Från Holmes till Sherlock

Från Holmes till Sherlock

Mattias Boström / Oct 22, 2019

Fr n Holmes till Sherlock Alla k nner till Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle skapade en litter r gestalt som under rs tid beh llit sin popularitet och som idag r mer lskad n n gonsin Men hur kunde denna fiktiva figur

  • Title: Från Holmes till Sherlock
  • Author: Mattias Boström
  • ISBN: 9789164202215
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alla k nner till Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle skapade en litter r gestalt som under 125 rs tid beh llit sin popularitet och som idag r mer lskad n n gonsin Men hur kunde denna fiktiva figur som en ung fattig sm stadsl kare i England fantiserade fram p 1880 talet bli en s dan framg ngssaga Det h r r boken om de m n och kvinnor som lade grunden till succ nAlla k nner till Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle skapade en litter r gestalt som under 125 rs tid beh llit sin popularitet och som idag r mer lskad n n gonsin Men hur kunde denna fiktiva figur som en ung fattig sm stadsl kare i England fantiserade fram p 1880 talet bli en s dan framg ngssaga Det h r r boken om de m n och kvinnor som lade grunden till succ n och fick Sherlock Holmes att bli en av v rldens mest k nda symboler En fascinerande skildring, som till stora delar bygger p tidigare opublicerat material, av det mer n sekell nga spelet bakom kulisserna En tragisk historia om en man som f rs kte fly fr n sin egen skapelse, om ett arv som f rst rde livet f r en hel sl kt.Det r ocks historien om sk despelare, f rfattare och fans som i decennium efter decennium f rnyat den v lk nde detektiven Fr n 1890 talets gentlemannadetektiv Holmes till 2010 talets udda geni Sherlock.Fr n Holmes till Sherlock r en medryckande popul rhistorisk ber ttelse om ett litter rt fenomen.Mattias Bostr m r en av Skandinaviens ledande Sherlock Holmes k nnare och valdes 2007 in i v rldens f rn msta Holmess llskap, The Baker Street Irregulars, d r han ven prisbel nats f r sina texter om detektiven.

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    1. So you’ve read all the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. You’ve enjoyed the vintage art of Sidney Paget and Frederic Dorr Steele that helped shape the image of Sherlock Holmes. You’ve watched Basil Rathbone in 14 films and maybe heard some of the radio plays written and produced by Edith Meiser. You’ve watched all the television episodes featuring Ronald Howard, Douglas Wilmer, Peter Cushing, Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch or Jonny Lee Miller. You were astounded when the [...]

    2. 2016 Book Awards(more information about these awards on my blog)The perfect book for any person interested in Sherlock Holmes and/or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.I first got into Sherlock Holmes through fanfiction. Not written fanfiction about Sherlock Holmes; I was researching fanfiction for a small uni paper and Sherlock Holmes came up. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to *spoilers* kill his detective, the public went crazy and came up with all sorts of theories and ideas as to how he could have [...]

    3. Firstly this book is really good. The author has done a splendid job on it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It starts with a trainride. The book starts with telling the story about how 2 men( Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) came up with the idea about how to bring Sherlock into modern times. Ok so this book is a biography about both Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. It takes us from Sherlocks beginnings and towards the awesome tvseries Sherlock. It is a really interesting read if you're a [...]

    4. In diesem Buch wird die komplette Geschichte Sherlock Holmes reflektiert. Es fängt an mit der Schaffung des Detektivs durch Conan Doyle bis hin zur aktuellen Serie Sherlock von der BBC.Es wird also das komplette Spektrum von Sherlock beleuchtet und es geht also nicht nur um den Kanon sowie die 4 Romane.Das Buch hat mir sehr gut gefallen, da ich wirklich viel erfahren habe, was ich noch nicht über Sherlock Holmes wusste. Selbst die Informationen über die Conan Doyle Nachfahren und wie sie vers [...]

    5. GNab I received a free electronic copy of this work from Netgalley, Mattias Bostrom, and Grove Atlantic - Mysterious Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me. This history of the evolution of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from conception in the late nineteenth century through the films and television serials of the twenty-first is extraordinary. At times it seemed extremely long, but I can't imagine anything that could be cut without harming the [...]

    6. Bostrom and Gallagher's From Holmes to Sherlock (Mysterious Press 2017) is a thorough and detailed account of the life and adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes. In fact, at 608 pages, it is one of the longest biographies not about scientists or historic figures I've ever read. Besides being a fascinating account of Doyle's creation of the character many swore was alive, it is also a fascinating exploration of publishing and a writers life in the late 18 [...]

