Beautiful Broken Promises

Beautiful Broken Promises

Kimberly Lauren / Aug 23, 2019

Beautiful Broken Promises THIS IS A total STAND ALONE NOVEL No need to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this book Lane Parker has suffered a terrible loss a loss he can t get over not even years later Burdened

  • Title: Beautiful Broken Promises
  • Author: Kimberly Lauren
  • ISBN: 9780990427605
  • Page: 393
  • Format: None
  • THIS IS A total STAND ALONE NOVEL No need to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this book Lane Parker has suffered a terrible loss a loss he can t get over, not even years later Burdened by secrets he won t tell his closest friends and focused on only one goal, he finally gets the phone call he s been waiting for Luck gives him a precious second chance toTHIS IS A total STAND ALONE NOVEL No need to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this book Lane Parker has suffered a terrible loss a loss he can t get over, not even years later Burdened by secrets he won t tell his closest friends and focused on only one goal, he finally gets the phone call he s been waiting for Luck gives him a precious second chance to get back what was taken from him and he ll use all his strength to make sure that the tragedy never happens again.Raegan Hayes is a spirited fighter and survivor and she s furious at Lane, her former employer, after their paths cross at a police station and he accuses her of betrayal Now, they both must move forward to get past the tragic incident that tore them apart long ago But the time Lane spends with the beautiful Raegan, the he becomes drawn to her and the his passion overpowers his hostility Can a new beginning transform their relationship from suspicion filled to steamy New Adult Contemporary Romance strong language and sexual content This novel is intended for those 18 years and older.

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        Find me on Facebook facebook KimberlyLaurKimberly Lauren is the bestselling author of Beautiful Broken Rules, Beautiful Broken Mess and Beautiful Broken Promises Kimberly currently lives in Texas with her husband, two sons and their three dogs She is a wanderer, an adventurer, and a traveler She hasn t seen it all but it s on her list Lately, if she s not traveling or chasing a toddler she gets some time to write a book.


    1. "You're still my girl, right?"SQUEEEEEEEEE!! I adored this book!! It was so different than I was expecting and took me by surprise in the best of ways with an amazing twist that absolutely made the book for me!! Truly, a gorgeous, heart-melting love story! Without giving anything away, I'll just give you a little intro to the story"You made me the luckiest man in the world that is, until you were ripped from my hands so brutally. Those promises I had sworn by were taken from me, and I was never [...]

    2. 5 stars!!Every day you stay goneI die a thousand deaths.Kimberly Lauren really outdid herself with Beautiful Broken Promises. It is much different from her first two books (especially the first half), but that twist, that secret Lane has been carrying, hiding from everyone he knows and loves is something I never saw coming. My review will be as vague as possible, because I think going into this story blind is the best way to go. That first 10-15% held such impact for me, and if I knew what was g [...]

    3. 3.5--Different--Stars!!!This one definitely went a different direction then the rest of the books in the series. And I honestly I didn't mind the direction. But if I'm being completely honest, most of the bookI don't know why, but I just couldn't get in to this one. Not sure what was missing for me. We met Lane in Broken #2, and he was definitely an intriguing character and I was definitely shocked to see what he was hiding and what happened to him in his past. I just didn't really buy in to the [...]

    4. Beautiful Broken Promises is very different then the other books in the series. The “gang” has graduated college and are all back in Texas. The book starts out like the other books, Lane is having a drunken one night stand when he receives a sketchy sounding phone call that he needs to leave. This is the point I go back and read the blurb…so Lane has a secret.I had a lot of theories when I was reading this and I didn’t end up guessing this one. I love being surprised in a book, and I rea [...]

    5. I love this book. I love this series. I love this author.I really felt like we, the readers, got to see Kimberly Lauren grow with this series. Every book released got a little bit better than the one before it. You all know how much I loved Beautiful Broken Mess, so you can only imagine how much I love this one. Her writing has improved greatly since Beautiful Broken Rules - creatively and structurally. It was awesome to see her growth. While I am sad that this series has come to an end, I am so [...]

    6. I loved Lane from the moment he was introduced in the 2nd book. Finally reading & understanding his story just made me love him more. I love all the boys but I gotta say Lane definitely won the spot for #1 in my heart. There were so many elements & truths can out. I love when kids are in involved so that made the story more fun. I want to thank Kimberly Lauren for creating these characters & introducing them into my life. I'm hoping for another book/novella about their vacation & [...]

