Graveyard of Memories

Graveyard of Memories

Barry Eisler / Aug 21, 2019

Graveyard of Memories What makes a legendary assassin For John Rain it was the lessons of love war and betrayal he learned in Tokyo in Fresh from the killing fields of Southeast Asia Rain works as a bagman under t

  • Title: Graveyard of Memories
  • Author: Barry Eisler
  • ISBN: 9781477818169
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • What makes a legendary assassin For John Rain, it was the lessons of love, war, and betrayal he learned in Tokyo in 1972.Fresh from the killing fields of Southeast Asia, Rain works as a bagman under the watchful eye of his CIA handler, delivering cash to corrupt elements of the Japanese government But when a delivery goes violently wrong, Rain finds himself in the crosshWhat makes a legendary assassin For John Rain, it was the lessons of love, war, and betrayal he learned in Tokyo in 1972.Fresh from the killing fields of Southeast Asia, Rain works as a bagman under the watchful eye of his CIA handler, delivering cash to corrupt elements of the Japanese government But when a delivery goes violently wrong, Rain finds himself in the crosshairs of Japan s most powerful yakuza clan To survive, Rain strikes a desperate deal with his handler take out a high profile target in the Japanese government in exchange for the intel he needs to eliminate his would be executioners.As Rain plays cat and mouse with the yakuza and struggles to learn his new role as contract killer, he also becomes entangled with Sayaka, a tough, beautiful ethnic Korean woman confined to a wheelchair But the demands of his dark work are at odds with the longings of his heart and with Sayaka s life in the balance, Rain will have to make a terrible choice.

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    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ Graveyard of Memories - by Barry Eisler ✓
      332 Barry Eisler
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        Barry Eisler spent three years in a covert position with the CIA s Directorate of Operations, then worked as a technology lawyer and startup executive in Silicon Valley and Japan, earning his black belt at the Kodokan International Judo Center along the way Eisler s bestselling thrillers have won the Barry Award and the Gumshoe Award for Best Thriller of the Year, have been included in numerous Best Of lists, and have been translated into nearly twenty languages Eisler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and, when he s not writing novels, blogs about torture, civil liberties, and the rule of law from the author s websiteSeries John Rain


    1. I’ve enjoyed the John Rain series. The seven books I’d read to date had convinced me that Eisler’s lead man, John Rain, is an assassin for hire with a bit of depth to him. A complex and interesting man who thinks deeply about his trade, who sets parameters he’s not prepared to operate beyond and who enjoys some of the finer things in life. His appreciation of Japanese culture and his love for fine whiskey and jazz music in my mind elevate him above some of the grunt and shoot merchants I [...]

    2. It's hard to go back. Most of the time I don't like it. Tell the story forward, move forward--I want to know what happens next, not what came before. I admit to having the same emotions before Graveyard of Memories.Eisler, though, with one of the best characters I've ever encountered, knocks it out of the park. Graveyard is vintage Rain--literally. It's story in long, deep swallows of prose that the reader must slow to appreciate, ingest, and enjoy. It's short bursts of sharp dialogue and juicy [...]

    3. I've been a big fan of John Rain ever since I read "Rain Fall". Yes, he's an assassin so you have all the (a)moral implications that go with that particular profession. But he always came across as more than another testosterone infused hit man. He had a conscience, hard rules & regrets. As the books continued we slowly learned about his personal life & the people he'd loved. Now, we get to to find out how it all began, how 20 year old Jun found himself at a crossroad & chose the pat [...]

    4. Book Review:A Graveyard of Memories is Eisler's prequel to the John Rain series. In the story, we find Jun, or John, living in Tokyo following his exit from covert activities during the Vietnam War. He's a bagman for the CIA operating in Tokyo. Young, temperamental, impetuous and still able to make the distinction between the violence and vigilance required during war verses the tranquility and safety of an urban, citizens' environment John starts to realize there is in fact very little differen [...]

