Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo

Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo

Miyuki Miyabe / Sep 15, 2019

Apparitions Ghosts of Old Edo In old Edo the past was never forgotten It lived alongside the present in dark corners and in the shadows In these tales award winning author Miyuki Miyabe explores the ghosts of Japan and the sp

  • Title: Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo
  • Author: Miyuki Miyabe
  • ISBN: 9781421567426
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • In old Edo, the past was never forgotten It lived alongside the present, in dark corners, and in the shadows In these tales, award winning author Miyuki Miyabe explores the ghosts of Japan, and the spaces of the living world they inhabit Written with a journalistic eye and a fantasist s heart Apparitions bring the restless dead, and those who encounter them, to life.

    Types of Apparitions cpsparanormal These ghosts are often found to be related to the living persons within the area, but also have been found to be closely connected to those being attacked Malevolent Apparitions A malevolent haunting occurs when a ghost or demon seeks to inflict harm on the living within an area. Apparitions Ghosts of Old Edo by Miyuki Miyabe Apparitions Ghosts of Old Edo It lived alongside the present, in dark corners, and in the shadows In these tales, award winning author Miyuki Miyabe explores the ghosts of Japan, and the spaces of the living world they inhabit Written with a journalistic eye and a fantasist s heart Apparitions bring the restless dead, and those who encounter them, to life. Apparitions Angels Ghosts Apparitions may be either a ghost or spirit, meaning the disembodied person may be earthbound trapped due to negativity a ghost or enlightened a free spirit Apparitions are considered by ghost investigators to be the least common, rarely seen, of all ghost forms. Types of Ghost Sightings LoveToKnow Apparitions Ghosts of Old Edo Kindle edition by Miyuki Feb , Apparitions Ghosts of Old Edo Kindle edition by Miyuki Miyabe, Daniel Huddleston Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Apparitions Ghosts of Old Edo. Ghosts of the Living Expanding Our Perspectives on Ghosts of the Living Expanding Our Perspectives on Apparitions The story, From the Old World to the New , told of the rescue of survivors, though sadly, Stead s tale of survival would not change the outcome of his own grim premonition.

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        See also Miyuki Miyabe Miyabe Miyuki is a popular contemporary Japanese author active in a number of genres including science fiction, mystery fiction, historical fiction, social commentary, and juvenile fiction Miyabe started writing novels at the age of 23 She has been a prolific writer, publishing dozens of novels and winning many major literary prizes, including the Yamamoto Sh gor Prize in 1993 for Kasha and the Naoki Prize in 1998 for Riy The Reason A Japanese film adaptation of Riy , directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, was released in 2004.


    1. These 9 stories deliver exactly what the cover art and description promise. 18th century Edo, now Tokyo. Restless spirits. Oni. 10-14 year old apprentices, often orphaned and at the mercy of mercantile owners, housekeepers and the like. Shadowless persons who neither age nor die. Plus Miyabe's elegant, understated writing. These stories offer the presence of the supernatural in the tangible world. Some characters observe and interact with spirits, monsters, images; in other instances, otherworld [...]

    2. Richly detailed stories of the supernatural set in Japan’s Bunka era (1804 to 1818 with occasional flashbacks to the previous century). All the stories share a common theme: working conditions and employment practices of the time that are related to domestic servitude or apprenticeships lead to encounters with ghosts and demons.Unfortunately, the first 2-3 stories are probably the least interesting, but I liked the others very much. Here’s how I would order them all, best to worst: "The ‘O [...]

    3. First off, look at that cover. I truly love that cover. It’s wonderful and sets the exact right tone for me. Unfortunately the story that the cover is depicting is not in this collection, save for a half a page explanation of the artist and where the story came from at the end of the book. A shame, as it sounded quite interesting. This is a collection of nine short stories all taking place in Edo era Japan. Those who are looking for samurai based ghost stories, much like those presented in the [...]

    4. Japanese horror ranges pretty heavily from mild ghost stories to some incredibly creepy and dehumanizing body horror. Apparitions fortunately falls into the former citatory, chronicling a series of stories that walk a fine line between scary and sentimental. These tales capitalize on the cornerstone of Japanese spirituality: that every object and creature is imbued with a sprit. At their core, these stories are more cautionary tales, advising the listener to act with honor and respect or risk th [...]

    5. Okay, disclaimer: Japanese ghost stories are automatically the best things I've ever read, so any book that features them starts at the top. Period ghost stories just means it's a little harder to make it NOT the best thing I've ever read.That said, while this book is very good, it didn't blow me away. First off, I was a little disappointed by the broadness of the title. "Ghosts of old Edo" suggests that we will hear all kinds of stories from the areas of Edo, which was growing at the time the b [...]

