [...]

    23. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to turn Constantine into an action hero?! Some of the many problems in this collection: a story arc that has huge chunks of the story missing; characters appearing and disappearing with no explanation; a Constantine that is slinging around spells like bullets instead of conning his way out of trouble; and, worst of all, Constantine sounds like an American.Honestly, I'd rather re-watch the awful Keanu Reeves movie than read this crap.

    24. John Constantine is a fascinating anti-hero and a guy who just can't win. Blight as a graphic novel is a little hard to follow because it ties in with other titles - some of which I've read, such as Justice League Dark and some I haven't. The book opens with Constantine apparently having a nightmare - but then we learn that everything in his magical vault has been taken from him. The three evil magicians from Volume 1 are back: Sargon, Mr. E, and Tannarak. They are travelling the world offering [...]

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