    7. 5 ‘Beautiful Broken’ Stars“Beautiful Broken Promises” is the third book in the “Broken” series by Kimberly Lauren. As all the other books, this is one is unique, interesting and sexy. The first one (Beautiful Broken Rules) will always be my favourite but I swear…everything Kimberly writes…is absolutely amazing! “We make promises to the people we love because we want them to feel our loyalty, or maybe it’s a way to hold ourselves responsible. We want them to know how much they [...]

    8. 3.75 stars "You know I thought when I truly fell in love that my mind would only think about that girl and there wouldn't be anything else. But that's not how it works at all. Everything around you becomes important because all of those things could potentially take you from me." This book was an unexpected yet wonderful surprise! I read Kimberly Lauren's Beautiful Broken Rules a while back and fell in love with it, leading me to read anything that woman writes.The plot. Well, I can't tell you. [...]

    9. 5 ++++++++++++++++ STARSI will have to keep this review short, because I want this to be a SPOILER FREE REVIEW.This is what I have to say. I’m a fan of the series, but what I love most about this series is how different each book is.Beautiful Broken Promises is a little darker and so deliciously yummy. I gobbled up the pages and read it in one sitting.You do not have to read the series in order to understand, but if you are like me, I always like to start with the first book first. The HeroHe [...]

    10. This book was just… WOW! It grabs you, like grabs your head, heart, emotions and dare I say all the tingly nerves in between, and sends you on a fantastic journey. I love the relationship of the characters! “I love you. I love you so much that sometimes I feel as if it’s never enough. I’ll always want more of you. Every day I wish I had found you sooner so I could love you longer.”

    11. I am keeping this review vague as to give anything away would just ruin the mystery of Lane Parker but his tale is very different from the previous two books. This is a much more heartfelt tale, but Kimberly Lauren has totally upped the steam factor in this touching read.So as Lane Parker has his tale I will admit he has intrigued me since his presence in Audrey's life. He has always been so protective, so good hearted, and yet so distant. From his moody ways to his disappearing acts, I had not [...]

    12. Lane is keeping a secret from his closest friends, a past that he has not given up on - a promise he isn't willing to break. When he gets the call in the middle of the night that a new chance has come up, nothing would keep him away. He knows that he must find him, if he ever has hope of finding her. "The moment I first laid eyes on you, my soul knew you and smiled as if he had been waiting for you all this time." This is where this review is going to get a bit complicated. You see, there's a tw [...]

    13. 4.5 beautifully broken but swoontastic starsThis is a very special book, and takes a really different direction from the earlier books in the Broken series, bringing us the story of Lane *clutches heart*. Lane was introduced in the last book, Beautiful Broken Mess, and I loved him instantly. As the best friend / big brother figure to Audrey, he proved himself to be strong, loving and incredibly protective. He also had a bit of the mystery thing going on where he would disappear for a week at a t [...]

    14. Beautiful Broken Promises es el tercer y ultimo libro de la serie Broken de Kimberly Lauren y narra la historia de Lane, personaje secundario en el libro anterior y Reagan.Desde que conoci a Lane en Beautiful Broken Mess supe que amaria su historia y sinceramente fue una buena lectura, a pesar de que me imaginaba otro tipo de trama : divertida, tierna, sentimental, con un poco de drama, etc.Reconozco que la gran razon de que me gustara tanto la historia fue por el personaje de Lane, me parecio u [...]

    15. 4 "This is crazy." StarsReally enjoyed Lane's story in this series. For me, it was as good as the first two books but still a great read. Told from both Lane and Raegan's points of view, readers get a very different story from Kimberly Lauren. It goes outside of the box of this series in a big way and delivers nicely. Full review to come.

