Extraordinary Retribution

Extraordinary Retribution

Erec Stebbins / Aug 25, 2019

Extraordinary Retribution MURDER TORTURE AND VENGEANCE COLLIDE TO THREATEN THE HIGHEST ECHELONS OF POWER Startlingly dark San Francisco Book Reviews A labyrinth of highly charged action Tome Tender A plot that never stops Fo

  • Title: Extraordinary Retribution
  • Author: Erec Stebbins
  • ISBN: 9780989000475
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • MURDER, TORTURE, AND VENGEANCE COLLIDE TO THREATEN THE HIGHEST ECHELONS OF POWER Startlingly dark San Francisco Book Reviews A labyrinth of highly charged action Tome Tender A plot that never stops ForeWord ReviewsEvil is not born of madness, but madness of evil.Follow a rogue CIA agent who uncovers a shocking conspiracy deep in the intelligence community But a shMURDER, TORTURE, AND VENGEANCE COLLIDE TO THREATEN THE HIGHEST ECHELONS OF POWER Startlingly dark San Francisco Book Reviews A labyrinth of highly charged action Tome Tender A plot that never stops ForeWord ReviewsEvil is not born of madness, but madness of evil.Follow a rogue CIA agent who uncovers a shocking conspiracy deep in the intelligence community But a shadow follows the investigation a killer bent on a revenge so terrible, it is only matched by the crimes committed against him In the end, no one escapes unscathed, no beliefs will go unchallenged, and no wrong will escape the terrible, final, and extraordinaryretribution Stebbins nails it with this book Just when you think you have the recipe down for international thrillers, an author upends it and creates multifaceted characters and a plot that never stops Intrigue, murder, ethics, religion, romance, an international settinge author has packed everything ForeWord Reviews A fast paced international thrillere twists and turns of plot continue right up to the last emotionally charged paragraph Midwest Book Review An addictive page turner and heart pounding thrill ride an absolute must read You won t be able to put it down Internet Review of BooksBook two in the INTEL 1 novels.

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        Erec Stebbins is a biomedical researcher who writes novels in a variety of genres, focusing on thrillers and science fiction His work has consistently been praised for its action and thrills alongside a deeper, often philosophical angle The Internet Review of Books dubbed him master of the thinking reader s techno thriller.His novels have been called unique and pulse pounding THE RAGNAR K CONSPIRACY , altogether profound, reminiscent of Bradbury and Dan Simmons Hyperion DAUGHTER OF TIME TRILOGY , and startlingly dark EXTRAORDINARY RETRIBUTION with five star ratings in Foreword Reviews, San Francisco Book Reviews, Portland Book Review, and others Author Website Author PageFacebook Page


    1. “Since governments take the right of death over their people, it is not astonishing if the people should sometimes take the right of death over governments."- said by the most famous French writer of all times, Guy de Maupassant. Erec Stebbins is one such writer who proved retribution is not only meant for vengeance, but for justice, the justice for the unspeakable torture a human has faced in his lifetime, especially when the government makes it look like that it's one of their mission to pro [...]

    2. Extraordinary Retribution by Erec Stebbins is a fascinating tale with ethical and moral consequences. The character details are exquisite. and very believable. When CIA operatives connect with a simple Parrish priest you know things will never be the same. With the aid of Sarah Houston, an honorable CIA agent, the root out the killer and discover a plot so devious they have a hard time finding honorable men to tell their tale. Then the dirty CIA bosses go on a smear campaign and destroy the good [...]

    3. I'll be honest and say that I really didn't think I was going to like this, just another American super spy takes on the world sort of book but what the hell, it was a giveaway and that gave me a chance to take a look for free and then write a review about how predictable and 'average' it was.Well, OK, I was wrong. For once the Americans weren't saving the world and the CIA weren't gods. I really felt that there was more truth in this novel than we usually get and the 'possibles' herein made thi [...]

    4. I received “Extraordinary Retribution” from First Reads for free. Many thanks for promoting an outstanding thriller, I loved it.Not knowing what to expect from this book other than a thriller about a rogue agent, I was astounded by the writing. From the beginning this reader was drawn in by vivid descriptive writing capturing my interest immediately. The words flowed effortlessly; the details provided visuals as picturesque as viewing a movie…clear, colourful, and intense. The printing wa [...]

