Freedom's School

Freedom's School

Lesa Cline-Ransome James E. Ransome / Oct 24, 2019

Freedom s School When Lizzie s parents are granted their freedom from slavery Mama says its time for Lizzie and her brother Paul to go to a real school a new one built just for them Lizzie can t wait The scraps of l

  • Title: Freedom's School
  • Author: Lesa Cline-Ransome James E. Ransome
  • ISBN: 9781423161035
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Lizzie s parents are granted their freedom from slavery, Mama says its time for Lizzie and her brother Paul to go to a real school a new one, built just for them Lizzie can t wait The scraps of learning she has picked up here and there have just made her hungry for .The walk to school is long Some days it s rainy, or windy, or freezing cold Sometimes there arWhen Lizzie s parents are granted their freedom from slavery, Mama says its time for Lizzie and her brother Paul to go to a real school a new one, built just for them Lizzie can t wait The scraps of learning she has picked up here and there have just made her hungry for .The walk to school is long Some days it s rainy, or windy, or freezing cold Sometimes there are dangers lurking along the way, like angry white folks with rocks, or mysterious men on horseback The schoolhouse is still unpainted, and its very plain, but Lizzie has never seen a prettier sight Except for maybe the teacher, Mizz Howard, who has brown skin, just like her They ve finally made it to Freedom s School But will it be strong enough to stand forever Praise for Light in the Darkness In this tale, Cline Ransome makes the point that learning was not just a dream of a few famous and accomplished men and women, but one that belonged to ordinary folk willing to risk their lives Ransome s full page watercolor paintings in beautiful shades of blue for the night and yellow for the day are a window, albeit somewhat gentle, into a slave s life for younger readers A compelling story about those willing to risk a lash for each letter Kirkus Reviews Told from the perspective of Rosa, a girl who makes the dangerous nighttime journey to the lessons with her mother, the story effectively conveys the urgent dedication of the characters to their surreptitious schooling and their belief in the power of literacySolid text and soft, skillful illustrations combine for a poignant tribute to the power of education and the human spirit School Library Journal

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        Lesa Cline-Ransome James E. Ransome Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Freedom's School book, this is one of the most wanted Lesa Cline-Ransome James E. Ransome author readers around the world.


    1. 1)Text-to-Self Connection: Freedom’s School reminded of being in second grade and finding out for the first time that slavery had once existed in the U.S. and that slave owners were prohibited from education their slaves or even teaching them to read. I went home and told my mom all about unfair I thought it was that even children had to work hard and could not even go to school. I remember reading everything I could get my hands on that year about slavery and the Civil War. 2)Rationale: I cho [...]

    2. School is not free all over the world. For some school is a headache it is a pain in the butt. But for Lizzie it is privilege. Her and her brother walk a long distance no matter how cold or rainy it is. They value to knowledge education can bring and I admire that.

    3. "Freedom's School" by Lesa Cline-Ransome is the story of a young brother and sister who are urged to attend school by their hard working mother and father. Although the setting of this book is not specifically stated, it seems appropriate to place this book in the rural South, post Civil-War. Emancipation has just been granted to the slaves and with freedom comes education.Lizzie and Paul are young African American children who, along with their mother and father, have just been granted freedom [...]

    4. There are very few books about the schools that sprang up for former slaves after their Emancipation. This picture book mines a topic that is only rarely addressed in books for children--the struggles of those families to eke out a living while nurturing dreams of so much more for their children. Lizzie and Paul walk to their school every day, even when it's raining or cold. They share the lessons they learn with their parents each night, and when vigilantes burn down the school, Lizzie begins t [...]

    5. Age: Kindergarten-2nd gradeHistory: Black education after Emancipation Proclamation Cline-Ransome has a beautiful way of capturing the prejudices and turmoil of an age while provoking curiosity and understanding of the material without evoking fear. Her similes are expressive and captive, giving listeners something to hold on to as they read. For example: "Just like the livestock gobbled up food scraps flung by the Master, Mama and Daddy had picked up scraps of learning at church [] Every time M [...]

    6. Straight up 5 stars right away.First of all, this book made me angry and sad which it should because people should never have been treated the way they were. Ever! It is reprehensible and vulgar. Lesa Cline-Ransome made me feel the hope and despair and hope again that Lizzie and Paul and their family and neighbors felt when they had been freed as slaves but not freed as humans.As for the illustrations, James E. Ransome brings the tenderness where needed and the hidden tension too. We can feel th [...]

    7. I really enjoy reading these types of books. They deal with historical content and aren't necessarily based on an actual event. The story is about a young girl named Lizzie, whose mother tells her the story of how they went to sleep slaves and woke up free.Lizzie, bein' free means we got to work harder than ever before. And I don't just mean in the field. Real freedom means 'rithmetic and writing."This is the story of what it took to get an education. Whether it is fighting the elements to get t [...]

