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Washashore This year everything changes for Clementine Harper Fourteen year old Clementine has left her city life in Boston to spend the winter on Martha s Vineyard She s what the locals call a Washashore WASH

  • Title: Washashore
  • Author: Suzanne Goldsmith
  • ISBN: 9781939403124
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • This year, everything changes for Clementine Harper Fourteen year old Clementine has left her city life in Boston to spend the winter on Martha s Vineyard She s what the locals call a Washashore WASH a shore someone who has come to live on the island but isn t from there An outsider.Clem doesn t have any friends and doesn t fit in Her mom and dad aren t gettiThis year, everything changes for Clementine Harper Fourteen year old Clementine has left her city life in Boston to spend the winter on Martha s Vineyard She s what the locals call a Washashore WASH a shore someone who has come to live on the island but isn t from there An outsider.Clem doesn t have any friends and doesn t fit in Her mom and dad aren t getting along Coco, her best friend, is three hours away.But then Clem finds a fallen bird an osprey on the beach And she meets a lonely boy named Daniel.And everything changes A love story surrounded by this beautiful island Martha s Vineyard with its fragile shores and enduring birds A tender hearted story that calls out to save what we love so much Carly Simon, Grammy winning singer and songwriter An adventure story in every sense of the word the adventure, especially, of coming of age on an aging planet Bill McKibben, environmental activist, founder of 350 and author of THE END OF NATURE The prose brings to life the era of the 1970s, but Goldsmith s themes are timeless and will resonate with teens and adults alike Lisa Klein, award winning author of OPHELIA and CATE OF THE LOST COLONY

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        Author of WASHASHORE, winner of the 2014 Green Earth Book Award for a young adult novel that encourages environmental stewardship Ages 9 14 Fourteen year old Clementine Harper must spend a winter on the island of Martha s Vineyard with her mother She s what the locals call a washashore someone who s come to live on the island but isn t from there Far from the city life she knows, her best friend and the father she adores, Clem doesn t fit in But when she finds a fallen bird an osprey she also finds a role for herself helping to bring back the endangered birds, and learns that there are some things you can t save and some things you can like osprey nests and, maybe, a lonely boy named Daniel Goldsmith found the inspiration for this novel in the summers she spent on Martha s Vineyard as a teen and twenty something, working as a waitress, art gallery clerk, babysitter and chambermaid In her twenties, Suzanne worked in New York City youth community service program, a job that left her with a passion for service and voluntarism and resulted in her decision to write her first book, A CITY YEAR, a nonfiction account of a year in a youth service program She was inspired to start writing fiction by many cozy evenings spent reading to her children She lives in Ohio with her husband and their two children, who now read to themselves mostly.


    1. I loved this book. Goldsmith has a knack for capturing the little details that bring a scene and characters to emotional life. She is gifted at evoking mood and scene with regard to place--- her beach, sky and woods were almost palpable, and I felt as though I were there with the characters, feeling the weather, experiencing the cold and the wind. It's a great story, though, and Goldsmith moves it along quickly and deftly. There's no predictable happy ending; instead, the story's outcome feels o [...]

    2. A great book for middle school students. Historical fiction (yes the 70's are now historical - dang it!) that touches on the issue of ecology wrapped in a sweet teenage love story. My sister-in-law will be using it in her 6th grade class room! If you are a teacher - give this a read - your students will love it!

    3. I loved this book. I find myself more and more enjoying novels that are intended for young adults, and this one is no exception.

    4. 'Washashore' is a poignant fictional tale about Fourteen-year-old Clementine Harper. Having to move from the home she had always known, her school, her best friend, Coco & the city she was comfortable in, to the spot they always vacationed at - Martha's Vineyard - Clementine felt despondent and confused. Adam - her father - was taking a job in Ohio, yet her mother - Nora - felt she had to stay at the University in Boston where she was secure in her position. She would have to leave Clem alon [...]

    5. In this delightful young adult novel, a 14-year-old girl who has just moved to Martha’s Vineyard gets involved in the environmental movement of the 1970s. Although Clem is already reading Silent Spring on her father’s suggestion, her immediate motivation is her interest in a shy boy who’s involved in restoring the osprey population of Martha’s Vineyard after they’ve been nearly wiped out from pesticide use. I really loved how Washashore weaves in a real-life environmental message with [...]

    6. The first time a novel made me cry on public transit was Isabel Allende's House of the Spirits on a MBTA bus in 1992. The most recent time was on the Brooklyn-bound 4 train, this evening, with Washashore. I'm not trying to make a comparison between the novels except that they are both lovely and piercing. In fact, Suzanne Goldsmith's style in Washashore is so quiet, plainspoken and grounded that it couldn't be more different from floridly poetic magical realism. I never expected that a writing v [...]

