The Trap

The Trap

Andrew Fukuda / Dec 08, 2019

The Trap The thrilling finale to Fukuda s vampire trilogy After barely escaping the Mission alive Gene and Sissy face an impossible task staying alive long enough to stop an entire world bent on their destruc

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: Andrew Fukuda
  • ISBN: 9780857075475
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • The thrilling finale to Fukuda s vampire trilogy.After barely escaping the Mission alive, Gene and Sissy face an impossible task staying alive long enough to stop an entire world bent on their destruction Bound on a train heading into the unknown with the surviving Mission girls, Gene, Sissy, David, and Epap must stick together and use everything they have to protect eacThe thrilling finale to Fukuda s vampire trilogy.After barely escaping the Mission alive, Gene and Sissy face an impossible task staying alive long enough to stop an entire world bent on their destruction Bound on a train heading into the unknown with the surviving Mission girls, Gene, Sissy, David, and Epap must stick together and use everything they have to protect each other and their only hope the cure that will turn the blood thirsty creatures around them into humans again Now that they know how to reverse the virus, Gene and Sissy have one final chance to save those they love and create a better life for themselves But as they struggle to get there, Gene s mission sets him on a crash course with Ashley June, his first love and his deadliest enemy.

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        Born in Manhattan and raised in Hong Kong, Andrew Fukuda is half Chinese, half Japanese After earning a bachelor s degree in history from Cornell University, Fukuda worked in Manhattan s Chinatown with the immigrant teen community That experience led to the writing of Crossing, his debut novel that was selected by ALA Booklist as an Editor s Choice, Top Ten First Novel, and Top Ten Crime Novel in 2010 His second novel, The Hunt, the first in a new series, was bought at auction by St Martin s Press and will be published in May 2012 Before becoming a full time writer, Fukuda was a criminal prosecutor for seven years He currently resides on Long Island, New York, with his family.From the author s website.


    1. Insanity. There is no other word for this book, really. It completely blew my mind to pieces, and I swear, I will never fully recover from reading it! I liked the first book (The Hunt), though I had a few issues with the sketchy plot line (I think we all remember the armpit scene?). I really loved the second book (The Prey) - the writing improved a lot, the characters were developed further and with more care, and the plot line itself was action packed and completely breathtaking. But the third [...]

    2. Have you ever read through a trilogy and been looking so forward to Book #3 , hanging out there for it to finally arrive and then when it does you read it and you are left with so many other questions ? That's how I felt with the final book in the Hunt Trilogy by Andrew Fukuda. Right through the whole series we have watched Gene escape from Hepers and then in the end of Book #1 Gene discovered his father hadn't died and was the man known as "The Scientist". This led Gene to meet a group of other [...]

    3. I've been a great fan of Andrew Fukuda's work; in fact I gave both the previous books in this series, The Hunt and The Prey, five-star ratings. Those ratings were well deserved. When I saw this book in the library, I immediately snatched it up, thinking that with the story Andrew Fukuda had to tell, it would surely be as good as its predecessors.Unfortunately, it isn't. Certainly, Fukuda's hallmarks as a writer are all there. The excellent pacing, the breathless, slam-bang action scenes that win [...]

    4. This is probably the last book I'll read by this author. I read Crossing Over as well, and I hated the way that ended, and I felt the same with this book.SPOILERS AHEAD!!I really didn't mind the plot twist in this book, that humans were the "mutants" instead of the duskers. I really didn't. My biggest problems from this book were with what happened to Ashley June and just the overall constant, "We're in danger!" and how Gene constantly and somehow miraculously always thinks of a way to save hims [...]

    5. The last installment in the series, had everything; a fast pace and a lot of twists through its’ length. I think that Andrew Fukuda gave the end that fitted the most and I liked that it was not the classical happy ending

    6. Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsIt was not easy reading this book, let me tell you that now. It was not easy getting through The Hunt and The Prey as well, but there's something really fascinating in the way this cruel, cruel world was presented through Andrew Fukuda's writing. By the time I was reading The Hunt, I felt the way Gene and Sissy did. I am tired. I wanted to give up. It's like the wariness, the deaths, the setbacks and countless heartbreaks suddenly weighed down on me. When will it [...]