    5. I’m relatively new to this genre, so I haven’t read a lot of books with similar themes, but I was very intrigued by the description of Extraordinary Retribution and wanted to know more. Wanting to track down his brother’s killer, Father Lopez joins up with a rogue CIA Agent, and together they begin to uncover a conspiracy, but it soon becomes very dangerous and it may cost them greatly…I was quickly drawn into what develops into a very fast paced book. I didn’t want to put it down even [...]

    6. A mysterious and deadly assassin has reached his limit and it’s time for him to exact revenge and retribution on those who made him the monster he has become. His targets span the globe and he has them in his sights. Politicians, dark ops agents, terrorists, it doesn’t matter, they all must pay. When he kills the brother of a Catholic priest, and the U.S. government tries to cover it up, a rogue CIA operative joins forces with the priest and together, they must beat the odds while uncovering [...]

    7. “You just read a book and then write a review, this should be easy” I told myself when I was handed Erec Stebbins’ Extraordinary Retribution to read. The problem is it’s not easy especially when the book is as good as this one is. I could just give it 5 stars and write “Superb” underneath but this book deserves more, much more.The 3 main characters, Father Francisco Lopez, Agent Sara Houston and “the Wraith” manage to portray the best and worst in all of us whilst the organisatio [...]

    8. This isn't my usual kind of book. This is a "political thriller" and I am definitely a romance girl (of any description) and when I wander away from romance, a "political thriller" would probably come close to bottom on my to read list.However, this book sounded interesting and when given a chance to read it and take part in the blog tour I thought "why not?" And I am SO GLAD I gave it a chance because I really enjoyed this book.The pace was good, it was well written (incredibly vivid), well edi [...]

    9. (I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I was a bit surprised at how I was pulled into this book. The storyline was quite an interesting one - people doing bad things for good reasons is always an interesting dilemma to wrestle with and read about. Where should people draw the line?I liked Lopez and Sara's relationship with each other, though the feelings didn't come across as real as they could have done. I think it was because there [...]

    10. Better than average political/action thriller. The writing reminds me of some of the early works of David Morrell. A victim of the U.S. rendition programs of the early 2000's seeks revenge upon those who ordered and executed his torture. The book is pretty fast paced and very entertaining. Toward the end it gets a little bit predictable, but if one reads this genre a lot, one recognizes where an author is going with the story.Worth the read for those who enjoy this type novel.

    11. 3.5 starsI love the protagonists, Lopez and Houston, since I read about them in The Anonymous Signal. However, the flow of the story here was harder to follow and a little confusing. But I enjoyed reading their adventures.Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest opinion

    12. Thought provokingGood read but lots of background almost too much but needed to make a good read enjoyable.I highly recommend this for readers who like FBI CIA type adventures.

    13. Great read! I couldn't put it down! Stayed up half the night to finish this! Non stop action! I need to read more from this author!

    14. One of the most chilling and engrossing thrillers I've read this year is "Extraordinary Retribution" by Erec Stebbins which I won from Giveaways. The story opens with multiple assassinations by a psychotic killer and the shocking cover-ups by a secret organization in the intelligence community. To track down the murderer of his brother,a Black Ops operative, Father Francisco Lopez teams up with rogue CIA agent, Sara Houston. Together they will hunt down the assassin and uncover a conspiracy tha [...]

    15. I'm going to be totally honest and say that when I first saw the blurb for this book I was totally dreading it! I'm not a huge fan of government or terrorism thrillers so I was a little dubious about starting.This novel has quite a complex plot but the main premise is as follows:One man is seeking revenge and justice for a huge CIA cover up that ended up killing innocent Americans after 9/11 because they were thought to be terrorists.Father Lopez, a priest, has just found his brother brutally mu [...]

    16. I have read several other books by this talented writer and was not disappointed by this book. This story is an almost non-stop action adventure. It is a pure adrenaline rush from cover to cover. There is a bit of a political bent to this story which may bother some people. The story casts a bad light on the federal government and the clandestine doings of the CIA. My opinion is that the author is sending a subtle message that the current administration is acting in a secretive manner in which t [...]

    17. As usual many thanks go to the author, publisher and for my free copy of this novel to read and review.This was a great concept and well executed for a spy thriller but for some reason failed to grab me and make me stay up past bed time to read. I really don't understand why, but for some reason I didn't really feel hooked until the last third of the book.As pointed out by Stebbins in his author's note, it would seem that the subject matter is a little too plausible and has probably scared some [...]

    18. Another excellent novel from a very good author who is now definetly on my reading list. The authors attention to little details are great, which make the characters and scenarios he is describing more believable and add essence and substance to the storyline.Again as in the first novel the title cleverly describes the plot and sets the scene for a page turning roller coaster ride where two different sets of characters are looking for revenge for different reasons. It is very easy for an author [...]

