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Valor The Banished Lands is torn by war as High King Nathair sweeps the land challenging all who oppose him in his holy crusade Allied with the manipulative Queen Rhin of Cambren there are few who can stan

  • Title: Valor
  • Author: John Gwynne
  • ISBN: 9780316399746
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Banished Lands is torn by war as High King Nathair sweeps the land challenging all who oppose him in his holy crusade Allied with the manipulative Queen Rhin of Cambren, there are few who can stand against them But Rhin is playing her own games and has her eyes on a far greater prize Left for dead, her kin fled and her country overrun with enemies, Cywen has no chThe Banished Lands is torn by war as High King Nathair sweeps the land challenging all who oppose him in his holy crusade Allied with the manipulative Queen Rhin of Cambren, there are few who can stand against them But Rhin is playing her own games and has her eyes on a far greater prize Left for dead, her kin fled and her country overrun with enemies, Cywen has no choice but to try to survive But any chance of escape is futile once Nathair and his disquieting advisor Calidus realise who she is They have no intention of letting such a prize from their grasp For she may be their greatest chance at killing the biggest threat to their power Meanwhile, the young warrior Corban flees from his conquered homeland with his exiled companions heading for the only place that may offer them sanctuary Domhain But to get there they must travel through Cambren avoiding warbands, giants and the vicious wolven of the mountains And all the while Corban must battle to become the man that everyone believes him to be the Bright Star and saviour of the Banished Lands And in the Otherworld dark forces scheme to bring a host of the Fallen into the world of flesh to end the war with the Faithful, once and for all.

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        Malice is my debut novel Goldsboro Books of London, specialists in signed first editions, have made Malice their Book of the Month for December 2012.I was born in Singapore while my dad was stationed there in the RAF Up until he retired that meant a lot of traveling around, generally a move every three years or so.I live with my wife and four wonderful and demanding children in East Sussex Also three dogs, two of which will chew anything that stands still I have had many strange and wonderful jobs, including packing soap in a soap factory, waitering in a french restaurant in Canada, playing double bass in a rock n roll band, and lecturing at Brighton University.I stepped out of university work due to my daughter s disability, so now I split my time caring for her and working from home I work with my wife rejuvenating vintage furniture, which means fixing, lifting, carrying, painting and generally doing what my wife tells me to doAnd somehow during this time I started writing I ve always told my children stories at bed time, and they pestered long and hard for me to write some of it down At the same time I felt that my brain was switching off a little vintage furniture is my wife s passion, whereas my passions are geekier That s how The Banished Lands and Malice began, though along the way it became than just a hobby I m still in shock that it is actually a real book, rather than just pages on my desk.


    1. 'War has erupted in the Banished Lands as the race for power intensifies' and with that eruption, comes a well deserved 5-star rating. I gave huge praises to Malice, it was impressive but Valor, the 2nd book in John Gwynne’s debut series is incredibly better from its predecessor. I include both Malice and Valor into one of my all time favorite list, that’s 2 out of 4 books already and judging from the quality progression in the series, I strongly believe the other half of The Faithful And th [...]

    2. "One thought circled in his head like the black birds swirling about the mountain peaks. They must be stopped." - CorbanValour carries on literally minutes after the action when Malice presented us such an amazing breathless finale. We witness the so-called Bright Star Corban; and his bizarre accumulated band of all sorts that incorporates warriors, witches, Queens and outcast woodsmen - following on from the evacuation of Dun Carreg due to the unforeseeable monstrous actions that took place, wi [...]

    3. 5/5 - ''Memory is a double-edged sword, Uthas. It can keep you strong through dark times, but it can also cripple you, keep you locked in a moment that no longer exists.” Bravo to Mr John Gywnne for writing another fantastic book!This is what happens when Lord Of The Rings meets Game Of Thrones THIS BOOK IS BRUTAL & I LOVE ITI thought Malice was good This book is even better! Shit got real and hectic on page one! I absolutely adored this book and pretty much devoured it, I couldn't take my [...]

    4. More people freaking die, but of course that's to be expected right? I didn't cry though! Yay, me! And of course I loved the book! ♥This book starts up where the first book leaves off. Corban and the crew are on the run after the fall of Dun Carreg (where they lived). They sail across the water getting into more troubles, meeting up with new people, more deaths, etc. and so forth. I loved when the Jehar Warriors came! I was so looking forward to reading about them. I hope to read more in the n [...]

    5. Even though the opinions about Malice, the first book of this series, are divided, I had fun reading it and enjoyed it very much. Slow pacing and a large cast of characters didn’t bother me at all but because I’ve read it a couple a months ago I decided to reread it and refresh my memory, prepare myself for adventures to come. Upon rereading it I realized two things; I loved it even more the second time and my expectations for the rest of the series were raised sky high. A few people told me [...]

    6. *** 5 +++ ***A buddy read with the Fantasy maniacs at BB&B!!! We need to get our revenge on!!!! Just read it for the second time and I am just as emotionally invested and ruined as I was the first time around! Goodness gravies! Could John have hit any more tender spots in my soul and attacked my adrenaline centers with the last 30% of the book, just so my body would not know to melt or to explode??? This is what happens when a reader gets attached to characters and those same characters are [...]

