Oranges for Christmas

Oranges for Christmas

Margarita Morris / Oct 17, 2019

Oranges for Christmas What would you do if your family was trapped behind the Berlin Wall Berlin August The Cold War rages When the Berlin Wall suddenly divides East from West Sabine is separated from her beloved bro

  • Title: Oranges for Christmas
  • Author: Margarita Morris
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  • Page: 465
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  • What would you do if your family was trapped behind the Berlin Wall Berlin August 1961 The Cold War rages When the Berlin Wall suddenly divides East from West, Sabine is separated from her beloved brother, Dieter Escape to the West is the only option if the family is to be reunited But the Wall is guarded by soldiers operating a shoot to kill policy To make matters wWhat would you do if your family was trapped behind the Berlin Wall Berlin August 1961 The Cold War rages When the Berlin Wall suddenly divides East from West, Sabine is separated from her beloved brother, Dieter Escape to the West is the only option if the family is to be reunited But the Wall is guarded by soldiers operating a shoot to kill policy To make matters worse, Sabine finds herself at the mercy of the Stasi and their brutal interrogation techniques She must fight to escape She must fight to survive.Cut off from his family and motivated by his fury at the Berlin Wall, Dieter joins forces with a group of people determined to rescue their loved ones from East Berlin They have a plan But it s a dangerous project, beset with difficulties at every turn The key is knowing who to trust.The War is over, but for Sabine and Dieter the fight for freedom has only just begun.Oranges for Christmas provides a heart wrenching window into a terrible piece of history Trust, betrayal, defiance and hope this book has it all Reviewer.This book vividly portrays what happened and what should never ever happen again Reviewer.

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        Shortlisted for the Breakthrough Novel Award in 2014 with her first novel, Oranges for Christmas, Margarita Morris brings a love of history to her writing.Margarita studied languages at Oxford and it was as a student that she visited Berlin and saw at first hand the effects of the Berlin Wall on this divided city Years later this experience led her to write Oranges for Christmas about a family trying to escape from Communist East Berlin.Other passions include the Victorian era The Sleeping Angel was inspired by the haunting beauty of Highgate Cemetery and the urban legends that surround it In her Scarborough Fair series, historical mysteries meet contemporary thrillers.Scarborough Fair 1Scarborough Ball 2Scarborough Rock 3Margarita lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two sons.Find about Margarita Morris at her website at margaritamorris


    1. This story is about the hard, gray lives of the people in East Germany. Despite painting a realistically grim picture, the story itself is far from a sad one. Nobody wants to read a miserable story, and Margarita makes sure that hers is far from one. She writes about characters that are full of optimism and vigor. These characters don’t surrender to the circumstances, but they are also not overzealous. They strike a fine balance and do only what is practical and sensible for them.In different [...]

    2. Sabine is 17 years old and lives in East Berlin. Her brother, Dieter works in West Berlin. During the Cold War years of the 1960s, Berlin is a city divided by two opposing ideologies – Dieter enjoys the freedom and prosperity of life in the West, while Sabine lives in an economically-failing country where freedom of speech is outlawed and the agents of the state security (Stasi) are everywhere.When their city is physically divided by the construction of The Wall in 1961, Sabine and Dieter can [...]

    3. Although Oranges for Christmas has a seventeen-year-old protagonist and a story that’s a good fit for the YA audience, that label might be limiting in a way it doesn’t deserve. It’s also undeniably historical (taking place in the early 60s), which prompted my major takeaways from the story. At least some of the history of the Berlin Wall I’d learned and largely remembered. Things like it going up overnight (initially the “wall” was just coils of barbed wire which isolated East Berlin [...]

    4. I have never read a book about the creation of the Berlin Wall and its effects on East and West Berlin before. I am old enough to remember watching on the nightly news coverage of people trying to escape. I had forgotten that it started with coils of barbed wire in 1961.I will never fort the many attempts to escape to the West, especially of a young man named Peter shot as he was trying to climb over. This book brought all the emotions back plus it gave me more insight as to what was going on in [...]

    5. Amazing! Possibly the best book I have read in a very long time. A moving story about a family torn between the East and the West, includes some very raw details about how the Stasi treated people. Very detailed and correct in terms of history. I don't know what to do with myself now that I have finished!!

