Kids On Strike!

Kids On Strike!

Susan Campbell Bartoletti Lisa Dierks / Sep 19, 2019

Kids On Strike By the early s nearly two million children were working in the United States From the coal mines of Pennsylvania to the cotton mills of New England children worked long hours every day under stu

  • Title: Kids On Strike!
  • Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti Lisa Dierks
  • ISBN: 9780618369232
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • By the early 1900s, nearly two million children were working in the United States From the coal mines of Pennsylvania to the cotton mills of New England, children worked long hours every day under stunningly inhumane conditions After years and years of oppression, children began to organize and make demands for better wages, fairer housing costs, and safer working enviroBy the early 1900s, nearly two million children were working in the United States From the coal mines of Pennsylvania to the cotton mills of New England, children worked long hours every day under stunningly inhumane conditions After years and years of oppression, children began to organize and make demands for better wages, fairer housing costs, and safer working environments Some strikes led by young people were successful some were not Some strike stories are shocking, some are heartbreaking, and many are inspiring but all are a testimony to the strength of mind and spirit of the children who helped build American industry.

    Kids On Strike Susan This item Kids On Strike Setup a giveaway Item eligible to be a Giveaway Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page of Start over Page of This shopping feature will continue to load items In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Kids on Strike home page The less automatic toys, the imagination I will develop Kids on strike , Kids On Strike by Susan Campbell Bartoletti Kids on Strike is a nonfiction narrative of different working children s strikes during the late s and early s Bartoletti chooses to include many different strikes including a textile, coal, newspaper, and housing strike. Kids on Strike The less automatic toys, the imagination I will develop Kids on strike , Kids on Strike by Susan Campbell Bartoletti Summary True Stories of Child Labor In Kids on Strike , children s author Susan Campbell Bartoletti invites readers to experience the harsh conditions in factories, mills, mines, and tenements Kids on Strike Kids on Strike is a non fiction book written by award winning author Susan Campbell Bartoletti It is set in the late th and early th centuries, when child labor was prominent in the United States. Kids on Strike Susan Campbell Bartoletti LibraryThing Review User Review afussell LibraryThing This was an interesting book about children going on strike It takes you through several different strikes for children s rights. Kids on Strike by Susan Campbell Bartoletti Kids on Strike By Susan Campbell Bartoletti Grades Genre Non Fiction From messenger boys to garment workers, coal miners, and spinners, children as young as eight have worked in industry Their struggles to overcome horrible working conditions, low pay, long hours, and harassment are documented by examining several labor s Kids on Strike Zinn Education Project Kids on Strike Book Non fiction By Susan Campbell Bartoletti Describes the conditions and treatment that drove working children to strike, from the mill workers strike in and the coal strikes at the turn of the century to the children who marched with Mother Jones in . Kids On Strike Worksheets Printable Worksheets Kids On Strike Showing top worksheets in the category Kids On Strike Some of the worksheets displayed are Bowling time reading comprehension work, Bowling word search puzzle, Grades to human body series endocrine system, activity work, Vocabulary builder grade , progressive era lesson plans, Moses strikes the rock at meribah lesson the bronze serpent, Apostrophe rules dos and

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        Susan Campbell Bartoletti is an American writer of children s literature She was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but eventually the family ended up in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania Susan started as an English teacher and inspired many students before deciding to pursue writing in earnest She sold her first short story in 1989 Three years later in 1992 she published her first picture book, Silver at Night She held a rigid routine, awaking early in the morning in order to write before she left to teach In 1997 she turned to writing full time Susan has since returned to inspiring future writers She teaches writing classes at a number of MA and MFA programs, among them Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, and Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia Additionally she leads workshops offered through the Highlights Foundation.


    1. Once again, Susan Bartoletti has fooled american teens into reading non-fiction by her lightness in tone that mirrors that of a novel. This book even has protagonists that function as dynamic characters. Harriet Hanson, for one, overcomes her fears and self-questioning as she boldly marches first from her group of coworkers into the strike. Philip Marcus shows us life on the streets. These are just the beginning. The names that go with the faces in these books bring the stories to life. I could [...]

    2. Enjoyed reading about this time in history with my daughter. Eye opening, well written, and filled with amazing historical photographs.

    3. A young student's exposure to this work is sure to up their gratitude level while developing empathy for children in the developing world who experience many of the same challenges of children in American during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Photographs, though used sparingly compared to other resources for this age group, are effective in giving visual images to the narrative.The stories are told with engaging forthrightness that avoids gory details to present an impression o [...]

    4. Sarah Bartoletti covers a lot of historical ground in Kids on Strike! Growing up in Coal Country, Bartoletti writes about the roles that children and young adults played in American labor strikes during the 19th and early 20th centuries. She tells the story of 16-year-old Pauline Newman who is a leader of the 1907 New York City rent protests; 11-year-old Harriet Hanson, who joined striking workers in the Massachusetts mills of the 1830s; as well as countless other children who took a stand again [...]

    5. This was a very good book by the author of Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow. Much like that book, this was a children's nonfiction book about child labor and children involved in strikes in their respective work environments.As you may know, at the beginning of the 1900s, many children worked in factories, coal mines, mills, and so on. The working conditions were terrible - fifty-five hour weeks, very little pay, unsanitary workspaces you get the picture. Some of the kids who worked w [...]

    6. ***REQUIRED***In this book, Bartoletti completes extensive research in order to put together the stories of many labor strikes that took place around the beginning of the 20th century. Each chapter describes the course of different strikes (coal miners, mill girls, newsies, etc.) and includes how children were involved in the organization/movement of the various strikes. Unfortunately, this connection feels rather stretched: while the title of the book is "Kids on Strike!" the book actually focu [...]