    7. Actual rating: 6 stars out of 5. This book gets an extra star solely because of how amazingly well written his female characters are. More on that later.I really wish I would've had more time throughout the week to have read this beauty! As much as I loved it, I actually think I liked Malice more, for reasons I can't really put my finger on. I think it felt like more was going on in Malice, but I wasn't ever bored while reading this. I would say that the only complaint I would have with this boo [...]

    8. See this review and more like it at bookbastion_________Related Reviews:Book I: Malice ★★★★★Picking up exactly where Malice, left off, John Gwynne re-enters the epic fantasy foray with a stunning followup to his debut novel that I won't soon forget. Those who worry about picking up series written by a debut author, have no fear here because the story movement and character building here is just as lovingly crafted by Mr. Gwynne as it was in the first book. Whereas Malice is a bit slowe [...]

    9. 'Wolven, crows, ravens, hounds.What will it be next?’I am adoring this series! We hear the story from all POVs and we lurch almost from action scene to action scene. My heart was in my mouth on many occasions. You know people you care about are going to die- it's just a matter of who and how soon.Despite the dark content, this book manages to make me warm and fuzzy inside too. Corbin has a big heart and the love seems to spread out from him. Camlin and Coralen are just two examples of how peop [...]

    10. I was so happy to discuss this book with my VALORous warriors: Petrikand Sarah ! (Petrik you should be proud of me for that one!) Warning no. 1:Some tagged spoilers from Malice ahead. Proceed at your own risk !! No spoilers from Valour though !Warning no. 2:Valour is bloody gory and definitely not for the faint of heart.It is also a 5 stars read ! I loved everything about it. It made me cry, it made me swoon, it made me grit my teeth and it tied knots in my estomac. I literally found nothing to [...]

    11. This review is spoiler free for book two, since its almost impossible for me to review this without mentioning the first book, they are tid bits of spoilers from book one, I mentioned names of characters that lived and died so don’t worry about that.This started just where Malice left off, no time jump. This consist of a lot of battle scenes that was so well depicted, why am I even surprise, the book is titled Valour for a reason. Lots of battle means the loss of characters, so many died and o [...]

    12. Full review now posted! Original review can be found on Booknest.“Two born of blood, dust and ashes shall champion the Choices,the Darkness and the Light.”Valor (or Valour, depending on which copy you end up with) is book two of The Faithful and the Fallen and sequel to Malice. While I thought that Malice was an absolutely incredible debut, Valor did nothing but improve upon an already fantastic story. There have been many comparisons between this series and Martin’s A Game of ThronesA Gam [...]

    13. “Memory is a double-edged sword, Uthas. It can keep you strong through dark times, but it can also cripple you, keep you locked in a moment that no longer exists.”A Full Five Stars: ✰✰✰✰✰Absolutely riveting continuation of a series that is as gripping as it is brutal. A slow start that turned into nothing other than a perfect sequel. I was blown away by how good it was. From the themes, the story, the characters - even the action and battle scenes - John Gwynne shows himself to be [...]

    14. I have officially crossed over from the Dark SideI am a HARDCORE FAN as of now!This book you guys! this glorious wonderful brutal heart-wrenching book!!I literally went from this during Malice (Click here for my not-so-happy review) THIS, and only from reading two chapters of ValourIt's like everything I didn't like about Malice has just vanished and everything I DID like has been expanded on like there's no tomorrow I just loved Valour to pieces, and the series has finally taken its place in my [...]

    15. After Malice I didn't know what to expect from Mr. Gwynne. Book one was some kind of peculiar and I felt unhooked while reading the first part of it. Book two is way more different, I loved it from the very start till the very end. Wow, just wow, the adventures, intrigues, fighting, friendships, loves, secrets, betrayals, lots of action and suspense This book just left me mindblown and def wanting for more!My total fave obviously stays *sending million of hugs to Storm*Also the characters I beca [...]

    16. September 2016 Reread of book 2 before Wrath is released with BB&BIn conclusion - this was just as fantastic as the first read - LOVE IT!*********************************************What if the Dark Lord's champion thought he was the Chosen One, the savior of all mankind?This book was amazing!!!Where to even beginThis story picks up exactly where it left off, but Mr. Gwynne has definitely shifted a gear and picked up the pace, never slowing down and delivering the punches non-stop. I don't w [...]

    17. This book is the second one in this series and after enjoying the first one a lot and giving it an easy 4* rating I was hoping for things to improve and become more exciting as the series went on; that certainly did seem to be the case! This story continues immediately after the ending of the first which is wonderful because it meant that we could get back into the action and story straight away. The characters that we know and enjoyed in the first book are back, and we also have a fair few new [...]

    18. So in my review of Malice I already said that I found a new favourite series and now after finishing Valour I’m more certain about this than ever!Where Malice felt more like a long and well developing introduction Valour was like a great action packed journey through a world I got to know parts of in the first book with character you came to love. It had everything I loved about Malice and more. More amazing fighting scenes, more emotion, more character development; I just feel like being a pa [...]