    7. I fell in love with this book right from the beginning. The writing reminded me of Cynthia Voigt’s Dicey’s Song. Clem is self-reliant, introspective, and wise. Her life has been upended--her father has taken a job in another state, her mother has moved her from her home in the city to the quiet world of off-season Martha’s Vineyard. Clem is lonely and lost until she finds an osprey on the beach and becomes intrigued by the bands on its legs. A whole new world opens up to her when she conne [...]

    8. Set in the 70's , fourteen year old Clem finds herself a "Washashore" someone who lives on the island of Martha's Vineyard but is not from there. Unable to fit in, she becomes involved with a shy boy named Daniel. Together they take on the task of trying to save an Osprey nesting pole. A beautiful story, set in a beautiful place. This YA novel will have you thinking of the sea and looking for Osprey.

    9. While I found some parts of this book were predictable,I loved the Osprey parts. I am a fan of books not always turning out perfectly and this was the case with this book. I applaud the author for taking this step to end the book in this manor. Hopefully people can learn a little more about our birds of prey and how amazing they are. I would love to read a sequel and find out what happens with Daniel and Clem and their beloved birds.

    10. I won this on giveaway. I enjoyed this story about nature friendship and first love. The book took a little bit to get into it. I also wanted to know and read more. There were so many relationship developments towards the end. Between Clem's patents and then between her and Daniel. I also wanted to know how there involvement benefited the Osprey.

    11. It was refreshing to finally read a book that portrayed a young adult woman in such a dignified manner. I think the author did a magnificent job of balancing all the emotions of the main character Clem in an honest way. If this is what young adult novels are all like, I might have to abandon reading adult novels!

    12. I have one word to describe this book: perfect. I loved this book! It was so well written and kept my attention throughout the entire book unlike most books I read. I loved the style of writing and the time period. The characters were like-able and I could relate to them at times. I really want to read another book by her and I hope she is working on one. I definitely recommend this book.

    13. I got this book free through .A very good story with believable characters and situations that also teaches us about ospreys and our good/bad interactions with them. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    14. Set on Martha's Vineyard in the 1970's, Washashore is a coming-of-age novel with strong themes of family and friendship. There is also an ecological message, as the protagonists struggle with helping an osprey population thrive. It is a very enjoyable read.

    15. A touching story about losing your home and your family and moving on. Bought this for my granddaughter, but browsed through it first (like I always do with any book) ended up reading the whole thing. I recommend this to anyone with a middle grade child or grandchild!

    16. A firm 4.5 star ratingA washashore is something that the tide brings in, something that does not belong. And that is exactly how Clementine feelstaken from her home and friends in Boston and having to start the new school year on Marthas Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. When is her dad going to arrive? When are they moving 'home'? Will she ever not feel stranded and alone??She eventually meets and befriends Daniel, a quiet loner who lives with his grandfather. Through him [...]

    17. "Washashore" is a wonderful first work by Suzanne Goldsmith. Goldsmith truly brings words to life with her lovely descriptions of the beautiful landscapes of Martha's Vineyard. She also captures the feeling of the late 1970's very well. The scene she wrote about Thanksgiving dinner was especially wonderful to me. Clementine, the main character, is very relatable in her experiences; from environmental struggles to the great strain distance puts on her once 'perfect' family. Goldsmith also handles [...]

    18. A really good read for middle schoolers! Beautifully written, this novel captures life on Martha’s Vineyard in the mid-1970s through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old girl named Clem. She deals with bullying, falls for a shy boy, and gets involved in saving the ospreys, endangered birds that build their nests on Martha’s Vineyard. Clem also misses her best friend from home, and knows that her parents are having problems. The author deftly balances all this in a way that is believable and fresh [...]

    19. The early teen years are prime time for kids to adopt environmentalism as a cause. The human sense of fairness and empathy is strongly in place by age eight or so, while puberty sparks the sense that authority figures don’t always know best and that heady idealism that old fogies tend to see as self-righteousness. So YA and middle-grade novels with environmental themes have, it seems to me, a natural constituency. read more

    20. As it began I felt like she was trying to push the fact that it was the 70's with numerous mentions of 70's era things. A bit too much for my taste. Then it got a bit like a non-fiction book with bird facts. Again a bit much for my tastes. The plot picked up more than 1/2 way through and I found myself enjoying the book more at that point.

    21. Such a great read! The protagonist, Clementine, really grows throughout this coming-of-age novel, and you find yourself connecting with the struggles she grows through. Whether it's from the environmental conservation of the osprey or her budding friendship with Daniel, this novel captivates you. I highly recommend this to any middle schoolers or teenagers!

    22. Beautifully written work. Sweet in tone, reads nicely, vivid descriptions. I actually feel like I'm in the late 1970's!Well researched and thought out. I'm trained as an economist, and so I appreciate the author weaving "the other side" of the debate into this novel as well.

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