When Otis Courted Mama

When Otis Courted Mama

Kathi Appelt Jill McElmurry / Jan 20, 2020

When Otis Courted Mama Apart from sticker burrs and sand fleas Cardell s life is mostly wonderful He knows he s loved through and through by his perfectly good mama and his perfectly good daddy They live in different parts

  • Title: When Otis Courted Mama
  • Author: Kathi Appelt Jill McElmurry
  • ISBN: 9780152166885
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Apart from sticker burrs and sand fleas, Cardell s life is mostly wonderful He knows he s loved through and through by his perfectly good mama and his perfectly good daddy They live in different parts of the desert, but that s okay Cardell is mostly used to it Then Otis comes calling, and Cardell feels a grrr form in his throat Otis can t make jalape o flapjacks or plaApart from sticker burrs and sand fleas, Cardell s life is mostly wonderful He knows he s loved through and through by his perfectly good mama and his perfectly good daddy They live in different parts of the desert, but that s okay Cardell is mostly used to it Then Otis comes calling, and Cardell feels a grrr form in his throat Otis can t make jalape o flapjacks or play Zig the Zag anything like Cardell s daddy And so Cardell waits for Mama to say Adi s, Otis But what will happen if she doesn t

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      490 Kathi Appelt Jill McElmurry
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    1. I was just blogging about how we need more books about different kinds of families! I absolutely adored this children's book. Cardell the coyote isn't thrilled when his mother begins dating a new man, and he suspects Otis will be gone quickly, just like the others. This is a great resource to teach kids about accepting and adjusting to life with a new stepparent. I would also use it to teach setting and creative writing--the Southwest flavor adds a beautiful sense of culture that spices up both [...]

    2. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=5136This is a book that was needed, and it is a good one at that. Too often, a lack of empathy occurs because one person doesn’t understand the other. I love picture books that help kids understand other people’s situations (but without being preachy), and this book does just that; however, it is also a very universal picture book because it shows a kid having to deal with a new situation. At one point or another, everyone must face the unknown or somethi [...]

    3. "Before Otis, Cardell had a mostly wonderful life in the Southwest desert. He had a perfectly good mama and a perfectly good daddy. But the problem was, his perfectly good mama and perfectly good daddy lived in two different places. Mama said adiós to a whole pack of suitors. Until Otis came along. A positive and tender representation of a divorced and re-blended family."

    4. 4.5: This is a really graceful look at blended families and the experience for the child in welcoming a grown up who isn't their parent (as well as for the mother who is making sure that grown up is not just a good romancer but a good fit -- ha!). I especially like that it was done with animals rather than people so more children can relate. Very smart and sweet.

    5. Wonderful illustrations showcase a young coyote's mixed feelings about his blended family. It is also nice to see coyotes as the heroes in picture books, as they are greatly persecuted throughout the US.

    6. Everything in Cardell's life is going pretty swell. He and his mama are living the life, eating good food, watching good tv, and having a good time as just the two of them. Cardell has the same thing going with his Dad; happy life, nothing to complain about! Cardell's parents are divorced, but he's okay with that. He knows that both his parents love him very much, and he cherishes the time that he gets to spend alone with each of them. That is until Otis Courted Mama. Now he has to learn to shar [...]

    7. I absolutely love this book. It give the reader a look into a child's point of view when it comes to their mom dating other people. Cardell had a "perfectly good" father and he was not ready to let someone else into his life. I love that Cardell did not immediately accept Otis when he came into their lives. It gives a more realistic point of view and show children who read the book that it is okay to have that reaction. By Cardell eventually growing to like Otis it shows children that if you act [...]

    8. Cardell the coyote has a great life. He worships his father and adores his mother. The only problem is that his father lives on the other side of the desert from him and his mother. His father also has a wife named Lulu, who is perfectly nice. Cardell even has a stepbrother, Little Frankie.Then Otis comes along. Mama seems to like him more than any of the other suitors she's had. Cardell doesn't care for him one lick. But he finds that even though Otis can't make Jalepeno flapjacks like his dad, [...]

    9. When Otis Courted Mama, written by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Jill McElmurry, is a nominee for the 2017-18 South Carolina Picture Book Award.When Otis Courted Mama is the tale of a little coyote named Cardell, whose life is mostly wonderful. He enjoys time with both his dad and his mom, even though they live on opposite sides of the desert.Things change for Cardell, though, when Otis arrives. Cardell isn't happy that Otis is paying so much attention to his mom. He waits for Mom to give Otis [...]

    10. This is a good picture book to share with young readers when you want to celebrate all kinds of families! Cardell, a young coyote, is perfectly happy with his family the way they are. His parents live in separate parts of the forest, and he enjoys special time with both of them. But when Otis starts coming to spend time with his mom, Cardell doesn't like it one bit. Lots of children will be able to relate to this, and this could start a good conversation about what a family is. The illustrations [...]

    11. I actually loved this book! It was an awesome book about divorced coyote parents and the father got remarried and had a wife with another baby. The little coyote Cardell loved the time alone with his momma and did not like the men she dated, but then she Otis. He did not like Otis at first though, but learned to love him. They also got married and his two families would sit by the fire and enjoy time together. Cardell loved both of his families!

    12. This is a sweet book that doesn't overdo it on the sweet part. Cardell is a coyote whose parents live in different parts of the desert. Things change with Otis comes calling. With her acceptance of Otis's marriage proposal, life is still pretty close to perfect.

    13. This book was adorable. Little coyote dealing with his mother dating. Anyone from a split or single parent family can likely remember being awfully picky about their parents partners, I know I can! This is great because it is an experience that a lot of kids go through, and it isn't easy.

    14. I liked that this book used language that children might not know, but what would be correct language for that area. I liked all the descriptive words used in this book. The pictures were mostly full of grays and browns, but the use of blues and reds helped catch the reader's eye.