    16. She did it again.And as if Lane and Raegan weren't hot enough, Emerson is back to teach a lesson.What's hotter than your girl dancing all sexy on the dance floor?Two girls dancing all Eexy with each other. But you must remember, SEX IN PUBLIC IS STILL ILLEGALRFECTION!!! I LOVE IT!!! Tell me there will be more. Reading OrderBeautiful Broken Rules (Broken Series book 1)Beautifully Broken Mess (Broken Series book 2)Beautifully Broken Promises (Broken Series book 3)

    17. DNF at 30 %dear God I hope this won't become a habit of mineI hate to do this but I feel absolutely no connection for or between the charactersere's smth so very off and I just can't believe that (view spoiler)[they would so instantly "hit it off" after the four years of time he thought and believed the worst of herh (hide spoiler)]

    18. I have been a huge fan of Kimberly Lauren’s Beautiful Broken series since the very first book, Beautifully Broken Rules. The second book, Beautiful Broken Mess, was hands down my favorite. I loved Jace Riley and his very complicated love for Audrey. But the scene stealer in that book was Lane Parker for sure. Audrey’s BFF and protector in the years she spent between the Riley twins, Lane was charismatic, sexy as hell, funny, and was most definitely the guy you wanted on your side (and in you [...]

    19. I think 3.5 stars would be the right rating I like this book but i have some issues Well It would not be a Haya review without having some issues with a book now would it?! ;)I LOVE the turn which this book seems to have taken i mean wow. I honestly liked the plot, i was shocked when i found out who is Kate i loved Lane Parkeri mean WOOHOOO HOAWWT MAMA! I like when kids are part of a book- although i myself not a huge fan of children but nonetheless when they are in a book they seem cute and all [...]

    20. I think that sometimes the best way to go into a book is blind and Beautiful Broken Promises is one of those books. When I started this I had no idea what to expect aside from loving the first two books in the series.I'm purposely keeping this review short and vague so nothing is spoiled for you. You do not have to read the first two books although I recommend them this is a standalone book.This book definitely sucked me in from the very beginning. Lane is an intense man. He's everything that a [...]

    21. 5+ "holy Lane guy wrenching" stars!!!!A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.This book seriously hit everything you can want in a book. Ms Lauren's books keep getting better and better. She hit this story out of the freaking park!!I could NOT put Lane and Reagan's story down! I just kept reading and reading! It was awesome! This had the story line, great writing, HOT scenes and gut wrenching throws in there that will bring you to tears. You got the whole gang back, plus a few more and it couldn't have been better! Kate [...]

    22. 5 stars!!Oh goodness!! How do I write a review for this?? Lane oh Lane! Loved him fiercely!! He had a rough start in the beginning but man oh man he redeemed himself 1000x times over. I also loved the h in this story!! It's pretty rare to absolutely have no qualms with the h. She nipped the problems in the bud, didn't take crap from anyone.e was great! The love those 2 had to give was unending! Love this story!! Buy it! Read it! Love it! Review it!!

    23. With a love for the other books in this series and their characters, I knew I had to read Lane's story. I went into Beautiful Broken Promises basically blind due to the vagueness of the synopsis, and I now know WHY the synopsis is so vague and am so happy it is. I wouldn't have missed the shock of what awaited me for anything. Everyone should go into this story blindly to experience the intensified twist in Lane's story.If you've read Beautiful Broken Mess, then you've met Lane, Audrey's best fr [...]

    24. My favorite thing in the world is when an author can make me fall deeply in love with a story from the very first page. But when they can do this with their third book in a series, I am blown away. Beautiful Broken Rules is one of my favorite books. I have re-read that book maybe 5 times. The character development, the writing, everything about it is just plain brilliance. Beautiful Broken Mess was a great follow up and the writing was even better. But Jax and Emery will forever out shine Jace a [...]

    25. 3.5 STARSWarning: Potential SpoilersMaybe I’m being cynical, or jaded, or real life has just been better than fiction lately but yet another romance bites the dust and I think I know why. Children. Babies. Tiny humans.I have nothing against kids – in fact, I’m known to get a bit mushy around them. But only when they do cute stuff. The minute there are tears, burps, accidents, tantrums, I am out of there quicker than you can say ‘SOS’. Before you give me ‘that look’, know that I am [...]

    26. 4 stars!Written in 1st Person Dual POV!!!I love the flow of the story. I love the characters and those 2 adorable kids!I didn't notice that I was tearin' up when she was telling him what she had to endure to protect the kidsdamn!!There was a time that I wanted to drop this, probably around 10 or 20% of the story. But the story peaked up and there was no going back.The story is more about the 2 main characters getting along and acting as parents to both kids. Boring right? But,no, the story is fa [...]

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