    7. I confess I'm not a great fan of Sherlock Holmes. I do appreciate Conan Doyle's stories and novels, but the movie versions and re-imaginings leave me pretty cold. Thus, I particularly enjoyed the first third which charts Doyle's career with Holmes--including his fruitless attempt to kill him off. It made me appreciate the man and his character far more than I had. The middle 1/2 I could have done without. All the movie versions, the various pastiches, etc. etc. etc. As I said, not a fan of the m [...]

    8. Das Lesen dieses Buchs hat mir wirklich viel Freude bereitet. Nachdem ich meine Oberstufenschüler zu Sherlockianern bekehren konnte, war es wunderbar noch mehr über den genialen Detektiv zu erfahren.Das Buch hat ein paar Längen, sodass ich eine Weile gebraucht habe es zu lesen. Aber ich habe noch einige Anregungen gefunden mich weiter mit Sherlock zu beschäftigen, was ich absolut tun werde :)

    9. Tried my damnedest, but gave up around the half-way mark. The subject matter is very interesting to me, but I can't stand this kind of non-fiction writing that presents long-ago events the writer was not privy to as if it were a novel. I don't like that kind of thing at its best, but when it's written as it is here, where these passages are rarely anything more significant than someone arriving at a dinner party or looking at a landscape, it is nothing more than a distraction from the actual con [...]

    10. Whack-A-Mole, Swedish StyleA long time ago, when I tried to learn a little bit about Swedish culture and history—including the language—a Swedish word, lagom, popped into view. It is a complex word with a rich history that might be used to portray the essence of Swedish society. Lagom is a leveling term, weighted with senses of sufficiency, appropriateness, or “just enough.” In other words, lagom comes into play if society views you as better than the rest, an expert, or highly accomplis [...]

    11. Komplette Rezension: isabellsbooks/Was kann man sich hinter dem Titel vorstellen?Es handelt sich bei "Von Mr. Holmes zu Sherlock" um einen spannend erzählten Roman über die Entstehung von Sherlock Holmes und seinen Weg zu dem Medienstar der er heute ist. Dies beginnt 1878 mit Arthur Conan Doyles Inspiration für die Figur des Sherlock Holmes und führt bis ins Jahr 2015, in dem der Roman endet. Auf den 550 Seiten über diese 137 Jahre taucht man als Leser tief in das Phänomen "Sherlock Holmes [...]

    12. A fascinating history I am a fan of Holmes and a student of history so this book, a gift from my wife, was perfect. Bostrom does a marvelous job tracing Arthur Conan Doyle's life and Holmes career then taking us on a roller coaster ride as Holmes' popularity rose and fell across the years. That his children thoroughly mismanaged the estate and squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars has as much to do with thr times than basic incompetence. Aftrr all, Holmes was one of the first international [...]

    13. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most well-known literary figures of modern literature. He is one of those characters that needs no explanation, and whose shadow and legacy goes before him instead of behind.I am a big fan of the BBC Sherlock series, as well as the original books themselves, so I was excited to read this exploration of Holmes, Conan Doyle and Sherlockmania in general. The book starts with a biography of Conan Doyle himself, then moves into an account of the continuing publication an [...]

    14. Read the full review at my blog wp/p89tYT-9LSherlock Holmes is the most popular fictional character of all time.What is the book about?“From Holmes to Sherlock” is written by Mattias Bostrom, a Holmesian (or a Sherlockian) and is translated by Michael Gallagher.“From Holmes to Sherlock” is a book that reveals the story behind the character ‘Sherlock Holmes’ – the inspiration, the creation and the evolution over the last 130 years or so. We get to hear the stories of the people invo [...]

    15. Dense, imaginative, meticulously researched, with 40-plus pages of Sources and a bibliography nearly as long. Occasionally meandering but never dull; an excellent read for anyone intrigued by the persistence of Sherlock Holmes.

    16. Fascinating look at Doyle's life, the creation of Holmes, the squabbles among his ne'r do-well sons for copyright, money and folly that they created in their greed and foolishness.

    17. From the time Sherlock Holmes was created, the world has been fascinated. Over one hundred later, the public still can't get enough of the great detective.This book starts from the moment Arthur Conan Doyle conceived the idea of a story about an unusual and observant detective, and then follows those who had an influence in bringing Sherlock Holmes through the ages. At times, it seems like the telling drags a little with too much information about the lives of those who had a hand in crafting an [...]

    18. 'From Holmes to Sherlock' was an interesting read, combining biography of the characters and Conan Doyle himself. It dragged slightly in places and was occasionally difficult to follow the narrative as it flitted from subject to subject. Even so, the book is a comprehensive account of Sherlock Holmes and his fans and I did enjoy reading it.