    7. REQUIRED BOOK-BARTOLETTIKids on Strike! is a nonfiction narrative of different working children's strikes during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Bartoletti chooses to include many different strikes including a textile, coal, newspaper, and housing strike. Probably the most famous included strike is that of the newsboys in 1899. Many people know portions of this strike from the popular musical Newsies. Throughout the book, Bartolettie is not shy about portraying the brutality and injustice many f [...]

    8. Kids on Strike written by Susan Bartoletti highlights a time in history where children were helping their families survive by working long hours in a variety of different jobs. In the early 1990’s children began to demand better wages and cleaner work areas. Many children organized strikes that promoted better rights within their jobs and the book also includes monumental figures that helped contribute to a better life for child workers.The writing style of this book promotes readers to resear [...]

    9. I think this would have been better as a series of smaller books with each chapter in this book being one book. In fact, that's how I read it - one chapter at a time, then coming back another day to read another chapter. It never really called out to me in-between readings, either.It felt like there weren't enough similarities between the chapters to make a single cohesive book. If Bartoletti would have written an introduction to the book giving me the big picture before telling me all the indiv [...]

    10. REQUIRED CATEGORYThose who are familiar with the musical "Newsies" will likely enjoy this book, given that it explores that particular real-life story, along with many others of the early days of child labor. It is a very successful incorporation of historical details, made into an easily accessible narrative for young adults. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, young adult non-fiction material is not particularly appealing to me, but Bartloletti is one of the best out there producing this [...]

    11. This is a really neat, well-laid out book on the various strikes held by children and teens -- sometimes with adults and sometimes on their own. It covers the newsie strike in 1899, the Lawrence strike and introduces readers to figures such as Mother Jones. This gives an eye-opening account on how awful child workers had it; the book not only tells the story of these children in clean, consise text but has many pictures throughout. Some of the stories are heartbreaking, such as the Lawrence stri [...]

    12. Kids on Strike is a lexile level 920 which converts to a reading level W. In my 5th grade classroom the target reading level is T, U and V at the end of the year. Some of the children begin the year reading on a W and this would be appropriate for an independent reading book. Others it would be to difficult for and we would read it as a whole group. Kids On Strike can easily make a text to text connection to Esperanza Rising because a major problem in the book is when people go on strike. We tal [...]

    13. Kids on Strike by Susan BartolettiEngl 420Read in January 2012BARTOLETTI REQUIRMENTExtra! Extra! Read all about it! Kids on Strike is a non-fiction text that depicts the Lowell Girls, Newsies, Coal Strikes and others. The text is full of wonderful pictures that realy vivid descriptions for it's readers. Bartoletti tackles the strikes and turn outs that were prevelant in the 1800's. The book depicts the horrible working conditions that workers in the mills and factories faced as well as the inhum [...]

    14. I read this book for History Day and also wrote a book report over it. Susan Bartoletti wrote about a number of children who worked in harsh working conditions. The kids were in danger and didn't have any support to change the law. Kids on Strike! tells of children who formed unions and went on strike to try to get others to help take part in changing the way children worked. There was information on Mother Jones who helped some children form a strike. Susan Bartoletti also included the stories [...]

    15. Kids on Strike is a nonfiction account that documents the actions of child workers during the Industrial Revolution. Because many of her sources are drawn from newspaper photographs and articles from the time period, the book is formatted as a series of headlines and and almost-newspaper format. From children working in coal mines to New York paper hawkers (the well-known "Newsies"), Bartoletti illustrates how they organized, what they protested, and the outcome of their strikes. The clear, easy [...]

    16. This nonfiction text follows an assortment of labor movements in which child laborers were caught up. Some of the text is fairly similar to that in her book, "Growing Up in Coal Country," but this book also discusses newsies and mill laborers, among other children. It is well presented, respectfully written, and accented by striking black and white photography. Some topics may be troubling to young readers, so this is definitely one to read before putting out on the shelf, and to consider age ap [...]

    17. Pretty good young teen novel about child labor. Read it as a possible text for class, but I think I may use more source material from it instead. The writing is a little dry though the content is engaging. Might be more interesting to investigate pamphlets and fliers from the labor movement time period.

    18. This was an inspiring story of children who were tired of working in inhumane working conditions and decided to fight back. They began to construct demands for better working benefits and safer environments. Some of the strikes that were explained were upsetting and heartbreaking. However, this is a very empowering story for young children and how anybody can fight for what they deserve.

    19. When I first saw this book my mind went immediately to the movie "Newsies", the young boys in the movie went on strike to earn a better pay and working hours. Lo and behold, there's a chapter about them. This book tells the reader about the oppression of children and how their fight made the world we live in better.

    20. REQUIRED BOOKAn overview of various labor strikes involving children.I didn't like it. I was excited to read it because I love the movie Newsies, but it didn't even begin to live up to my expectations. I thought it was poorly laid-out, and it was a real chore for me to wade through it.

    21. Bartoletti clearly describes the 19th century conditions and treatment of children working in the mills and mines that drove them to strike. Excellent organization, historical details, art images, maps, photos, and back matter enliven the text for YA readers.

    22. This book talked about the hardships of children working in the coal mines. This took a toll on many children and families too because it was killing many people. Children stood up to their bosses and went on strike not to work for them. This also brought about the child labor laws.

    23. This book on kids working in the coal mines tells of many stories of kids rebelling for better pay, new bosses, safer place to work, and more! This book has great pictures and interesting stories of the kids on strike.

    24. picked this up because i was curious as to the true story that newsies was based on. a fun and informative book! lots of cool pictures.

    25. As a newsies lover and a girl who's doing this for her middle school report I really appreciate what this book did for an event that is rarely discussed.

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