    15. I really enjoyed this tale about a young coyote whose parents are no longer together as he tries to get used to the idea of his mama finding a new love.

    16. This book is about a young fox named Cardell who has a blended family. When his mom starts dating, Cardell learns what it's like to accept someone new.

    17. "When Otis Courted Mama," by Kathi Appelt, with Illustrations by Jill McElmurry is a book about a coyote pup named Cardell who is as prickly as a cactus toward his mama's suitor, Otis, because he already has a family that makes him feel secure and loved. This includes his daddy, stepmama and stepbrother. But it is his mama who gives him undivided attention. "Before Otis, Cardell had a mostly wonderful life," according to the first sentence of the story. Cardell, a native of the Southwest, descri [...]

    18. When Otis Courted Mama is an excellent picture book about blended families. Cardell, a young coyote, has a "mostly wonderful" life with a perfectly good daddy, a perfectly nice stepmama and a perfectly cute stepbrother, but most importantly, he has a perfectly good mama all to himselfuntil Otis shows up. Cardell eventually learns to appreciate Otis and enjoys the things Otis is good at, instead of comparing Otis to his perfectly good daddy. I enjoyed the illustrations in When Otis Courted Mama. [...]

    19. Cardell is just fine with his “perfectly good daddy, step-mother Lulu and little step-brother”, but likes having his “perfectly good mama” all to himself. Different suitors come and go, until Otis. Cardell waits a long time for his Mama to send Otis away, but that time doesn’t come, although a bit of a growl from Cardell does. This story by Kathi Appelt is going to be a wonderful addition to a school library for all those children who have to figure out that the step-parent is also goi [...]

    20. Cardell seems to have adjusted well to his parents' divorce, his papa's remarriage, and his new half-brother. But when new neighbor Otis moves in and starts courting his mama, Cardell isn't sure he's ready for his family to undergo any further changes, especially since Otis isn't good at things his papa is good at doing. But it turns out that Otis is good at doing things that Cardell's papa can't do. Slowly but surely, Otis wins Cardell's trust and the young coyote realizes that having a new ste [...]

    21. When you've been a teacher librarian for years, sometimes within the same district or building, you have the privilege of working with and watching all the guys and gals grow from kindergarten through graduation. You come to understand each individual personality. You can easily spot when one of your students has had a rough start to their morning. If this shift in behavior should last more than a day, it's usually because something has changed in their home life. A stable and loving family unit [...]

    22. Cardell the coyote has a perfectly good mama and a perfectly good daddy -- even though they live in different parts of the desert, and he has to travel between them. But when a new neighbor shows interest in Cardell's mom, Cardell knows his world is about to change. He doesn't want to share his mama, but even he has to admit that Otis isn't so bad.This is a heart-warming story for children whose parents don't live together, and who are dealing with jealousy and other conflicted feelings that may [...]

    23. Cordell is a coyote who lives with his mother in the desert and visits often with his father who lives in a different part of the desert. Cordell is skeptical when his mother begins seriously dating Otis. Mother has sent courtiers packing in the past but this Otis is different. Slowly but surely, Otis begins to win Cordell over and they eventually become a “new” family with a new stepbrother. This is a new twist on a story that addresses the subject of divorce and re-marriage with coyote cha [...]

    24. This is a perfectly nice book about blended families, and what happens when a single mom starts dating. It's cute, and believable, and the illustrations are fun and expressive, and show how beautiful the southwest can really be. I probably would have given this book four stars if I wasn't irritated by the adjectives. Cardell has a "mostly wonderful life," "a perfectly good mama and a perfectly good daddy," "a perfectly nice stepmama" you get the point. It was a little more repetitive than it nee [...]

    25. I am a fan of this book because it addresses the somewhat serious topic of family structure. Also, the characters remind me of characters my cousins and I would make up when we were young - we loved playing with my grandfather's Western cowboy hats and horse saddles. The Western theme of the illustrations is consistent and I love that Appelt chose to use wolves in the desert to represent a blended family. Cordell authentically represents the emotions I imagine children go through after their par [...]

    26. To my knowledge, there aren't many non-dumb children's books about a parent starting a new romantic relationship. This one was actually pretty easy to swallow, maybe because it was portrayed as okay that Cardell hated the first few duds that Mama brought home. The message was that Cardell's opinion was important, too -- he had to like whoever Mama was going to get serious with. And then it was realistic how Cardell didn't love Otis right off the bat -- he compares the new guy to his dad, and enu [...]

    27. I loved this book!!! One of my favorites of the year so far. Beautiful illustrations with just the right amount of details and a lovely southwestern setting. The story is about a blended family, but without the angst that usually accompanies divorce stories. Basically, a young coyote has divorced parents. His dad remarried and he has a step (or half?) brother, whom he is perfectly happy with. His mom is single, but has dated in the past. Otis, a neighbor, moves in and begins courting the mom. At [...]

    28. Easy to read language, the story unfolds in a way even young children will relate to.Can be used as an example of inference in the beginning as the reader must think for themselves why the perfectly good daddy and perfectly good mama live on opposite sides of the desert.Wonderful example of developing a character through actions and the setting - it all blends perfectly (but I'm not from the southwest, so what do I know of sticker burs and sand fleas? From reading this, I have a pretty good idea [...]

    29. Kathi Appelt has written a wonderful picture book that many students of divorced parents will be able to relate to. In When Otis Courted Mama, Cardell's life has been near perfect. Yes, his parents are divorced, but he enjoys the time he spends with his dad, step-mom and little brother, as well as the time he spends with his wonderful mother. But when Otis starts coming around with flowers and candies, he doesn't see his mother deciding that they can do without Otis, instead she seems to be enjo [...]

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