Era: Pirma knyga

Era: Pirma knyga

Greg Bear Anita Kapočiūtė / Sep 16, 2019

Era Pirma knyga Astronomai u fiksuoja supernovos ybsn net netrukus paai k ja jog tai mil ini kas asteroidas atsirad s em s orbitoje NASA NATO JTO pasiun a savo tyrin tojus asteroid Greitai visas pasaulis netenka

  • Title: Era: Pirma knyga
  • Author: Greg Bear Anita Kapočiūtė
  • ISBN: 9986950104
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Astronomai u fiksuoja supernovos ybsn , net netrukus paai k ja, jog tai mil ini kas asteroidas, atsirad s em s orbitoje NASA NATO, JTO pasiun a savo tyrin tojus asteroid Greitai visas pasaulis netenka ado suprat s, kokius ne tik tinus stebuklus aptinka asteroido tyrin tojai

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      182 Greg Bear Anita Kapočiūtė
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      • Greg Bear Anita Kapočiūtė

        Greg Bear is one of the world s leading hard SF authors He sold his first short story, at the age of fifteen, to Robert Lowndes s Famous Science Fiction A full time writer, he lives in Washington State with his family He is married to Astrid Anderson Bear He is the son in law of Poul Anderson They are the parents of two children, Erik and Alexandracmillan author gregbear


    1. I saw positive references to Eon, the first book in the series, in Brian Aldiss's Trillion Year Spree, and I bought it before a long flight. I think I had read most of it, or even all of it, before I arrived in California. It was pretty dull, but somehow I bought the second one too, and it was even duller. Chris was saying the other day that Bear reminded him of Asimov. I don't disagree, though I think I'm even more reminded of A.E. van Vogt, whom Damon Knight memorably described as "a pygmy wri [...]

    2. Statutory warning to potential readers: the book is named based on the time it will take to get through it.

    3. This is the 1990 sequel to Greg Bear's 1985 Eon. Eon was a very good hard-sf novel, that unfortunately has come to suffer from being written at a time (1985) when nobody knew the Soviet Union was about to go out with a whimper rather than a bang. By the time Eternity was written in 1990, that was known, and Bear downplayed a lot of the Cold War plot events that were already established in the Eon universe. Unfortunately, another paradigm was about to shift as well, and I refer here to inflationa [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI found this second book in the series to be just slightly better than the first. It is a direct sequel to Eon. Relatively, it had less politics, less technological descriptions, more drama and dialogues. Yet, I did not really enjoy at all times. Some parts of the story were such that I decided to nearly skim through them, while some were certainly interesting. I also found the writing style of the author to be something which I could not really absorb quickly, somehow, which goes out t [...]

    5. De fapt am recitit-o si cu siguranta am inteles mai multe decat prima oara cand am citit-o ca pe o carte de sine statatoare.

    6. While I initially had mixed feelings about Bear's Eon, I have to admit that certain points of his world did capture my interest and I did feel the desire to read more. In this light, Eternity is excellent and shows us what happens to most of the important characters after the final events in Eon. In contrast though, the book was extremely slow to start and seemed mainly concerned about the characters attitudes and feelings as long passages were devoted to personal insight and environmental descr [...]

    7. I must say the book kept me entranced to the very ending, finishing a 2am, but on the whole I really was not happy with how things worked out. Somehow I get the feeling he did not know what to do with the mess he had created. But since it kept me interested & since it is the first book I have read on my new Kindle it gets 3 stars rather than the two my assessment of the plot would incline me to give.**Mild spoilers: My objections: All the interesting world building was in Eon, the whole thin [...]

    8. Eternity by Greg Bear3/5 starsAlthough it has the same characters and universe (multiple universes really) as Eon, the first book in the trilogy, this is really quite a different book. In some respects it was better than that first book, in others worse.I found this book was much less confusing than Eon; it managed to make the whole Hexamon society much more understandable and accessible. In Eon I felt I was being bombarded by too much new stuff all the time and this made the book and certainly [...]

    9. Some years ago, a decade or more maybe; I tried to read this after having read Eon within the previous 6 mo. to a year. I at that time found the culture of the granddaughter's planet excruiciating almost to read through; it seemed to feel jarring, so out of place with the rest of the book, and rather boring.BUT, maybe it's just cause I'm more mature now, or what, but I pushed past the first 8th of the book I didn't get past before, and was engaged before I even got that far. Perhaps it's because [...]

    10. This follow-up to Greg Bear's earlier "Eon" clinched my feelings about this two-part drama of parallel universes, asteroid starships, and space-time distortions. It's been done before and done better. While certainly a complex tale, Bear's pedestrian writing style and Tom Clancy/Michael Crichton sensibility for plot twists and character development rob the story of any majesty or serious social observation. The beauty of a mathematically ingenious wormhole spanning universes and time itself beco [...]

    11. This, the sequel to Eon, is much better than its predecessor. Jeopardy is introduced early and the book appears to be about some things; going home and getting old. Unfortunately I still found it hard to relate to most of the characters and their varied fates.There is, I discovered, a third book - I feel that I'd like to read it more to see where the SF ideas go than from a desire to follow the characters further. I'm in no pressing hurry, though.

    12. One of the things that makes great science fiction stand out is the big ideas. Eternity is full of big ideas. The story is well told, although it takes a while to get going, but once it does it clips along at a fair rate. Highly recommended.