    5. I want to thank NetGalley for providing me with a free download of "Graveyard of Memories"(John Rain series) by Barry Eisler. I must admit I have only read the first novel in this thriller series; "A clean Killing in Tokyo" and the last novel in this series; "Graveyard of Memories". I found that this novel was a excellent compliment for the first novel. This novel takes us back in time and reveals why John Rain chose a certain profession and path John Rain, the assassin.It is a novel of lessons [...]

    6. This is really #1 of the John Rain series, his origin story. Fresh from special ops work in southeast Asia/Vietnam, Rain is back in Japan--part of his childhood was spent there and part in the US with his Japanese father and American mother. He works as a bagman for the CIA, but when a delivery goes wrong, he finds himself sought by the most powerful Yakuza (mafia) clan, on his own really with little help from the CIA. The thriller moves at an urgent pace, as his life is almost always on the lin [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. Not my favorite or the series, although some of it I really enjoyed. The love story was annoying to me and I wanted to fast forward through it. I liked the interactions with McGraw and of course the action scenes were great. I just found it hard to believe his maturity in the field with his age, it just didn't add up. Doesn't matter tho, I still love this series.

    8. In Graveyard of Memories, author Barry Eisler returns to the John Rain saga in the only way possible—by writing a prequel. After all, Rain would now be in his mid-60s or older; even Hollywood might balk at casting him as an action hero. The novel begins with a fairly simple, straightforward set-up: to save his own life, Rain must execute a series of strategic ‘hits’. As he carries these out, we watch him evolve, getting a better handle on both his tradecraft and his temper. His many lapse [...]

    9. This book is a prequel to the John Rain series.It's 1972, and Rain is living in Tokyo, working as a courier for a CIA guy. He just got out of Vietnam, and is coming to terms with the war.Some thugs try to take his courier bag, and in the scuffle, one of them dies. Unfortunately, he just happens to be the nephew of a Yakuza higher-up.Rain is desperate, and on the run. He meets a beautiful disabled girl, has a doomed romance, and falls into the occupation of assassin along the way.Pretty good, but [...]

    10. Barry Eisler's John Rain series ("A Clean Kill in Tokyo" - originally published as "Rain Fall," etc.) was a delight. Eisler gave us a realistic picture of the bizarre, lonely life of a career assassin. John Rain, a half-American, half-Japanese former soldier, was essentially a man without a country but with many employers. His specialty is to kill, but to make the death appear to be from natural causes.This is a marketable skill.But it is not a skill that allows one to lead much of a social life [...]

    11. "Graveyard of Memories", from author Barry Eisler, will be a polarizing "prequel" for longtime fans of the "John Rain" series. For those who are new to the series, it will be a an enticing incentive to read the further adventures of John Rain. The makings of a legendary assassin begin with young man of Japanese-American heritage, just disconnected from service in Vietnam, who now works as a CIA "bagman" in Tokyo. The year is 1972, and twenty-year-old John Rain has much to learn as espionage take [...]

    12. Assassin John Rain is a complex character. Eisler's writing talent has been his ability to craft Rain as a sympathetic, moral character within the cold hard fact of his profession. This prequel sets the stage for how he became an assassin: the choices he faced, how he was manipulated by others, and the paths he ultimately decided to take. Besides his development, Eisler does a commendable job with Rain’s love life with Sayaka, who is a strong, but wheelchair-bound woman outsider, like Rain him [...]

    13. What could have been a good story, the author chose to use this prequel to explain the John Rain that we know from the first novels. That tact kept the story from developing on it's own merit.

    14. I've read a significant number of series in the mystery-thriller-espionage genre and the John Rain series stands out as unique contribution due to the combination of its setting (largely Japan), criminal protagonist, and mixed race identity theme. The protagonist is John Rain, an international assassin for hire that Eisler actually makes sympathetic and even likeable. Rain deals with his mixed race heritage (white, American mother/Japanese father), choosing to live in Japan where he is not reall [...]