    7. 3/5ugh. Endings.This is the last last book in the hunt series. Same as it was titled, it was a trap. A trap of high expectations. Too bad the ending never made it for me.The first two books in the trilogy really had a good plot and ended with a witty cliffhanger to it. I was expecting the same for this book. It kinda looked that way but it really seems so odd for me. In the beginning of the trilogy it made sense that the world had a near extinct human race, but the idea had to reversed at the en [...]

    8. The Trap is awesome. This series is unique and fast-paced, and I just couldn't put it down.The Trap is the third book in The Hunt Series. If you haven't read The Hunt and The Prey you should start there. And, you may want to stop reading my review in case of spoilers. (There's a giveaway at the end, though, so don't miss that!)The Trap picks ups right after The Prey, with our main characters on the train to the palace. I'm really not going to tell you much about what happens, except to say it's [...]

    9. This series has been very unique, and very strange at times. I've really enjoyed reading it, and I feel satisfied with the ending and I like where Fukuda went with it.The books got creepier and creepier in my opinion. Don't think that means I didn't like them, because I really did. The creepier, the better! I can easily picture this series as movies, and there will be lots of gore, body fluids and naked bodies! The reason I didn't rate this book higher is because I felt like it went longer that [...]

    10. How I managed to not have a heart attack while reading this, I don't know!! To say this was suspenful would be an understatement. This was one of those books I couldn't read at night because it would have infiltrated into my dreams! This whole series is creepy. Creepy, like those movies where things jump out at you not necessarily scary.if that makes sense.Spoilers ahead hepers:That tank scene with the ruler was so grosscially when he wad talking about how he would eat.Nasty. The whole them bein [...]

    11. 2.5 starsPlot- 8/10Characters- 7/10Writing- 7.5/10World Building- 6.5/10TOTAL- 7.4/10Quickie Review *Warning- this review may be incoherent and confusing, as I am having trouble putting my thoughts together. I'm sure of one thing-there will be spoilers in this review. Well. That's not at all what I was expecting. I don't think I've ever been left so puzzled after reading a book in my entire life. I have no idea how I'm going to review this thing But here goes.I'll start by telling you guys what [...]

    12. My mind is blown. I can't process my thoughts right now. I think the ending is the only reason I'm giving this 5 full stars. Otherwise it'd be getting 4-4.5ish. I've never been so surprised in my entire life I can't focus enough to write a decent review. I CANT BELIEVE I READ THIS WHOLE SERIES WITHOUT SEEING THIS COMING! I am pooped. *sigh*

    13. I’m not a huge fan of horror, but every so often a series that makes me re-evaluate the entire genre comes along. The Hunt is one of those series. From the first page of the first book, I was hooked; Fukuda is an excellent writer, and with every instalment of this series, he delivers fast-paced, suspenseful action and thoughtful characterisation. While Fukuda’s vampire lore was somewhat let down in the first book by plot holes that were never resolved, they weren’t enough to deter me from [...]

    14. The Trap by Andrew Fukuda is the final book in The Hunt series. This was initially a series I had little interest in, then I read book one and was hooked on Fukuda’s world building and action-packed stories.The Trap picks up where The Prey left off: Gene, Sissy, David, and Epap are on a train along with the young girls that escaped The Mission. They arrive at the Ruler’s Palace and from there they must decide if they help the Originators or The Ruler.Right from the start this book was go, go [...]

    15. This book. This motherfricking book.I cannot sing my praises high enough for the whole series, and this last installment was the perfect way to finish it off.Fukuda's writing is phenomenal and paints a vivid image, while still being easy to understand and avoids sounding snooty. The story itself is incredible and such an incredibly original take on the vampire genre; I have genuinely never read anything like this before.Moving on to 'The Trap' rather than the series as a whole, it was a perfect [...]