    19. Manchmal bedarf es der Neuinterpretation eines Klassikers durch ein Filmprojekt, um eine literarische Figur neu zu beleben und wieder in unseren Fokus zu rücken. So geschehen im Fall „Sherlock Holmes“, der durch die Drehbuchautoren der neuen BBC-Serie Steven Moffat und Mark Gatiss entstaubt und in einen modernen Kontext gebracht wurde. Nicht zu vergessen den Hauptdarsteller Benedict Cumberbatch, der maßgeblich Anteil an dem Erfolg hatte. Dadurch wurde auch das Interesse der Leserschaft an [...]

    20. Det her er en bog, som jeg var lidt i tvivl om. Jeg har (endnu) ikke læst Conan Doyle’s værker, så ville den her bog spoile alt for mig? Jeg ved allerede en masse, men bøgerne er jo gamle og det er min egen skyld, jeg ikke har læst dem endnu, så det kan jeg ikke rigtig klage over. Men at sætte mig ned og bevidst afsløre det for mig selv? Det gad jeg ikke. Og sådan blev det da heller ikke. Der var selvfølgelig visse afsløringer i forhold til de oprindelige værkers handling, men ikke [...]

    21. (I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review)For me, this book could be divided into three parts:Part 1, a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle focused mostly on his creation of Sherlock Holmes, was an interesting, if a bit sparse read. I was expecting more on his inspiration for each of the stories, but it could just be that the information isn't available (as the book goes into later, Doyle's collection of papers was only made available for researchers very recently) [...]

    22. Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - BuchseeleRezensionsexemplar, zur Verfügung gestellt vom Verlag im Austausch für eine ehrliche Rezension ♥Mattias Boströms „Von Mr. Holmes zu Sherlock: Meisterdetektiv. Mythos. Medienstar“ fing richtig, richtig vielversprechend an: Mit einem ausführlichen biographischen Abschnitt über Sir Arthur Conan Doyle und darüber, wo der Autor die Inspiration für seinen berühmten Meisterdetektiv fand. Der „Mr. Holmes“-P [...]

    23. Conan Doyles liv verkar ha varit innehållsrikt. Hans söner verkar inte ha levt mindre innehållsrikt.Boken är fullmatad med information och kapitlena är korta och påminner om en deckare. Hela tiden viljan att hålla kvar läsaren. Eftersom boken är fullproppad med namn och händelser gör detta boken gott. Det enda negativa är att jag ibland inte hänger med i alla människor och var de kommer från, vilken bakgrund och hur de känner varandra. För många är personerna som nämns.

    24. 4.5 Stars" Here, though the world explode, these two survive / And it is always eighteen ninety-five" (Vincent Starrett)I feel i have just emergerd from a parallel world. I thought i would wait a bit before writing this review, organize my ideas better, but i guess better do it in the heat of the moment.I am not exactly what is called a Sherlockian or a Holmesian, i am an average fun of the Great Detective, occasionally reading the original stories or some particularly good pastiches, following [...]

    25. It’s pretty well known that despite Sherlock Holmes’ immense popularity among readers (and now TV, film and game fans) worldwide, Arthur Conan Doyle was far less keen on his most famous creation. Indeed, Conan Doyle sent Holmes to meet both Moriarty and death at the Reichenbach Falls in ‘The Final Problem’ because he wanted to free himself of the world’s greatest consulting detective and concentrate on more worthy literary endeavours. However, his indifference to the life of Sherlock H [...]

    26. Sometimes I will be reading reviews and see a 1 or 2-star rating on a book that has won an award and I'll wonder how the reviewer could possibly give a low rating to an award winning book. How could he swim against the tide that way? A team of judges had decided that the book was in some way superior to other books of its type so how could this reviewer have formed any other opinion? Now I know. The first thing I noticed was that the book is lacking a table of contents. Whose idea was it to desi [...]

    27. **I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**IntroductionHave you ever wondered about the extended history of Sherlock Holmes? He is one of the most enduring and oddly endearing literary characters of all time. But how did he come to life? What was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's inspiration? What magic endears him to centuries of young and old alike? These questions (and much, MUCH more) are all answered in this book. Read on and get to know Sherlock Holme [...]

    28. Originally published in a slightly shorter Swedish edition in 2013, Bostrom's From Holmes to Sherlock traces the historical and pop cultural development of the world's foremost consulting detective and the many, many lives affected by the phenomenon Arthur Conan Doyle created.Starting with the life most affected by Sherlock Holmes's creation - Doyle's own - Bostrom goes on to trace the impact down generations of the Doyle family line, pausing his dynastic tale now and again to check in on Holmes [...]

    29. [I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, more than I thought it would be—the matter of course I was definitely interested in, but the way the author gathered and presented his material gave the whole book a ‘storytelling’ side that kept me wanting to read, and read, and read. Much like Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. A biography-slash-history book that is in itself a big story.I won’t deny that some chapters towards the middle (the [...]

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