    8. This was a very solemn bedtime reading the other night to my 4 year old. It was a very appropriate introduction to a very dark era in US history, and the US was not alone in this clear injustice. So many concerns validated. It showed her how precious the skill of reading is, and that for those who do not get the opportunity to learn it, woukd have to seek out ways to learn. Another concern it raised was that even though something is put into law, it doesnt mean ppl will automatically follow it. [...]

    9. Awards: NoneGrade Levels: K-3rdSummary: After emancipation, Lizzie and her brother Paul learn that with freedom comes more work, learning. They begin to walk to school every day to start learning, despite having rocks thrown at them and being taunted along the way. Their school is burned down and Lizzie and Paul stop going to school until their community comes together to rebuild their school, Freedom's school.Review: I loved this story about Lizzie and Paul being able to go to school for the fi [...]

    10. " Just like the livestock gobbled up food scraps flung by the Master, Mama and Daddy had picked up scraps of learning at church. Preacher gave them pipeces of words here and there."Freedom's school is the ultimate achievement but the behind stories until the freedom school is built/burned/rebuilt were quite beautifully illustrated! Hunger for literacy is the same or worse for hunger for food. I personally wonder if there is religious indication from bible that food is interpreted as words from b [...]

    11. Lizzie and Paul for the first time in their lives are headed to school. That's because their family was recently freed from slavery, along with many other families in the area, and the freed slaves have started a school for the children. Lizzie enjoys the learning, but not everyone is thrilled about the former slave children learning and the school and children are threatened.A brief look at some of the struggles slaves in American history experienced even after they received their freedom. The [...]

    12. This is a very interesting picture book that is historical fiction about a freedom school (separate but not equal) that faces resistance from the town. I liked the illustrations and the language of the narrator has wonderful voice. You can hear the person talking to you on your mind if silently reading. I think it's a good accompaniment to a unit on civil rights for upper Elementary student and tells about a part we rarely study and they might relate to the young characters who like going to sch [...]

    13. James Ransome's sumptuous watercolors set the mood of the somber countryside setting for this powerful post Civil War story. Young Lizzie and Paul are finally allowed to go to a school to learn "rithmtic and writing." The heartfelt joy of finally having a school for these young African American children is effectively told using believable southern dialogue. This story's message of the value of education being worth the struggle the children are soon faced with, is effective without being heavy [...]

    14. Lizzie wakes up a free slave and is allowed to go to school. Lizzie tried really hard in school to learn what she needs to catch up on. On one sad day the school house is burned down. Lizzie's parents and friends gather supplies to build a new school house. Lizzie's father tells Lizzie they are building 'Freedom's School.'

    15. Education, schooling, reading, these are things most people take for granted. This story emphasizes the importance of education and the extent to which slaves and newly freed slaves sought a formal education despite threats and continued violence. The illustrations are rich in details and beautiful. I recommend for purchase.

    16. Beautiful story that teaches the power of people and perseverance. The illustrations where great and the overall story was really accurate to the times that are being depicted, even some of the language in the book takes you into the time frame and the characters. This book could spark some real in depth conversation in a classroom.

    17. A newly freed slave family and their community have a schoolhouse. It is a beacon of hope for a better future. The schoolhouse is burned down, but the community rallies together to rebuild it.Great historical fiction picture book for older readers, 3rd grade and above.

    18. Lizzie is excited to start her learning journey, but the school is meager and has few resources, and there are those who think her kind shouldn't be allowed an education. Great to help children (and adults) gain a perspective on how hard it was for post-Emancipation blacks to gain an education.

    19. This book is a beautiful tell of newly freed slaves sending their children to school. It's more historical in nature than a modern multicultural book, that I was looking for to fulfill this assignment.

    20. Not what I use for storytime, but a good book nonetheless. Simple way to give children a glimpse into what it may have been like for some children in history. And maybe they'll appreciate the "ease" and opportunity of their own education.

    21. For Lizzie and her brother, Emancipation means education though going to school means two less pairs of hands to help on the family's small farm. A poignant look at a freed African American family beginning a new chapter of life.

    22. Listed in CCBC Choices 2016 under Historical People, Places and Events. Great picture book of what school must have been like for newly freed African Americans, the perils and fears as well as the joy of being able to learn. Sweet Spot: Grades 1-4

    23. Genre: Historical FictionPublished: 2015This book is about what schools for African American children were like after the Emancipation. Great dialogue and illustrations.

    24. Historical fiction showing how freedom is not freeJames Ransome's illustrations continue his fine realistic work.

    25. This book made me cry a little in public. We should have more books about the Reconstruction Period in the US, and this book handles serious topics with both weight and grace.

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