    13. This is the sequel to Eon, which I just reviewed. This book deals with some of the consequences of the artificial universe described in the first book. Because most of the book deals with re-opening the new universe, as well as politics, it's not as interesting as Eon. However, there is a large portion of the book which deals with a main character taken over by a vicious alien intelligence. Those parts are the most interesting.Overall I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it.

    14. I listened to the audiobook version, read by Roy Abers.I enjoyed the book a great deal. Less so than the first book of the series, "Eon". Perhaps that was due to the fact that the first book introduced me to so many new ideas and was the initial world-building for the series. Still a great readarted: 2010-09-24.Sep.Fri 11:07:45finished: 2010-10-01.Oct.Fri 12:14:14duration: 14h:20m:44s

    15. The sequel, Eternity, is about how mankind must give up it’s manipulation on space-time. After the message of hope brought by the first novel, it is interesting how in Eternity Bear takes humanity back down a notch, not closing the door to the future but simply reminding us that the gods do not take kindly to hubris. And through it all, Bear’s astounding imagination is combined with a gift for good, clear and interesting proseokssboch/?p=437

    16. A really good follow on from EON, however it was unlikely to have been as good as the original. I enjoyed catching up with the characters from EON and meeting some new ones. Where the story failed compared to the original is the ending, it is somewhat less structured and possibly rushed, where it does well is the sheer size and scale of the universe coupled with some big ideas and some nice twists.

    17. I am an hardened fan of Greg Bear and have read a number of his books, i.e. Eon, The Serpent Mage, The Infinity Concerto, Blood Music and others. I have found them all to be a great and grasping read and reccommend them to anyone who likes good quality science fiction stories. The concept of this book being the second in the series is remarkable. His first, Eon was an amazing story and Legacy was also an incredible read.

    18. This is one of the best books ever! My brain felt a little slow on the draw but I made it. This was so well written. This is the work of a man who has already accomplished his little menial stories to find his own style and bypassed the "I am the shit!" stage too. Such good work. It is a pity i read the second one first.

    19. Superb sequel to Bear's masterpiece Eon, returning us to the plot and main characters several decades down the line from the plot of the first novel. Excellent work with preserving/developing characters and creating an interesting story without losing much of the momentum of the prequel. Definitely would read again. A+!

    20. My first thought when I finished this book was "FINALLY!" When I explain to people that "Eternity" is the name of the book and not how long it took me to read it, they tend to give me the "Wait - what?" look.Let me get something straight - it took me forever to read this book not because it was bad or boring. I just tend to fall asleep after a page or two because the only real reading time I make for myself is right before bed.I read "Eon" last year, which was the book prior to this one. As it w [...]

    21. This book is the sequel to Eon. It tells the continuing stories of some of the key characters from the earlier book. There are two parallel stories. Firstly, that of the people on the asteroid world Thistledown, including those that settled on Earth and those in the settlements from the Way. In parallel, there is the story of Patricia Vasquez's granddaughter Rhita, who has inherited her grandmother's abilities and objects, and is seeking a way back into the Way under the patronage of Queen Kleop [...]

    22. Maailmojen synty jatkaa Aikatunnelissa alkanutta tarinaa. Tie (aikatunneli) on väylä aikojen välillä ja sitä pitkin pääsee myös rinnakkaismaailmoihin. Kirjassa on kolme näkökulmaa, jotka yhdistyvät eteenpäin mentäessä.(view spoiler)[Rhitan, Patrician pojan tyttären näkökulman maailma on rinnakkaistodellisuudessa Gaiassa. Gaia muistuttaa muinaisaikojen Maata, kuitenkin teknologia on kehittyneempää. Gaian valtiot ovat myös ominaispiirteiltään tunnistettavissa oman aikamme mai [...]

    23. Eternity was the third book I read in the Eon series. It picked up where Eon left off and continued the story line bringing it to a conclusion. Note, I did not say a "satisfying" or "good" conclusion. It certainly wrapped up the story, leaving nothing dangling. Eon ended with an intriguing plot twist in the life of one of the main characters. One of the unsatisfying elements of Eternity was how that was handled. The Gaia story-line started off okay but degenerated into a weird existential crisis [...]

    24. These books are weird, man. There are things I liked I think Olmy is a cool character. I actually liked all the stuff with Rita on Gaia, and I almost would have liked more of the book to be about her. I really have no idea what happened at the end of this novel. Some characters became gods, others were able to go back to their old lives with no apparent consequences, others sacrificed everything. The one thing I'll say for this book is that it really pushed the boundaries from the first book. In [...]

    25. In this really good book we get visions of ultra transcended humans, peeks into Jart mentality, we revisit known characters and meet some descendants as well. While I was reading this book I started getting a bit angry, because though they are very different, Jarts seemed to me pretty derivative of the Borg. It took me some time to pick up the book again, and that happened when I did a little research and noticed that this book writing predates Borgs. This was an entertaining book, that followed [...]

    26. If Eon was cool enough in its setting, this sequel offers nothing enticing:- no cool expansion of that setting- no plot continuation or improvement- same boring characters and political squabblesJust like Larry Niven's Ringworld, this started with a cool idea, but then the author kept trying to squeeze more money out of it, without coming with anything interesting or original.

    27. This book was ok. Parts, I liked include learning more about the Jarts. I felt a bit bogged down by the attempt to weave a conclusion out of the threads of plot. I was glad to finish. I don't know if I will read Legacy, the next book.

    28. Questo secondo volume della serie di Eon non è leggibile autonomamente, ma deve essere necessariamente letto dopo Eon, altrimenti risulta incomprensibile; anche così l'ho trovato poco interessante e poco plausibile.

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