    6. An extremely beautiful book. The story of the great Berlin divide into East and West Berlin. I could actually put myself in place of the main protagonists. It is a personal story about family members being seperated by a wall which cropped overnight and the disastrous effects on their lives.Though it is fictitious the emotions are quite genuine.In reality, the wall took 28 years to finally be broken down and reunite families but till then a lot of emotional damage occurred.Well written Margarita [...]

    7. I had such hopes for this book! I was hoping for a good book for my mid-grade students about the Cold War, and this could have fit the bill. Until at the half-way mark Morris starts sprinkling F-bombs. I can't recommend a book like that. Completely unnecessary. Disappointing. The story was good enough otherwise, though I was distracted by the awkward working in of German words and phrases. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

    8. This is not a book that I would have chosen to read if left to my own devices.I am a fifty year old man who loves his sci fi and Margarita Morris describes herself as a writer of historical fiction for a YA audience. My partner and I sometimes buy each other books that are wild cards and for my 50th she got me ‘Oranges’. It’s the story of a brother and sister who find themselves on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. Why I loved itIt’s a fantastic story that’s really well told.I am alwa [...]

    9. Actually closer to 3.5*Not sure the target audience for this book but it might have been teens according to the style of writing. Not a complaint, just an observation.I read this for a discussion group and there is plenty to discuss, IMHO. I love it when a book has me going to the internet and the library to learn more about the time period and place in an historical novel. I was surprised to read that some of the events actually did happen. I liked the characters too and after I finished the bo [...]

    10. A beautiful story told through such a tragic time in our history. While a fiction story, much research was obviously done to visually place the reader in East and West Berlin in the 1960's. The story was also engaging as the author three in many German phrases yet didn't leave the reader lost, but translated as if you were there in the experience. I think this would be a wonderful read for history classes to grasp this particular time period in our history.

    11. Interesting novel based on life in east and West Berlin when the wall was first erected. It was told from teenagers' points of view, which made it unique. Although we see the insidious oppression of the Communists, and the conflicted, despairing people, we also see the vitality of hope and determination. Worth reading!

    12. A moving story about a tragic time in history. In 1969, I went through Checkpoint Charlie with a group of college students. It was an experience I shall never forget. The author described East Berlin and the fear, despair, and hopelessness well. Thankfully, Berlin is a united city once again.

    13. I read this right before A Night Divided. A Night Divided is written for a younger audience. Very similar stories.

    14. ExcitingThis book is full of interesting people,some bad but mostly good. A really great story about a bad time in history.

    15. The East/West German divide is a personal fascination of mine and so I picked this book up on a whim (as opposed to scouring the reviews on first, which I do for most books!) and as such I was not aware of its YA classification until after I finished i. It certainly didn't seem specifically aimed at a younger audience and, OK looking back it was slight simplified and gentler due to the intended audience, but I would definitely say that the YA tag limits it massively and it's appealing to all ag [...]

    16. Excellent book. We loved having this novel to wrap up our modern era history curriculum. With the exception of some language, it was thoroughly enjoyed by my 13 year old son who took it upon himself to research the events further. Daily he would show me pictures and articles from this era. The author captured events in history and created characters perfectly.

    17. This is an amazing book. I searched for books about the berlin wall , and was suprised to find a YA fiction novel as the first suggestion on . Needless to say, Oranges for Christmas is a beautifully constructed novel that shares in gerat emotion the struggles of the East Berliners

    18. History Can Come AliveOne of the strangest things to come out of WWII was the wall that divided he city of Berlin in half. With this moving story, Morris takes us into the lives of one family also divided by that wall, bringing to life their yearning to be united. Recommended.

    19. Hard to put downI found myself feeling the anxiety of these characters. This book is very well written and gives a realistic view of what it must have felt like to be trapped by the Berlin wall. I really enjoyed this boom

    20. Interesting topic. Insightful for students who are trying to understand the plight of East Berliners after the construction of the wall. Slow read at times, but picks up towards the end.

    21. What a fantastic read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the first book I have read about the Berlin Wall, I couldn't put it down.

    22. Enjoyed this book a lot! I learned a lot about the Berlin Wall and Stazi history. The characters were likable and developed well. Some plot twists to keep reader engaged.

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