    15. It is 1972 and John Rain is 20, half-American, half-Japanese, both parents dead and he’s a bagman for the CIA; delivering ‘packages’ when needed. During one such delivery, there are problems and the next thing Rain knows there is a hit out on him from the Yakusa (Japanese mafia). His handler decides to use this to have Rain do some other deeds. Rain, young, cocky and uncontrollable has to find his way out of this mess.I remember getting the first John Rain novel to review and fell in love [...]

    16. The book features the assassin, John Rain, in his earlier years back in 1972 in this prequel to the series. The plot wasn't too complicated, and there were a few good action scenes to keep the flow going. It wasn't as exciting as some of his earlier works, but still a solid entertaining thriller.For those of you who are familiar with Rain, you'll be happy to know how he went from being in the Vietnam war, to being a bagman for the CIA, to eventually winding up as an assassin-for-hire. Fans will [...]

    17. This is the John Rain prequel that all Rain fans have been waiting to read for more than a decade. In this book, we get a look to John's formative assassin years. We begin with the story in the 1970s wherein John is still a fledgling operative tasked with drop-offs only. Things however don't stay the same when a momentary tempestuous behavioural turn by Rain, makes him the no.1 Yakuza target. Herein begins John's journey and the soon the readers get to see the reasons why John is the way he is ( [...]

    18. I have been an Eisler fan for a long time and love the john Rain character. This one takes you back to how it all began. I absolutely love how Barry describes the scenes, I almost feel like I'm in Japan, I can almost hear and smell the streets. A solid 5 stars! If you have never read the Rain series what are u waiting on? I sit here now patiently waiting for the next installment Thanks Barry for giving me a few stress free days and getting lost in this one Keep up the great work!

    19. Graveyard of MemoriesA far different read than I had expected but one that was difficult to put down once begun. The extensive use of Japanese words and phrases with explanation took me back to my visits to there with a guide that gave me the philosophy of Japan along with the translation. Interesting plot with fast action. Recommend it.

    20. Добра история за младостта на Джон Рейн. Надявам се Бари Айслър скоро да ни предложи нова книга от тази така завладяваща поредица. Ще трябва и да попълня библиотеката си с първите шест книги, за съжаление имам само последните две към момента.

    21. I enjoyed reading this because it showed how the central character, John Rain, developed. It was a great addition to the series.

    22. Graveyard of Memories is a John Rain prequel, introducing us to a callow and still-developing protagonist in 1972 Tokyo, just after his last tour of duty in Vietnam.Rootless and hot-headed, Rain is working as a bag man for the CIA when he is attacked, seemingly at random, by three yakuza street thugs. The aftermath of what started as a simple mugging, however, spirals out of control when Rain kills one of them and severely injures another. Unfortunately, the leader of the trio is not just well-c [...]

    23. Love the John Rain characterThe 1st book of the John Rain series has been on my list for a long time but never took the time to read until these past couple weeks.I was hooked and blasted through all of them.At first I didn't think I would necessarily enjoy Graveyard of Memories being a prequel to the series but boy was I wrong! Now I am "jonsing" for my next fix of John Rain!

    24. Maybe the best Rain yet. Explains so much. Back story of Rain himself + other characters. Well done with the research for what Tokyo looked like back then. Really enjoyed the plot points w the girl in the wheelchair showing Rain maybe much more human than the earlier in sequence books (which take place later). Well done, would be interested is this is Eisler's highest rated book on !

    25. My review.This book was hard for me to get into. It wasn't until I was just about half way through it, that I thought it was getting good. The ending was not dramatic or made want to read any more of this series.

    26. From one mind. a romance, a thriller, criminal intrigue, longing, and Japanese culture and customs on top of premeditated killing for money and for self preservation. Intriguing from start to finish.

    27. A great origins book that gives the reader a glimpse into how John Rain came to be. As it was the 8th in the series, it was unexpected. This would be a 5 star book, the beginning was far too slow compared to other in the series.

    28. Great read ,fast paced & enjoyed it thoroughly , highly recommend it !! It was good to know how John Rain started out as an assassin !!!

    29. Great prequel!This was a really great backstory and definitely was made better being told after we knew more about John Rain.

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