    6. This hovers between the 3 and 3.5 star mark. This collection of stories is very beautifully written (and well translated, it appears), giving it the feeling and gothic sensibilities of older youkai story collections like Kwaidan. Many of them are quite subtle, and the best ones manage to be both creepy and heartwarming.For me, the majority of the stories were well constructed and interesting, but relatively unmemorable. There are three that I really enjoyed and will remember; 'The Futon Storeroo [...]

    7. Nine stories that are all a bit chilling and creepy and oh, so accurately Edo period. These are perfect examples of the Japanese open- ending or vague-ending, not to mention the beliefs and superstitions that ran the time. Miyuki Miyabe is a great writer and she knows her audience and craft. Brave Story is still the end all be all novel, but if you’re looking for something shorter and more digestible these short stories of creepiness and murder and demons is where to start. A word on the trans [...]

    8. Each tale in this collection is unique and they are all so fun and haunting! Some are intensely creepy, others are fun ghost stories that won't keep you up at night. The style is immersive and full of much more detail than American folk tales tend to have. Each one takes its time drawing you in and setting the stage before sending a shiver down your spine. I want to find more collections like these!

    9. This book gives you a set of different Japanese ghost stories. Most of the stories are entertaining and intriguing, and give off a different atmosphere between each of them. I personally loved it but there are a few stories that I did find boring. However I feel that some of the better stories balanced that out, so I recommend it.

    10. Some solid storytelling on the part of Miyabe, though I did not like it as much as her other works I've read. The stories were quite similar to one another, and although two or three were quite interesting, mostly the Oni of Adachi House, I felt like some of these would've been more enjoyable had they been fleshed out, given more time to settle and grow into novellas or even novels.

    11. I should have written this right after finishing, rather than depending on chaotic scribbles on the back of an ILL receipt, but here I am. Anyway.These stories weren't what I expected, at least not entirely. While the supernatural features prominently, which is exactly what I was hoping for, they read more like historical fiction, which I didn't expect, and which is a combination that works exceedingly well. Each story also weaves in sharp social commentary to one degree or another, and in the c [...]

    12. 5 stars because it is a very solid and enjoyable collection, in that all the stories worked for me. Horror doesn't scare me easily, but I was afraid to read this, based on other Japanese horror stories I've read or consumed (the Ghost Hunt anime is super creepy and I periodically rewatch it for a good scare). Some of the stories were actually very frightening, like “A Woman's Head”, and others were of the disturbing variety, like “Cage of Shadows”. On the whole, these are ghost stories t [...]

    13. The stories are very good traditional Japanese ghost tales at their core. The author enjoys adding much detail to the lives of the characters which brings the reader close to the daily workings of normalcy in the working classes. However, the details become overbearing in most stories to the point where the supernatural makes only the faintest of appearances to minimal effect. As an artistic statement, this could be praiseworthy as the ghost is fleeting enough to just be a suggestion at the exte [...]

    14. I can only second Richards previous review. While not very high in suspense (particularly for being categorised as horror) Apparitions by Miyabe still holds a rich description of work and social life in the merchant class during the mid to late Edo period. For a western audience the ghost stories of old Edo gives a nice glimpse of how different (and similar) the Japanese folk lore is. As Richard writes the first couple of stories are the weakest, but those with perseverance will find a collectio [...]

    15. This collection of Miyuki Miyabe's supernatural short stories in translation is excellent, by turns creepy and emotionally satisfying. Even more fascinating to me, the characters are solidly middle- and working-class, rather than the nobles and samurai that so often appear in fiction set in Japan. Fascinating stuff, and highly recommended for anyone who likes folklore and low-key horror.

    16. 2.5 starsI wanted this to get better as it went on. I hoped it would either become more frightening, or ominous, or witty, or come together to have some more of an overall meaning in my opinion that never happened.Full Review:ianjoshyateswriting.j

    17. Miyabe-san's writing is always very smooth and engaging. I felt like a child listening to my mom telling stories before bedtime. Simple, soothing.Her writing can be called mystery, ghost story, or whatever, but in the end it came to one thing, the human heart.

    18. This was the first time I've ventured into short stories from Miyuki Miyabe, and while some had me reading at full force, others didn't grip me as strongly. I would not recommend this as a reader's first date with her, instead pushing towards Brave Story of Book of Heroes.

    19. A wonder collection of supernatural tales from old Edo in Japan. Not only are some of the tales a bit creepy, it also gives you a flavor of how people lived during that era of Japan's history and what their beliefs were.

    20. A collection of Japanese ghost stories that are firmly grounded in the mundane world of the marketplace. I quite liked all these stories because of how they depicted the supernatural beside the everyday.Definitely check them out.

    21. These collection of stories from the Edo period are creepy but not truly scary. I enjoyed them and liked how the stories reflected the era of the times, and the mores of the society.

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