    19. “Allons enfants de la Patrie,The day of glory has arrived!Against us tyranny'sBloody banner is raised!”This book is a perfect example why I think rating books with numbers (of stars or pine cones or whatever else you could think of) is needless and futile. Is Valour the greatest book I have ever read? Hell no.Is it a good one? Couldn’t say that either.Then it’s a bad one? No, no, no.Then what is?It’s a decent enough book. And if we’re going to be “strictly technical” Valour’s w [...]

    20. I have spent all of my free time reading so much lately that I haven’t put in the time for my reviews that I should. So, with that being said… we go!Another amazing novel in the world of The Faithful and the Fallen. Mr. Gwynne has given us another work of art that was fun to read, and hard to put down. The pacing of this book doesn’t let up throughout. It’s full of action and breathtaking battle scenes described with extreme detail and gore. We are introduced to new characters, and say g [...]

    21. I had given "Malice" a very solid four stars. "Valor" outshone its predecessor and gets an unreserved five-star rating. This is the book that kept me up late, the one that took my attention away from my family, the one that made me wonder what the characters were doing when I was away from them.Mr. Gwynne has made me know these people, invest in them and their world, feel their pain and share their triumphs. The last few pages had my mouth gaping open.I don't need to say much more. There are ple [...]

    22. When I started reading Valour, the most common reaction was: “I thought you hated Malice!”I am not sure “hated” is the best word to describe my relationship with Malice (check for yourself), but it is what it is mainly because I expected a masterpiece. Since my expectations suffered and then died a slow and painful way during the previous instalment, reading Valour was OK because I knew I will get a mediocre book.“Aha! So you still have ISSUES!” you want to exclaim (please, do it for [...]

    23. "They must be stopped".The easy way to summarize this book is: stunning continuation of Malice. Actually, I even liked this book more, somehow; I believe it is mostly because I already knew all the characters from the first book and this book focused more on the plot and character development.I just finished the book and I am just speechless (view spoiler)[ I guess the same way Nathair was at the end of the book in realizing what he really is(hide spoiler)].I really loved the book: political int [...]

    24. This. Book. I literally just finished it and it’s a very powerful ending. SO much finally comes together. It will basically leave you breathless. 5 star ending. 3 star beginning. I’m going to leave my rating at 4 stars for now. Valor picks up right where Malice left off, but there was just something keeping me from being totally invested in the book in the beginning. The action slowed back down a bit from Malice which might be part of it, but I feel like there’s some weird personal issue o [...]

    25. Well well, looks like I'll be binge reading this whole series :D There's simply no stopping once the magic of these books has you in its grip*-*My reaction to summon up this book:10/5 stars. I didn't see that plot twist coming. Argh, I never thought it possible but this was so much better than the first one :O John Gwynne ripped my heart out many times over the course of this book and all I can say is: AGSVSGZGGWHXJEJXHHWHSHWHSHEHXHVEHDBEUDBEHSUEBDBEBDHHEUDHEBDUEBXHEBXUHDHXBWOSJWKZBWOANCBEHZHQKS [...]

    26. "All will fight in this war,” he said, “all will choose a side, the darkness or the light.”Whew! That was some ride. I am mentally and emotionally wrung out. If you’re looking for a feel-good story…go read something else. If you’re looking for something with more than an infinitesimal speck of hope in it…go read something else. If you’re looking for something where the good guys are regularly whooping bad guy ass…go read something else. And if you’re looking for something whe [...]

    27. 4.5 stars The second book in The Faithful and the Fallen series makes a smooth transition from merely solid to a superior fantasy work.Gone are the problems I had with the first book, Malice, namely somewhat erratic pacing and a lack of focus on interesting female characters. Valour is fast paced almost from start to finish and gives a fair amount of focus to a previous favourite, Cywen, as well as introducing some strong new female POV characters. This book also did a good job of balancing emot [...]

    28. On further reflection raised this rating to 4.5 starsFirst take this review with a grain of salt. I am a former romance addict recently gone back to my first love of fantasy. If a fantasy has even the slightest bit of romance in it, I will zero in on that because it effects me deeply on an emotional level. (Romance novels have ruined a part of me on that front). I tagged this as "some romance" but there is very little. (view spoiler)[just the seeds of something growing between Corban and Coralen [...]

    29. Buddy Read with my awesome buddies at BB&B.Well done, Mr Gwynne, well done! An absolutely worthy and breathtaking sequel that had me completely and irrevocably invested in the plot and the characters. When you start to take little breaks, breath heavily and notice your hands involuntarily making fists throughout the crucial battle scenes involving your favourite characters, you know are all-in. My emotional investment in the main characters, even those without POVs (including the non-humans, [...]

    30. This is about doing what is right, doing what must be done despite the cost.And what a cost it has been so far. So many deaths and betrayals, and so much bloodshed, but amidst it all loyalty and friendship shine through. I can't wait to continue the series.

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