    16. The finale to The Hunt trilogy by Andrew Fukuda, The Trap begins where The Prey left off with Gene, Sissy and the escapees from the Mission on the train to the Palace, dreading the possibilities that await them.Fast paced and action packed, Gene, Sissy and the remaining dome survivors, Epap and David, are immediately thrown into a whorl of life threatening chaos. Escaping the train is the first challenge, the next is to avoid being harvested by the Ruler, or the rebels, and the last is to confro [...]

    17. This review and more: Sharing Inspired KreationsHuh. Well the ending was definitely unexpected. Definitely unique. Definitely changes your view on the entire series. What did I just read?!This book is different in many ways from the first two in the series. It had some sneak peeks into Sissy and Ashley June’s characters. They each get a few chapters of their own (though, told in third person). Ashley June’s chapters are interesting, as they provide a bit of a backstory for her and Gene.I am [...]

    18. I won this book from First Reads in exchange for an honest review. This is also my third read in the Christmas Booktube-a-thon challenge. Again this novel carried on from where the second book left off. And again, this book wasn’t as good as the first. The biggest reason for me was “WTF was that ending?!?”. Is it just me, or does it feel like Andrew Fukuda got bored and wrote a shit ending? Like there was so much potential and then “LAME”. I feel like it was a huge cop out on his part [...]

    19. This was a fabulous ending to The Hunt series. While some of the early events were a bit predictable, the end took a turn I didn't expext. I like how other point-of-views were included in this one. It was necessary to explain some of the events and actions. There were a couple of moments when in Gene's POV when I was taken out of the story though. He seemed to know how othet people were feeling and their motivation. Maybe I would not have noticed this if I didn't write, too, I'm not sure. But, I [...]

    20. 4,5 I když ten konec byl dechberoucí a celá kniha byla nacpaná akcí a napětím mně tam něco scházelo. Z toho konce jsem nebyla až tak mimo, jak bych nejspíšměla být, ale uznávám, že Past je vskutku dobré zakončení série. Andrew Fukuda, autor, píše čtivě a nepiplá se s detaily, dokonce ani se zabíjením postav. Mohla bych ho za to nenávidět, jenže právě proto jsem si ho tolik oblíbila.

    21. I've been on a lucky streak with books here lately, and THE TRAP did not fail me. That ending was awesome! I love it when an author can surprise the hell outta me. And this book did.Interesting look at human nature and science in this wonderful scifi/fantasy series. YA readers who love action, adventure, and thrills, this series is for you!

    22. Dobrá myšlenka a vysvětlení celého tajemství GLUPAN ale jinak průměr. Bohužel se autorovi závěr série příliš nepovedl, což můžete vidět i u mé čtecí doby :D - duben až listopad. Posledních 100 stran bylo fajn. malousesvetknih/203,5*

    23. 4.0*Ten konec! Nemůžu se rozhodnout, jestli se mi rozuzlení líbilo nebo ne. Každopádně bylo neotřelé (jako celá tahle série), ve všech knihách to bývá naopak, takže Fukuda rozhodně nabídl zajímavý pohled.

    24. Mind blown! I devoured this book, pun intended. An absolute page turner leaving me questioning my very existence and my love of Vampire books.

    25. Záver sa dal predpokladať, bolo to také jednoduché znovu a znovu tesne unikali miliónom tvorov, ktorí bažili po ich krvi a mäse!? Pár logických nezrovnalostí, neuveriteľných únikov a bombastický záver, ktorý sa v podstate naznačil už v prvých dieloch, takže prekvapenie sa nekonalo Zamyslite sa, či keď ľudia dokážu ostať v noci hore, nedokážu ostať cez deň bdelí aj upíri? A takto by sa dalo pokračovať Ale keď nad tým spätne rozmýšľam, JE to ideálne dovole [...]

    26. Eh. It was good. But I was kind of hoping for Gene and Sissy to go meet his father. The last scene was them traveling to East. But that's it. Where's the reunion?? Like I'm really looking forward to see that but I didn't get it. :( And the whole thing about them being the abomination, is weirdly a good twist. LOL. It was just so weird to see it in that way. Overall, I liked this trilogy. Kudos, Fukuda-san!

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