    19. I was happy to write an honest review of this book for the author in exchange for a free copy of the book. I have read many novels of a similar venue, but none that I enjoyed as much. This one reached put and grabbed me and did not let go from the first page to the last."e delusion of the irrigated greenery around Damascus" I love this description. My idea of this area, as it is for many is just a barren desert, so this description immediately caught my attention as did many of his others. His c [...]

    20. Extraordinary Retribution is a novel that quietly submerges you into the story without you realising, entangling you into the characters’ lives and their search for answers.This is a brutal look into the supposed fight against terrorism via a series of covert government operations. The basis of the story is incredibly intriguing, and the fact that the operation backfires so spectacularly on the agents/personnel involved gives the book a kind of prophetic feel, which also led me to appreciate t [...]

    21. Fast paced and brutalThis is the 2nd book I've read by Stebbins, and I have really enjoyed both of them. This book is centered around the simple (well, seemingly simple) question, "how far is too far to protect America's freedom?" Is it detaining people based on profiling? Is it clandestine wiretapping? What is it? And what happens when it does go too far? What consequences could there be? The storyline was very interesting, and the plot was revealed at a good pace. Stebbens keeps you guessing s [...]

    22. Extraordinary retribution by Stebbins is a fast-paced story of mayhem by one guy, intent on retribution. Somehow he manages to find the high tech fire-power to bully his way into people's panic rooms and blast them away. The two main characters are subjected to as much malicious gossip that you can imagine. The priest is defrocked and the agent is disbarred. Through it all they manage to stay ahead of the law enforcement agencies who want to bring them down. There's even a moment when the wraith [...]

    23. t had been a long time since I had read a book like Extraordinary Retribution and I have to admit it was a refreshing change and I highly enjoyed it. In all honesty the reason why I enjoyed it so much, but was the main character reminded me so much of Huck from the T.V. show Scandal. A man who has gifted his life to serving his country. With a look behind the mental and ethical struggles behind a trained assassin this book makes you think about the CIA in a new light. Action packed, with enough [...]

    24. This a fast moving action thriller. Like other commentators said it was a little hard to figure out what was happening in the first couple of chapters as the author jumps right into the action and you don't who the characters are and what their relations are. Once the story is established it moves quickly and is hard to put down. There is a anti-government, political bias here which might turn some readers off but with the more we hear in the news, etc. the more the story becomes believable, inc [...]

    25. My five stars should say it all. But I do need to say that Erec Stebbins is with out a doubt one of the best writers I have run across, not just this year but ever. He can spin a story that keeps you on edge turning pages at warp speed to try and keep up with the intrigue the suspense and the action. He brings the characters to life in a way that makes you want the story to never end.What more could you ask?

    26. Starts with a bang, and never stopsuldn't put it downVery engaging story that is also very frightening. There is seen a high value for human life, right-vs-wrong, and yet there's is much carnage and retribution, such that it make it hard to remember at times what and who is right or wrong, with the never ending question of why The characters are strongly written, and carry their burdens well.

    27. I was really thrilled to win this book in a give-a-way. I couldn't wait to get started. This was such a great story. It was difficult to put down. Loved the action and the many action scenes. One right after another the action was so intense. The characters were very easy to imagine and to see in my mind while reading. The twists and turns kept me on the edge almost to the end. I assume there will be a follow up book with Houston and Lopez. Can't wait. Great writing.

    28. Not really all there but The unlikely pair of a priest who all too easily falls in love with his brother's girlfriend go on an adventure to find his killer and more. Unbelievable, occasionally rather dumb, the plot requires that the reader have a suspension of disbelief, big time. The priest is a pussy and the girl is an agent who can do anything, even sneak into via headquarters. The funny thing is that it works out with all of these flaws.

    29. ( Giveaway book)I did enjoy the constant action in this book, with the science side of things examined, and the technology descriptions of the buildings were brilliant. Felt that the main themes in the story were pretty predictable, such as the last 100 or so pages. But overall I like the thrillier side, with the gorrey details in parts really transporting you into the book

    30. Truly a recipe form for a thriller made for big time motion pictures. Because of that, it was predictable. And because of that, the good guys, bad guys, whateveryawnuld have roles easily filled by former Governor Arnie and that Jean Claude Van Damme dude. No thought required, just race through it and tada you're finished. The End. Mind numbing.

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